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Masten Family

First and Second Generations

John (Marsten) Masten died 1645

Children of John (Marsten) Masten II (1628-1670) m. Diewertze (Deborah) Jans
Cornelius Masten (b. 1655) in Kingston NY m. Elizabeth Aartse Van Wagenon
Cornelius settled in Kingston, Ulster County, NY. He took the oath of allegiance 9 September 1689.

Third Generation

Children of Cornelius Masten and Elizabeth Aartse Van Wagenon
Johanne Masten (c1678,NY) m. Marytze Swart
Dwertje (Deborah Masten (c1680) m. Gysbert Vanderbergh
Aert (Art) Masten (c1682) m. Pieternella Viele
Geertje Masten (c1687) m. Arie Van Vliet
William Masten (1691-1772, Kent County DE) m. Sarah Manlove

Fourth Generation

Children of William Masten and Sarah Manlove
John Masten (1711- bef. 1797, DE) m. Sarah Turpin
William Masten Jr (1711- 1775)
Gilbert Masten (c1720-1794, Kent County, DE
Mary Masten (1723, Kent County, DE) m. Daniel Morris (one son, John Mastin Morris b. c1732)

Fifth Generation

Children of John Masten and Sarah Turpin
John Masten, Jr. (c1734-1778) (three daughters, names unknown)
Mathias Masten Sr (c1736-1799, DE) m. 1) Rachel; 2) Hester
Hannah Masten (c1738)
Ruth Masten (c1740) (two daughters, Mary and Deborah)
Hezekiah Masten (c1742)
Mary Masten (c1744) m. Morris
Sarah Masten (c1746) m. Layton
Deborah Masten (c1748) m. Cardeen
William Masten Sr. (c1750) m. Rhoda Pollock

Sixth Generation

Children of Mathias Masten Sr and Rachel
Elizabeth Masten (1758-1849) m. 1) Griffin; 2) Richard Clampett (?-1820); 3) Reuben Shields
John Masten (1761-1829) m. Elizabeth Standley (1758-1832)
Mathias Masten Jr. (1765-1856, NC) m. Sarah Standley
Hannah Masten (c1767-?) m. Isaac Jones; 2) Allen
Mary Masten (c1770-?) m. Wingate

Elizabeth Masten married Richard Clampett in Delaware in 1778, and came with him to North Carolina. They settled in western Guilford County, close to Kernersville.

John and Mathias Masten moved to North Carolina about 1785 and bought land from the Moravians. John was received by certificate at Deep River Friends meeting in 1791 (Guilford County), and is also listed in Quaker records at Union Monthly Meeting in Stokes County.

Richard Clampett, John Masten and Elizabeth Stanley Masten are buried in Muddy Creek (Union) Friends Cemetery in Kernersville, NC. Union Monthly Meeting was organized in 1818 but was established as a preparative meeting for worship about 1771.

Children of Mathias Masten Sr. and Hester
Rachel Masten (1778-1842)
Philip Masten (1779-1841, IN) m. Virginia Nash
Sarah Masten (c1782-bef.1842)
Stephen Masten (1785-1842) m. Sophia Samples
Ruth Masten c1786-bef.1842)
Zachariah Masten (c1788-1808)

Seventh Generation

Children of John Masten and Elizabeth Standley
Mary Masten (1788-1874) d. Guilford Co. NC; m. James Chipman, s/o John Chipman and Mary Harris
Rhoda Masten (1791-?) m. Elijah Frazier
Mathias Masten (1793-?) m. Abigail Delapp/Dunlap
William Masten (1796-1860) m. 1) Lucy Richards (1797-1848); 2) Parthenia Teague (ca. 1803-1886; m. 1856)
Joseph Masten (1798-1815)
Matilda Masten (1802-1870) m. Jonathan C. Crews


Children of Mathias Masten and Sarah Standley
Darius Masten (1795-1868) m. 1) Phebe Standley (1798-bef. 1821); 2) Mary "Polly" Fair (1795-1872)
Mary Masten (1797-?)
John Masten (1797-?) (twins)
Hezekiah Masten (1801-?)
Sarah Masten (1803-1885) m. Joseph Bodenhamer (1799-1884), s/o Peter Bodenhamer & Agnes Spurgeon
Reuben Masten (1806-?)
Charlotte Masten (1812-?)
David Masten (1816-?)


