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Petree Family

First Generation

Jacob Petri was born January 24, 1723 and was baptized January 31, 1723 in Schonborn, Germany. He was the son of Nicholas Petri or Petree and his second wife, Anna Margaretha Schall from Biebern, Germany. Nicholas and Anna Margaretha were married January 20, 1722. Nicholas Petri married his first wife, Anna Schunchen in 1719. Nicholas Petree was born 1696 in Gemungen Hunsruch Germany.

Jacob Petree immigrated on the Loyal Judith in 1743 and married Anna Eva Koehulin/Kuehlin, daughter of Killian Kuehlin in 1747, Berks County, Pennsylvania. In May of 1779 he received a grant of 100 acres in Stokes County, North Carolina, where he lived until his death in 1804. Jacob Petree and Anna Eva are buried at Nazareth Lutheran Church, Rural Hall, North Carolina of which he was a founder.

Second Generation

Children of Jacob Petree and Anna Eva Koehulin/Kuehlin
John Adam Petree (1748-1793) m. Anna Rosina Frey (1757-?)
Johannes/John Petree (1750-1790) m. Dorothea Bost(?)
Maria Catherine Petree (1753-?) m. Johann Valentine Frey (1748-1814)
John Henry (Johann Heinrich) Petree (1755-1804) m. Margaretha Barbara Magdalena Zimmerman (1759-1844)
Eva Barbara Petree (1756-?) m. Johann Adam Wolff
Mary Dorothy (Maria Dorothea) Petree (1759-?) m. Johann Krause (1743-1830)
Rebecca Petree (1761?-?) m. Hammond Morris (1733-1810)
Elizabeth Petree (1764-?). Did she marry Peter Fesler?
John Jacob Petree, Jr. (probably 1767-1820) m. Sarah Ann Bley
Maria Margaretha Petree (1768?-?)
Johanna Petree (1771-1838?). Did she marry John Ferguson?

This family modified September 26, 2007.

On-line sources are in conflict on the names and birthdates of some of these children. Does anyone have copies of the original birth/baptismal records, especially from Berks Co. PA, where most of the children were born?

Third Generation

Children of Johannes/John Petree and Dorothy
William E. Petree (1784-1842) m. Susannah Kershea
Susannah Petree
Jacob Petree
Mary Petree
John Petree
Henry Petree
George Petree


Children of John Adam Petree and Anna Rosina Frey
Sarah Petree
Barbara Petree m. Joseph Boyer (1777-?)
Elizabeth Petree
Mary Petree (b. 1786)
Catharina Petree
Francis Petree

After Adam's death, Rosina Frey Petree moved to Kentucky. The children were located in Adair County, Ky. in 1812.


Children of John Henry Petree and Margaretha Zimmerman
Johannes/John Petree (1780-?) m. Barbara Butts, lived Lincoln Co. NC
Margaret Ann Petree (1782-1844) m. Henry Frey (1792-1850, moved to Giles Co. TN
Mary Catherine Petree (1784-1869) m. Thomas Tuttle (1784-1837)
Solomon Petree (1788-1859) m. Elizabeth Tuttle (1789-1858)
*Henry Petree (?-1868) m. 1) Rebecca Buchanan (abt. 1795-1843); 2) Sarah Lawson
Mary Barbara Petree Michael Tuttle (1786-?)
Elizabeth Petree (1799-1855) m. Lazarus Hawkins, s/o Wm. Hawkins and Nancy Tilley
Anna Eva Petree (1801-?) m. William Hartman

*There is conflicting information on Henry's birthdate. Some accounts make it 1773, which seems unlikely with respect to his parents' birthdates. Others make it 1783, which is crowded by Margaret's birth in November 1782 followed by Mary Catherine in 1784. John Henry's will names his surviving children in the order John, Catherine, Soloman, Henry, Mary Barbara, Ann Margareth, Elizabeth and Ann Eva, all to share equally. At first glance, the usual convention of naming children in birth order is not being followed here. However, we are beginning to wonder if Margaret was actually born in 1792 rather than 1782 and if the order in the will really does correspond to the birth order. This would put Henry either as twin of Solomon (1788) or between him and Barbara, for whom we have no birthdate. Given Rebecca Buchanan's age and the fact that their oldest child seems to have been born in 1813, Henry could easily be born around 1788-1790. The 1850 Stokes Co. census includes a Henry Petree age 62, with Sarah 41. If this is Henry Petree and second wife Sarah Lawson, it would therefore support birth about 1788.

Read Articles of Agreement between Soloman and Margaretha Petree.


