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Leinbach Family

First Generation

Johannes Leinbach was born in 1674 in Langenselbold, Isenberg, Hesse, Germany, son of Johann Heinrich Leimbach (Leinbach) and Anna Barbara Lerch. He had several siblings whose baptisms are recorded in German church records, but he appears to be the only one who emigrated to America. He married Anna Elisabeth Kleis, daughter of Johann Adam Kleis and Elisabeth Schilling, in 1700 in Altenhaszlau, Hanau, Germany, and immigrated with his family in 1723, settling in the Oley Valley, Berks Co. PA (then Philadelphia County). There the family became associated with the Moravian Church, although Johannes himself remained a Lutheran. His wife and most of his children joined the Moravian congregation at Bethlehem in 1742.

Second Generation

Children of Johannes and Anna Elisabeth Leinbach
Johann Friedrich Leinbach (1703-1784) m. Amelia Elisabeth Frey (1703-1784),
a daughter of Henry (Heinrich) Frey and Maria Anna Catherine Levering
Johann Heinrich Leinbach (1705-1777) stayed in Berks Co. PA. His wife was Johanna Salome Hermann.
Johanna Elisabeth Leinbach (1708-1712)
Johannes Leinbach (1712-1766) m. Anna Catharina Rheim (1716-1803)
Johanna Elisabeth Leinbach (1714-1716)
Johanna Maria Leinbach (1718-?) m. Abraham Rheim, lived Berks Co. PA
Maria Barbara Leinbach (1722-1810) m. 1) Frederick Martin, a missionary to the West Indies who died there in 1750. She married 2) David Nitschmann (1696-1772), a Moravian bishop.

Third Generation

Johann Friedrich Leinbach settled at Graceham, Frederick County, Maryland in April 1767. He married Amelia Elisabeth Frey (1717-1784)
[birthdate corrected 2/20/12], a daughter of Henry (Heinrich) Frey and Maria Anna Catherine Levering. There is no known relationship to our Frey family. Some descendants of this couple spell the name Linebaugh.

Children of Johann Friedrich Leinbach and Amelia Elisabeth Frey
Johannes Leinbach (1738-1746)
Heinrich Christian Linebach (1739-1792) m. Anna Rosina Paus
Jacob Leinbach (1740-1816) m. Susanna Margaretha Neun/Nein (1745-?), d/o Johann Casper and Barbara Neun
Benjamin Leinbach (1741-1823) m. Anna Margaretha Nuss
*Elisabeth Leinbach (1743-1820) see notes below
Anna Leinback (1745-1787) m. Enoch Frey (abt. 1742-1810)
Johanna Leinbach (1746-1768) m. Jacob Protzman
stillborn son (1747)
Joseph Adam Leinbach / Linebaugh (1748-1832) m. Maria Shaw
Maria Leinbach (1750-?) m. John Stover
Magdalena Leinbach (1751-1819) m. Johannes Weller
Johannes / John Leinbach (1753-1818) m. Anna Maria Holzapple (d. 1839)
Catharina Leinbach (1757-1806) m. Frederick Peter Kreider (1754-1836)
Daniel Leinbach (1760-1826) m. 1) Margaret Weller, 2) Magdalena Hartman
Frederick Leinbach (1760-bef. 1782)
Samuel Leinbach (1762-aft. 1820) m. Maria Elizabeth Messner

Some of the children in this family changed the spelling of their name to Linebaugh.

*We have received conflicting information on the husband of Elisabeth Leinbach. Did she move to Graceham MD with her parents, and marry Hans "Philip" George Kuhn, Jr. (1740-1797), s/o Hans Philip George Kuhn Sr., or did she marry Jeremiah Denke of Bethlehem PA, his third wife? There is an Elisabeth Leinbach Denke buried in the old Moravian graveyard in Bethlehem, with the 1743-1820 dates, who is thought to be her. On the other hand, the Graceham documentation also looks plausible and persuasive.

Visit Gates, VanderWerf, Davis, Stroup Genealogy by Sue Gates Davis to continue this line.

