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Geiger/Kiger Family

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Third Generation

Children of Simon Geiger and Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Moser
Simon Levi Jackson Kiger (1822-1907) m. Adeline Tuttle (1816? or 1829?-1910)
Jeremiah Lewis Kiger (1828-aft. 1880) m. Sarah Mary Edwards can anyone confirm her maiden name?)
Ellen Kiger (abt.1829-1863) m. Hansel/Hanson Westmoreland (1819-1909)
Edwin Henry Kiger (1834-1911) m. Mary Elizabeth Moser, d/o J. Henry Moser and Elizabeth T. Carmichael
John Augustin Kiger (Jack) Kiger (1834-1902) m. Mary Bodenhamer (1843-1906)
Wiley Kiger (1837-1908) m. 1) Charlotte Kiger (abt. 1828-aft.1880); 2) Phoebe Livengood (abt. 1859-aft. 1900)
Adam Kiger (1839-1921) m. Sarah Holloway (Aunt Tip) Moser (1839-1923)
Samuel Washington Kiger (1841-1928) m. Jane Griffin (1840-1914)
Tandy T. Kiger (1843-abt. 1864) (died in Civil War)
Selena Catherine Kiger (1844-1910) m. Hart Sapp
(Catherine is not listed in the 1850 Census with this family)
Mary (Polly) A. Kiger (1847-1910) m. Emanuel Alexander Moser (1844-1912)
Abraham B. Kiger (1849-1907) m. 1) Polly Coley; 2) Sarah Misamore (1856-1946)

Fourth Generation

Children of Simon Levi Kiger and Adeline Tuttle
California Kiger (1849-?)
John Jackson "Little Jack" Kiger (1849-1924) m. Almira Rebecca Styers (1848-1928)
Michael Kiger (1855-?)
Simon Kiger (1855-1921) m. Mary Alspaugh (1860-1905)
Augustus Eli Kiger (1860-1932) m. Permelia
Martha E. "Molly" Kiger (1867-1945) m. Aurelius J. McGee (1861-1922)
Thomas T. Kiger (ca. 1869-?) m. Sarah E. Shamel


Children of Jeremiah Lewis Kiger and Sarah Mary Edwards
Nathaniel Kiger (abt. 1860-aft. 1880)
Thomas Kiger (abt. 1862-aft. 1880)
Sarah Kiger (abt. 1864-aft. 1880)
Lee Kiger (abt. 1869-aft. 1880)
John W. Kiger (abt. 1870-aft.1880)
Jeremiah Lewis Kiger (abt. 1878-aft. 1880)

In 1850 census record Jeremiah Lewis Kiger's name appears as Jeremiah L. Kiger. In the 1860 cenus record his name appears as Jeremiah with wife Mary, a son Nathaniel L., along with Jemima (Blackwell) Edwards. In the 1880 census records his name appears as Lewis with his wife Mary and son, Nathaniel.


Children of Edward Henry Kiger and Mary Elizabeth Moser
Henry Edward Kiger (1858-1939) m. 1) Jenella/Jeanette Cordelia Phillips (1869-1901), d/o Wm. Phillips and Mary Scott;
2) Mary E. "Polly" Bowen (1874-1955)
Mary Jane Kiger m. Jeremiah Moser (1848-1937)
Paulina A. Kiger (1868-1917) m. Virgil Scott
Sarah Ellen Kiger (1870-1938) m. Nathaniel (Doc) Moser (1860-1936)
Lillia R. Kiger (1877-1899) m. John Henry Culler
Thomas Kiger m. Alice Scott (?-1952)
Francis Kiger (1881-?)
Leanna Kiger (1883-?)


