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LeBon/LaBoon/LaBoone Family

Pierre Lebon (LaBoon) was born in Rochefort, France, January 6, 1744/45, son of Pierre Jean LeBon (1722-1778) and Marie Capet. Pierre Jean LaBon died in France on 15th August 1778 was buried in Rochefort. His widow, Marie Capet LaBon, died 8 August, 1803 in Anderson District, South Carolina.

First Generation

Children of Pierre Lebon and Marie Capet
Joseph LeBon (died in Rochefort, France)
Charles Lebon
Elizabeth Lebon
Pierre Lebon (1745-1799) m. Anne (Hannah?) Gervais (1749-1815, SC)
(Anne born and married in Rochefort, France, daughter of Louis Gervais)

Tryon Co., NC Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter, April Term 1775: Ordered by the court Christopher Mauney be appointed overseer of the Road Leading from the Tuccaseege ford to Tryon Court House in that part between the Court House and opposite to Peter Laboon and PETER LABOON in that part between his house and the south fork and Samuel Martin from the fork to the Tuccaseege Ford.

Tryon Co., NC Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter, July Term 1777: Ordered by the Court that William Moore, Abraham Scott, Ebenezer Newton, John Moore, Zac'h Spencer, Frederick Hambright, Michael Hoyl, Thomas Casner, Jacob Mooney, PETER LABOON, Michael Hofstatler and John Hoyl be a Jury to lay out and mark a Road the nearest & Best way from Tryon Court House to the Tuccasiege Ford and that they be Summoned by the Sheriff to appear before some Magistrate to Qualify for this their Charge.

Peter LaBoon was enumerated in the 1790 South Carolina Census with 2 white males 16 and up (including head of household) and 3 white females.

William C. LaBoon is mentioned in the Estate Records of William Hawk (deceased in 1814), Morgan County, Georgia. It is not known if he is related to Peter LaBoon.

Second Generation

Children of Pierre Jean LaBoon and Ann (Hannah?) Gervais
Marie LeBoon (1770) m. Charles Waters
Peter LaBoon, Jr. (1772-1828) m. Rachel Jarvis (1774-1836) (m. in 1793, SC)
Elizabeth LaBoon (1774) m. Eden Light (?-1805)
Jean LeBoon (1776-1776)
Catherine LeBoon (1784) m. James Byrum

Many LaBon/LaBoon researchers have suggested that Rachel Jarvis was a sister to Elisha Jarvis, son of James Jarvis and Sarah Kelly. Elisha Jarvis was born in about 1757. If Rachel is related to Elisha, I suspect that she is his daughter from a previous marriage. Rachel Jarvis LaBoon is among those listed in the 1830 Anderson Co., SC Census

Third Generation

Children of Peter Laboon, Jr. and Rachel Jarvis
Anne LaBoon (?-abt. 1840) m. William Benjamin Watkins (Walton Co., GA)
Jean Laboon (?-1825) m. Nancy Adams
Marie LaBoon m. Isaac Robbins
Rebecca LaBoon (1793-1861) m. James Allen McCollister/McAlister
Rachel Laboon (1802-1851) m. John Elrod (1799-1871), (Hall Co., GA.)
s/o Abraham Elrod and Majorie Stanton
Peter LaBoon (1803) m. Elizabeth King (1804-?) (moved to Red River, TX, but was still in SC in 1830)
Frances LaBoon (1804-1874) (Hall Co., GA) m. James Dalton (1801-bef. 1860)
Joseph Allen LaBoon (1808-1871) m. Elizabeth Tripp (1804-1872) (lived in Anderson Co., SC in 1830, 1843)
Mason Canada (Carey) LaBoon (1813-1887) (Walton Co. GA) m. Emily Mullikin 1810-1901)
Sara LaBoon (1815) m. Rufus King (moved to Red River, TX)

Fourth Generation

Children of Rachel LaBoon and John Elrod
Sarah Ann Elrod (1823-1899) m. John Martin (1823-1887), s/o of David Martin (born in SC)
Joseph Allen Elrod (1826-1890) m. Cynthia C. Tate (1824-1890), d/o Nathaniel Tate and Mary Thomson
John Wesley Elrod (1829) m. 1) Elizabeth Hubbard (?-bef. 1856); 2) Mary Ann Tate (1833-1897),
d/o of Nathaniel Tate and Mary Thomson
Martha Elrod (1831)
Mary Jane Elrod (1833-1915) m. Richard Harrison McCrary (1827-1894)
Peter Lewis Elrod (1837-1902) m. Sarah Ann Garner (1836-1900) (Sarah Ann born in GA)
Amanda Elrod (1840-1903) m. David Terry Couch (1832-abt. 1900) (Amanda born in GA)
Eliza Elrod (1844) m. J. H. Robinson (1829)
Sophronia Elrod (1849) (born in SC)