For descendants of Jacob and Susanna (Neun) Leinbach/Linebaugh, see Janet Ariciu's web page.

Thanks to Robert Leinbach for additional information on this family, added February 20, 2012.


Johannes and Anna Catharina Leinbach moved to NC in 1765 with seven of their children, primarily to return to a simpler, less worldly way of life and to escape the growing commericalism of the Philadelphia area. Prior to the move he had purchased a tract of 2000 acres, which was divided among his five younger sons at his death in 1766. They settled near Bethania. Some descendants became members of the congregation there, while others remained separate.

Children of Johannes Leinbach and Anna Catharina Rheim
Elisabeth Leinbach (1736-1821) m. George Michael Ranke (1729-1813)
Frederick Leinbach (1737-1821) m. Maria Margaretha Eschenbach (1743-1808)
Maria Barbara Leinbach (1739-?) did not marry, lived in Bethlehem as a Single Sister
Johannes Leinbach (1740-?) m. Catharina?
Ludwig Leinbach (1743-1800) m. Anna Barbara Lauer (1747-1836), d/o Michael Lauer and Anna Barbara Frey; she m. 2) Jacob Null
Abraham Leinbach (1744-1790) m. Anna Fidler
Benjamin Leinbach (1746-1794) m. Christina Volck (1747-1800)
Joseph Leinbach (b. & d. 1746) twin of Benjamin, died at birth
Johanna Leinbach (1748-1749)
Anna Johanna Leinbach (1750-1833) m. Johannes Schaub (1744-1803)
Joseph Leinbach (1752-1824) m. 1) Anna Maria Hartman (1750-1785), 2) Sarah Hartman (1756-1789), 3) Hester Billetter
Anna Catharina Leinbach (1755-1830) m. Johann Friedrich Peter (1746-1813)
There was apparently one more child, mentioned in his memoir, whose name is unknown.

Fourth Generation

Children of Frederick Leinbach and Maria Margaretha Eschenbach
Johannes Leinbach (1772-1773)
Johann Friedrich Leinbach (1774-1800)
Anna Rosina Leinbach (1776-1778)
Maria Barbara Leinbach (b. & d. 1778)
Joseph Leinbach (1779-1816), died Lancaster PA
Johanna Salome Leinbach (1781-1821) m. Friedrich Heinrich Schumann (1777-1862)
Elisabeth Leinbach (1783-1819)
Andreas Leinbach (1785-?)

This family lived in Hope, New Jersey, until sometime after the birth of their last child, and then moved to Pennsylvania. Friedrich and Maria Margaretha came to Salem in 1808 from Nazareth with their grandson Carl Leinbach. Johanna Salome Leinbach must have come earlier, as she married Friedrich Heinrich Schumann in 1802, apparently in North Carolina.


Children of Johannes and Catharina Leinbach
Charlotte Leinbach (1773-?)
Anna Barbara Leinbach (1775-?)
Elias Leinbach
Anna Maria Leinbach
Johannes Leinbach
Catharina Leinbach
Frederich Leinbach
Rosina Leinbach
Elisabeth Leinbach
Samuel Leinbach

The older children in this family were born in North Carolina, but it appears that the family eventually moved back to Pennsylvania.


Children of Ludwig Leinbach and Anna Barbara Lauer
Johannes Leinbach (1768-1838) m. Elisabeth Transou (1769-1843)
Joseph Leinbach (1769-1841) m. Anna Elizabeth Holder (1776-?)
Susanna Leinbach (1771-1832), probably the one who m. Jacob Loesch in 1790
Juliana Leinbach (1773-1782)
Johann Christian Leinbach (1775-1866) m. Elizabeth Fernsler
Catharina Leinbach (1778-1866) m. Johannes Reich (1776-1842)
Petrus Leinbach (1780-1854) m. Catherine Elizabeth Vogler (1783-1849)
Elisabeth Rebecca Leinbach (1783-1821)
Christina Gertraud Leinbach (1787-1858) m. Johannes Stolz (1787-1841)
*Anna Maria Leinbach (1793-1865) m. Samuel Krause (1794-1835)
[her birthdate corrected 10/8/07]

*Anna Maria is listed in the Forsyth Co. cemetery records book with a death date of 1863. Volume 12 of the Records of the Moravians in NC provides a contemporary record for her death, on February 10, 1865.


