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Tuttle Family

Peter Tuttle (Sr) came to America in 1680 aboard "Ye ship Michants' Conerd" which was commanded by Carlos Carley. Researchers believe that Peter Tuttle was born circa 1660 in Great Britain and died before April 18, 1733 in St. Mary's County, Maryland. The name of his wife remains unknown and only two of his children are known:

First Generation

Children of Peter Tuttle, Sr and wife
John Tuttle
Peter Tuttle. Jr. (abt.1700-1733) m. Mary (born in St. Marys Co., MD)

Second Generation

Children of Peter Tuttle Jr and Mary
Thomas Tuttle (abt. 1720-1791) m. Elizabeth (?-1798) (died in Stokes Co., NC)
Mary Tuttle (1720, MD) m. 1) Manley Brown; 2) Hammond Morris, Sr.
(Mary and Hammond Morris also moved to Stokes County, NC)

Third Generation

Children of Thomas Tuttle and Elizabeth
John Tuttle (1761-1840) m. Anna Maria Barbara Elizabeth Frey
Elizabeth Tuttle (abt. 1764) m. John Hall
Peter Tuttle (abt. 1769) m. Elizabeth Smith, moved to Grainger Co. TN, later to Laurel Co. KY
James Tuttle (abt. 1772-?) m. Elizabeth (abt. 1803-?), lived Grainger Co. TN
son Tuttle (d. before 1793) m. Anna Maria (Mary) Frey, d/o Johann Michael Frey. She m. 2) John Laird.

Thomas and Elizabeth Tuttle reportedly were living in Fairfax Co. VA in 1761 when their son John was born, by 1778 were in Rockingham Co. NC, and then moved to Surry County, where they settled on Red Bank Creek.

Fourth Generation

Children of John Tuttle and Anna Maria Barbara Elizabeth Frey
Thomas J. Tuttle (1784-1837) m. Mary Katharine Petri/Petree
Michael Tuttle (1786-?) m. Mary Barbara Petree
Elizabeth Tuttle (1788-1851) m. James Boles, s/o Alex. Boles Sr and Sarah Moore
Mary Tuttle (1790-1855) m. John Gordon
Anna Tuttle (1793-1831) m. Christian Ebert (1794-1871)
Henry Tuttle (1795-?) m. Elizabeth Tilley, d/o David Tilley
John Tuttle Jr (1797-?) m. Eleanor Tilley, d/o Joel Tilley
William Tuttle (1799-1884) [death date corrected 6/20/10] Elizabeth Martin
Peter Tuttle (1802-1881) m. Susannah Eason, d/o Mills Eason and Bethania Davis
James Tuttle (1804-bef. 1870) m. Nancy Reddick (1804-aft. 1870)
Elijah Tuttle (1806-1865) m. Mary Jane Eason (1812-1892), d/o Mills Eason
Sarah Tuttle (1809-?) m. Joseph Eason, s/o Mills Eason


Children of James Tuttle and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Tuttle (abt. 1803) m. Joseph Smith
(This family moved to Grainger and Green County, TN. For more information on this line, contact Amy Fuller,

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas J. Tuttle and Mary Katharine Petree
Nancy Tuttle (1809-1904) m. Benjamin Boles (1800-1852)
John P. Tuttle (1810-1835) m. Phebe Tilley
George Washington Tuttle (1812-?) m. Anna E. Kiger
Margaret Tuttle (1813-?) m. Henry Baker (1814-?)
Martha Jane Tuttle (1815-1885) m. Stephen Shelby Hampton (1813-1883), s/o Stephen Hampton & Elizabeth Walker
Thomas J. Tuttle (1816-?) m. Susan C. Bowman (1819-?), d/o George Bowman and Mary Ann Lilly
Michael Frey Tuttle (1819-aft. 1860) m. Margaret Frey (abt. 1820-aft. 1860)
Anna Malinda Tuttle (1823-?) m. James M. Plunkett
Francis Jefferson Tuttle (1824-?) m. Mary Tuttle
Mary C. Tuttle (1826-?) m. John P. Biby
Martin Levi Tuttle (1828-?) m. Martha Ann Fowler
Noah Jefferson Tuttle (1829-?) m. Malissa Banner
Loretta Tuttle (1836-?) died young


