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Fourth Generation:

Bryan Jarvis and Margaret (Peggy) Danner settled at what was known as 'Chinquapin Cross Roads' (present-day Yadkin Co., NC) in the Liberty Township. Bryan Jarvis died in 1849 and his widow did not re-marry. Margaret is listed as Head of Household in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census records. Their daughter, Lucy Jarvis nevery married and remained in the home to care for her mother. In 1880 Margaret Jarvis and her daughter Lucy are living with Margaret's son, Bryant.

Children of Bryan Jarvis (1796-1849) and Peggy Danner (1804-after 1880)
Enoc Jarvis (1827-1917) m. 1) Sarah (Sallie) Baity (1828-bef. 1870); 2) Mary Melvina Suits (1849-1928)
Lucy Jarvis (1830-aft. 1880) (did not marry)
Wiley Louis Jarvis (1834-aft. 1880) m. Mary Elizabeth (abt 1846-aft. 1870) (buried at Courtney Baptist Church cemetery)
Lucket C. Jarvis (1836-1863) (died of typhoid fever during Civil War, Richmond, VA)
Sally Anne Padgett Jarvis (1842-aft 1880) m. Jesse Granville Reavis (m. in 1871) (Photo)
Frederick M. Jarvis (1844-?) no further records
Margaret (Aunt Dodgie) Jarvis (1845-1917) (did not marry)
Bryant Alexander Jarvis (1848-aft. 1880) m. Mary Louise Baity (abt. 1846-aft. 1880), d/o Wm. Dennis Baity and Christinia (did she die in 1949 at age 103?

Fifth Generation

Children of Enoc Jarvis and 1) Sarah Baity
Mary E. Jarvis (abt. 1850-aft. 1870)
David Francis Jarvis (1851-1937) m. Nancy Jane Norman (?-1943) (moved to Forsyth Co., 1900)
Bryant Wesley Jarvis (1854-1933) m. Florence Latisha Riley (1859-1934)
George W. Jarvis (1858-1916) m. Mary Woods (m. 1879)
Enoc Luckett Jarvis (1862-1935) m. Helena Tulbert (abt. 1872-aft.1900) (was a miller in Yadkinville)

Living in Surry Co., NC 1850; Living in Forbush, Yadkin Co., 1870


Children of Enoch Jarvis and 2) Mary Melvina Suits
Jacob Walter Jarvis (abt. 1874-1953) m. Lillie M. Lee
Bryan Jarvis (abt. 1876-aft. 1880)
Virginia (Jennie) Dare Jarvis (abt. 1884-1919) (did not marry)
Eugene Jackson Jarvis (abt. 1880-aft. 1962) m. Mrytle (lived in Guilford Co., NC)
Joseph L. Jarvis (not at home in 1900)
Amos E. Jarvis (1886-1951) m. Sudie Zimmerman (?-1970)
Susan M. Jarvis (1890-1980) (did not marry)


Children of Wiley Louis Jarvis and Mary Elizabeth
Joshua Jarvis (abt 1871-aft. 1880)
Frederick F. Jarvis (abt. 1873-aft. 1880)
Mary (Maggie) M. Jarvis (abt. 1876-aft. 1880) m. Dr. William Sanford Windsor (1863-19?), s/o Thomas W. Windsor (1838-1864) and Emeline Elizabeth Buchanan
William S. Jarvis (abt. 1879-aft. 1880)

Willie L. Jarvis enlisted in Yadkin County as a corporal on August 13, 1861 and mustered into "I" Co., NC 25th Infantry. He was listed as a POW (for the second time) on April 27, 1865 at Peterburg, VA and took the oath of Allegiance on June 19, 1865 at Fort Delaware, DE.