Children of Elizabeth Masten and Richard Clampett
Mary Clampett (1786-?) m. Absolom Beeson
Mathias Masten Clampett (1790-1837) m. Rebecca Nicholson
Richard Clampett Jr. (1793-abt.1885) m. Gemina Matthews
Jane Elizabeth Clampett (1796-?) m. Nicholas Tally
John C. Clampett (1799-?) m. Catharine Nicholson
Ezekiel Clampett (1801-1889) m. Ruth Warren

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Eighth Generation

Children of William Masten and 1) Lucy Richards
John Masten (1821-1885) m. Lucy Peddicord (1821-1876)
d/o Wm. Peddycord & Elizabeth Hamilton)
*Joseph Masten (1822-1876). m. Antoinette Emilie Schulz, widow of Alexander Christian Blum
Catherine Masten (1824-1893) m. Mathias Masten (1821-1873). Was he her cousin, s/o Mathias Masten and Abigail Dunlap?
Belinda Lucy Masten (1828-1906) m. Isaac Roberson
Eliza A. Masten (1830-1881) m. George Sandford Byerly (1827-1888), s/o John Byerly and Anna Susanna Foltz
Mary Jane Masten (1835-1910) m. Marcellus Henry "Stump" Ogburn (1837-1921)
William L. Masten (c.1838-?)
Sarah Matilda Masten (1841-1829) m. Isaac Wesley Idol (1830-1916). Who were his parents?
Robert W. Masten (c1843-?)

*Previously we showed this Joseph as son of Mathias Masten and Abigail Delapp/Dunlap. We now believe that he is son of Mathias Masten's brother William Masten and Lucy.Richards. This conclusion is based on William Masten's will, which specifically refers to John and Joseph as his oldest sons, and names them as executors.


Children of Darius Masten and Mary "Polly" Fair
probably Hezekiah Masten (1825-1859) m. Sarah Whicker (1823-1897)
John Masten
Robert L. Masten (1826-1914) m. Grace Clinard (1826-1909), d/o Charles Clinard and Sallie Idol
Darius A. Masten (1832-1874) m. Susan Stewart (1828-1915), d/o Moses Steward/Stewart and Anna M. Kroehn
Dorothy F. Masten (1838-1848)
Henry G. Masten (1838-1848)

Ninth Generation

Children of John Masten and Lucy Peddicord
Charles William Masten (1846-1908) m. Martha Elizabeth Ogburn (1847-1921)
Joseph W. Masten (1848-1927) m. Fanny Charlotte Teague (ca. 1848-1914)
Lucy Elizabeth Masten (1850-1882) m. John E. Faw (1841-1882)
Mary Jane Masten (c1854-?) m. Edward L. Weir, s/o George W. and Nancy M. Weir
Ella C. Masten (1859-1936) m. 1) Robert Edward Ogburn , 2) Charles Lee Holland (1865-1938)


Children of Joseph Masten and Antoinette E. Shultz Blum
Lee W. Masten (1853-1887) m. Ada S. Slater, d/o James A. Slater
Lilly F. Masten (c1856-1874) m. George R. Reynolds
Joseph R. Masten (1858-1896)
Rose May Masten (c1861)
Della B. Masten (1865-1898) m. James H. Pierce, s/o J.R. and America Pierce
Percey R. Masten (1867-1924)


Children of Catherine Masten and Mathias Masten
John Henry Masten (1848-1885) m. Martha Ann Tise (1847-1915), d/o Jacob Tise and Margaret Pauline Kiser
Lucy M. Masten (1851-1938) m. John Christian Spach (1854-1922)
Milliard F. Masten (1852-1922) m. Josephine B. Tucker (1851-1938), d/o Edmund Tucker and Hannah Eleanor Leight
Mary Alice Masten (1858-1934) m. Julius Gilmer Kerner (1851-1924), s/o Phillip Kerner and Judith Gardner
Virginia Parthenia Masten (1860-1937) m. Samuel Larkin Spach (1860-1948), s/o William Elias Spach and Leanna Elizabeth Reich


Children of Belinda Masten and Isaac Roberson
Lucy C. Roberson (c1852-?) m. Alexander B. Gray, s/o Alexander and Nancy Gray
William Masten Roberson (1853-1933) m. Sarah Crews, d/o Alexander Crews and Saluda Watson
Eliza A. Roberson (c1855-?)
David F. Roberson (c1857-?)
Joseph Jasper Roberson probably (1858-1914) m. Alice Mendenhall, d/o Lemuel Mendenhall and Lucinda Sophia Rothrock
John B. Roberson (1861-1921) m. Lizzie F. Cox, d/o John Henderson Cox and Phebe Bodenhamer
Isaac Leroy Roberson (1863-1908) m. Sarah J. Whitt, d/o Samuel and Mary Whitt
Mary J. Roberson (c1865-?)