Children of Abraham Leinbach and Anna Fidler
Daniel Leinbach (1769-?)
Abraham Leinbach (1770-1790)
John Leinbach (1772-?)
John Adam Leinbach (1774-1781)
Philipus Leinbach (1776-?) Did he marry Ruth Webb in 1805?
*Susanna Leinbach (1778-1855) m. Peter Smith, moved to Indiana
Maria Magdalena Leinbach (1780-?)
Jacob Leinbach (1782-?) moved to Illinois
Elisabeth Leinbach (1785-?)
Isaac Leinbach (1788-1867), moved to Illinois
Johann Frederich Leinbach (1790-?)

*For information on Susanna and Peter Smith, see the query on the Forsyth County query board on 07 Sep 1999


Children of Benjamin Leinbach and Christina Volck
Frederick Leinbach (1769-?) Did he marry Sally Webb Stokes Co. 1804?
Johanna Leinbach (1771-1797) m. Heinrich Kapp (1773-?)
Heinrich Leinbach (1772-1785)
Maria Catharina Leinbach (1774-?)
Christina Leinbach (1775-?) m. Samuel Pfaff (1764-?)
Elizabeth Leinbach (1777- bef. 1839) m. John Holder (1780-1839), moved to Lawrence Co. IN
Maria Magdalena Leinbach (1778-?) m. Henry Holder (1780-?)
Barbara Leinbach (1780-?)
Benjamin Leinbach (1782-1828)
Esther Leinbach (1783-1872) m. Frederick Holder (1784-1862)
Susanna Leinbach (1786-?)
Eva Leinbach (1790-?)


Children of Joseph Leinbach and Anna Maria Hartman
Joseph Leinbach (1774-1860) m. Susanna Long (1778-1857)
Anna Maria Leinbach (1776-?)
Christian Leinbach (1778-?). Did he marry Elizabeth Baumgarten in 1816?
Sarah Leinbach (1779-1868) m. Johannes Stockburger (1777-1825)
Johann Heinrich Leinbach (1781-?)
Barbara Leinbach (1784-1847) did not marry

Children of Joseph Leinbach and Sarah Hartman
Johanna Catharina Leinbach (1786-?). Did she marry Daniel Conrad?
Johann Adam Leinbach (1788-?)

Children of Joseph Leinbach and Hester Billeter
Martin Leinbach (1791-1848) m. Elisabeth Conrad (1789-aft. 1850)
Solomon Leinbach (1793-?)
Leah Leinbach (1797-1879) m. Jonas Warner (1797-1882)
Philippina Leinbach (1805-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of Johannes Leinbach and Elisabeth Transou
Johann Heinrich Leinbach (1796-1870) m. Elisabeth Schneider (1796-1865)
Traugott Leinbach (1798-aft. 1860) m. Maria Theresa Lang (1799-1860)
Jacob Leinbach (twin of Traugott, 1798-1799)
Carl Friedrich Leinbach (1800-1837) did not marry
Anna Dorothea Leinbach (1803-1840) m. John Jacob Chitty (1800-1873)
Regina Elizabeth Leinbach (1807-1875) did not marry
Anna Abigail Leinbach (1807-1875) did not marry
Samuel William Leinbach (1812-1877) m. Sarah Rebecca Hauser (1817-1880)


Children of Joseph Leinbach and Anna Elizabeth Holder
*Jacob Leinbach (1798-?)
William Leinbach (1800-1801)
Johann Heinrich Leinbach (1802-?)
Johanna Rebecca Leinbach (1805-1884) m. 1) Petrus Transou (1792-1852), 2) Sandy Flynt (1789-1867)
Maria Louisa Leinbach (1807-1890) m. Christian Herman Butner (1809-1889)
Anna Christiana Leinbach (1809-?)
Lisetta Christiana Leinbach (1811-?)
Samuel Joseph Leinbach (1814-?)
Verona Theresa Leinbach (b. & d. 1817)
James Franklin Leinbach (1820-?) m. Mary Cox in 1840

