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Massencup Family

First Generation

This family traces back to Johannes Messenkopf (1724-1797) who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1742 on the Loyal Judith. He and his wife Anna Elizabeth had nine children and most of them remained in Pennsylvania. His eldest son, Johannes Christopher (1750- ca.1809) married a woman named Margarethe in 1771, settled in Frederick Co. MD, and had nine known children. Their son George Massencup (ca. 1780-bef. 1830) married Elizabeth Stanley (ca. 1788-1871) in Frederick Co. MD in 1808 and moved to Stokes Co. NC by 1815. There are many variant spellings. The most common in Stokes and Forsyth Counties NC seem to be Massencup and Masencup. For simplicity, the Massencup spelling is used in this report.

Second Generation

Children of George Massencup and Elizabeth Stanley
Thomas Massencup (ca. 1809-1862) m. Anna Susannah Elizabeth Spainhour (1810?-1876), moved to Hopkins Co. KY by 1854
George Massencup (betw. 1811/1815-1838) m. Martha Moser (ca. 1818-aft. 1880) in 1837, Stokes Co. NC. Martha m. (2) Daniel Helsabeck (1820-1848)
Elizabeth Massencup (ca. 1817-aft. 1870) m. Isaac Grigg/Craig (ca. 1807-aft. 1870) in 1837, Stokes Co. NC, moved to Hopkins Co. KY between 1852 and 1860; no children
John Emanuel Massencup (1820-1896) m. Maria Juliana Sides (1823-1900)
Henry Massencup (ca. 1821-1843) did not marry
Trucetta Massencup (ca. 1823-aft. 1880) m. Sanford Sides (ca. 1819-1865)
Paulina Massencup (ca. 1825/1826-bef. 1864) m. 1) unknown Blunt, 2) George Peter Wisenfelter (ca. 1830-1879), moved to KY/IL by 1856
Amanda Massencup (ca. 1828-aft. 1880) m. John Wesley Davis (ca. 1825-aft. 1880), moved to KY/TN by 1870

Third Generation

Children of Thomas Massencup and Susannah Elizabeth Spainhour
Julian Massencup (1832-1833)
Alexander Timothy Massencup (1834-1909) m. 1) Mary Ellen Hanes (1835-1858), 2) Julia Ann Madison (1844-1874)
John Rufus Massencup (1836-1917) m. 1) Mary Ann Hibbs (1845-1872), 2) Mary Ann Gordon (1847-1936)
Harriet Elizabeth Massencup (1837-1912) m. Hugh Nunn (ca. 1844-1892)
Emily Catherine Massencup (1839-1877) m. Clevarious Coleman Brown (1828-1911)
Tire Theophilus Massencup (1840-1861)
Lutitia Susannah Massencup (1842-1890) m. Marcus L. Dunkerson (1833-1906)
Luvene Solomon Massencup (1845-?) m. Matilda Webb (ca. 1850- ?)
George Francis Wilson Massencup (1847-1920) m. Mary Susan Sizemore (1855-1908)
Permeley C. Massencup (1848-1873) m. her first cousin Calvin T. Sides (ca. 1845-1881).
Mary Frances Massencup (1854-1922) m. 1) William Dolphus Ashby (ca. 1847-?), 2) Roland Terry Adcock (ca. 1834- aft.1893)

This branch of the family became known as Masoncup and all died in KY with the exception of Harriet Elizabeth who died in Arkansas, and Julian who died as an infant in Stokes Co. NC.


Children of George Massencup and Martha Moser
Polly Elizabeth Massencup (b. & d. ca. 1838)


Children of John Emanuel Massencup and Maria Juliana Sides
Felitia P. Massencup (1842-1927) m. Edwin D. Cline (1836-1916)
Adolphus H. Massencup (1844-1910) m. Leanna E. Shouse (1834-1900)
John R. Massencup (1846-1880) m. Antonette L. Pratt (1847-1887), d/o William G. Pratt and Johanna Elizabeth Butner
George Francis Massencup (1848-1922) m. Louisa C. Faircloth (1848-1916)
William J. Massencup (1850-1921) m. Paulina Hortensia Butner (1838-1912)
Winston Carlis Massencup (1853-1950) m. 1) Sarah Ann E. Faircloth (1847-1898), 2) Mary Jane Angel (1851-1905)
Alexander Massencup (1856-1885) m. Lisette (Lucetta) H. Leinbach (1843-1923)
Lucinda S. Massencup (1859-1924) m. William Jasper Phillips (1852-1901), s/o Abram and Rachel Phillips of Yadkin Co.
Martha Irenia J. Massencup (1864-1943) m. 1) John Nicholas Angel (1855-1916), 2) Richard T. Watts (1850-1931)


Children of Paulina Massencup and unknown Blunt (b.NC)
Elizabeth Jane Blunt (ca. 1847 -?) (b. NC)
John Blunt (betw. 1851/1852 - ?) (b. NC)
Sarah F. Blunt (ca. 1856- ?) (b.IL) m. E. M. Rodgers

Children of Paulina Massencup and George Peter Wisenfelter
Mary A. Wisenfelter (ca. 1859 -?) (b.IL)
Emily Wisenfelter (1861 1929) (b.IL) m. Dock Henry Madison (1858- ?)