Children of Michael Tuttle and Mary Barbara Petree
John H. Tuttle (1809-?) m. Elizabeth Boles
Adeline Tuttle (1816-1910) m. Simon Levi Jackson Kiger


Children of Elijah Tuttle and Mary Jane Eason
Peter Hairston Tuttle (1832-?) m. Lauretta Terry, d/o William Terry and Ellender (Eleanor?) Banner
James Madison Tuttle (1835-1900) m. Mary Ann Hampton, d/o Stephen Shelby Hampton and Martha Jane Tuttle
Mary Ann Tuttle (1838-?) m. Gideon A. Banner
Barbara Ann Tuttle (1840-?) m. John Gideon White
John Henry Tuttle (1843-?) m. Susan Ellen Tuttle
Bethenia Tuttle (1843-1904) did not marry
Elijah F. Tuttle, Jr. (1850-1918) m. Mary Ellen Craft (1862-1945)
Margaret Ellen Tuttle (1857-?) m. unknown Bodenheimer


Children of James Tuttle and Nancy Reddick
Calvin Tuttle (1828-bef.1870) m. Susan Frances Martin (1838-1920)
Emily Catherine Tuttle (1833-?) m. Levi Rierson, s/o James Rierson and unknown Simmons
Thornton Tuttle (1835-1862) m. Elizabeth Abbott (1844-?) (died during Civil War of peritonitis)
Elizabeth Ann Tuttle (1837-?) m. Ivey Wesley Lasley, s/o Joseph Lasley and Nancy Gentry
Sarah Adeline Tuttle (1839-?) m. William Edward Young (1850-?)
John W. Tuttle (1843-1909) m. Sarah J. Neal (1850-?)
Nancy Letitia Tuttle (1845-1877) m. Martin O. James (1841-?)
Laura Ann Tuttle (1847-?) m. Adrian Redmon (1849-?)
James Henry Tuttle (1850-1898) m. Roxanna Neal (1851-1934)

Sixth Generation

Children of Michael Frey Tuttle and Margaret Frey
Martha Elizabeth Tuttle (1842-1888) m. Daniel Kiser (1844-1910)
William Benjamin Tuttle (1844-?) m. Sarah (Sadie) Baker
Mary Catherine Tuttle (1846-?) m. Jacob Henry Petree (1847-1932)
Francis Jefferson Tuttle (1849-1928) m. Rebecca Elizabeth Petree (1850-1924)
James Wiley Tuttle (1855-?) m. Flora A. Voss
Jasper C. Tuttle (1861-aft.1930) m. Sarah Ann Tuttle (abt. 1862-aft. 1930), d/o Thomas Jefferson Tuttle, Jr. and Susan C. Bowman


Children of George Washington Tuttle and Anne E. Kiger
Martha Jane Tuttle (1836-1921) m. Gideon Ferguson, s/o John H. Ferguson and Polly Kiser
Albert Gideon Tuttle (1840-aft. 1920) m. Mary E. Southern (abt 1845 -aft. 1920)
Thomas J. Tuttle (1842-?) m. Elizabeth Smith
Anna Tuttle (1845-?) m. George Lee Smith
Dewitt Ezekiah Tuttle (1848-1913) m. 1) Martha Ellen Southern, d/o Wm. & Mandy Southern
m. 2) Laura Edna Wilkes, d/o Josiah H. Wilkes and Lucy King and m. 3) Nancy Powell Young, d/o Howard Young and Mary Ann Chandler
Caleb Van Buren Tuttle (1850-1931) m. Amanda Melissa (Kitty) Young (1859-aft.1900), d/o Howard Young and Mary Ann Chandler
James H. Tuttle (1863-?) m. Sarah Elizabeth Plunkett (1856-?), d/o James Madison {Matthew} Plunkett and Ann Melinda Tuttle
Gabriel Tuttle m. Mary E. Warren
William Rufus Tuttle (1855-aft. 1920) m. Nannie


