The Jarvis Family and Other Relatives

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Nancy Lowder's Descendants

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Second Generation:

Children of Joseph Leonard and Nancy Lowder
Joab Leonard (1824-1909) m. Susanah Hainey (1818-1890)
Eli Leonard (1826-?) m. Martha J.
James Leonard (ca. 1827)
William Leonard (ca. 1831)
Aletha Martha Leonard (ca. 1835) m. Milton Ricks (married in 1853)
Frederick U. Leonard (ca. 1836)
Henry L. Leonard (ca. 1840)
Jabaz B. Leonard (ca. 1843)
Lucinda Leonard (ca. 1843)

Third Generation:

Children of Joab Leonard and Susanah Hainey
Charles A. Leonard (1847-1880) m. Elizabeth
James O. Leonard (ca. 1849-1939)
John Leonard (1852-bef. 1900) m. Priscilla Harm (1850-?)
William Leonard (1853)
Susanah Leonard (ca.1856)
Joan Leonard (ca. 1856)


Children of Aletha Martha Leonard and Milton Ricks
Anna Ricks (1856)
Joseph Ricks (1858) m. Sarah (Jane) Davis (1830) (married 1879 in Grant Co., IN)
John Ricks (1862)
Ellen Ricks (1865)
James Ricks (1868)
Martha Ricks (1871)
Henry Ricks (1873)

Fourth Generation:

Children of John Leonard and Priscilla Harm
Belle Leonard
Jennie Leonard m. Thomas Thacker
John Leonard (ca. 1871)
Charles Leonard (ca. 1873)
William Henry Leonard (ca. 1875) m. Annie M. Wilson (1882-?)
Cora Leonard (1877)
Eddie Leonard (1879)

Fifth Generation:

Children of William Henry Leonard and Annie M. Wilson
George W. Leonard (1902) (died very young)
Martha E. Leonard (1903) m. Robert Bran
Lilly B. Leonard (1906) m. Joseph Cruthis
Cathleen Leonard (1909)
Mary Mollie Maud Leonard (1912) m. Arthur Brantley French
John William Leonard (1915) m. Francis Cruthis
Emma G. Leonard (1917)
Callie J. P. Leonard (1920)


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