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Cornelius Family

First Generation

Jeremiah Cornelius married Elizabeth Billeter in Stokes Co. in 1796. In the same year, John Cornelius married Elizabeth Spainhour (1780-?). We suspect that Jeremiah and John were brothers, but would like more documentation.

In 1790, West Cornelius appears in Stokes Co. NC, and Andrew Cornelius is in Surry County. Is either of these men the father of Jeremiah and John?

The will of Richard Phillips dated 19 Mar 1807, probated December term 1816, Stokes Co., names his brother's son Foster Phillips and his children: Hezekiah Phillips, John Phillips, Jeremiah Cornelius and John Cornelius. Michael Spainhour Sr. and Jr. were witnesses. These are the father and brother respectively of Elizabeth Spainhour Cornelius.

Elizabeth Cornelius age 71 appears in the 1850 Forsyth County census with Rebecca, Mary and Philipina Cornelius who we think are her daughters. In that year Anna Cornelius age 53 is living with Charles and Martha (Goslen) Philips. In 1860, Anna age 58 is head of household, and Rebecca, Mary and "Phoena" are living with her.

Another Elizabeth Cornelius, age 73 in 1850, is living with Zebedee Cornelius age 41. John W. Cornelius and Samuel Cornelius are nearby, each with a large family. The census record states that this Elizabeth was born in Maryland, whereas the other one was born in North Carolina. Since we know from Spainhour family records that Elizabeth Spainhour Cornelius was born in NC, we think that Elizabeth age 73 is probably Elizabeth Billeter Cornelius. Was she the daughter of Zebediah or Zebedee Billeter who appears in the Surry Co. 1786 tax list?

Second Generation

Possible children of John Cornelius and Elizabeth Spainhour
Anna Cornelius (ca. 1797-?). Did she make a late marriage to Newton Dawson?
John M. Cornelius (ca. 1798-?) m. Sarah Thomas, daughter of Walker Thomas, in 1831.
Rebecca M. Cornelius (ca. 1806-?)
Mary M. Cornelius (ca. 1807-?)
Philipina F. Cornelius (ca. 1814-?)


Possible children of Jeremiah Cornelius and Elizabeth Billeter
Samuel Cornelius (ca. 1802-?) probably m. 1) Nancy Waller in 1827, 2) Polly _____ (ca. 1812-?)
John W. Cornelius (ca. 1804-?) m. Charlotte Hunter (ca. 1820-?)
Zebedee Cornelius (ca. 1809-?)


William Cornelius (ca. 1813-?) m. Nancy P. Doub (811-1851)

Who were his parents?

Charles Philips married Elizabeth Cornelius in 1826. Who were her parents?

Third Generation

Children of John Cornelius and Sarah Thomas
William A. Cornelius (ca. 1833-?). Did he marry Maria W. Hauser in 1852?
Henry M. Cornelius (ca. 1834-?)
Martha E. Cornelius (ca. 1837-?) married Jeptha Franklin, s/o Malachi Franklin and Rachel Hunter
Nancy P. Cornelius (1838-1908) did not marry
Preston H. Cornelius (ca. 1841-?)
John W. Cornelius (ca. 1843-?)
Mary Jane Cornelius (1846-1929) did not marry
Alexander Cornelius (ca. 1848-?)


Probable children of Samuel Cornelius and Nancy Waller
John C. Cornelius (ca. 1833-?)
Elijah E. Cornelius (ca. 1837-?)

Probable children of Samuel Cornelius and Polly
Laura A. Cornelius (ca. 1848-?)
Samuel J. Cornelius (1850-?)

We are assuming two marriages for Samuel based on the assumption that there's only one Samuel Cornelius living in Stokes/Forsyth Co. in this time frame, and are allocating the children based on the 1850 census, which shows a long gap between Elijah and Laura. Samuel and Polly's household in 1850 also includes Fanny Myers 9. Was this Polly's daughter from a previous marriage?


Children of John W. Cornelius and Charlotte Hunter
Jessuphia E. Cornelius (ca. 1840-?)
Julia F. Cornelius (ca. 1841-?)
Henry W.L. Cornelius (ca. 1842-?)
John T. Cornelius (ca. 1844-?)
William J. W. Cornelius (ca. 1848-?)
Susan J. Cornelius (ca. 1849-?)


Children of William Cornelius and Nancy Doub
John Henry Cornelius (1837-?) m. Sarah Lucy Cundiff
Leonidas Cornelius (ca. 1839-1862)
Alvenius Cornelius (1841-1921) m. Rachel Steelman (1844-1939)
Mary Cornelius (1843-1847)
Newton Cornelius (1845-?) m. Lucy Palmer
Francis Cornelius (1847-after 1925) m. Helen Turner
William Cornelius (1850-1922) m. Carrie E. Rominger (ca. 1855-1929)

Fourth Generation

Children of John Henry Cornelius and Sarah Lucy Cundiff
Alice Price Cornelius (1867-?) m. John Hamlin Dobson (1856-?), s/o Joseph Dobson and Sallie Jane Hamlin
Lula Cornelius (1869-?) m. Belton Williams
Bennett O. Cornelius (1875-1944) m. Bessie Hancock (d. 1964), d/o James Hancock and Medora Moser
Jennie Cornelius (1877-?) m. David Wright


What we have here is based mostly on Stokes and Forsyth county census and cemetery records, plus Doub family materials for the children of William Cornelius and Nancy Doub. Can anyone provide additional information?

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