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Teague Family

Note: this is a big family, in North Carolina and elsewhere. We have focused here specifically on the Teagues of Forsyth and adjacent counties.

First Generation

Edward Teague was born in 1655 in England (Bristol?) and died in Cecil Co. MD in 1697. His wife was Susan, and they had at least one son and two daughters:

Catherine Teague (ca. 1689-1717) m. Mark Whitaker (1685-1729)
William Teague (1693-bef. 1773) m. *Isabella Loftin or Pennington (1693-1737)
Ann Teague (1696-?) m. Thomas Mitchell

*Isabella's surname is given as Loftin in some genealogies and as Pennington in others. We believe that the preponderance of the evidence favors Loftin, but are open to more data. William came to North Carolina by about 1752. Some sources give his death as 1762; Jo White Linn's book of Rowan County tax records (p. 156) says before 1773, when his son Joshua distributed his father's property.

Second Generation

Children of William Teague and Isabella Loftin
Edward Teague (1716-1807) m. 1) Lurannah Van Swearingen (1715-?), 2) Sarah Price (1743-1815), moved to Alexander Co. NC
Moses Teague (ca. 1718-1799) m. 1) Elizabeth Loftin, 2) Rachel Taylor, lived Chatham Co. NC
Abraham Teague (1720-1771) m. Anna Brown
Charity Teague (1722-?) m. John Swaim (1719-1803)
Elijah Teague (1726-1780) m. Alice Leavell, d. Newberry Co. SC
Susannah Teague (1730-?) m. Joseph Boring
Joshua Teague (ca. 1732-1804/1808) m. Dorothy Caldwell, d. Laurens Co. SC
William Teague (1733-1803) m. Eleanor Simonton or Symington (1756-1802), lived Iredell Co. NC
Rachel Teague (1735-1798) m. David Shepherd
*Isaac Teague (1737-?)

*Not listed in all histories of this family

Third Generation

Children of Edward Teague and Lurannah Van Swearingen
Vandever Swearingen Teague (1744-1805/1810) lived Madison Co. KY
Edward Teague (1746-1804/1805) m. Margaret Daniels or McDaniel, lived Chatham Co. NC
John Teague (1751-1818) m. Martha Simonton (1755-1825), lived Burke Co. NC - or Iredell?
Michael Teague (1755-1816) m. Anna Maria Stolz (1761-?)
Lauranna Teague (1758-?) m. Jehu Barnes (1750-?)
Isabelle Teague m. James Duck
Rachel Teague (1758-?) m. Richard Brown, lived Burke Co. NC, then Wilson Co. TN

Children of Edward Teague and Sarah Price
Moses Teague (1774-1845) m. Katy Payne
Rebecca Teague (1779-1849)
Isabella Teague (1785-?)


Children of Moses Teague and Elizabeth Loftin
Moses Teague (ca. 1739-1793) m. Anna
Isabella Teague (ca. 1742-1821)
Abraham Teague (ca. 1745-1795) m. Hannah Brazier
Isaac Teague (1748-1824) m. Mary Nall? or Judith?
Jacob Teague (ca. 1750-1824)
William Able Teague (ca. 1752-1824) m. Elizabeth Pennington
Elizabeth Teague (ca. 1755-?)
Susannah Teague (ca. 1757-?) m. John Marley
Hannah Teague (1759-?)
David Teague (1763-1830)
Charity Teague (1767-?) m. Thomas Ray

Children of Moses Teague and Rachel Taylor
David Teague (1763-1818) m. Sarah McDonald
Charity Teague (1767-1848) m. Thomas Ray


Children of Abraham Teague and Anna Brown
John Teague (d. 1823) m. Martha Ledford (1754-1828)
Martha Teague


Children of William Teague and Eleanor Simonton
Lurannah Teague
Isaac Teague
Joshua Teague (1774-1834)
Vandever Teague (1787-1872) m. Eleanor Teague (1785-1839), d/o John Teague and Martha Simonton
William H. Teague (1756-1805)
Frances Teague
Moses Teague
Elijah Teague
Nimrod Teague
Magnes Teague

Fourth Generation

Children of John Teague and Martha Simonton (birth order unknown)
Edward Teague (1782-1832) m. Elizabeth Payne
Eleanor Teague (1785-1839) m. Vandever Teague (1787-1872), s/o William Teague and Eleanor Simonton
Michael Teague m. Sarah Killian, lived Denton Co. TX
Amy Teague
Solomon Teague
Henry Teague m. Betsy Ann ?, lived Iredell Co. NC
John Teague (1792-?)
Josiah Teague
James Teague
William Teague


Children of Michael Teague and Anna Maria Stolz
Catherine Teague
Henry Teague
George Teague
Elizabeth Teague
Michael Teague (1793-1862) m. Catherine Holder (1795-1884), moved to Monroe Co. IN
Jacob Teague
Phebe Teague


Children of Abraham Teague and Hannah Brazier
Moses Teague (1765-?)
Jacob Teague (1768-1839) m. 1) Margaret Gamble, 2) Mary Bennett
Ezekiel Teague (1770-1839) m. Mary Stanley
John Teague (1772-1813) m. Nancy Jones
Isaac Teague (ca. 1774-1856) m. Susan or Susannah Shields
Sarah Teague (ca. 1776-1850) m. Isaac Welborn (1766-ca. 1824)
Elizabeth Teague (1778-1849) m. William B. Teague (1773-1838) s/o John Teague and Martha Ledford
William Teague (1782-?) prob. m. Christine Weavil; conflicting information, however
Hannah Teague (1784-?) m. Asahel Hedgecock
Abraham Teague (1788-?) m. Mary DeLapp; did he also m. Emily Brown?
Aquilla Teague (1790-1813 or 1803?)


