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First Generation

Jacob Ried was born in 1735, son of Johann Georg Ried and Magdalena Eichorn of Landensteinbach, Baden Durlach, Germany, and came with his parents to Broad Bay, Maine, in 1752. He married Elisabeth Barbara Rominger (1741-1829) in Broad Bay about 1760, and came with her to North Carolina in December 1770. He died in 1819.

The name becomes Reed or Reid in some families. We have left it as Ried throughout this page.

Second Generation

Children of Jacob Ried and Elizabeth Barbara Rominger
George Michael Ried (1761-1771)
Johannes Ried (1763-?) m. Margaretha Roth
David Ried (1764-1785)
Daniel Ried (died in a fall on the voyage from Maine to NC)
Elizabeth Ried (1767-1801) m. David Schneider (1762-1828)
Magdalena Ried (1768-1771). She died only a week after the family arrived in North Carolina, and was the first person buried at Friedland Moravian graveyard.
Friedrich Ried (1770-1781)
Sophia Salome Ried (1771-1775)
George Ried (1773-1782)
Jacob Ried (1774-1843) m. Anna Maria Hummel (1776-1857), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN
Christina Magdalena Ried (1776-1778)
Philip Martin Ried (1778-1822), did not marry
Catharina Ried (1779-1808) m. Christian Nissen (1780-1853)
Johann Samuel Ried (1782-1849) m. Elisabeth Lagenauer (1782-1861)
Carl (Charles) Ried (1783-1867) m. Elizabeth Vogler (1791-1859)
Christian Ludwig (Lewis Christian) Ried (1785-1875) m. Rachel Charles (1779-1863), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN
Matthaeus Ried

Third Generation

Children of Johannes Ried and Margaretha Roth
Catharina Ried (1787-1788)
Catharina Ried (b. & d. 1793)


Children of Jacob Ried and Anna Maria Hummel
Thomas Jeffrey Ried (1801-1891) m. Catharine Ply (1809-1871); descendants spell the name Reed
Elizabeth Ried (1803-1833) m. Michael Lewis (1799-1860), moved to Indiana
Solomon Ried (1806-1837) m. Susan Snider
Christian Eli Ried (1808-1900) m. Catherine Snider (1804-1884), sister of Susan
Verona Ried (1810-1895) m. Benjamin Petticord (1808-1850)
Joseph Ried (1812-1894) m. Verona Florina Ziegler
David Samuel Ried (1814-1886) m. 1) Caroline Catherine Ziegler (1819-1847), sister of Verona Florina;
m. 2) Lavinia Sowers (1830-1901), daughter of Mattheus Saur and Rebecca Spach
Jonas Frederic Ried (1816-1843) m. Elisabeth Billeter (1821-1891); she married 2) Christian Ried, son of Johann Samuel Ried
Anna Carolina Ried (1818-1885) m. Eli Ziegler (1820-1901)


Children of Johann Samuel Ried and Elisabeth Lagenauer
Christian Ried (1814-1894) m. Elizabeth Billeter (1821-1891)
John Jacob Ried
John Ried (1822-1824)
Philip Reed (1825-1898) m. Sarah Craver (ca. 1825-1900)
Thomas Reed (ca. 1827-?)

There was one other child whose name is unknown. Could that child be Catherine Reed who was born in 1816 and married Phillips Winfield Hine in 1839, Stokes County, NC? Catherine and Phillips moved to central Indiana in 1852. Jan Pritchett is researching this line. Jan's email address is:

Alternatively, could the missing child be Henry Reed (1818-1880), who married Matilda Snider in 1845?


Children of Charles Ried and Elizabeth Vogler
George Ried (1809-1847) m. Maria Margaretha Hein (1804-1884)
Christian Emanuel Ried (1817-1875) m. Nancy Ann Lowder (1824-1881)
Philipina Matilda Ried (1820-1826)
Florina Ried (1826-1905)
Nancy B.L. Ried (ca. 1830-?)
Charles A. Ried (ca. 1833-?)


Children of Lewis Christian Ried and Rachel Charles
Leven C. Ried (1811-1862)
Mary Ried (1816-1895)
Christian Lewis Ried (1819-?) m. Elizabeth Lortz (1829-?)

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Jeffrey Ried and Catharine Ply
John Calvin Ried (1827-?)
Maria Elisabeth Ried (1828-?)
Verona Paulina Ried (1830-?) m. Simon F. Rominger
William Jeffrey Ried (1832-1904) m. Margaret Lortz
Rebecca Ried (1835-1855) m. James Scott Mount
Susannah Ried (1837-1918) m. Lewis Hine (1835-1912), lived Jasper Co. MO
Henry M. Ried (1839-1848)
Jeremiah Ried (1840-1848)
Thomas M. Ried (1844-1848)
Ezra Ried (1845-1912) m. Mary E. Williams (1846-1913)
Florina Catherine Ried (1846-1880) m. Charles M. Thurston (1844-1870)
Elmina Ried (1849-1910) m. Joseph Marion Hitchcock
Carolina Ried (1851-1932) m. Lewis E. Davis (1847-1940), s/o John Davis and Elizabeth Clauss
Margaret Ried (1853-1937) m. Benjamin Robertson
Sarah Jane Ried (1856-1939) m. 1) Hiram Bowling, 2) James M. Newton


Children of Solomon Ried and Susan Snider
Isaac Valentine Ried (1833-1921) m. 1) Elizabeth Foster, 2) Rachel Ann Howe
Elizabeth Ried. Did she marry J.N. Hine in 1866?


