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Livengood Family

First Generation

Phillip Leibengut was reportedly born in 1690 in Bern, Switzerland, son of Ulrich Phillip Leibengut and Maria Magdalena Lotsch, and married in Vorderweldenthat, Pfalz, to Susanna, surname unknown. He immigrated on the St. Andrews Galley in 1737, age 47. There may be a second wife, Maria Margaretha, married before 1754. We know of three children for Phillip and Susanna: George, who married Catharina and apparently remained in Pennsylvania; Christina Margaretha; and Christian (1744-1823), who married Maria Margaretha Hisler or Heyser (1742-1799). There are also other Leibenguts who settled in Pennsylvania, at least some of whom are related to these, and it is possible that others also came to North Carolina. Our discussion here follows descendants of Christian.

Second Generation

Children of Christian and Maria Margaretha Livengood
Henry Livengood (1765-?)
Maria Magdalena Livengood (1767-?)
Christian Livengood (1768-1845) m. Catherine Hutman? (ca. 1774-ca. 1853)
Michael Livengood (1771-1845)
Maria Susanna Livengood (1773-?)
John Livengood (1774-1807) m. Christina Warlow
Elizabeth Livengood (1776-?) m. George Shoaf
*Catherine Livengood (?-1853) m. Jacob Essig
Christina Livengood (ca. 1785-?) m. George Shoaf
Philip Livengood (1790->) m. Elizabeth

Henry, Maria Magdalena, Michael, and Maria Susanna all appear to have remained in Pennsylvania.

*Catherine's birthdate is given in some Livengood family materials as 6 Jan 1774, which conflicts with Maria Susanna's birth in April 1773 followed by John in October 1774. We suspect that this is an error, and are tentatively placing her between Elizabeth and Christina in the family list. The alternative possibility is that she doesn't really belong in this family.

Third Generation

Children of Christian and Catherine Livengood
Jacob Livengood (1796-?) m. Elizabeth Grubbs
George Livengood (1797-?) m. 1) Elizabeth Bumgarner, 2) Magdalena Petree
Catherine Livengood (1798-?) m. Henry Shoaf
Susanna Livengood (1800-?) m. Michael Everhart
Christian Livengood (1801-1849) m. Christina Shoaf
John Livengood (1804-1869)
John Henry Livengood (1806-1878) m. 1) Susanna Hege (d. bef. 1830), 2) Elizabeth Koontz (1812-1885)

Are they also the parents of: Elizabeth Livengood (1797-1871), m. 1) Daniel Helmstetter, 2) Henry Shoaf, moved to Orange Co. IN? Mary Magdalene Livengood m. 1) John Easter, 2) Henry Brinley/Brinkley Previously we listed John Livengood (1804-1869) with wife Catherine and a group of children who appear in the Fourth Generation. We suspect that this family is a different John Livengood, whose dates are 1806-1870, buried Mt. Tabor Methodist, Forsyth Co. The birthdate for this John (16 Dec 1806) conflicts with that of John Henry Livengood (6 Nov 1806). If these dates are accurate, these two men cannot be brothers.


Fourth Generation

Children of Jacob Livengood and Elizabeth Grubbs
Susanna Livengood (probably 1819-1905)
John Livengood probably (1822-1881) m. Katherine Everhart (1826-1914)
Jacob Livengood (1829-?)
Absolom Livengood (1832-1900) m. Sarah Paulina Sailor (1831-1917)
Christina Livengood (1833-1914) m. Henry W. Livengood (1839-1927)

Are they also the parents of Elizabeth Livengood (ca. 1832-1915) who married Solomon Livengood, s/o John Henry Livengood and Susanna Hege?


Children of Christian Livengood and Christina Shoaf
David Livengood (1830-1906) m. Fannie Shoaf (1828-1907)
Elias Livengood (1833-?) m. Eliza Jane Shoaf
Christian Livengood (1835-?) m. Susannah Shoaf
Adam Livengood (1837-?) m. Caroline Shoaf
Christina Livengood (1841-1913) m. H.W. Shoaf
Susanna Livengood (1843-?) m. W.A. Sowers


Children of John and Catherine Livengood
Mary Magdalene Livengood (1833-1909)
Susanna Livengood (1835-?) m. David S. Linville, s/o Emanuel and Eliza Linville
Elizabeth Livengood (1837-?) m. John W. Hudler (1836-1863)
Catherine Livengood (1839-?) m. Henry W. Conrad (ca. 1845-?)
Christina Livengood (1840-1922) m. William Henderson Livengood (1849-1884), s/o John Livengood and Catherine Everhart
Melinda/Belinda Livengood (1842-?)
Henry C. Livengood (1846-1888)
John F. Livengood (prob. 1850-1885) prob. m. Augusta M. Conrad (1852-1937)

In 1870, Ellen Livengood age 8 is the youngest child in John's family. Since John's wife Catherine seems to have died before 1860, we suspect Ellen is a granddaughter.