Children of John Augustin Kiger "Jack" and Mary Bodenheimer
Margaret Catherine Kiger (1866-1951) m. Hezekiah Isaac Butner (1870-1936)
Amelia Kiger (1868-1954) m. Sandrus R. Fulp (1863-1939)
Andrew Hamilton "Ham" Kiger (1870-1959) m. Maggie Schultz (1877-1936), d/o Jacob Schultz and Frances George
Martha Jane "Matt" Kiger (1873-1961) m. David Hezekiah Hendrix (1880-1930)
Boone Anderson Keiger (1875-1959) m. Minnie Sprinkle (1880-1959)
Wiley Kiger (b. & d. 1877)
Jessie Lee Kiger (b. & d. 1878)
John Riley Keiger (1883-1973) m. Eula Walker (1894-1948)
Mary Alice Kiger (1884-1966) m. Lon Scales and m. 2) William Evan Butner (1873-1957)


Children of Wiley Kiger and 1) Charlotte Kiger
Rufus Fountain Kiger (abt. 1856-aft. 1870)
William T. Kiger (abt. 1858-1946) m. 2) Celeste Clayton
Augustus E. Kiger (abt. 1860-1932) m. Adeline S. Tesh
Mary Elsie Kiger (abt. 1863-aft. 1880)
Harry Kiger (abt. 1866-aft. 1870)
Franklin Columbus Kiger (abt. 1868-1930)

Children of Wiley Kiger and 2) Phoebe Livengood
Ludella Kiger (abt. 1887-aft. 1900)
George Lee Kiger (1881-aft. 1900) m. Della Moser
Pollie Ann Kiger (1894-aft. 1910)
Grady/Brady Kiger (1897-aft. 1910)
Elsie Kiger (1898-aft. 1910)
Jasper E. Kiger (1905-1975) m. Lucy M. Dalton


Children of Adam Kiger and Sarah Holloway Moser (first cousins)
James L. Kiger (1859-1933) m. Mollie Hazlip
Charles M. Kiger (1861-1943) m. 1) Ellen Westmoreland (1867-1934) (his cousin)
Sarah C. Kiger (1864-1926) m. Andrew Thomas Wall (1860-1935)
Addie M. Kiger (1866-1920) m. John Pleasant Kirby
Mollie M. Kiger (1868-1953) m. Thomas R. Kirby
Julius A. Kiger (1871-1961) m. Regina Westmoreland (1876-1952)
Johnnie Kiger (died 1873)
Francis M. Kiger (1875-1950) m. Bessie Westmoreland (1881-1958)
William B. Kiger (1881-1939) m. Mary E. Moser
Carrie Elizabeth Kiger (1885-1976) m. Jean Hampton Kiger (cousins)


Children of Samuel Washington Kiger and Jane Griffin
John Walter Kiger (1867-1957) m. Aster Tuttle
Amanda Regina Kiger (1869-1886)
Mary S. Kiger (1870-1890) m. John Banner
Pleasent Rufus Kiger (1875-1952) m. Mary Ophelia Fulk (1879-1939), d/o J. and Susan Fulk
William Kiger (1875-abt. 1885/6)
Edward Samuel Kiger (1878-1964) m. Ada C. Stillie/Stiley (?-1928)
Lenora Ellen Kiger (1881-1967) m. Lee Burrow

Fifth Generation

Children of John Jackson "Little Jack" Kiger and Almira Rebecca Styers
Ellen Kiger (1875-1935) m. Charles Pettus Byron Bruce Bailey (1868-1949)
Eliza Adeline Kiger (1876-1959) m. Tobias C. Whitman
Flora Kiger (1878-1879)
Phillip Kiger (1879-1879)
Jasper Lee Kiger (1880) m. Clara
William Steedman Kiger (1882-1962) m. 1) Bertie Eller Fulk (?-1924); 2) Della Hege (?-1960
Carrie Alice Kiger (1884-1959) m. Greenland Moser
Jackson Eugene Kiger (1886-?) m. Ada Ketner
John Levin Kiger (1886) died young
Laura Catherine (1888-1974) m. Robert Dinkins
Della Sue Kiger (1890) m. William Ketner


Children of Henry Edward Kiger 1) Jenella/Jeanette Cordelia Phillips
Louella Kiger (1887-?) m. John Bowen (lived in Shoals, NC)
William Edwin Kiger (1888) m. Jennie Smith (lived in High Point, NC)
Luthur Gray Kiger (1890-1931) m. Nora Holyfield
James Rufus Kiger (1891) m. Emily Jones (lived in Vicksburg, MS)
Mary Annis Kiger (1894) m. R. Ernest Barbor (lived in Shoals, NC)
Thomas Odell Kiger (1897) m. Ruth Bulla
Gurnie Oscar Kiger (1899) m. Wenzola Robinson (lived in Chattanooga, TN)