Children of Christian Eli Ried and Catherine Snider
Cornelius D. Ried (ca. 1833-?) m. Amanda Lortz
Mary Ann Ried
Clarinda Ried
Susan Ried
William H. Ried
Levina L. Ried
Nancy C. Ried
Benjamin Ried


Children of Joseph Ried and Verona Florina Ziegler
Sanford Alexander Ried m. Elizabeth Drake
Mary E. Ried m. Levi Snyder
Eliza Ried
Matilda Rebecca Ried
Sophia Ried m. Charles Sowers, son of Mattheus Saur and Rebecca Spach
Anna F. Ried
Amy Caroline Ried


Children of David Samuel Ried and Caroline Catherine Ziegler
Anna Melinda Ried (b. & d. 1842)
Thomas Wesley Ried (1845-1848)
Mary Zynilla Ried (1847-1897)

Children of David Samuel Ried and Lavinia Sowers
Franklin Melvin Ried (1850-1930) m. Matilda Ziegler (1848-1930)
Samuel Christian Ried (b. & d. 1852)
Bennett M. Ried (b. & d. 1854)
Maria Emeline Ried (1855-1873) m. John Phillippi
Martin Charles Ried (1857-1936) m. 1) Elmira Petree, 2) Sarah E. Jones
Amos Cornelius Ried (1859-1938)
John Henry Ried (1861-1862)
Charity Rebecca Ried (1863-1943) m. Lewis Petree
Clara Anna Ried (1866-1894)
Emanuel Ulysses Ried (1870-1894)


Children of Christian Ried and Elizabeth Billeter
Mary Lauretta Ried (1848-1864)
Cornelia Adelaide Ried (1850-?), married John Linville
Leo Ried (1852-?)
Alice Ried (b. & d. 1857)
Christian Frederick Ried (1859-1900) m. Laura Eugenia Grabs (1856-1938)


Children of Henry Reed and Matilda Snider
Andrew Lafayette Reed (ca. 1846-aft. 1880) m. Mariah C. Fishel, d/o John Fishel and Anna Susanna Ginder
Gideon L. Reed (1847-1908) m. Phebe T. Jones (1845-1930), d/o Samuel Jones and Eliza Bodenhamer
Christina Reed (1850?-1931) m. John W. Welch (ca. 1846-1922)
Catherine Reed (1852-1911) m. David L. Jones (1847-1942), Phebe T.'s brother
Philip R. Reed (1854-1923) m. Hulda M. Tesh (1856-1928)


Children of George Ried and Maria Margaretha Hein
Sally M.F. Ried (1836-1852)
Samuel E.A. Ried (1838-1904) m. Elizabeth Crouch (1844-1911)
Charles Lewis Marion Ried (1840-1852)
Joseph A.L. Ried (1845-1920) m. Anna Lodimma Smith (1848-1911) (Who is Amanda M. Reed (b. 1829) living with this family in 1850. Could she be George's younger sister?)


Children of Christian Emanuel Ried and Nancy Ann Lowder
Jonathan Permanio Ried (c.1845-?)
Mary Elizabeth Ried (1848-1889) m. John Nelson Hine (1842-1914)
Julius C. Ried (1850-1937)
Martha Jane Ried (ca. 1852-1921) m. William Ledford
John A. Ried/Reed (1854-1928) m. 1) Matilda Malissa Frey (1858-1887), 2) Madora Paulina Weavil (1859-?), d/o Walter Weavil and Sarah Maria Phillips
Lewis Ried (c.1856-?) m. Laura L. Crews
Lucinda A. Ried (c.1858-1937) m. John A. Weavil, s/o Andrew Weavil and Sarah Smith
Sarah L. Ried (1861-1883) m. James R. Myers (1860-1926), s/o Julia Myers and Wesley Rominger
Penelope Ried (1862-1864)
Phebe R. Ried (1864-1866)
Christian Emanuel Ried (1867-1953) m. Martha A. Williard (1869-1955), d/o David Williard and Leah Smith
Alice Ried (1869-1959) m. C.E. Carter
[her death date corrected 9/30/07]


Children of Christian Frederick Ried and Laura Eugenia Grabs
Fred Alexander Reed (1883-1957)
Paul L. Reed (1885-1909)
Lillian Gertrude Reed (1888-1950) m. Numa M. Shore (1881-1973), s/o David Shore and Victoria Daniels
Christian Henry Reed (1890-1962) m. Maida Beatrice Strupe (1891-1962), d/o Luther Armenius Strupe and Myrtilla Vest
Ralph Alton Reed (1892-1980)


Children of Samuel E.A. Ried and Elizabeth Crouch
George Reed (1868-1942) m. Mattie Elizabeth Holder (1870-1907), d/o Jesse Holder and Nancy Malinda Martin
Joseph W. Reed (1869-1952)


Thanks to Diane Wills for information on this family!

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Old Broad Bay Bund and Blatt, newsletters and information from Will Whitaker, 6094 So. Glenoaks Dr., Murray UT 84107-7661

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