Isaac Bledsoe Family

Isaac Bledsoe, Sr. was born in 1703 in Northumberland County, VA.  In 1728 he married Mary, maiden name unknown, in Spotsylvania County.  Isaac died in Johnston Co., NC in 1760, he was 57.

First Generation

Children of Isaac Bledsoe, Sr. and Mary
Isaac Bledsoe, Jr. (abt. 1730)
John Bledsoe (abt. 1733)
Mary Bledsoe (abt. 1736)
Eliza Bledsoe (abt. 1740)
Benjamin Bledsoe (abt. 1745-1805) m. Sarah Chew? (died in Knox Co., TN)
Milly Bledsoe (abt. 1747)

Second Generation

Children of Benjamin Bledsoe and Sarah Chew?
Larkin Bledsoe (1770-aft. 1850) m. Frances Williams (abt. 1751-abt. 1851), d/o Lewis Williams
Elizabeth Bledsoe (abt. 1772)
William Bledsoe (1773) m. Judah (abt. 1775) (3 unnamed children)
Isaac Bledsoe (abt. 1774) (born in Surry Co., NC)
Benjamin Bledsoe (1773-abt. 1830) m. Elizabeth Morton (abt. 1780), d/o Patrick Morton
Gilly Bledsoe (abt. 1778) m. ? Brock
Sarah Bledsoe (abt. 1782)
John Bledsoe (abt. 1783)
Polly Bledsoe (abt. 1784)
Nancy Bledsoe (abt. 1786)

Third Generation

Children of Larkin Bledsoe and Frances Williams
Wiley Bledsoe (abt. 1748-aft. 1810) m. Elizabeth Campbell
Lewis Bledsoe (abt. 1792-1877) m. Mary (Polly) Marsh (abt. 1792-1876),
d/o Minor Marsh and Anne Johnson
Arthur P. Bledsoe (abt. 1795-1895) m. 1) Mary (Polly) Stanley (abt. 1798-abt. 1855)
2) Sarah McCollum Walker (abt. 1825-1902), d/o Samuel and Huldah Walker
Delila (Gillie) Bledsoe (abt. 1797-abt. 1855) m. Jesse Norton (abt. 1795)
Jonathan (Haywood) Bledsoe (abt. 1800-abt. 1875) m. Lucinda (Cinda) Oliver (abt. 1812-aft. 1880)
Sarah Bledsoe (abt. 1805-aft. 1870) m. David Bray, Jr. (1779-1850)
Lucinda J. (Lucy) Bledsoe (1815-1902) m. John A. Walker (abt. 1802)


Children of Benjamin Bledsoe and Elizabeth Morton
Levi Bledsoe (1801-1890) m. Jane Roy (1809-1890) (died in Littlegrove, IL)
Benjamin F. Bledsoe (1803-1870) m. 1) Millie Breeden (1812-1865) (born in Nashboro, TN);
  2) Mary Jane Foster (1835-1914)
unknown child (1806)
William Bledsoe (abt. 1808) m. Betsey Kissie
Larkin Bledsoe (abt. 1810)
Andrew Jackson Bledsoe (1815-1883) m. 1) Mary (Polly) Nobitt; 2) Mary Calder (died in Knox, MO) Lucinda (1818)

Fourth Generation

Children of Wiley Bledsoe and Elizabeth Campbell
Josiah W. Bledsoe (abt 1820) m. Katherine Barker
A. J. Bledsoe (abt 1829)
Sirenado Bledsoe (abt. 1830)
Mary E. Bledsoe (abt. 1832)
Van Buren Bledsoe (abt. 1836) m. Elizabeth Carter
Andrew J. Bledsoe (abt. 1839)
Elizabeth Bledsoe (abt. 1840)
Unice Bledsoe (abt. 1842)
Tennessee Bledsoe (abt. 1844)
Frances Clementine Bledsoe (abt. 1847) m. James B. Powell