Children of Henry Edward Kiger and 2) Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Bowen
Lewis Henry Kiger (1903) m. Myrtle Marion
Martha Samantha Kiger (1906) m. David Gough
Elvira Elizabeth Kiger (1908-1933)
Lydia Lutitia Kiger (1910) m. Clete C. Idol (lived in Greensboro, NC)
Carrie Eldora Kiger (1912) m. John Poindexter (lived in East Bend, NC)
Bulah Mae Kiger (1916) m. Herman O. Brown


Children of Charles M. Kiger and Ellen Westmoreland
Gurney M. Kiger (1892) m. Dora Harris
Hobart Kiger (1896-1969) m. Sarah Moser (1897-1955)
Hilary Harrison Kiger m. Carrie Lee Vaughn
Mamie Kiger
Ethal Kiger m. James Southern


Children of Julius A. Kiger and Regina Westmoreland
Harvey Eugene Kiger (1898-1967) m. Alice Alley
Forest Holliway Kiger (1899-1965) m. Eulalia Clayton
Oscar Lee "Buck" Kiger (1901-1974) m. Bealie Baker
Mamie Kiger (1902-1996) m. Patrey "Pate" Harvey
Della Kiger (1903-1981) m. Herbert Baker
Stella Kiger (1905-1977) m. Gordon Foster (died in Beckley, WV)
Edgar Julius Kiger (1907-1981) m. Lessie Wall
Everette Charles Kiger (1908-1990) m. Grace Fulp
Eunice Elizabeth Kiger (1910) m. Roswell Kemper Phelps (1908-1961), s/o Charles and Bessie Phelps
Earl Thomas Kiger (1911-1997) m. Myrtle Ferguson
Albert "Jack" Grey Kiger (1913-1997) m. Mildred Wall
Lillian Irene Kiger (1914-1917)
Norman "Sam" Henry Kiger (1916-1996) m. Eva Mock
Lillie Belle Kiger (1919) m. Grey Mock


Children of Carrie Elizabeth Kiger and Jean Kiger
Rosie Gertrude Kiger (1907) m. Bandy Hill
William Raymond Kiger (1909) m. Myrtle Davis
Jasper Gray Kiger (1913-1914)
Voila Mae Kiger (1911) m. Robert Weir
Nellie Holloway Kiger (1915) m. Paul Ray Whitman
Lillian Elizabeth Kiger (1917) (did not marry)
Gladys Irene Kiger (1921) m. Spurgeon Creason
Grace Agnes Kiger (1924) m. James Franklin Fletcher


Children of Pleasent Rufus Kiger and Mary Ophelia Fulk
Jesse Clarence Kiger (1900-1982) m. Carrie E. Weaver (1902-1968)
Bessie Lenora Kiger (1902-1968) m. Wesley Earl Maxey (1905-1971)
Essie Victoria Kiger (1904-2000) m. Mason Fulp (1906-1987)
Fannie K. Kiger (1906-1995) m. Ernest Wade Rushing (1910-1940)
William Spencer Kiger (1908-1963) m. 1) Margie K. Snow (1912-1938), 2) Dorothy Mabel Baugus (1916-1956), 3) Lucille New (1910-1993)
Ethel Samyria Kiger (1914-2004) m. 1) Curtis Perry Stafford (1900-1963), 2) Dallas Lemons (1912-1977), 3) James V. Parrish (1902-1999)
Ralph Cornelius Kiger (1917-1963) m. Maggie May Flippin (1910-1991)
Hazel Ophelia Kiger (1922-1990) m. Gurnie E. Snow (1895-1962)

This family added September 3, 2007 - thanks to Rodger Rushing!

Sixth Generation

Children of Hilary Harrison Kiger and Carrie Lee Vaughn
Irene Kiger (1914-2001) m. Homer Lee Burrow (1913-1998)
Myrtle Kiger m. Myers
Opal Kiger m. Wise
Robert Kiger (1919-1981)
Worth Kiger


Doug Phelps provided information for the Julius A. Kiger and Regina Westmoreland family. Doug's e-mail address is:

Many thanks to William "Bill" Keiger for furnishing information for the John Augustine Kiger "Jack" and Mary Bodenheimer line. Bill's email address is:

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