Children of Amanda Massencup and John Wesley Davis
Thomas Davis (ca. 1852-?) m. Martha unknown
John C. Davis (ca. 1854-?)
Lucy A. Davis (ca. 1856-?)
Joseph M. Davis (ca. 1859-?)
William Davis (ca. 1868-?)

Fourth Generation

Children of Felitia Massencup and Edwin Cline
Laura Alice Cline (1861-1947) m. John Reuben Waldraven (1848-1910)
Julia Mariah Cline (1867-1941) m. Laban Clark Holder (1850-1926)


Children of Adolphus Massencup and Leanna Shouse
Margaret Massencup (1869-1959) m. William R. Tillotson (1885-1962); m. 1909
Minnie Massencup (1875-?) m. Robert Albert Fulcher (1874-1932); m. 1898 in Patrick Co. VA
Henry Thomas Massencup (1877-1950) m. Anna Elizabeth Clayton (1880-1956); m. 1905


Children of John R. Massencup and Antoinette Pratt
John W. Massencup (b. & d. 1880)


Children of George Francis Massencup and Louisa Faircloth
Mary Juliana Massencup (1869-1957) m. Alvis Asbury Hunter (1867-1949)
Sarah (Sally) Jane Massencup (1871-1956) m. Sidney Lewis Warner (1868-1947)
William Henry Massencup (1873-1928) m. Sara Lula Dull (1874-1962)
Eugene Francis Massencup (1880-1935) m. May Eileen (Ileen) Bell (1886-?)
Robah A. Massencup (1891-1970) m. Ada Hicks (1893-1978)


Children of William Massencup and Paulina Hortensia Butner
Sidney L. Massencup (1875-1879)
John William Massencup (1877-1958) m. Ida F. Moser (1885-1971), probably d/o Edwin Moser and Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Florina E. Massencup (1879-1965) m. Arthur C. Doub (1885-1965)
son, unnamed?


Children of Winston Carlis Massencup and Sarah Ann Faircloth
Fannie Cornelius Massencup (1876-1967) m. William Luther Hunter (1879-1973)
Julia Sophia Massencup (1879-1911) m. Arthur Aurelius Helsabeck (1870-1945)
Emma May Massencup (1881-1960) m. John Robert Peoples (1874-1946)
Jasper A. Massencup (1882-ca. 1963) m. 1) Celia A. Adams (1870-btw. 1906/1910), 2) Ollie unknown (ca. 1889-?)
Wallace Edwin Massencup (1885-1963) m. Lillian Madison Hundley (1890-1972)
Mamie Lucinda Massencup (1889-1979) did not marry


Children of Alexander Massencup and Lucinda/Lucetta Leinbach
Laura R. Massencup (1876-1948) m. Charles Lee Nichols (1872-1952), s/o Sanford C. Nichols and Permelia Spainhour
Elizabeth "Betty" S. Massencup (1879-1906) m. Joseph H. Doub (1873-1955)


Children of Lucinda Massencup and William Jasper Phillips
Lula Mary Phillips (1878-1895)
Fannie Phillips (1880-1966)
Emily Elizabeth Phillips (1882-1921) m. Richard L. Melton (1880- ?)
George Franklin Phillips (1883-1959) m. Crollie Rachel Carter
Wesley Phillips (1887-1966)
John Sandford Phillips (1890-1985)
William Jasper Newton Phillips (1892-1902)
Julia Phillips (1894-1988)

Children of Martha Irenia J. Massencup and John Nicholas Angel
Bertha G. Angel (1884-1970 m. 1) Edwin H. Spease (1864-1946), 2) unknown Barnes
Ada C. Angel (1887-1964) m. 1) William M. Adams (1872-1923), 2) J. F. Marsh (? -1960)
Ella Bessie Angel (1889-1959) m. William Edward Shore (1886-1942)
John Wesley Angel (1894-1964) m. Allie F. Aldridge (1890-1965)
William A. Angel (1897-1981)

Thanks to Kristina Turner, Sarah Jane Hill, Carolyn R. Marshall and Peggy R. Taylor for information on this family.

Other sources include Forsyth County Cemetery Records, census records, etc.

This page was updated on November 29, 2004. Thanks to Peggy R. Taylor and Carolyn R. Marshall for all the new information!

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