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Owings/Owens Family

Richard Owings was in Anne Arundel County MD by 1685. He is listed as a debtor to the estate of Christopher Randall. It is not known when Richard left England for America but he probably brought his wife, Rachel Beale, and his infant daughter, also Rachel, with him when he emigrated. He died before 1726 in Maryland.

First Generation:

Children of Richard Owings and Rachel Bale/Beale (?- bef. 1729)
Rachel Owings (abt. 1683/84-?) m. John Willmott, Jr. (1682/3-1748)
Catherine Owings (abt. 1686-?)
Richard Owings Jr (1688-?) m. Sarah Hart, d/o Stephen and Catherine Hart
Henry Owings (1690-1764) m. Helen Stinchcomb (1718-aft.1784), d/o Nathaniel Stinchcomb and Hannah Randall
John Owings (1693/94-?) m. Hannah Stinchcomb (?-1739)
Ruth Owings (abt. 1696-1732) m. John Norwood (?-1729)
Robert Owings (1698/9-?) m. Hannah Farquher, d/o Allen Farquher
Samuel Owings (1702-1775) m. Urath Randall (1713-1793), d/o Thomas and Hannah Randall
Joshua Owings (1704-?) m. Mary Cockey (1716-?), d/o Capt. John Cockey and Elizabeth Slade

Second Generation:

Children of Rachel Owings and John Wilmott, Jr.
Ruth Willmott (1711) m. Thomas Frankland
John Willmott (1713-1783) m. Averilla Carr
Constant Willmott (1715/16-bef. 1759) m. William Cromwell
Richard Willmott (1719-1797) m. Mary Gittings
Robert Willmott (abt. 1721-1773) m. Sarah Merryman
Rachel Willmott (?-after 1759) did not marry
Dinah Willmott m. Willam Towson
Hannah Willmott m. James Moore Jr.

(John Wilmott, Jr. was a vestryman of St. Paul's Church, Baltimore, MD ca. 1714/15. He lived with his family on a plantation on Gunpowder River in Back River Hundred. The Area eventually became St. Thomas Parish in 1742.) Their children are:


Children of Richard Owings and Sarah Hart
Ruth Owings (1708, MD-1795) m. Edward Oursler
Richard Owings (abt. 1711, MD - aft. 1790, SC) m. Anna Stonestreet, d/o Edward & Susannah Stonestreet


Children of Henry Owings and Helen Stinchcomb
Elijah Owings (abt. 1719, MD-ca. 1804,NC) m. Hannah Stinchcomb (1740-bef. 1810) (his 1st cousin) (moved to NC, 1766)
d/o Capt. John Stinchcomb and Katherine MacCleane
Bazaleel Owings (abt. 1721-1781) m. ?? (moved to NC in 1766)
Michal Owings (female) (abt. 1723-1787) did not marry
Leah Owings (1727-1815) m. Capt. Alexander Wells (1727-1813), s/o Gen. James Wells
Henry Owings (1729-?) m. 1) Amelia ?
Nathaniel Owings (abt. 1731-?) m. Urath Kelley (m. in 1763)
Helen Owings (abt. 1733-?) m. George Scott

NC Loyalists - mentions Bazaleel Owens.


Children of John Owings and Hannah Stinchcomb
Hannah Owings (1729-abt. 1794) m. Nathan Peddicoard (1729-betw. 1788/1796)


Children of Ruth Owings and John Norwood
Ruth Norwood (1719) m. Garrison Forest
Edward Norwood (abt. 1721) m. Mary Fitzemonds
Rachel Norwood (1723)
Samuel Norwood (1725)
Sarah Norwood (1727)
Ann Norwood (abt. 1729) m. John Conaway

Third Generation:

Children of Ruth Owings and Edward Oursler
Mary Oursler
Elizabeth Oursler (1739-1798) m. Benjamin Jarvis
Eli Oursler
Margaret Oursler (1743)
Edward Oursler (1745)
Jacob Oursler (1748-bef. 1789)
Ormond Oursler (1749)
Catharine Oursler
William Oursler m. Mary Parker
Charles Oursler


Children of Richard Owings and Anna Stonestreet
Sarah Owings (1738)
Rachel Owings (1741/42)
Richard Owings (1743) m. Sarah Hellams
Edward Stonestreet Owings (1746)
Butler Owings (1748) m. Elizabeth McLaine
Archibald Owings (1750)
Greenberry Owings (1752)
William Owings
Jonathan Owings


Children of Elijah Owings and Hannah Stinchcomb
John Owings (abt. 1758-1815) m. Aphra/Afrey Foster (?-after 1830) (m. Rowan Co NC 1790)
Helen Owings (abt. 1760-bef. 1804) m. John Roberts (m. Rowan Co NC, 1779)
Norman Owings (abt. 1762-ca. 1831) m. Edith (Ede) Phelps,
d/o Thomas Felps, Sr. who died in Rowan Co., 1794, and Jane Felps
*Bezaleel Owings (abt. 1766-1826) m. Edith Foster (?-bef, 1820)
Catherine Owings (abt. 1768-?) m. Lawrence Roberts (moved to Rowan Co, NC, 1791)
Hannah Owings (abt. 1770-ca. 1844) m. John Baxter
Henry Owings (abt. 1774-1815) m. Elizabeth Munroe (?- bef. 1824), d/o George Munroe
Sarah Owings (abt. 1776) (not married in 1804)
Michal Owings (1778- bef. 1804) did not marry
Leah Owings (1780-1847) m. Jesse Tatum (ca. 1777-1855; m. 1810, Rowan Co NC)

Rowan County Wills. C:285 - Elijah Owings, Sen., Dated 18 Aug 1804 - "Dau. Catharina, wife of Laurence Roberts to have all land on south side of Dutchman's Creek where they now live." (This land is in the part of Rowan County that became Davie Co. in 1836.)