*This Jacob's birthdate was given as 21 Jun 1798, death on 4 Jul 1799, and burial at Salem Moravian. The Jacob Leinbach buried at Salem was born on 7 Jul 1798, however, which suggests he was the twin of Traugott Leinbach, son of Johannes and Elisabeth Transou Leinbach. In support of this is the observation that Joseph has a boy under age 10 in the 1800 census, who is otherwise not accounted for. Only one Jacob Leinbach is listed as buried at Salem. Can anyone confirm for us which one it is?


Children of Johann Christian Leinbach and Elizabeth Fernsler
Gottlieb Leinbach (1800-?) m. 1) Sulamith Rights (1797-1835), 2) Susannah Hendricks, 3) Lucy ?, 4) Mary Spainhour, d/o Michael Spainhour and Sarah Stallings
Rebecca Leinbach
Ludwig Leinbach
Johann Jonas Leinbach (1805-1880) m. Maria Greter (1803-bef. 1870)
Susannah Leinbach
Mary Joanna Leinbach
Salome Leinbach


Children of Petrus Leinbach and Catherine Elizabeth Vogler
Johann Jacob Leinbach (1806-?)
Mary M. Leinbach (1807-1887)
Joseph Leinbach (1809-1882) m. Sarah Brewer (ca. 1812-1897)
Lewis Leinbach (ca. 1813-1895) m. 1) Anna Rahel Byhan (1812-?) 2) Mary Elizabeth Sailor (1823-1900)
Timothy Leinbach (ca. 1816-?) m. Eliza A. Wall
Simon Peter Leinbach (d. 1862). Probably didn't marry; his will names his brothers and sister, but doesn't mention a wife or children.

Were they also the parents of John Leinbach b. ca. 1805, whose wife was Lydia?


Children of Joseph Leinbach and Susanna Long
Catherine Leinbach (1803-1843) m. Joseph Butner (1804-1872)
Josiah Leinbach (1812-1885) m. Lydia Conrad (1811-1887)
Rebecca Leinbach (ca. 1817-?) probably did not marry
Joshua Leinbach - probably the one whose dates are 1819-1886, m. Elizabeth Cooper

Note: previously we had identified Rebecca as Johanna Rebecca, b. 1805, m. Petrus Transou. She appears to be the daughter of the other Joseph Leinbach, and his wife Elizabeth Holder. This Joseph's will (1860) names his daughter as Rebecca Leinbach.


Children of Christian Leinbach and (?) Elizabeth Baumgarten
Susannah Leinbach, probably the one who married Joseph Holder (1804-1889), moved to Indiana


Children of Martin Leinbach and Elisabeth Conrad
Joshua Leinbach (1815-?)
Jacob Sanford Leinbach (1817-?) m. Anna Maria Beroth (1821-?)
Joseph Friedrich Leinbach (1819-?)
William Frederic Leinbach (1820-?) m. Lucinda Matilda Beroth (1823-aft. 1900)
Susanna Leinbach (1823-1902) m. William Woosley (1816-1902)
Sarah Leinbach (1825-?)
Emanuel Leinbach (1829-?) m. Rosanah Brown

Sixth Generation

Children of Johann Heinrich Leinbach and Elisabeth Schneider
Edward William Leinbach (1823-1900) m. Ann Elizabeth Clauder (1832-1919)
Emma Augusta Leinbach (1825-1857)
James Theodore Leinbach (1828-1912) m. Louisa Caroline Herman (1835-1863), d/o Johann Gottlieb Herman and Anna Paulina Schober
Robert Parmenio Leinbach (1831-1892) m. 1) Sophia Constantina Foltz (1829-1860); 2) Sarah Anna Blum (1835-1901)
Julius Augustus Leinbach (1834-1930) m. Anna Sophia Vogler (1846-1925)
Henry Alexander Leinbach (1839-1932) m. Susie E. James, d/o John and Sarah E. James


Children of Traugott Leinbach and Maria Theresa Lang
Sarah Ann Elvira Leinbach (1822-1884) m. Jacob Levin Fulkerson (1819-1883)
Laura Emmaline Leinbach (1824-1826)
Cornelia Elizabeth Leinbach (1827-aft. 1883) m. Augustus Wolle of Bethlehem PA
Augustin Nathaniel Leinbach (1832-aft. 1860)
William Felix Leinbach (1838-?)