In 1880, John Livengood 73 is living with daughter Margarett age 46. Is this actually Magdalene? or is this a different John Livengood?


Children of John Henry Livengood and Elizabeth Koontz
Abigail Livengood (1833-1888) m. William Ephraim Reich (1825-1893)
Alfred B. Livengood (1835-1862) m. Margaret J. Leinbach (ca. 1840-?)
Sarah A. Livengood (1837-1928) m. Isaac Reich (1833-1919)
Charity Livengood (1840-1893) m. Francis Edwin Shamel (1838-1920)
Susanna Livengood (1843-1908) m. John Henry Hine (1834-1914)
John H. Livengood (probably 1846-1862)
Mary E. Livengood (ca. 1848-?) m. ? Fulk (named in her father's will as Mary E. Fulk)
Anna R. Livengood (1850-1862)
William Wesley Livengood (1855-1924) m. Martha Rebecca Norman (1849-1915)

Was John Henry also the father of Solomon Livengood, born about 1829, by his first wife Susanna Hege?

Fifth Generation

Probable child of Susanna Livengood
Henry Livengood (1843-?) m. Rebecca White (ca. 1835-?), s/o Andrew White

Henry was living with Jacob and Elizabeth in 1850 and 1860, but his marriage record says he was the son of Susan Livengood. We think therefore that he is Susanna's son, and that Jacob and Elizabeth are his grandparents.


Children of John Livengood and Catherine Everhart
William Henderson Livengood (1849-1884) m. Christina Livengood (1840-1922)
Susan E. Livengood (ca. 1852-?)
Jacob W. Livengood (1855-1915) m. Emeline Brandon (1851-1925) d/o John Brandon and Martha/Pauline Harper
David S./D. Livengood (ca. 1856-?)
James W. Livengood (ca. 1858-?)
Aurelius L. Livengood (ca. 1862-?)
Sarah C. Livengood (ca. 1864-?)
Eliza Jane Livengood (ca. 1869-?)


Children of Absolom Livengood and Sarah Paulina Sailor
John W. Livengood (probably 1854-1930) m. Elizabeth Branom/Brannum
Joseph F. Livengood (ca. 1856-?)
Robert R. Livengood (ca. 1858-?)
Lewis J. Livengood (1861-1917)
Christina Livengood (ca. 1864-?). Did she marry Charles Lambeth?
Julia Livengood (1866-1938) m. John Martin Ridings (1860-1923), s/o Alexander Ridings and Lisetta Holder
Delila L. Livengood (1870-?)


Children of David Livengood and Fannie Shoaf
Robert Lee Livengood (ca. 1847-?) m. Alice Caton
Romulus Franklin Livengood (1849-1925) m. Aredonia Magee
Richmond Livengood (1852-1889) m. Laura Martin
David Rinsey Livengood (1854-1912) m. Mary Amanda Pope
Alexander Washington Livengood (1857-?)
Martha Jane Alice Livengood (1858-1940) m. William Ake
John Hamilton Livengood (1861-1928) m. Edith Oden
Charles Livengood (1864-?)


Children of Alfred Livengood and Margaret Leinbach
Nancy E. Livengood
Allen P. Livengood


Children of William Wesley Livengood and Martha Rebecca Norman
Caleb Alfred Livengood (1875-1934) m. Effie May Motsinger (1882-1975)
Lula Minnie Moriah Livengood (1876-1963) m. William David Thomas (1876-1959), s/o Emory A. Thomas and Susan Catherine Rothrock
Thomas Henry Livengood (1878-1951)
Sadie Nancy Elizabeth Livengood (1881-1934)
Julius Armenius Livengood (1883-1961)
Bessie Maggie Rebecca Livengood (1885-1972)
Bertie Mary Viola Livengood (1888-?)
Norman Joshua Livengood (1890-1967)
Beatrice Martha Ann Livengood (1891-?)

Sixth Generation

Children of Henry Livengood and Rebecca White
Frances E. Livengood (ca. 1868-?)
Clinton O. Livengood (1869-?)
Susannah J. Livengood (ca. 1872-?)


Child of William Henderson Livengood and Christina Livengood
Cicero M. Livengood (1877-1959) m. Amanda Foltz (1873-1962)

Some questions

Who are the parents of Jacob Livengood (1795-1858) who married Philipina Elizabeth Sides (1796-1859)? (They are not the same couple as Jacob and Elizabeth mentioned above.)

Who is Catherine Livengood who married Barnet Long prior to 1812, lived Davidson Co. NC ?

Who are the parents of Levi Livengood who married Phebe McKaughan in Forsyth County in 1854?

Who is Mary Jane Livengood (1846-1909), married Gideon Conrad?

Who is Phoebe Livengood who married Wiley Kiger (1837-1908)?


Thanks to George Watkins, Shirley Michaels, and the unknown author of a Bennett family gedcom downloaded from a now-defunct source in 1995. Additional information as usual came from Forsyth and Davidson county cemetery and census records.

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