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Lowder Family

First Generation:

John and Hannah Lowder were Quakers and we first find them as members of the New Garden Monthly Meeting in Guilford County, NC

There was a Ralph and Catherine Lowther/Lowder in Philadelphia, PA (1721-1738) and they seem to be the right age to have been John's parents. The baptismal records for their children do not include the name of John Lowder who was born in 1738, but John did have children named Ralph, Samuel and Catherine. This information has been included for research purposes, not as documented fact. Update: In the 1850 Census of Monroe County, Indiana Caleb Lowder is listed, over 90 years of age and he apparently states he was born in New Jersey.

We know from records that John Lowder was born in England about 1738 and that his wife's name was Hannah. Her surname is unknown. John died after 1810. It is not known when Hannah died.

Second Generation:

Children of John Lowder and Hannah
Catherine Lowder (1758-1760)
Caleb Lowder (1760-1851) m. 1) Ann Osburn/Ozbun (1767-1815),
d/o Joseph Ozbun and Mary Angell; 2) Sarah (ca.1786, Scotland - after 1860)
John Lowder (1762-1839) m. 1) Mary Osburn (1755/1765-?),
2) Sarah (?-aft. 1839) (living in Stokes Co NC 1810, 1850)
Mary Lowder (1764-1782) m. William Osburn (1756-?) (lived in Guilford County NC)
Joseph Lowder (1766-aft. 1810) m. Martha (Patty) Clark (ca. 1771-?)
Ralph Lowder (1768-1772)
Rebekah Lowder (1770-?)
Samuel Lowder (1772-1840/50) m. 1) Sarah; 2) Elizabeth Ratcliff (1796-aft. 1850) (moved to Indiana)
William Lowder (1773-1835) m. Margaret Harris (1774/84-1815)
Hannah Lowder (1774-?)
Job Lowder (1776-1830/50) m. Sarah Ratcliff (abt. 1788-aft.1850) (m. 1827, Wilkes County, NC)
Joshua Lowder (1778-1833) m. Jane Phillips (1784/90- after 1830)
Nathan Lowder (1780-1840/50) m. Elizabeth Rowe

Third Generation:

Children of Caleb Lowder and 1) Ann Ozbun
Matthew Lowder (1784-1852) m. Ruth Hockett (1792-1879)
Tabitha Lowder (1786-?)
Ralph Lowder (1788-1878) m. Achsah Hodson (1791-1870) (lived in Lawrence Co., IN)
Joseph Lowder (1791-1877) m. Ruth Sare (1800-1877)
Charles Lowder (1792-?)
Achsah Lowder (abt. 1796-?)
Catherine Lowder (1798-?) m. William Maris
Caleb Lowder, Jr . (1802-1828) m. Martha Blair (1800/10-bef. 1844)
Rachel Lowder (1804/10-aft. 1834)
Edith Lowder (1809-1863) m. John Day (1807-1874)

Children of Caleb Lowder and Sarah
Nathan Lowder (abt. 1825-bef. 1848) m. Elizabeth Carroll


Children of John Lowder and Sarah
Joel Lowder (abt. 1790-?) m. Deloma Laxton
Elizabeth Lowder m. John Stephenson
Solomon Lowder (?-aft. 1840) m. Jane Leonard
John Lowder III m. Sally Anderson
Nathan Lowder m. Nanala Jones
William Lowder (1797-1797)
Nancy Lowder (1803-1864) m. Joseph Leonard (1797-1858)
Sarah Lowder (1813-?) m. William D. Anderson

Solomon Lowder left Indiana on horseback to return to North Carolina to probate his father's will and settle his estate. Solomon was never seen nor heard of again. He was evidently the victim of the "Trail Pirates" who swarmed the trails and rivers along which travelers found their way going both east and west.


Children of Joseph Lowder and Martha Clark
James Lowder (abt.1791-?) m. Margaret Gibbs (abt. 1795)
Jesse Lowder (1798-1835) m. Zilpha Bullard (1795-1867) (photo of Zilpha's grave)
Elijah Lowder (1801-aft. 1860) m. Della L. Pox (moved to Hancock Co., IN)

(Elijah's parents are not proven, but it is believed to be accurate. You can contact Helen Powers for more information on this line.)

(Joseph and Martha were living in Surry County, NC by 1793. By 1798 this part of Surry was in Stokes County. In 1829 Joseph Lowder bought 73 acres on the "waters of Big Reed Island" in Grayson County, Va. )


Children of Samuel Lowder and 1) Sarah
Jonathan Lowder (1799-1875) m. Jane Mathis (1805-1871) (Stokes County, NC 1830, 1850)
Edith Lowder (abt. 1805-aft.1840) m. Hugh Daniel (abt. 1805-aft. 1840) (lived in Guilford Co., NC)
Hannah Lowder (abt. 1808-?)

