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Petree Family

First Generation

As discussed at the end of our main Petree page, we are looking for the parents of Daniel Petree (1785-1859). We believe that he married Hannah Krause in 1808 and Margaret Fulk in 1823. This is supported by the continuity of baptismal records at Shiloh Lutheran church, which list Daniel and Hannah as parents of children born between 1808 and 1820, and Daniel and Margaret as parents of William W. Petree born in 1825.

Census records indicate that Margaret Fulk Petree was born about 1800. Who were her parents? Was her maiden name Fidler rather than Fulk?

Children of Daniel Petree and Hannah Krause
John Petree (1808-1840) probably m. Mary Fulk; she m. 2) George Livengood
*Abraham Petree (1810-1899) m. 1) Maria Butner (1813-1838), 2) Lucy Spach (1810-aft. 1860; married 1839), 3) Rebecca A. Lineback (1816-1891; married 1865)
Maria Margaretha Petree (1812-?) m. Francis Franklin Stultz, moved to Hamilton Co. IN
Elizabeth Petree (1814-1882) m. John Kiser (1806-1885)
Paulina Dorothea Petree (1815-?) probably m. Armstead Walker, s/o Alves Walker and Peggy Pratt
Nancy Petree (1817-?)
Isaac Petree (1819-1893) m. Sophia Shamel (1820-1901)
Christina Petree (1820-?) m. Joshua Spach (1822-?), moved to Hamilton Co. IN

*baptismal records show that Abraham Petree was born on March 1, 1810. Forsyth Co. cemetery records list him at Mt. Tabor Methodist with a birthdate of March 1, 1811. We believe that he married three times, as indicated here (whereas some genealogies distribute these three marriages among two or even three different men named Abraham Petree). The third marriage was to Rebecca Lineback, in 1865. Was this a late marriage for the daughter of Joseph Leinbach and Susanna Long? or some other Rebecca? or was Rebecca a Leinbach widow when she married Abraham Petree?

Children of Daniel Petree and Margaret Fulk
Sarah Petree (1824-?) m. John Stultz, moved to Indiana
William Wesley Petree (1825-1924) m. Antoinette Amela Starr (1826-1895), d/o Henry Stahr/Starr and Elizabeth Shouse
Jacob Petree (1827-1863) m. Henrietta S. Krause (1828-1910). Who were her parents?
Matilda Petree (ca. 1831-?) m. James Snipes, s/o James Snipes and Martha Thomason , moved to Indiana after the Civil War
*Henry Emanuel Petree (1833-1863)
John N. Petree (1833-?) m. Mary E. Stultz, Indiana

Jacob and Henry Emanuel both died in the Civil War.

*In 1850, Daniel and Margaret are shown with Henry E. and John N., both age 17. We believe that Henry E. is the same person as Emanuel Petree, buried at Mt. Tabor Methodist with the dates (1823-1863). No child Emanuel is listed in the Shiloh baptismal records, whereas Daniel and Margaret are given as the parents of William Wesley and Jacob, and no Emanuel Petree appears in the 1850 census either in Forsyth or Stokes County. Emanuel Petree married Susan Clemmons in 1853, and is listed as age 26 rather than 36 in the 1860 Forsyth Co. census. We therefore think that the cemetery record book is wrong, that he was really born in 1833 rather than 1823, and that his name was Henry Emanuel. Everything we have seems to be consistent with this interpretation.

Does the cemetery marker really say 1823, or is this an error in the published record?

Second Generation

Children of Abraham Petree and Maria Butner
James Edward Petree (1834-1906) m. 1) Matilda Shamel (1829-1897), 2) Victoria Snyder, widow of Roswell Rominger
Caroline Elizabeth Petree (b. & d. 1836)
Thomas D. Petree (b. & d. 1837)

James Jurney's Butner genealogy gives Caroline's dates as 7 Jan - 11 Mar 1836. Is she the child Carolina Petry listed in the Forsyth Co. cemetery records book as buried Bethabara Moravian, b. & d. 1831?

Children of Abraham Petree and Lucy Spach
John Joshua Petree (1840-1912) m. Angelica Justina Schultz (1842-1919)
Alexander Petree (1842-?)
Wesley Petree (ca. 1845-?)
Lydia K. Petree (1849-?) m. Lewis Hartman
[error corrected 3/12/06]
Louisa Lisetta Petree (1851-1861)

The 1850 census lists William A. age 7 and Wesley T. age 5. The 1860 lists Alexander age 17 and William W. age 15. Which one's second name was really William? They may correspond to Alexander W. Petree and Wesley T. Petree, both of whom died in the Civil War.