Children of Samuel William Leinbach and Sarah Rebecca Hauser
Philemon Joseph Leinbach (1839-1863), d. Williamsport MD on retreat from Gettysburg
Edgar Irwin Leinbach (1843-1910) m. Anna Elizabeth Fogle (1847-1930)
John B. Leinbach (ca. 1846-?) m. Alice Olivia Rights (ca. 1849-?), d/o Christian Lewis Rights and Elizabeth Hughes


Children of Gottlieb Leinbach and his second wife, Susanna Hendricks
Edwin L. Leinbach (ca. 1836-?) m. Sarah J. Holland
Susanna Leinbach (ca. 1839-1929) m. Francis Rudolph Blum; moved to Missouri
James Leinbach (ca. 1843-1856)
Mary F. Leinbach (ca. 1846-aft. 1860) m. 1) James M. Brown, 2) John A. Tise


Children of Jonas Leinbach and Maria Greter
Melvina Leinbach (1829-1905) m. Joseph Butner (1804-1872)
Robert Greter Leinbach (1831-1863; d. Chancellorsville) m. Mary Charlotta Vogler
Allen Jacob Leinbach (1835-1863, d. Lynchburg VA) m. Amanda Stoltz (1837-1920), d/o John Casper Stoltz and Salome Rank
Sophia Mary Leinbach (1836-1906) m. Joseph Transou (1806-1890)
Louisa R. Leinbach (ca. 1840-bef. Apr 1879) m. William Elias Spach (1830-1891)
Harriet A. Leinbach (1846-1891) m. Charles Nathaniel Spainhour (1856-1930), s/o John Frederick Spainhour and Sarah Anderson


Children of Joseph Leinbach and Sarah Brewer
*Harriet M. Leinbach (ca. 1836-1918)
Martha Leinbach (ca. 1837-?) m. Christian Cumbo
Sarah M. Leinbach (ca. 1841-?)
Joseph Henry Leinbach (1844-aft. 1880)
**John Wesley Leinbach (1847-1923) m. Eliza Jane Rumley (1857-1943), d/o George Rumley and Matilda Huffine
James Edward Leinbach (ca. 1851-1925) m. Sarah Elizabeth Kelly (1843-1899), d/o Willis and Elizabeth Kelly

*Previously we listed this child as Henrietta based on the 1850 census. She appears as Harriet in 1870 and is named as Harriet in her mother's will.

**The marriage record gives John's wife as Jane LUMLY, but her death record and gravestone identify her as RUMLEY.


Children of Lewis Leinbach and Anna Rahel Byhan
Lewis W. Leinbach (1840-1905) m. Louisa R. Petree (1850-1918)
Louisa D. Leinbach (1841-1879) m. John H. Waldraven (1808-1881)
Lisetta H. Leinbach (1843-1923) m. Alexander Massencup (1856-1885)
Gottlieb A. Leinbach (1843-?) m. Julia Hunter, d/o Jeremiah Hunter and Lavinia Moser
Ellinora E. Leinbach (ca. 1849-?)