Children of John H. Tuttle and Elizabeth Boles
James McCoy Tuttle (abt. 1839-aft. 1913) m. 1) Angeline Bostick; 2) Louisa Bostick
Abraham M. Tuttle (abt. 1840-?)
Milly M. Tuttle (abt. 1841-?) m. John W. Bostick
William T. (or J.) Tuttle (1842-?)
John H. Tuttle


Children of Calvin Tuttle and Susan Frances Martin
John Martin Tuttle (1858-?) m. Laura Ann Lasley (1861-?)
Mary Ellen Tuttle (1860-) m. James Thornton Rierson (1856-1907)
James C. Tuttle (1862-1939)


Children of John W. Tuttle and Sarah J. Neal
Rufus M. Tuttle (1869-?) m. 1) Sadie E. Smith (1874-?); 2) Bessie L. O'Brien
William T. Tuttle (1871-1933) m. Sarah Ida Redmon (1877-1941)
James Thornton Tuttle (1874-1962) m. 1) Maggie Pruitt; 2) Carrie E. Overby (1880-?)
Hetty J. Tuttle (1878-?) m. James Matthew Rierson (1873-?)


Children of Nancy Letitia Tuttle and Martin O. James
Ida James (1866-1960) m. John Walker Fulp


Children of James Henry Tuttle and Roxanna Neal
Carrie Ada Tuttle (1874-1891) m. Dr. Joseph W. Neal (1864-1940)
Samuel Joseph Tuttle (1876-1962) m. 1) Ada Josephine Sands (1881-1905); 2) Lola Southern (1893-1983)
R. Amy Tuttle (1878-1960) m. Joel Isaac Hill (1866-1937)
Nancy Eulah Tuttle (1879)
Elder James Watson Tuttle (1883-1967) m. Madge E. Sparks (1896-1973)
Jennie Ruth Tuttle (1886-?) m. Walter Smith
Hattie Ann Tuttle (1889-?) m. Harry Smith
Viola Tuttle (1893-1894)
Walter Brady Tuttle (1895-1972) m. 1) Primmie May Holland (1899-1930); 2) Myrtle Mounce (1907-1996)


Children of James Madison Tuttle and Mary Ann Hampton
William Alexander Tuttle (1861-1910) m. Laura Ann Rierson (1865-1919), d/o Levi Rierson and Emily Catherine Tuttle
John Gray Tuttle (1863-1940 error corrected 1/7/11) m. 1) Cornelia (Nealie) Tuttle (?-1890), d/o Jefferson Tuttle and Melissa Banner; 2) Cora Louretta Lapelia Ward (1868-1922); 3) Mary Hampton Boles (1864-1958), d/o William Walker Hampton and Pollie Bowman
Elijah L. Tuttle (1867-1943) m. 1) Martha Maggie Landreth (1864-1925), d/o Malichi Landreth and Maranda Plummer; 2) Flora Swain (1890-?)
Florence Catherine Tuttle (1868-1938) m. Michael F. Tuttle (1866-1947), s/o Martin Levi Tuttle and Martha Fowler
Silvey Hampton Tuttle (1870-1910) m. Martha Susan (Maggie) Tuttle, d/o Jefferson Tuttler and Susan Baker
James Thomas Tuttle (1873-1960) m. Martha Emma Young (1877-1955)
George Washington Tuttle (1874-1943) m. Martha Jane Pulliam (1877-1953)
Walter Wright Tuttle (1877-1954) Laura Ann Montgomery (1882-1964), d/o Stephen Lee Motgomery and Sarah Elizabeth Bowman
Laurie Wade Tuttle m. Lillie Mae Meadows
Martha Jane Tuttle (1883-1929) m. Joseph William Montgomery (1878-1966), s/o Stephen Lee Motgomery and Sarah Elizabeth Bowman