Children of Joseph A. LaBoon and Elizabeth Tripp
John Harrison LaBoon (1830-1906) m. Frances Emaline McCollister (1835-1891),
d/o Allen McCollister and Rebecca LaBoon
Dorcas Sara Ann LaBoon (1831-1898) m. William Franklin Wyatt (1832-1913)
Van Lawhorne LaBoon (1832-1899) m. Delilah Burriss Byrum (1843-1916),
d/o Joseph Byrum and Margare Burriss
Rachel Mary Ann LaBoon (1834-1896) m. Anderson Green Michael (1847-1917),
s/o David Michael and Catherine Johnston
Peter LaBoon (1836-1859)
Joseph Allan LaBoon, Jr. (1840-1906) m. 1) Margaret Palestine Richey (1840-1890),
d/o James Nathaniel Richey and Lucinda Hunt.; 2) Louisa Ellison

Children of Peter LaBoon and Elizabeth King
William LaBoon (1826-?)
Peter LaBoon (1828-?)
Sarah LaBoon (1829) m. James M. King (1818) (m. in Red River Co., TX)
Malinda LaBoon (1831) m. William Edmunson (m. in Red River Co., TX)
Josyhard LaBoon (1835)
John LaBoon (1836-?) m. Caroline Rasher (married 1862, Red River Co.,TX)
Minerva LaBoon (1838)
Joseph LaBoon (1841) (served in Texas Cavalry)
Biddie Ann LaBoon (1844-1881) m. Francis Marion Looney (1841) (died in Red River Co., TX)
Zachary Taylor LaBoon (1848) (born in Red River Co., TX)
Rachel LaBoon m. James Coffman


Children of Mason Canada (Carey) Laboon and Emily Mulliken
Sarah Malina LaBoon (1838-1844)
Sarah Frances LaBoon (1843-1889) m. William Asgail Almand (1837-1896),
s/o Reuben Almand and Malinda Fambrough
Mary Taylor LaBoon (1845-1890) m. William LaFayette Johnston (1843-1918)
Joseph Thaddeus LaBoon (1852-1932) m. Anna Estelle Foster (1858-1952),
d/o George Washington Foster and Jane Diademima Fielding

Mason LaBoon was a blacksmith and by 1853 owned 1,000 acres in Walton Co., GA.

Fifth Generation

Children of Van Lawhorne LaBoon and Delilah Burriss Byrum
Warren Joseph LaBoon (1861) m. 1) Mrs. Mary Tidwell; 2) Fannie Clearly (lived in Wise Co. TX)
Sarah Jane Elizabeth LaBoon (1862-1880) (buried in Historic Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA)
Van George Washington LaBoon (1864-?) m. Virginia Pickens (1873-?),
d/o Robert Welborn Pickens and Mary Catherine Wiggington
Margaret Amanda LaBoon (1866) m. 1) John G. Schuster; 2) Julius Earl Smith (1870-1900) (m. 1891),
s/o Gideon Ashley Smith and Martha Mae Hendricks
John Bayless Laboon (1868-1892) m. Mollie White (1870-1941)
William LaFayette LaBoon (170-1937) m. Essie Finley
Talulah Bryum LaBoon (1872) m. Rev. John H. Sellman
Mary Rebecca LaBoon (1874) m. James A. Smith
Wade Hampton LaBoon (1876) m. May Folsom (received Civil War Pension)
Dora Rosamond LaBoon (1878) m. James Arthur Cobb
Reuben Alonzo LaBoon (1880-1880)
Mason Burriss LaBoon (1881-1882)
Delilah Josephine LaBoon (1883-1932) m. John G. Ragsdale (1884-1958)


Children of Joseph Allen LaBoon and 1) Margaret Palestine Richey
William Richey LaBoon (abt. 1860) m. Stella Wyatt, d/o James Elijah Wyatt (1831-1907) and Mary Wilson
James P. LaBoon (1867-1879)
Joseph Allen LaBoon, Jr. (1871-1875)
Samuel R. Laboon (1877-1886)
Benjamin B. Laboon (1877-1941) m. 1) Nora Richey; 2) Louella
Franklin P. LaBoon (1885-1885)
Robert LaBoon
Corrie LaBoon

Children of Children of Joseph Allen LaBoon and 2) Louisa Ellison
Lawrence LaBoon
Lillian LaBoon
Furman G. LaBoon m. Myrtle Freeman (1894-1967), d/o John Fields Freeman and Camil Jones
John LaBoon
Maud LaBoon

Sixth Generation Children of Margaret Amanda LaBoon and Julius Earl Smith
Julius Marshall Smith (1892-1968) m. Ida Ludwig
Dora Lee Smith (1899-1978) m. Samuel Fleming Askey

Margaret Amanda LaBoon and Julius Earl Smith moved to Chattanooga, TN where Julius was killed in a railroad accident. Margaret then moved to Oklahoma Territory to live with her brother, Wade Hampton LaBoon.

Visit USS Laboon, named for Capt. John Francis LaBoon

Who is?

Allen LaBoon living in Cumberland Co., NC, 1810?

Pierre LaBon, 3rd Regt. 2nd Brig. 1st Div. LA. Milita. On List dated New Orleans, LA., April 7, 1862, of men detailed for the Sanitary Corps, ordered into the service of the State of Louisiana.

Who is Pierre LaBon (?-1819) married in 1807 in Edgard, LA to Marie Josephine Vicknair? Their son, Pierre LiBeau (1808-1853) married Adelaide Vicknair (1809-1853) in 1832. In 1823 Marie Josephine Vicknair LaBon married Louis LeBon (1779-1823) in Edgard, LA.


Descendants of Pierre Jean LaBon

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