John White, Sr. Family

John White, Sr. was born about 1770 in Mecklenburg County, VA and died in Surry County, NC on Jan 31, 1852. John married Elizabeth Callahan who was also born in Mecklenburg County in about 1772. Elizabeth died in Surry County about 1855.

First Generation

Children of John White, Sr. and Elizabeth Callahan
Elizabeth White (abt. 1795) m. John Shelnutt (m. in Wilkes Co., NC)
Etha Malinda White (1797-1878) m. Rev. William Gates
Albert White (abt. 1800-1884) m. 1) Margaret Moore (abt. 1802-1845); 2) Mary (Polly) Wilmoth; 3)
Joseph Pearson (Joe) White (abt. 1802-abt. 1881) m. Temperance (Tempy) Wilmoth (1802-1881)
John (Jack) White (abt. 1805-abt. 1875) m. Sarah Hodges
Joel White (abt. 1807) m. Zilpha
Riley White (abt. 1809-1831) m. Sally Nichols
Mariah White (abt. 1814) m. James Marsh
Henrietta White (abt. 1814-bef. 1870) m. Moses Linville (1802-1881) (lived on Tom's Creek in Surry County)
Robert P. (Bob) White (1815-1904) m. Nancy Snow; 2) Catherine Bledsoe (abt. 1838-1905)
Littleberry White (abt. 1819) m. Joyce

Second Generation

Children of Etha Malinda White and Rev. William Gates
Elizabeth Gates (1825-1908) m. Thomas Tucker Snow (1826-1904)
Mathe E. (Matt) Gates


Children of Albert White and 1) Margaret Moore
William White (1822-1907) m. Mary (Polly) Smith (1823-1907), d/o Aflred Smith and Sarah Jordan
Martha J. (Patsy) White (1824-1907) m. John Edmond Stanley (1814-1897)
Harden White (1825-1850) m. Nancy Axsom
Frances (Franka) White (1827-1910) m. Jesse (Smith) Stanley
John White (1830-1922) m. Elizabeth Ann Quinn
Nancy White (1832-abt. 1905)
Sarah (Sally) White (abt. 1836-1891) m. William Childress


Children of Albert White and 2) Mary (Polly) Wilmoth
Thomas Bush White (1844-1927) m. Dicy Green (died in Nebraska)
Andrew Houston White (abt. 1849)
Robert Henderson (Hen) White (abt. 1852-abt. 1895) m. 1) Letitia Elizabeth (Lettie) Bray (abt. 1850-abt. 1884)
2) Elizabeth Adams
child White (abt. 1854-bef. 1860)
Lucinda (Lucy) White (abt. 1856-1878) m. David R. Dooley
Romulus Sanders (San) White (1858-1943) m. Mary Jane Delaine Adams
Henry Clay White (1860-1904) m. Nancy E. Bray (1861-1919)
child White (abt. 1862-bef. 1870)
Mary (Alice) White (1864-1947) m. Martin Van Buren Smith (1859-1934),
s/o Jonathan Smith and Elizabeth Marsh


Children of Joseph Pearson White and Temperance Wilmoth
Elizabeth White (abt. 1831-abt. 1876) m. Robert J. White
James Pearson White (abt. 1833-1862) m. Mary Beasley (1843-1918)
Etha Malinda White (abt. 1836-aft. 1907) m. John Cave (abt. 1829-1903)
Nancy Ann White (1840-aft. 1900) m. William Penn Nixon (1828-1897)
Chloe White (abt. 1841-abt. 1880) m. Henry Linville
Sarah (Sally) White (1844-1913) m. 1) John (Welcome) White; 2) Elisha (Spencer) White (1850-1922)
Robert L. (Bob) White (1845-aft. 1900) m. Sarah Cave
Thomas J. (Tom) White (1851-1922) m. Joanna Wilmoth Lyon (1852-1910)


Children of John (Jack) White and Sarah Hodges
Nancy White (1833-1881) m. William Howard Poindexter (1829-1902)
Basheba (Sheba) White (1839-1919) m. Richard R. Poindexter (1815-1896)
Sarah (Sallie) White (1848-1912)
Robert J. White (1828-aft. 1907) m. 1) Elizabeth White (abt. 1831-abt. 1876); 2) Mary Ann Atkins (1838-aft. 1900)


Children of Mariah White and James Marsh
John Marsh (abt.1845-1863)


Children of Robert P. (Bob) White and Nancy Snow
Richard C. White
Matilda A. (Tildie) White (abt. 1853)

Third Generation

Children of William White and Mary (Polly) Smith
Clearcy White (1861-1929) m. Joseph Wilson (Joe) Stanley
Albert White


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