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Doub Family, continued

Third Generation

Children of Henry Doub and Elizabeth Ward
Elijah Doub (1809-1885) m. Lucy Newsome (1822-maybe 1911)
Nancy P. Doub (1811-1851) m. William Cornelius
Mary Lydia Doub (1813-1856) m. Theophilus Christian Hauser (1810-1887)
John Wesley Doub (1815-?) moved to Missouri before 1851.
Margaret W. Doub (1818-1905) m. Samuel L. Wolff (1807-1863), went to Missouri
Henry Cannon Doub (1821-1903) m. Virginia Dowling (1826-1902)
Elizabeth Doub (1824-1850)
William H. Doub (1827-?) m. Clarinda George (1827-1896)

People's Press, 1851 - State of NC, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, September Term, 1851. Elijah Doub, Adm'r of Henry Doub, dec. vs. John W. Doub and others....."John W. Doub is not a resident of this State."

Fourth Generation

Children of Elijah Doub and Lucy Newsome
Elizabeth Jane Doub (1842-1932) m. John McKendree Long (1846-1927)
Henry Doub (1845-1865), killed in Civil War
Mary Frances Doub (1847-1930) m. John S. Speas (1847-1930)
William W. Doub (1850-1935) m. Ida Strupe (1859-1938)
Margaret N. Doub (1852-1934) m. Peter Holder (1845-1919)
David Edwin Doub (1855-1933) m. Mary Boner, lived in Indiana
Martha Ann Doub (1859-1935) m. Junius Speas (1857-1908)
Elijah Newton Doub (1861-1902) m. Minnie Transou (1864-1934)
Wiley Asbury Doub (1867-1945) m. Flora Sprinkle (1872-1947)


Children of Cannon Doub and Virginia Dowling
John Wesley Doub (1853-1934)
William Lewis Doub (1854-1930) m. Sarah Rebecca Davis (1859-1944)
Henry Newton ("Newt") Doub (1856-1902) did not marry
Asbury J. Doub (1858-1909) did not marry
Sanford Lafayette Doub (1860-1924) m. 1) Ada Carter (1872-1909), 2) Sarah Ella Davis (1880-1965)
Alvis Doub (1861-1915) m. Ellen Carter
L. Evan Doub (1863-1945) m. Leona Hutchins
Nancy Doub (1866-1900) did not marry
Julia Ward Doub (1868-1948) m. Samuel Speas (1853-1946)


Children of William H. Doub and Clarinda George
John Henry Doub (1851-1934) m. Rebecca Hainey; lived Indiana and Kansas
Mary Doub (1853-1854)
Francis Doub (1854-1924) m. Mariah Metcalf (1853-1902), widow Chambers; lived Indiana
Lula Doub (1857-1919) m. Joseph Sullivan
William E. Doub (1859-?) m. Sarah Wampler and/or Mattie Simpson?

Fifth Generation

Children of William W. Doub and Ida Strupe
Alfred Doub (1880-1974) m. Daisy Pfaff (1883-1947)
Henry Ward Doub (1885-1971) m. Marjorie Jackson (1894-1977)
Numa Gray Doub (1888-1957) m. Della Anderson (1891-1984)
Mary Ola Doub (1898-1972) m. A. L. Burney
There were also at least two children who died in childhood


Children of David Edwin Doub and Mary Boner
Arnold V. Doub (1888-?) m. Mary K. Weeder
Virgil E. Doub (1890-?) m. Elva E. Selton
Harry W. Doub (1894-?) m. Martha Bagby
Harley T. Doub (1895-1963) m. Ruth M. Bell
Francis B. Doub (1897-?) m. Frances Long


Children of Elijah Newton Doub and Minnie Transou
Pearl May Doub (1888-1918) m. Oliver Cromwell Cox
Elcer Conrad (Ed) Doub (1890-1922) m. Nancy Irma (Billie) Woodhouse
Lola Irene Doub (1895-1989) m. Walker Shepherd Gary (1898-1981)
Frances Idelia Doub (1897-1975) m. Wilfred Pleasants Rainey

Children of Wiley Asbury Doub and Flora Sprinkle
Thomas Fred Doub (1892-1974) did not marry
Maud Doub (1892-?)
Della Leona Doub (1894-1971) m. Walter Pierce Franklin (1892-1975)
Callie L. Doub (1895-1917) m. Melville Doub (1896-1988)
William Edwin Doub (1897-1954) m. Ethel Flynt (1908-1989), d/o Edmund Flynt and Nora Livengood
Clarice Doub (1900-1980) m. Norman Tuttle (1896-1983)
Eugene Doub (1902-1993) m. Flora Dillon (1906-1988), d/o G. Dillon and Caldonie Epperly
Efird Wake Doub (1905-1969) m. Maxine Long (1911-2000)
Lucy Doub (1907-1992) m. Hugh Shore
Louie Doub (1908-1986) m. Ward Jordan
Robert Doub (1910-?)
James Doub (1912-?)


Children of William Lewis Doub and Sarah Rebecca Davis
Jennie Lillian Doub (1884-1971) m. James William Allen (1880-1954)
Arzie Aldene Doub (1886-1961) m. 1) Lillie Bell Allen (1889-1927), 2) Fannie Blanche Saylor (1896-?)
Henry Ward Doub (1889-1971) m. Agnes Mozelle Scott (1897-1982)
Myron Jones Doub (1893-1970) m. Mamie Bell Hine (1896-?)


Children of John Henry Doub and Rebecca Hainey
Alma Doub (1873-1963) m. Joseph Baker
Newt A. Doub (1875-1954) m. Myrtle Plum
Laura Doub (1878-1959) m. 1) Henry Harris, 2) John Perkins
Edwin A. Doub (1880-1936) m. Elizabeth Dugan
George Doub (1884-1960) m. Elsie Gordon
Robert H. Doub (1889-1953) m. Virgie Wilson
John W. Doub (1892-1964) m. Lula Bolinger


Children of Francis Doub and Maria Metcalf
William Doub (1879-1960) m. Mattie Simpson
Ida Doub (1881-1918) m. Emery Treadway
Walter Francis Doub (1883-1926) m. Ada Treadway
Eva Doub (1884-1914) m. Barton Drum
Edwin Doub (1886-1963) m. Blon Lee
Willard Doub (1888-?) m. Ruth Hazel
Ralph Doub (1890-?) m. Edith Hudson
Russell Doub (1893-?) m. Laura Lee Dobson
Alma Doub (1896-1957) m. Cornie Albert Boruff

Thanks to Jim Boruff for information on this family.

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