Seventh Generation

Children of Martha Jane Tuttle and Gideon Ferguson
Annie Elizabeth Ferguson (1868-1945) m. Joseph Raleigh Darnell (one child, Primmie Darnell)
Laura M. Ferguson (1869-?) m. Robert Wesley Smith (m. in 1906)
Emma E. Ferguson (1871-?) m. Robert Wesley Smith (m. in 1888)
Ellen Ferguson (b. & d. 1873)
Thomas Ferguson (1875-1952) m. Margaret J. Tillotson
Cornelia Frances Ferguson (1876-1967) m. William W. Tillotson


Children of Albert Gideon Tuttle and Mary E. Southern
Nannie H. Tuttle (1869-?) m. Gaston Allen
Rosa Ellen Tuttle (1871-1903) m. 1) Robert Jasper Ferguson (1871-?), s/o John Henry "Long John" Ferguson and Charity Rosetta Johnson)
m. 2) William Yancey Gordon, s/o Jesse Allen Gordon & Sarah "Sallie" Ebert
Rufus Boney Tuttle (1872-1944) m. 1) Agnes Slate, d/o Wm. Gaines Slate & Lurana Jane Wall
m. 2) Glennie Boyles (1891-?), d/o Robert R. Boyles and Morella Carolee Kin
Beverly G. Tuttle (1875-?) m. Sarah E. Smith
Minnie Francis Tuttle (1877-aft. 1920) m. James Preston Ferguson (1870-aft. 1920), s/o "Long John" Ferguson
Joseph Abraham Tuttle (1881-aft 1930) m. Martha E. Kiser (abt. 1882-aft. 1930)


Children of Dewitt Ezekiah Tuttle and 1) Martha Ellen Southern
William Walter Tuttle (1872-aft. 1900) m. Rosa Tillotson (abt. 1873-aft. 1900)
James Preston Tuttle (1875-aft. 1920) m. Adelia Frances Ferguson (1876-aft. 1920), d/o Henry "Long John" Ferguson and Charity Rosetta Johnson
Luther Dewitt Tuttle (1877-aft. 1930) m. Polly Ellen Bennet (abt 1877-aft. 1930), d/o Tandy and Mary Jane Bennett

Children of Dewett Ezekiah Tuttle and 2) Laura Edna Wilkes
Edna Morilla Tuttle (1886-aft. 1930) m. Joseph Levi Slate (1878-aft.1930), s/o James F. Slate and Charity Ferguson

Children of Dewitt Ezekiah Tuttle and 3) Nancy Powell Young
George Franklin Tuttle (1889-?) m. Elizabeth Frances Jones
Grover Lee Tuttle (1890-aft. 1930) m. Lula Southern
Martha Ellen Tuttle (1891-1987) m. Thomas Settle Boyles
Dora Agnes Tuttle (1893-aft.1930) m. James Madison Covington (abt. 1880-aft. 1930), s/o Joseph H. Covington & Laura Harriet Boyles
Marvin Flay (Bud) Tuttle (1896-1958) m. Espie Newsome
Cora Alice Tuttle (1898-1965) m. Zebulon Vance Hall (1896-1965)
Troy Travis Tuttle (1899-1966) m. Nannie Greene
Grady Ray Tuttle (1902-aft. 1920) m. 1) Mary M. Stephens m. 2) Geneva Jones
Hattie Beulah Tuttle (1904-1923)


Children of Caleb Van Buren Tuttle and Amanda Melissa (Kitty) Young
Agnes Mirian Tuttle (1886-1984) m. Riley (Rike) Wilson Tuttle (1878-?), s/o Francis Jefferson Tuttle & Rebecca E. Petree
Luther F. Tuttle (1880-aft. 1900)
Numa Tuttle (1881-aft.1900)
William Gabe Tuttle (1882-aft. 1900)
Winnie Tuttle (1891-aft. 1900)
Julius Vann Tuttle (1892-aft. 1985) m. Hellen
Lemie Wilson Tuttle (1897-aft.1900)
Caleb Tuttle (1894-aft. 1900)
McKenly Carl Tuttle (1900-?)


