Jacob Bullin Family

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First Generation

Children of Jacob Bullin and Mary (Polly) Butcher
Sarah Bullin (abt. 1794)
unnamed child (abt. 1800)
unnamed child (abt. 1802)
unnamed child (abt. (1804)
unnamed child (abt. 1806)
William Bullin (abt. 1810-1875) m. Sarah (Sally) Holyfield (abt. 1812-1881), d/o Eleanor (Nelly) Holyfield
unnamed child (abt. 1812)
Sarah (Sally) Bullin (abt. 1815) m. Rice Key
Charles Bullin (abt. 1817-aft. 1880) m. 1) Eleanor Holyfield (abt. 1818-1873),
  d/o Valentine Holyfield and Sarah (Sally) Wooten; 2) Evelina/Paulina Evans (1826-1900)
Mary (Polly) Bullin (1820-aft. 1900) m. Thomas Wood, Jr. (abt. 1814-bef. 1876)

Second Generation

Children of William Bullin and Sarah Holyfield
Jesse Bullin (abt. 1831-1863)
Edmund Bullin (1833-1901) m. Martha Snow (1830-abt. 1888)
Eleanor (Nelly) Bullin (abt. 1835)
Nancy Jane Bullin (1836-1905)
James Bullin (abt. 1838-aft. 1900)
Joel Bullin (abt. 1841-1862)
Elizabeth (Bettie) Bullin (1842-1920)
George Bullin (abt. 1845) m. Delilah Coe (1845-)
Margaret Bullin (1849-aft. 1900)
Martha E. Bullin (1851-1918)
William M. Bullin (1853-1921)
John B. Bullin (1854-1911)


Children of Charles Bullin and Eleanor Holyfield
Milly Bullin (abt. 1836-1893)
Sarah (Sally) Bullin (abt. 1838-1900)
William Bullin (1840-1926)
Julia Bullin (abt. 1842)
Henry Bullin (abt. 1846-1870)
Ester Bullen (1850-aft. 1870)
Samuel Wesley Bullin (1849-1931)
Martha E. Bullin (abt. 1857-abt. 1887)

Third Generation

Children of Edmund Bullin and Martha Snow
Mary Jane Bullin (1856-1924) m. Darias R. Bingman
Victoria Bullin (1857-1858)
Lillian M. Bullin (1860-1935) m. James Draughn (1852)


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