Jarvis Family

First Generation:

James Jarvis married Sarah Kelly sometime before the birth of their oldest son Zadock, who was born about 1755. The exact year or place is not known. Actually, there is some evidence in Maryland that suggests Sarah's name was Pelly, not Kelly. James Jarvis leased Quince Orchard in Frederick County, MD in 1770 from Henry Clagett. The lease was for 18 years, expiring in 1789. Henry Claggett died and his will was proven in July, 1777 in Montgomery County, Maryland. Claggett's will mentions "Widow Jervis" still living on the same tract of land and also mentions a tract of land on "Muddy Branch." Since Sarah is referred to as a widow, James Jarvis apparently died between 1770 and 1777. Widow Jarvis' neighbor, Benjamin Holland, was also mentioned in the Clagett will. A death notice was published in the Christian Advocate (Nashville, TN) for a Benjamin Holland who was born "in Maryland on Muddy Branch of Potomac River, about 12 miles from Washington, D. C." This Benjamin Holland died in Fleming, Kentucy in 1875. Another name in Henry Clagett's will was William Pack. This name has been transcribed as William Rack, William Pach and William Rach.

August 30, 1777, Maryland Militia, Middle Battalion, 1st Company
Zadoc Jarvis, Elisha Jarvis, Wm. Pack, Sr., Wm. Pack, Jr., Colbert Pelly, Archibald Trail, David Trail, Jr., Basil Trail, Thomas Trail, Richard Pack, John Pack, Thomas Kelly, Richard Walker

The Jarvis children migrated to Rowan County, NC in 1781 and settled "on the waters of Muddy Creek" bounded by Fry property and the Moravian Wachovia tract. James Jarvis and Susannah T. Jarvis Mullican lived their lives in Hope (present-day Forsyth) but their brothers and sister migrated to South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

Second Generation:

Children of James Jarvis (d. bet. 1770 & 1777) and Sarah Kelly (d. aft. 1778)
Zadock Jarvis (abt. 1755-aft. 1815)
Elisha Jarvis (1757-1837) m. Drucilla Smith (1766- after 1837)
Susannah Jarvis (abt. 1760-1843) m. Lewis Mullikin
James Jarvis (1762-1837) m. 2) Sallie Padgett (1761-1814); 3) Sarah Cheshire (abt.1791-1842)
Margaret "Peggy" Jarvis (1766-1843) m.Benjamin Mullikin (1765-1852)

Map of Jarvis land holdings in North Carolina

Third Generation:

Children of James Jarvis and 2) Sallie Padgett
Bryan Jarvis (abt. 1797-1849) m. Margaret "Peggy" Danner (1804-after 1870)
Jonathan Jarvis (abt. 1799) m Susan Cheshire (abt. 1802-bef. 1841)
James Jarvis, Jr. (abt. 1800-1847) m. 1) Delpha Cheshire; 2) Elizabeth Maria (Marie) Campbell (1803-1843);
3) Mary Ann Holland

James Jarvis and Sallie Padgett were married in 1795 and are listed in the 1810 Stokes County, NC Federal Census (Salem District). James and Sallie are "45 and up" and 2 sons are "up to 16" and one son is "up to 10." There are no female children listed. Sallie Padgett died in 1814 and James soon married Sarah Cheshire. She is named "Sarah Gentry Jarvis" in her father's will dated 1841.


Children of James Jarvis and 3) Sarah Cheshire
Amos Jarvis (1816-1845) m. Mary Hauser (1821-1905)
Enoch Jarvis (abt. 1817-1863) m. 1) Catherine "Katie" Styers (?-bef. 1845);
2) Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Chafin (abt. 1835-aft. 1870) moved to Prairie Co., AR
Elliott Jarvis (did not marry)
Nancy Rebecca Jarvis (1823-1919) m. Jacob Cook (1814-1859)
Warren Jarvis (1825-aft. 1850) (died on a riverboat in Natchez, MS, living in Pulaski Co., AR, 1850)
Tennison Jarvis (1827-1863) m. Mary Jane Boyer (1829-1904)
William Jarvis (1833-1894) m. Emily Reich (1836-1906)

Inventory & Account, James Jarvis estate, October 1837

The Stokes County Will Book, page 108, no date. Noncupative will of Sarah Jarvis, December Term, 1842. (sons) Warren, Tennison and William and (dau.) Nancy to have cloth for clothing.