Children of Timothy Leinbach and Eliza Wall
Mary E. Leinbach (ca. 1846-?)
Phillipa (Felicia?) A. Leinbach (1849-1928) m. William Spaugh (1846-1933), s/o Benjamin Spach and Juliana Crouse
Amelia Leinbach (ca. 1851-?)
William Leinbach (ca. 1853-?). Did he marry Lizzie Bodenhamer in 1880?
*Martha J. Leinbach (ca. 1856-1914)
Caladonia Leinbach (ca. 1858-bef. 1870?)
Flora Louise Leinbach (1860-1932)
Reuben Leinbach (ca. 1863-?)
Agnes Leinbach (1867-1940) m. Jacob L. Clodfelter
Aurelia Leinbach m. Alexander Bodenhamer

*Martha J. Leinbach was admitted to the Broughton Hospital in Morganton, NC in 1886. Martha remained at Broughton until her death in 1914. She is buried in the cemetery which is located on the hospital's grounds. Her birthdate is given as 1863, but she appears in the 1860 census, age 4.

The 1860 census shows Caladonia age 2 and Louisa D. age 1/2. Previously we omitted Caladonia, and listed Louisa D. and Flora Louise as separate children. We now believe that Flora Louise is the baby in 1860, having been born in April of that year, and that Caladonia probably died in childhood since she does not appear in the 1870 census.

We also omitted Aurelia, who was born after the 1870 census.


Children of Josiah Leinbach and Lydia Conrad
Amanda S. Leinbach (ca. 1835-ca. 1875?) m. Timothy Boose (1832-1903)
Jonathan H. Leinbach (ca. 1837-?)
Calvin C. Leinbach (1838-1863)
William H. Leinbach (ca. 1841-?)
Junius J. Leinbach (1842-1923) m. Sarah Conrad (1844-1919)
Joseph P. Leinbach (ca. 1846-?)
Mary Catherine Leinbach (1849-1915) m. Flavius Nathaniel Pfaff (1849-1916)
Sarah P. Leinbach (1853-1895) m. Jacob Lewis Marshall (1857-1928), s/o Peter Marshall and Julia Antoinette Schultz
Albert Leinbach (ca. 1862-?) m. Cleopatra Hunter, d/o Jeremiah and Lavina Hunter


Children of Joshua Leinbach and Elizabeth Cooper
Reuben Claudius Leinbach (1857-1932) m. Mary Bell Atwood (1860-1940), d/o Jesse William Atwood and Nancy Florence Coltrain
Owen Lafayette Leinbach (1859-1882)


Children of Jacob Sanford Leinbach and Anna Maria Beroth
Joshua Leinbach (ca. 1849-?)
Albert Lineback (1851-?) m. Elizabeth Speas
Reuben Leinbach (ca. 1855-?)
Sanford T. Linback (ca. 1859-?) m. Amelia Stone


Children of William Frederic Leinbach and Lucinda Matilda Beroth
Edwin Eugene Lineback (1847-bef. 1895) m. 1) Mary Owen (d. bef. 1870), 2) Jeanette Elizabeth Stone (1835-aft. 1910), d/o William Stone and Mary Edna Barner
Irvin Sylvester Lineback (1850-1939) m. 1) Sarah Culler, 2) Willie Elizabeth Dunman
John Lineback (1852-?)
George Leonard Lineback (1855-1929) m. Mary Ellen Allgood
Sarah A. Lineback (1859-?)


Children of Emanuel Leinbach and Rosanah Brown
Sarah E. Leinbach (1859-1888) m. 1) Amos Vogler (1852-1882), s/o Elisha Vogler and Jane Elizabeth (Jensey) Boyer; 2) Lewis F. Harper (ca. 1858-prob. 1916), s/o John Harper and Mary Reich

Seventh Generation

Children of Edward William Leinbach and Ann Elisabeth Clauder
Ada Elizabeth Leinbach (1858-?) m. Charles H. Hewsath
Emma Louisa Leinbach (1861-1943)
Mary Virginia Leinbach (1866-1948)


Children of Robert Parmenio Leinbach and Sarah Anna Blum
Catherine Elizabeth Leinbach (1867-1946)
Robert Blum Leinbach (1868-1872)
Emma Sophia Leinbach (1869-1871)
Anna Louise Leinbach (b. & d. 1873)
Adelaide Leinbach (1874-1966) m. Alfred Hope Holland (1870-1943)
Cornelia Levinia Leinbach (1877-1959)