Children of William Able Teague and Elizabeth Pennington
Moses Teague
Rachel Teague (1772-1839) m. Jacob Siler


Children of John Teague and Martha Ledford
William B. Teague (1773-1838) m. Elizabeth Teague (1778-1849) d/o Abraham Teague and Hannah Brazier
Elizabeth Teague (1776-1843) m. David Bodenhamer
Anna Teague
Rebecca Teague (1780-?) m. John Robertson
Phoebe Teague
Hulda Teague
Lydia Teague (ca. 1787-?) m. John Welborn
Abigail Teague (1791-1846) m. James Horney
Martha Teague m. Elisha Charles
Margaret Teague
Esther Teague (1796-?) m. David Bodenhamer

We think that Elizabeth's husband was the son of Christian Bodenhamer and Charity Beamer, and that Esther's husband was a different David Bodenhamer. Can anyone confirm this?


Children of Vandever Teague and Eleanor Teague
Mary Elmira Teague m. James Jefferson Teague
Nancy Teague (1810-?)
Eleanor Teague (1813-1884) m. William Teague (1812-1894)
Vandever Teague (1816-?)
William Simington Teague (1821-1895) m. Hannah Salena Oxford

Fifth Generation

Children of Isaac Teague and Susan Shields
John Teague
Hannah Teague (1804-1866) m. Able Watkins (ca. 1800-1872); after her death, he married Katie Bodenhamer Teague, Isaac Moore Teague's widow.
Sarah Teague (1814-1868) m. William Jacob Hedgecock (1807-1887)
Jerusia Teague m. Randall Bodenhamer
Martha Teague m. ?Idol
Mary Teague (1806-1878) m. Henry Sapp (1801-1880)
Isaac Moore Teague (1822-1864) m. Catherine (Katie) Bodenhamer

Previously this family was listed on the Shields page, where we had a note that William Hedgecock moved to Kansas after Sarah's death, and that he married Katie Teague, Isaac Moore Teague's widow. Marriage bonds confirm that Katie married Able Watkins in 1866. William Hedgecock lived with his daughter Martha Pearson wife of George Pearson in Doniphan County, Kansas. He was living with her when he died 5 May 1887. He is buried in a family cemetery in Doniphan Co. Kansas. Information concerning William Hedgecock from Anita Hedgecock Homan -


Children of William B. Teague and Elizabeth Teague
Phebe Teague (1798-1873) m. Daniel Robbins
Hannah Teague (1800-1850) m. Isaac Draughn
Martha Teague (1802-1871) m. Isaac Pitts (1800-1872), s/o Samuel Pitts and Elizabeth Jones
Anna Teague m. Simon McCollum
Sarah Teague (1807-1887) m. Wyatt Tucker (1809-1893)
William Preston Teague (ca. 1810-1845) m. Phebe Jane Hedgecock (ca. 1816-ca. 1858); she m. 2) Daniel Kinnamon
Isaac Teague (1813-1889) m. Rachel Smith (1817-1881)
Elizabeth Teague (ca. 1815-1845) m. Charles Hiatt
Elijah Brazier Teague (1817-1874) m. 1) Martha Dean (1817-1849), 2) Martha Horney (1827-1890)

Sixth Generation

Children of Isaac Moore Teague and Catherine Bodenhamer
Sarah Teague
Temperance Teague m. Columbus Franklin Swaim (1843-1915)


Children of William Preston Teague and Phebe Jane Hedgecock
Phebe Jane Teague (ca. 1840-?) m. Strother Scott
Andrew H. Teague (ca. 1843-?)
Ruth Lovinia Teague (1845-1916) m. Calvin T. Gunter


Children of Isaac Teague and Rachel Smith
Elizabeth Teague (ca. 1836-bef. 1865) m. Jordan Huff (1830-1908); he m. 2) Christina Idol
Thompson Teague (ca. 1839-?)
Lucy Ann Teague (1842-1823) m. Richard H. McKaughan (1839-1896)
William C. Teague (ca. 1844-?)
Fanny Charlotte Teague (1847-1914) m. Joseph W. Masten (1848-1927)
Henry A. Teague (ca. 1852-?)


Children of Elijah Brazier Teague and Martha Dean
William Pleasant Teague (1839-1903) m. 1) Mary Jane Wiseman, 2) Callie H. Guthrey
Sarah Elizabeth Teague (1840-1904) m. Francis Marion Stafford (1832-1904)
Martha C.V. Teague (1843-?) m. Joseph S. Lewis
Children of Elijah Brazier Teague and Martha Horney
Milton E. Teague (1852-1911) m. 1) Flora L. Pitts, 2) Mamie B. Stipe
Oscar M. Teague (1864-1931) m. Martha Elizabeth Idol (1870-1918)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran and Elizabeth H. Harris,


Thanks to Sherry Carpenter for getting us started on this family!

Some of the information on this page comes from the WorldConnect pages of Ann S. Bernard, Lawrence Gardner Boyd, T. Lawrence Pitts, Jeannette Schleigh, Eric Stoley, and Jerry W. Wood. There are a few inconsistencies among these pages, but overall they seem to agree on the basic structure of this family.

Other sources used include the usual cemetery, marriage and census records.

This page was created on July 14, 2001. Minor modifications were made on June 2, 2005.

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