Fourth Generation:

Children of Amos Jarvis and Mary Hauser
Simeon Amos Jarvis (1844-aft. 1865)

(After the death of Amos Jarvis in 1845, Mary Hauser Jarvis married Benjamin F. Bowles, Davie County in 1853. The marriage was performed by "T. Cheshire, Justice of the Peace.")

Simeon A. Jarvis enlisted on March 17, 1862 in Yadkin Co., NC as a Corporal and mustered into "H" Co., NC 54th Infantry. On November 7, 1863 Simeon was listed as POW at Rappahannock Station, VA and confined at the Old Capitol Prison in Washington, DC. He was transferred to Johnson's Island, OH where he took the Oath of Allegiance on June 13, 1865.


Children of Tennison Jarvis and Mary Jane Boyer Tennyson
Alexander Tennyson "Sandy" Jarvis (1850-1931) m. Emily Sheets (1848-1932)
James Edward Jarvis (1850-1941) m. 1) Augusta Norman (1851-1876), 2)Mary Victoria Harper
Elizabeth Jane Jarvis (1852-1935) m. William Thomas Warner
Francis "Frank" M. Jarvis (1853-1880) did not marry
Laura A. Jarvis (1856-1932) (photo) m. Rev. Daniel A. Binkley
Warren Franklin Jarvis (1859-1924) m. Florina Elizabeth Ketner (1860-1914)
Mariah Emeline Jarvis (1860-1900) m. Peter Lemual Doub

Fifth Generation:

Children of James Edward Jarvis and Mary Victoria Harper James
Lillie Catherine Jarvis (1882-1958) (photo) m. William Francis Vogler
William Monroe Jarvis (1884-1967) m. Anna M. Schultz (1888-1976), d/o August and Henrietta Schultz
Laura Elizabeth Jarvis (1886-1972) m. Charles Marvin Craft (1883-1952)
Stella P. Jarvis (died as infant)
John Franklin Jarvis (1890-1976) m. Kate Jane Lowder (1896-1974)
Simeon Tennyson Jarvis (1897-1972) m. Frances Mae Fisher (1895-1988), d/o Thomas W. and Charlotte Fisher

Sixth Generation:

Children of John Franklin Jarvis and Kate Jane Lowder John
James Lewis Jarvis (1915-1986) m. 1) Gladys Ketner; 2) Addie Myers Slaydor (1922-1994)
Roy Franklin Jarvis (1917-1992) m. Bessie Vera Hall (1919-1983)
William Tennyson Jarvis (1919) m. Glenola M. Farrington, d/o Marshall L. Farrington and Zona M. Brafford
Harold Curtis Jarvis (1922) m. Mary Louise Welfare
John Raymond Jarvis (1924-2003) m. Barbara Ellen Martin
Thurman Lowder Jarvis (1927-2003) m. Lorene M. Tesh
Carolyn Jane Jarvis (1937) m. 1) Robert Herman; 2) George Holmes (?-1995); 3) Gene Carter

Harold Curtis Jarvis World War II Remembrances

Seventh Generation:

Children of Roy Franklin Jarvis and Vera Bessie Hall
Larry Daniel Jarvis (1940-) m. 1) Linda Elliott; 2) Linda Kimball
Infant daughter (1941-1941)
Faye Diane Jarvis (1943-) m. 1) R. Aaron; 2) Gary Ward Moran
Dale McKay Jarvis (1945-) m. 1) Larry Gulledge (?-1996), 2) John Moorefield
Pennie Delane Jarvis (1950-) m. Dale Allen Fletcher


On April 2, 1998 Ann Sheek wrote an article for the Winston Salem Journal
Historic: Old Clemmons homeplace has a colorful past

Jarvis Family History by Billy Wayne Jarvis (privately published)

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