Children of Julius Augustus Leinbach and Anna Vogler
Henry V. Leinbach (1867-1965)
William E. Lineback (ca. 1869-1941)
Carrie Leinbach (1880-1974)
Clarence Leinbach (1888-1972)


Children of Edgar Irwin Leinbach and Anna Elizabeth Fogle
John S. Leinbach (ca. 1872-?)
William Leinbach (ca. 1874-1952)
Maria Leinbach (ca. 1877-?) [is this Myra A., who died 1947?]
Carrie Leinbach (1879-1928) m. Walter Yarborough
Edgar Comenius Leinbach (1881-1950) m. Addie C. Brewer (1887-1942)


Children of Robert G. Leinbach and Mary Vogler
Sarah Mariah Leinbach (ca. 1857-ca. 1896) m. Rufus Norman


Children of Allen Leinbach and Amanda Stoltz
Elvira Leinbach m. George Huske


Children of Lewis Leinbach and Louisa Petree
Mary Elizabeth Lineback (1875-1971) m. Boyd Vachel Doub (1869-1932)
William H. Lineback (ca. 1877-1935)
Louisa J. Lineback (1880?)
Margaret Lineback (1882-1975) m. Aldine Speas Doub (1881-1951)
Charles E. Lineback (1886-1966)
Ernest Lineback (1889-1939)
Gilbert M. Lineback (1891-1968)

The 1900 census shows this family as Lewis and Louisa Leinbach. All four sons are listed as Lineback rather than Leinbach in the Forsyth Co. death records, and for William, Charles and Gilbert their mother's name is given as Eliza Petree rather than Louisa.


Children of Junius Leinbach and Sarah Conrad
Robert H. Lineback (ca. 1870-1944)
Ellis Lineback (prob. 1870-1953) m. Della Craft
Gilbert Lineback (1874-1950)
Isaac N. Lineback (ca. 1876-1926)
William Lineback (ca. 1877-?)
Lilla Lineback (ca. 1878-?)
Minnie Lineback (1880-?)


Children of Edwin Eugene Lineback and Mary Owen
Virgil Lineback (1868-1931)

Children of Edwin Eugene Lineback and Jeanette Elizabeth Stone
Henry W. Lineback (1871-1925) m. Mary E. Poore
John Harvey Lineback (1874-1953) m. 1) Emma Liza Arrington (1875-1937), 2) Martha Bowen
Elizabeth A. Lineback (1879-?)
Nancy Lineback (1885-?)


Children of Irvin Sylvester Lineback and Sarah Culler
John Lineback (ca. 1871-?)
James Oliver Lineback (1874-1950)


Children of George Leonard Lineback and Mary Ellen Allgood
Mary S. Lineback (1876-?)
J. M. Lineback (1880-?)
Alice E Lineback (1884-1968)
Lucy Lineback (1888-?)
Walter Lineback (1890-?)
Vannie Lineback (1896-1951)


David H. Smith, Sr.'s The Bensinger Family and Schuylkill County Genealogy and History site connects to the Leinbachs. Well done!

Much of the data on this page was contributed by Harvey Lineback. Thanks also go to Jennifer Buehring, Catherine Leinbach, and Linda Newsom for additional information.

In addition to the usual records from the Moravian archives in Salem, Harvey Lineback cites the following:

Genealogy of Leinbach-Lineback Families

Historical Review of Berks Co., Pa. April, 1938 p 90.

Also see the following:

Veazie, Isabel, "As Near As Possible to the Brethren," Three Forks of Muddy Creek

Web page on the Linebaugh family of Pennsylvania; this includes information on the early generations of the NC Leinbach/Lineback family.

Janet Ariciu's web page includes Linebaugh, Bowman, Neun, Keller, Hottel, Frey and Levering.

This page was updated on July 14, 2001 and on March 3, 2004. On October 10, 2007 some names and dates were added, based on Forsyth Co. death records. On February 19, 2012, some changes were made to the family of Johann Friedrich Leinbach and Amelia Elisabeth Frey.

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