Previously we showed Bezaleel's wife Edith Foster as the daughter of Robert Foster of Rowan Co., NC. Is this correct? or is she the daughter of Thomas Foster (d. 1781) and Lucy Ellis?


Children of Leah Owings and Capt. Alexander Wells
Henry Wells (1754-1814, MD) m. Jemima Coe (1755-1819)
Alexander Wells (1756-?) m. Providence Talbot (moved to Harrison County, Ohio)
Ann Wells (1758) m. William Griffith (of Augusta Co, VA)
Michal Wells (1759-1831) m. Absalom Wells (1754-1820)
Nathaniel Wells (1761-1789) m. Temperance Wells
Bezaleel Wells (1763-1846) m. 1) Rebecca Resteau (1770- bef. 1798); 2) Sarah Griffith, d/o Hezekiah Griffith
James Wells (1765) m. Catherine Owings (moved to Bourbon Co., KY) (his 2nd cousin, d/o Rev. Richard and Rachel Owings)
Richard Wells
Helen Wells (1775) m. Richard Wells (her first cousin, once removed)


Children of Helen Owings and George Scott
Permelia/Amelia Scott m. Joshua Porter
Mary Scott m. William Stewart
Jane Scott m. Isaac Owens

Fourth Generation:

Children of Benjamin Jarvis and Elizabeth Oursler
Benjamin Jarvis
Mary Jarvis

Is this Benjamin Jarvis related to "our" Zadock Jarvis?


Children of John Owings and Aphra Foster
Richard Felps Owings (1802-1856). His first wife unknown; m. 2) Margaret Rudicil in 1840, Davie Co. NC
James William Owings


Children of Bazaleel Owings and Edith Foster
Lucy Owings (1790) m. Zadock Jarvis, Jr. (m. Rowan Co NC, 1813)
Hannah Owens (1792-1837 m. Thomas Haneline (ca. 1787-ca. 1834) (m. Rowan Co NC, 1811)
Robert Owings (1794-aft. 1855) m. Elizabeth Howard (1795-aft.1855) d/o of John Howard of Rowan Co.
Norman Asbury Owings (1800-1888) m. Sarah Griffin (1804-1880) (m. in Wayne Co, IN, 1824)

Who is the John Owings that married Sarah Jobe, Rowan County, NC in 1813? John Henline, Bondsman.

Who is Elizabeth Owings b. ca. 1794 that married John Haneline in 1810, Rowan Co?


Children of Henry Owings and Elizabeth Munroe
Frances "Fanny Owings (abt. 1811)
George Owings (abt. 1812)
Mary "Polly" Owings (1813-?) m. David Holland

Fifth Generation:

Children of Robert Owings and Elizabeth Howard
Jackson Owings (1818)
Anna Owings (1820)
Carolina Owings (1822/3)
Howard Owings (1825)
Ellen Owings (1828, IN)
America Owings (1830)
Elizabeth Owings (1830)
Jane Owings (1836/7)
Robert Owings (1840) (living with his uncle Norman Asbury Owings, 1856 Louisa Co., IA


P> Children of Norman Asbury Owings and Sarah Griffin
Mary Grace Owings (1825) died in infancy
Margaret Hannah Owings (1827) m. William J. Jarvis
Edith Foster Owings (1829)
Zaddock Bradford Owings (1831-aft 1880) m. Adelia J. (1846-aft. 1880)
Henry Long Owings (1833-aft. 1880) m. Manerva (1846-?)
Lucy Jane Owings (1835)
John Armistead Owings (1837-aft. 1900) m. Cynthia (1843-aft. 1900)
Sarah Elizabeth Owings (1839)
Nancy Ellen Owings (1844)

Norman A. Owings and Sarah Griffin were married in 1824, Wayne Co., IN. The family had moved from IN to Louisa Co., Iowa by 1846. After Sarah's death in 1880, Norman moved to Umatilla Co., Oregon. In the 1850 Louisa Co., IA Census, Norman Owings is named "Norman Owens."


Descendants of William Petticoate

Personal communications with Rosamond M. Freeman for contributing the Owens/Benjamin Jarvis connection. Rosamond's email address is:

Rowan Co, NC Marriage Records

Bazaleel Owing's Will, 1826, Rowan Co NC

Owings and Allied Families 1685-1985, A Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Richard Owings I of Maryland, Compiled by Addison D. and Elizabeth S Owings

Marylanders to Carolina, Henry C. Peden, Jr.

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