Children of Samuel Lowder and 2) Elizabeth Ratliff
Sarah Lowder (1809-?) m. Hiram Hiatt
Thomas Lowder (1811-1837) m. 1) Elizabeth Gates; 2) Mary Hopkins (abt. 1829-?)
Miriam Lowder (1813-?) m. Polk
Mary Lowder (1816-aft. 1850) m. John Winslow (abt. 1800-aft. 1850) (lived in Grant Co., IN)
Emily Lowder (1819-aft. 1860) m. Henry Presnall (abt.1814-aft. 1860) (lived in Henry Co., IN)
Phineas Lowder (1821-1839) m. Catherine Elizabeth Lymas
Hiram Lowder (1823-1862) m. Jemima (abt. 1826-aft. 1850) (lived in Madison Co., IN)
Elizabeth Lowder (1826-aft. 1850) m. Thomas Lytle (1825-aft. 1850) (lived in Grant Co., IN)


Children of Joshua Lowder and Jane Phillips
Elijah Lowder (1808-1881) m. Susannah Hasty (1814-1855) (married in IN, 1832, then moved to Washington IA)
(For more information on Elijah Lowder and Susannah Hardy, e-mail Sandra Duncan:

Fourth Generation:

Children of Jonathan Lowder and Jane Williams Mathis
Samuel Lowder (1822-aft.1860) m. Catherine Schneider/Snider (1824-1886)
Nancy Ann Lowder (1824-1881) m. Christian Emanuel Ried (1817-1875)


Children of Thomas Lowder and 1) Elizabeth Gates
Enos Lowder (1841)


Children of Thomas Lowder and 2) Mary Hopkins
Edith Lowder (abt. 1847-?)
Rachel E. Lowder (abt. 1848-?) m. Warner L. Day


Children of Hiram Lowder and Jemima
Rebecca Lowder (abt. 1846-aft. 1850)
Samuel Frank Lowder (abt. 1849-?) m. Genera McCune, d/o Samuel McCune and Margaret H.

Fifth Generation:

Children of Samuel Lowder and Catharine Schneider/Snider
Sarah Jane Lowder (1845-1926) m. Joseph Wesley Boner (1831-1914)
Phebe Ann Lowder (1846-1863)
John Lewis Lowder (1847-1923) m. 1) Ella/Ellen Bullard (1850-1882); 2) Emma Virginia Transou (1860-1928)
Margaret Eliza Lowder (1849-1934) m. Jacob Wesley Binkley (1835-1913)

Samuel and Catherine Lowder lived for a few years with his parents after their marriage. By 1850 they had set up housekeeping in their home but in 1852, the following notice was printed in the People's Press (newspaper): "As trustee in certain Deed of Trust executed by Samuel Lowder to the use of Christian Reed and others, I shall proceed to sell, at the dwelling-house of said Sam'l Lowder, on Saturday, the 23rd of October next, his interest in seven Negroes, the whole of his crop of Corn, amounting to some five or six hundred bushels, some Wheat and Oats, 5 head of Cattle, 22 Hogs, 1 Cupboard and furniture, 1 Bureau, 1 Clock, 1 Folding Table, 1 Chest, 3 Beds and furniture, 1 Gun, 1 Silver Watch, 2 Horses, a two horse Wagon, and six head of Sheep. Conditions made known on day of sale. -- John H. White, Trustee. September 23, 1852."

Sometime after 1860 Samuel abandoned his family in NC and was never heard from again. Family lore has it that he "returned to his family" in another part of the state or country.

Sixth Generation:

Children of John Lewis Lowder and 1) Ella/Ellen Bullard
Raymond Lewis Lowder (1874-1883)
Jenny Lowder (1878-1882)
Sidney Robah Lowder (1881-1939) m. Mattie Stipe (?-aft. 1939)

Children of John Lewis Lowder and 2) Emma Virginia Transou
Bernie Carlton Lowder (1886-1960) m. Artie Boner (1891-1974)
Bertha Lowder (1888-1973) m. Charles Levin Sheek (1885-1914), s/o Albert Rights Sheek (1858-1906) and Mary (Mollie) Ward (1858-1928)
Edgar C. Lowder (1893-1946) m. 1) Martha A. Long (1895-1922); 2) Alice Mathis
Beulah Lowder (1896-1971) m. C. Robah Allgood (1889-1978)
Kate Jane Lowder (1896-1974) m. John Franklin Jarvis
Robert (Rob) P. Lowder (1900-1991) m. Katherine Stokes


Personal communications with Mrs. Ada McBride. Ada McBride now has an email address:

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Personal communications with Maggie Beckstead. Maggie contributed the long-sought-after information on Zilpha Bullard's father. Maggie's email address is:

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Genealogical Record of the Lachenauer Family by P. F. Laugenour, located in the Lewisville, NC Library.

Personal communications with Sandra Eleanor (Tyler) Duncan. Sandra is the List Owner for the Lowder discussion group and her email address

The LOUDER/LOWDER LETTER is a quarterly newsletter designed to connect any Lowder researcher to others with the same interest. Eleen Johnson Robinson (Evans) publishes this quarterly and also hosts the LOWDER discussion group. You can email Eleen at: . The price for this publication is $20 per year. Her snail mail address is : Gen-Search, Box 323, Parowan, UT 84761.

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