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Coone/Kuhn Family

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Children of Jacob Kuhn/Coone (?-1843) and 1) Catherine/Catharina
Jacob A. Coon (1784-?) m. Elizabeth Hege; 2) Sarah P. Jones
Maria/Mary Polly Coone (1786-1822) m. Thomas Whitaker (moved to Lawrence Co., MO)
Margaret Coon (1789-?); mother of a son John Coon named in her father's will
Sarah Coon (1791-1875) m. Johnsie Gaither (moved to Republic, MO); m. 2) Daniel Morris
Elizabeth Coon (1794-1875) m. William R. Hendricks, moved to Missouri
George Coon (1799-1880) m. 1) Jane Smith (1800-1857); 2) Sarah Jane Mullican (1841-1901)

Second Generation

Children of George Coone and Jane Smith
Sarah Elizabeth Coon (1824-1904) m. Abel Anderson (1822-1897)
Margaret Eliza Coon (1826-1910) m. 1) George W. Watt; 2) Denton Ijames (1811-1892)
Jacob Franklin Coon (1827-1906) m. Susan Rose (1827-1909)
Emily Catherine Coon (1829-1893) m. John H. Stonestreet (1835-1911)
Camilla Coon (1832-1913) m. Ephraim Perry Casey (1833-1913)
Matilda Jane Coon (1834-1915) m. Beal R. Ijames (1837-1898)
Martha G. Coon (1836-1904) m. Noah A. Stonestreet (1836-1910)
Nancy Ann Coon (1838-1857)
Mary Ellen Coon (1838-1919) m. James D. Ijames

George Coon to Jacob F. Coon for L1. 94 3/4 acres adj. John Chesher and C Harbin

Third Generation

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Coon and Abel Anderson
Sarah A. Anderson (ca. 1846-?)
William Anderson (1846-1925) m. Frances Camilla Reavis (1864-1935)
George Lafayette. Anderson (1849-1930) m. Laura Reavis (1862-1934)
Richard A. Anderson (ca. 1851-?)
John G. Anderson (1854-1856)
Abel Anderson (1856-?)
Charles Anderson (ca. 1858-?)
Bettie Jane Anderson (1860-1870)
Jackson Anderson (ca. 1863-?)
Lillie Tobitha Anderson (1867-1904) m. Robert Lee Booe


Children of Margaret Eliza Coon and Denton Ijames
Mary Jane Ijames (1857-1921) m. William James Leach
Betty Bell Ijames (1858-1944) m. Elijah R. Barneycastle (1853-1952)
Morgan Cass Ijames (1860-?)
Emma Zilla Ijames (1862-1933) m. James C. Booe (1839-1934)


Children of Jacob Franklin Coon and Susan Rose
Jennie Bell Coon (1855-?) m. Thomas Smoot
Fanny C. Coon (1857-1951) m. Henry Womack (1856-1933)
Napoleon Coon (ca. 1860-?)
Charles F. Coon (ca. 1861-?)
Zeola Coon (ca. 1866-?) m. A. W. Edwards


Children of Camilla Coon and E.P. Casey
Sarah J. Casey (1858-1903) m. John Fillmore Ratledge (1857-1935)
James M. Casey (1859-1922)
Perry Rowan Casey (1860-1943)
John D. Casey (ca. 1863-?)
Emma Casey (1865-1944) m Eli DeWitt C. Pope (1860-1901)
Tobitha Casey (1867-1908) m. John A. Current
Mary (Mattie?) Casey (ca. 1869-?)
Elizabeth E. Casey (ca. 1872-?)
Oscar L. Casey (1873-1946) m. Stella Leckey (1875-1956)

Fourth Generation

Children of Mary Jane Ijames and William James Leach
Lela Bell Leach (1877-1936) m. John Wesley Baity
John L. Leach (1878) m. Ann Ribelin
Lonnie Leach (1880-1899)
Emma F. Leach (1881-1899)
Maggie Annice Leach (1884-1974) m. James A. Jones
Lizzie Beulah Leach (1886-1926) m. Otis Safrit
Minnie Clara Leach (1889-1951) m. William Daniel Morgan
Mallie Bertha Leach (1892-1981) m. William Caleb Downum
Ora Mae Leach (1894-1957) m. Archibald Leroy "Roy" Jarrell

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