Children of James McCoy Tuttle and Angelina "Ann" Bostick
James McCoy Tuttle Jr (1863-1936) m. Eugenia P. Vest
Mary Ellen Tuttle (1861-1890) m. Newsome
Adolphus H. Tuttle (abt. 1869-?)
Henry Clay Tuttle (1871-?) m. Lizzie Mae Shouse (1870-?)
Bettie Jane Tuttle (abt. 1876-?) m. Joseph Rierson


Children of Elijah L. Tuttle and Martha (Maggie) Landreth
Hiram Chief Tuttle (1888-1969) m. Mamie Leigh George (1887-1985), d/o Caleb George and Elizabeth Duggins
Joseph Golden (Gold/Joe) Tuttle (1890-1964) m. 1) Tempy Estalle Virginia (Stella) Ingram (1890-1916),
d/o Ransom Caswell Ingram and Martha (Tempy) White; 2) Flora (Madie) Creson (1896-1955)
Mary M. Frances Tuttle (1892-1926) m. Luther Clarence Head
Temperence Tuttle (1896-1976) m. Thomas Allen Duggins
Sarah Catherine (Sadie) Tuttle (1898-1962) m. John Fountain Tuttle, s/o Tate Tuttle and Mary Warren
Myrtle Emma (Myrt) Tuttle (1900-1997) m. Sollis Cicero (Sol) Kiger
Clarice Odell Tuttle (1903-1924) m. William Rufus Head

Eighth Generation

Children of Joseph Golden (Gold/Joe) Tuttle and Tempy Estalle Virginia (Stella) Ingram
Harvey Ray Tuttle (1912-1969) m. Sarah Ellen (Sadie) George, d/o Sidney (Sid) George and Annie Tuttle
Beulah Mae Tuttle (1913-1988) m. 1) George Hall; 2) Maxie Leve (Max) Wishon
Edgar Lee (Ed) Tuttle(1915-1980) m. Cornelia Kathleen Winters (1922-2004)

Children of Joseph Golden (Gold/Joe) Tuttle and Flora (Madie) Creson
Alma Irene Tuttle (1917-2003) never married
Carlie Elijah Tuttle (1918-1919)
Thelma Louise Tuttle (1921) m. 1) Cleve Smith; 2) Foard Hicks
Mary Gertrude (Gertie) Tuttle (1923-2007) never married
James Roscoe (Buddy) Tuttle (1926-2006) m. Ruth Jacqueline Knight (1929-2006)
Joseph Golden Tuttle, Jr. (1929-2004) m. 1) Betty Fearington; 2) Peggy Morse; 3) Patsy Hunter
Jesse Preston Tuttle (1931) m. 1) Margaret Freeman; 2) Opal Josephine Goings


Many thanks to Ralph G. Tuttle, Sr. for providing information on the Elijah L. Tuttle and Martha (Maggie) Landreth lineage. Ralph has tons of information concerning this Tuttle family. Ralph and I dedicate this Tuttle Family Page to the memory of his first cousin, my classmate and good friend, Sarah E. Tuttle. Ralph's e-mail address is:

Many thanks to Michael K. Tuttle for submitting the James Tuttle and Nancy Reddick lines. Michael's e-mail address is :

Surry County Heritage, Volume I

Stokes County Heritage, Volumes I & II

Robert Carroll, Various articles published in the Danbury Reporter

One Hundred Years of King History 1888-1988, Robert Carroll

Interviews with James & Bea Kiger Collins, Alta and Helen Kiger Kluttz, James Collins II and Betty Shinault

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