Articles of Agreement
Stokes County, NC

"State of North Carolina--Stokes County: 

"Articles of agreement between Solomon Petree and his mother Margaret Petree.  The said Margaret Petree agrees with the said Solomon that him or his heirs shall live on and tend the lower part of the plantation which he now lives on, during her natural life, provided the said Solomon Petree or his heirs shall pay yearly to the said Margaret Petree the just quantity of fifteen barrels of corn, fifteen bushels of wheat, six hundred bundles of fodder, fill her stable loft with hay and give her four wagon loads besides give her as much ground as she will tend in cotton and her garden as it now stands fenced and let her have pasturage for her cow calves and hogs along with his as usual and furnishes her with a sufficient quantity of fire wood at her house and provided he or they finds fire wood as above.  She is not to give any other person privilege to cut timber or fire wood for any other purpose, further should the said Solomon Petree or his heirs fail to pay the said Margaret the above quantity of corn, wheat, fodder and hay and find her wood an allow her, her garden and cotton patch then this bargain to be void otherwise to remain in full force.  In witness where of we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 4th day of October 1824.

s/ S. Petree  SEAL
    Margaret (X) Petree SEAL
All of the children there and John who was in Lincoln County agreed of course, and signed an indenture April 20, 1823 (Book 8, page 72, "copied", Deed Book in Danbury, N.C.)  Those who signed were:  THOMAS TUTTLE and CATHERINE, his wife, MICHAEL TUTTLE  and POLLY his wife, LAZARUS HAWKINS and ELIZABETH, his wife, HENRY H. FRY and MARGARET his wife, WILLIAM HARTMAN and ANNA EVA, his wife,  JOHN PETREE, and HENRY PETREE all signed.  Interestingly enough all the men signed their names and the women made their marks.

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