Note: We believe that Belinda's husband Isaac Roberson was the son of David and Catherine Roberson who appear in Forsyth County in 1860, in Middle Fork district, living next to Isaac and Belinda. Was David the son of William Roberson/Robeson and Urkey Beckham? If not, then who were his parents?


Children of Eliza A. Masten and George Sandford Byerly
John W. Byerly (1856-1921)
Lucy Ellen Byerly (1860-1861)
Laura B. Byerly (1866-1894) Frank C. Brown s/o W.C. Brown and Ann P. Smith of Mocksville, Davie Co. NC


Children of Hezekiah Masten and Sarah Whicker
Mary A. Masten (ca. 1848-?). Did she marry S.M. Charles in 1867?
Darius Masten (1850-1922) m. 1) Caroline Smith, d/o John Smith and Mary Elizabeth Bowles; 2) Sally A. Smith
James R. Masten (1852-1926) m. Sarah A. Lomax (d. 1922), d/o William Lomax and Milly Caroline Tucker

Children of Robert L. Masten and Grace Clinard
John Clemmons Masten (1851-1938) m. Ella Jones (1864-1929), d/o J. Jones and Elvira Wilkerson
Dorothy F. Masten (1853-1934) m. William N. Pegram, s/o Henry J. and Eliza Pegram
Sarah Eliza Masten (1856-1939) m. W. Alpheus Lindsay
Phebe Masten (1858-1859)
Adelia A. Masten (1860-1927) m. John L. Phillips, s/o Leonard Phillips and Mariah Harper
Mary J. Masten (b. & d. 1862)
Hezekiah Masten (c1866-?)

Previously we listed two daughters, Adelaide A. and Delia A. We now think this is a single child. She appears as Adelaide in the 1860 census but in other records as Adelia or Delia.

Based on a file of Masten family information sent to us in 1997, we also listed a child Eliza Masten (1842-1900) who married Alpheus Lindsay. Clearly a birthdate in 1842 is impossible for Robert and Grace, who didn't marry until 1850. We think that this is probably the child previously listed as Sarah E., born 1856.


Children of Darius A. Masten and Susan Stewart
Lutetia M. Masten (c1857-?)
Laura A. Masten (c1859-?) m. John F. McCuiston, s/o Robert D. McCuiston and Elizabeth Stewart
Louisa A. Masten (c1862-?) m. John R. McCuiston, s/o W.R. and E.C. McCuiston
Cornelia Florence Masten (1863-1943) m. John Samuel Hine (1863-1946)

This family group was substantially revised on March 28, 2004.


Children of Charles William Masten and Martha Elizabeth Ogburn
Missouri Masten (c1874-?)
Walter James Masten (1876-1958)
Joseph Raleigh Masten (1880-1883)
Eugene L. Masten (d. 1919)


Tenth Generation

Children of Joseph W. Masten and Fanny Charlotte Teague
Charles William Masten (c1869-?) m. Mary Victoria Crews (ca. 1871-1973), d/o Cornelius Crews and Martha Susanna Westmoreland
John B. Masten (c. 1873-1929)
Lucy Ann Masten (1878-1950) m. William Luther Vest


Children of Darius Masten and 1) Caroline Smith
Charles Lee Masten (1882-1964) m. Etta Beckerdite (d. 1964), d/o Hugh Beckerdite and Matilda Teague
M. Alexander Masten (1885-1908)
Frank Monroe Masten (1891-1961)
Arville S. Masten (d. 1946)

Children of Darius Masten and 2) Sally A. Smith
Fannie Masten (c1906-?)
Clark D. Masten (1907-1994)
Ruth Masten (1909-?)


Special thanks to Gray Harmon for her contributions.

Forsyth County Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. XVIII, No. 4, Summer 2000, pg. 44

This page was created in July, 2000. Extensive revisions were made on March 28, 2004.

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