Children of Jacob Petree, Jr. and Sarah Ann Bley
Dorothy Petree m. John Odle
Benjamin Petree
Adam Petree (1790-1856) m. Lucy Pryor
Catherine Petree (1791-?)
Mary Petree (1796-?) m. John Hanna
John Petree (1803) m. Mary Fisher
Henry Petree (1804-1874, MO) m. 1) Mary Snowden; 2) Sarah Strader
Soloman Petree (1807-1892) m. Eunice Jones
Margaret Petree (1810) m. John Black
Sarah Ann Petree (1811-?)
Eva Petree (1814-?) m. John J. Cummins

Fourth Generation

Children of Henry Petree and 1) Rebecca Buchanan
Margaret Petree (1813-aft. 1850) m. Charles M. Anderson (abt. 1809-aft. 1850)
William Henry Petree (1815-1897) m. Elizabeth J. Turbyfield (1817-1878) (settled in Russelville, AL, 1850)
Elizabeth Petree (abt. 1818-bef. 1860) m. Daniel Doub (1814-1874)
Riley Frost Petree (1820-1902) m. Oletha Mary Ann Helsabeck
Mary Catherine Petree (1823-1891) m. William A. Spainhour (1821-1893)
Ezekiel B. Petree (1825-1887) m. Elizabeth Collins (abt. 1828-aft. 1850)
Rebecca Petree (1829-1876) m. Augustus Jeremiah Helsabeck (1827-1907)

Rebecca Petree divorced Henry in 1834 for abuse. Court transcripts in the possession of Betsy Hendrix reveal that 2 of her children testified to the abuse. This may be a skeleton in some people's closet; however, "I think it represents the courage of a woman to get out and save herself and her children at a time when this was unheard of (she bound out all of her children)" ___ Betsy Hendrix


Children of Margaretha Petree and Lazarus Hawkins
Alexander Hawkins
Dolly Hawkins
Henrietta Hawkins
Helen Hawkins
William H. Hawkins (1820-1883) m. Trecy Padgett
Soloman James Hawkins (1822-?) m. 1) Mary James; 2) Nancy Cantrell
Noah W. Hawkins (1827-?) m. Elizabeth Padgett
Emily Ann Hawkins (1832) m. William O. Price
Eleanor Jane Hawkins (1834-?) m. Isaac I. Mayfield
Elizabeth J. Hawkins (1837) Samuel M. Green
Joel Hawkins (1839,NC-?) m. Louise Shanks
Lazarus Fountain Hawkins (1841-?)
Roman McNeal Hawkins (1844-1921) m. 1) Mary Jane Harrell; 2) Henrietta Stevens

For more information on the descendants of William Hawkins, contact Lois Herner at:


Children of Adam Petree and Lucy Pryor
John N. Petree (1812-1846)
Joseph Green Petree (1815-1902) m. Elizabeth Pullen
Jacob Petree (1817-1831)
Pryor McNeel Petree (1820-1902) m. Mary Freeland
David Franklin Petree (1822-1855) m. Jane Lanfair
Malchom Temple Petree (1824-1903)
William Lewis Petree (1826-1906)
Andrew Jackson Petree (1828-1869) m. Elizabeth Monerief
Margaret Mahalia Petree (1832-?)

Adam and Lucy were married in Stokes County, NC, March 4, 1812. Their first child was born in November, 1812 in Franklin County Indiana

Fifth Generation

Children of William Henry Petree and Elizabeth J. Turbyfield
Julian Petree (1838) (died as an infant)
William Riley Petree (1841-1920) m. 1) Mary E. Bolton; 2) Mary M. Hall
Sarah R. Petree (1845) (did not marry)
John Wilson Petree (1845-?) m. Edy Elizabeth Paterson (1852-?)
Alberta Petree (1847)
James Henry Petree (1850-1931) m. Margaret Turner Bonds (1853-1891)
Augustus T. Petree (1852) m. Susanna Bonds
David Petree Jr. (an adopted son)


Children of Riley Frost Petree and Oletha Mary Ann Helsabeck
Jacob H. Petree (1847-?) m. Mary Tuttle (moved to Arkansas)
Frank Petree (1849-1927, NC) m. Julia Frances Rierson (1853-1944)
d/o Wm. Rierson and Malinda Allen
Rebecca E. Petree (1850-1928) m. Francis Jefferson Tuttle
Wesley Petree (1852-1931) m. 1) Martha Ann Newsome (1856-1894); 2) Mary Lee Venable
Riley Jeffrey Petree (1853-1928) m. Adelaide Elizabeth Blum (1860-?)
Margaret Petree (1856-1922) m. Elias Voss
Nathaniel Petree (1858-1944) m. Minerva Hill
Ellen Petree (1861-1890) m. George Wilson Newsome (ca. 1852-1923) Heaton Petree (1863-1940) m. Roberta Crews, moved to Florida
Flora Petree (1865-?) did not marry
David Petree (b. about 1857, died in infancy; corrected March 28, 2004)
Joseph A. Petree (1871-1937) m. Viola Mae Samuel

Riley Frost Petree disagreed with his father on taking sides during the Civil War. His father disinherited Riley from his will, giving him 25 cents. After the Civil War a Constitutional Convention was called to meet in Raleigh in 1868. Riley represented the 19th District of Stokes County in this session.