Children of Isaac Petree and Sophia Shamel
Susanna Petree (ca. 1846-?)
Louisa Petree (ca. 1848-?)
Calvin Petree (ca. 1850-?)
James A. Petree (1851-1932) m. 1) Christina McKnight, 2) Mary Ann Peeples
Ellen Petree (ca. 1853-?)
Elizabeth Petree (ca. 1854-?)
Isaac Nathaniel Petree (1857-1932) m. Mary J. Coltrain (1855-1931), d/o Jeffery Coltrain and Nancy Alspaugh
Jeremiah Petree (1860-1943) m. Ellen C. Jones (1859-1935), d/o Craven Jones and Lucinda Thissell
Elmira Petree (1862-1937) m. George Boose (1863-1950), s/o Timothy Boose and Rebecca Henning


Children of Emanuel Petree and Susan Clemmons
Mary Elizabeth Petree (1857-1939) m. Edwin Timothy Boose (1858-1936), ), s/o Timothy Boose and Rebecca Henning
Annie Petree (1852-1918)

After Emanuel's death in 1863, Susan married Lewis Joiner.


Children of William Wesley Petree and Antoinette Amelia Starr
John H. Petree (probably 1848-1897) m. Cornelia Renigar (1853-1916)
Julius Petree (ca. 1850-1915) m. Cornelia Long (1849-1915)
Charles Alexander Petree (1856-?)
James Edward Petree (1859-1945) m. Mary Maria Lashmit (1866-1951)
Alice Margaret Petree (1861-1950), apparently didn't marry


Children of Jacob Petree and Henrietta Krause
Margaret Rebecca Petree (1849-1930)
Amanda Petree (1850-1910)
Benjamin Petree (ca. 1853-?) moved to Dallas Co. MO, m. Eliza Olinger there
**Mary J. Petree (ca. 1854-1914) m. Timothy Boose (1832-1903), s/o George and Catherine Boose; Mary was his third wife
Newton Petree (1856-1888)
William Robert Petree (1859-1935) m. Harriet C. Hege (1858-1914)

Charles Petree appears in the 1870 census age 3 months, born March 1870. Henrietta age 44 is head of household. We suspect Charles was the son of one of the Petree daughters, all three of whom are living at home in 1870. By 1880 Mary is married, but Rebecca and Amanda are still with their mother. Charles does not appear in the Forsyth Co. 1880 census.

**Previously we listed Jacob's daughter Mary as the one born 1857 who married Edward Boose. Marriage license records show this couple to be Mary Elizabeth Petree, d/o Emanuel Petree and Susan Clemmons, and Edwin Timothy Boose. Edwin was the son of Timothy Boose, Mary J.'s husband, by his first wife Rebecca Henning.

Third Generation

Children of James Edward Petree and Matilda Shamel
Cornelia A. Petree (1856-1925) m. George A. Jones, s/o Craven and Lucinda Jones
Aurelius L. Petree (ca. 1859-?) m. 1) Eulela Fenel, 2) Elizabeth Jane Winecoff, lived Greensboro NC
Edna Jane Petree (1862-1947) m. John A. Alspaugh (1860-1917)
Erastus Lee Petree (1863-1886)
Flavius Petree (ca. 1866-1890) m. Mattie Kimbrough in Alabama
Flora Petree (dates uncertain, grave marker illegible) died at age 4
Sarah Petree (ca. 1867-?) died in childhood
Ida L. Petree (ca. 1872-1961) m. James Nathaniel Ziglar (1868-1943)


Children of John Joshua Petree and Angelica Schultz
Robert Parmenio Petree (1864-1938) m. Florence L. Anderson (d. 1940), d/o Sanford and Henrietta Anderson
infant son (d. 1865)
Lillie B. Petree (ca. 1867-1928) m. William Lee Richmond


Children of James A. Petree and Christina McKnight
Isaac Elisha Petree (ca. 1874-1950) m. Bertha Dillworth

Children of James A. Petree and Mary Ann Peeples
James Martin Petree (ca. 1876-1943) m. Lillie Conrad (1879-1950), d/o George Dallas Conrad and Clementine Rebecca Cornish
Gillie B. Petree (1884-1907)


Children of Isaac Nathaniel Petree and Mary J. Coltrain
Clinton L. Petree (ca. 1880-1935) m. Crissie J. Johnson
Ethel F. Petree (1890-1904)
Daisy V. Petree (1881-1888)


Children of Jeremiah Petree and Ellen Jones
Lola C. Petree (ca. 1887-1939)
Claude Rufus Petree (ca. 1892-1971) m. Sarah A. Norman
William M. Petree (ca. 1894-1968) m. Ruth Pfaff, d/o Walter Pfaff and Mary Conrad


This extended family was reconstructed primarily from census, cemetery and marriage records, and was first uploaded on April 2, 2004. Thanks to Suzie Nuckols for additional information, added March 12, 2006.

©, 2004-2007 Faye Jarvis Moran

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