Children of Lewis Bledsoe and Mary (Polly) Marsh
Anna Bledsoe (abt. 1825)
Matilda Bledsoe (abt. 1825-aft. 1907) m. Denson A. Poindexter (1834-1916)
s/o Alexander Poindexter and Sarah P. Douglas
Mary (Polly) Bledsoe (1827-1903) m. John R. Strange
Jonathan H. Bledsoe (1829-1904) m. Lucinda Ann (Lucy) Jenkins (abt. 1831-abt. 1895)
Charlotte Temple Bledsoe (1832-1912) m. 1) William Robert Jackson (?-bef. 1860);
2) William Isaiah Warden, s/o Isaiah Warden (1845-1914) and Paulina Gregory
Lucretia Bledsoe (1833-aft. 1908) m. David Francis Poindexter (1833-1901),
s/o Archibald Poindexter and Matilda Overby


Children of Arthur P. Bledsoe and 1) Mary (Polly) Stanley
Louisa Bledsoe (abt. 1828-aft. 1894)
James Bledsoe (abt. 1830-abt. 1865)
Catharine Bledsoe (abt. 1838-1905) m. 1) Enoch Corder (abt. 1839-1863),
s/o William Corder and Frances Lawson; 2) Robert P. (Bob) White (1815-1904)


Children of Arthur P. Bledsoe and 2) Sarah Walker McCollum
Susan Bledsoe (abt. 1857)
Leonard Bledsoe (abt. 1858)
Solomon Bledsoe (abt. 1862)


Children of Delila (Gillie) Bledsoe and Jesse Norton
Terrell Bledsoe (1823-1893)
Frances (Frankey) Bledsoe (abt. 1827-abt. 1848)
Larkin Bledsoe
James Bledsoe
Nicholas Bledsoe


Children of Jonathan (Haywood) Bledsoe and Lucinda (Cinda) Oliver
unnamed female (abt. 1832)
unnamed female (abt. 1834)
Etha (Matilda) Bledsoe (abt. 1836)
Henry H. Bledsoe (abt. 1837)
William Bledsoe (abt. 1839)
Alexander Bledsoe (abt. 1841)
Simeon Bledsoe (1842) m. Elizabeth (Betty) Jenkins (abt. 1829-abt. 1895)
Nancy Jane Bledsoe (abt. 1853-abt. 1885) m. William H. (Bill) Jenkins (1857-1940)
Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Bledsoe (1867-1945) m. William H. (Bill) Jenkins (1857-1940)


Children of Sarah Bledsoe
Christopher Columbus (Chris) Bledsoe (1839-1905)


Children of Lucinda J. (Lucy) Bledsoe and John A. Walker
Lydia Walker (1841-1930)


Children of Benjamin F. Bledsoe and 1) Millie Breeden
Richard O. Bledsoe (1833)
Harden B. Bledsoe (1836)
Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann Bledsoe (1841)
Clarissa Ann Bledsoe (1844-1925)
Harbin B. Bledsoe (abt. 1850)
Emmaline (Emma) Bledsoe (1853-1854)

Fifth Generation

Children of Anna Bledsoe
Isabella Bledsoe (abt. 1844)


Children of Mary (Polly) Bledsoe and John R. Strange
Mary A. Strange (1846-bef. 1905)
John R. Strange (1848-1937)
Clarissa Jane Strange (1850) (Illegitimate)


Children of Catherine Bledsoe and Enoch Corder
Emma Mary (Matilda) Corder (1861-abt. 1905)
John Henry Corder (1867-1955)
Louisa Eliza (Teent) Corder (1872-1959)


Children of Simeon Bledsoe and Elizabeth (Betty) Jenkins
Lydia Jane Bledsoe (1864-1955) m. Joseph L. (Joe) Stanley (abt. 1862-1945)


Children of Jonathan H. Bledsoe and Lucinda Ann Jenkins
Thomas Bledsoe (abt. 1852) m. Melissa J. Jackson (abt. 1854),
d/o Wm. Robert Jackson and Charlotte Temple Bledsoe
John M. Bledsoe (1852) m. Molly F. Hudson (abt. 1867),
d/o Drury Jackson Hudson and Mary Ellen McGee
J. B. Gilbert Bledsoe (1857-1923) m. Mary J. (Molly) Stanley (1860-1942)
Lewis Bledsoe (abt. 1862)
Hiram W. Bledsoe (1864-1921) m. Sarah A. (Sally) Stanley (1867-1949)
Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Bledsoe (1867-1945)
William J. Bledsoe (abt. 1871)


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