Children of Ezekiel B. Petree and Elizabeth Collins
Martha J. Petree (1849-1891) m. John H. Long (ca. 1841-1921)
Louisa R. Petree (1850-1918) m. Lewis W. Leinbach (1840-1905)
Mary C. Petree (ca. 1852-?)
William Henry Petree (1854-1931) m. Mary Ellen Virginia Newsum (1855-1930)
Sarah Petree (ca. 1856-?) m. Robert Blevins
Margaret Petree (ca. 1858-?) m. Virgil Head
Riley A. Petree (1860-1926) m. Julia L. Moser (1866-1907)
John A.L. Petree (1864-1907) m. Mary E. _____ (1873-1951)
**Augusta (Almira?) Petree (ca. 1868-?) m. Silas Westmoreland
Katherine Petree - is this the same as Mary C.?

**in the 1870 census as Almira A., in 1880 as Augusta, marriage as Elvira A.

Ezekial B. Petree sided with the Union during the Civil War even though he enlisted as a Confederate in 1864. He was caught "passing signals" and was confined at Castle Thunder in Petersburg. A Report of Detectives in the War of Rebellion Official Records, Union & Confederate Armies, Series IV, Vol 3 states: "On the train between Dublin and Lynchburg found two members of the order sent from Wytheville; told us they were members; passed the signs and passwords with them; one of them was E.B. Petrie, from Forsyth County, NC; said the order was extensive in that country; the other, Linville Price, deserter from the 34th NC Regiment, from Ashe Co., NC. I think valuable information may be gotten from these men. They are confined now in Castle Thunder. Jno. B. WIlliams. November 9, 1864."

Sixth Generation

Children of Frank Petree and Julia Frances Rierson
Robert G. Petree m. Jane Johnson
William R. Petree m. Mattie White
John W. Petree (d. 1963)
Frank Petree
Joe Petree
Flora Petree m. John W. Kurfees
Jennie Petree m. Dave McGee
Sally Petree m. Hardin McGee
Carlton M. Petree (d. 1918)
Ellen Petree m. George Dennis


Children of Wesley Petree and Martha Ann Newsome
Elbert Heaton Petree (1878)
Allora Ann Petree (1877-1901) m. David White
James Riley Petree (1879)
Daisey Belle Petree (1881-1954) m. Ernest Newsum
Leonra Alice Petree (1883)
Viola May Petree (1893-1985) m. John Terry

Children of Wesley Petree and 2) Mary Venable
Opal Valerian Petree (1907-1988) m. 1) David Gibson, 2) William Alps
Herbert Sherman Petree m. Ollie Lawson
Iva Irene Petree (1911-1956) m. 1) Charles Heinlin 2, Harry Marshall
Uve Udena Petree m. Harold Jones


Children of Riley Jeffery Petree and Adelaide Elizabeth Blum
Oscar Nathaniel Petree (1882-1961) m. Ida Pearl Samuel,
  d/o Joseph Samuel and Elvira Smith
Harry Graham Petree (1883-1952) m. Lelia Anderson (1886-1954)
Marguerite Petree (1884-?) m. Robert Graham
Gilbert Frost Petree (1888-1954) m. Myrtle Briggs
Paul Petree (1890-?) m. Mary Elizabeth O'Coner
Charles Petree (1893-1950) m. Ruth O'Daniels
Ralph Petree (1895-?) m. Margaret Kirk
Maude Petree (1891-?) m. Frank Stonestreet
Thelma Petree m. Ernest Westmoreland
Ruth Kathleen Petree (1901-1998) never married
Robert Petree (1903-?) m. Thelma Harrison

Riley Jeffrey Petree lived near Germanton, NC all his life. He was a successful farmer, a strong Republican and a leading politician in his section of the county. He was elected Sheriff for two terms from 1904-1907. From 1893 to 1903 he served as a member of the House of Representatives for Stokes County. He was also one of the organizers of Corinth Christian Church and an elder.


Children of Nathaniel Petree and Minerva Hill
Frank Petree m. Eve Vaughn
Walter Petree
Tom Petree
Elmer Petree
Cora Petree
Sadie Petree

Can anyone tell us the parents of the following?

Daniel Petree (1785-1859) married Hannah Krause in 1808, and Margaret Fulk in 1823. Margaret's maiden name may have been Fidler, and Fulk a previous married name. Can anyone identify her?

Thanks to Suzie Nuckols for additional information on this family. Please see the next page for Daniel Petree and his descendants.


Petree Family Genealogy Forum

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Henry Petree's Will, 1866

Betsy Hendrix provided all of the information on the early Petri family in Germany. Thank you Betsy. Betsy's e-mail is:

Personal communications from Trish Petree. Trish contributed the information for the William Henry Petree line. Trish's email address is:

Thanks to B. Zimmerman, Bart Spainhour, Donna Vaughn and Stephanie Petree for information on this family.

Stephanie Petree's e-mail address:

Thanks to Lois Fraley Hener for contributing the information on Jacob Petree, Jr.'s line. Her email address is: Lois now has her own Fraley/Petree Homepage .

Thanks also to Ann Holladay.

The Heritage of Stokes Co. North Carolina

Forsyth Co. NC cemetery records

Forsyth Co. and Stokes Co. NC census records and marriage bonds

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