Children of Bryant Alexander Jarvis and Mary Louise Baity
Silas Arron Jarvis (1878-1880)
Naomi (Oma) Jarvis (1879-1956) m. Phonzo Gatewood
Lillie Jarvis (1881-1960) m. William Franklin Knott
Wallas A. Jarvis (1882-1958) m. Ela S. Burton
Grover C. Jarvis (1885-1967) m. Lonia Chatman
Bertha Jarvis (1887-1957) m. Archie Raymond Jester
Thurman P. Jarvis (1890-1947) m. Grace Smith (1897-1966)
William B. Jarvis (1895-1953) m. Shelley Smith
Wiley Clifton Jarvis (1900-1965) m. Molly Royal

Sixth Generation:

Children of David Francis Jarvis and Nancy Jane Norman
Sarah (Sallie) L. Jarvis (abt. 1877-1957) m. J. W. Brown
Enoch Wesley Jarvis (1880-1959) m. Rebecca Theodora (Dora) Brewer (1880-1955)
James Thomas Jarvis (abt. 1886-1969) m. Pearlie Haneline
Annie Jarvis (1888-1971) m. D. H. Swaim
Charles S. Jarvis (abt. 1890-aft. 1900)
George B. Jarvis (abt. 1892-1935)
Mary E. Jarvis (abt. 1894-aft. 1900) m. W. Hellard (lived in Salisbury)
John L. Jarvis (abt. 1896-1977) m. Erma Mickey, d/o Henry Mickey and Nancy Yarbrough

David was associated with his father in a furniture store and later followed the carpenter's trade in the employ of J. D. Hamlin of Yadkin County. For a short time he was employed in a tobacco factory in Augusta, GA. After moving to Winston-Salem (Forsyth County) he was employed as a miller, first for six years in the Dave Shore Roller Mill and then for 12 years with the Wachovia Mill.


Children of Bryant Wesley Jarvis and Florence Latisha "Tish" Riley
Ernest Clifford Jarvis (1881-1954) m. Lillie Holmes (1881-1953)
Jesse Paul Jarvis (1883-1945) m. Ida Mae Burkhart (1889)
Lonnie Beecher Jarvis (1885-1969) m. Letha Bohannon (1888-1983)
Ada Lee Jarvis (1886-1922) m. William Robert Smith (1884-1965)
George Eldridge Jarvis (1889-1965) m. Pearl Reed (1888)
Hallie Jarvis (1894-1919)
Trent Jarvis (1896-1900)
Cecil Hays Jarvis (1897-1973) m. Ethel Park (1903-1987)
Sallie Jarvis (1900-1917)


Children of George W. Jarvis and Mary Woods
Nettie L. Jarvis (1881-1973) m. Edward A. Long (abt. 1880-aft. 1910) (not living with Nettie in 1920 or 1930)
Lillie Malinda Jarvis (1885-1955) (did not marry)
Paul Enoch Jarvis (1886-1959) not married in 1920
Carrie Jarvis (1891-1980) m. Lorenzo Dow McMillan (abt. 1886-1953


Children of Enoch Luckett Jarvis and Helena Tulbert
Clara Jarvis (abt. 1892-?) m. Wier
Enoch Clyde Jarvis (1895-1985) (lived in Farmington)
Geneva Jarvis (abt. 1898-aft. 1930) (did not marry)

Seventh Generation

Children of Enoch Wesley Jarvis and Rebecca Theodora (Dora) Brewer
Ernest Jefferson Jarvis (1901-1983) m. Cora Mae
Pansy Louise Jarvis (1903-1989) m. Marvin Galloway (1896-1981)
Beaulah Lee Jarvis (1905-1984) m. Mr. Norman
William (Willie) Francis Jarvis (1908-1918)
David Francis Jarvis (1914) m. Frances Morgan (1918)
Margarey Hester Jarvis (1918) m. Lacy Conrad Jr. (1918)
Marie Catherine Jarvis (1921) m. Harold Page


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Family history written by Vermont W. Jarvis, The Heritage of Yadkin County, Published by The Yadkin County Historical Society, Yadkinville, NC, Frances Harding Casstevens, Editor

Personal communications with Greg Riley.

Photocopy of Bryant W. Jarvis' marriage license (furnished by Frances Casstevens)

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