Thomas Wood Family

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First Generation

Children of Thomas Wood and Elizabeth (Betsy) Butcher
John Wood (abt. 1810) m. Martha (Mattie) Bray (abt. 1813)
Bird Wood (abt. 1812-aft. 1876) m. Nancy Mankins (abt. 1815), (died in Miami Co., OH)
  d/o Stephen Mankins and Elizabeth
Thomas Wood (abt. 1814-1876) m. Mary (Polly) Bullin (1820-aft. 1900)
Andrew Jackson (Andy) Wood (abt. 1816-1876) m. Lucinda Holyfield (abt. 1815-1876),
d/o John Holyfield and Mahalia Caudle
Elizabeth (Betsy) Wood (abt. 1818)
Henry Butcher Wood (abt. 1820-1895) m. Mary (Polly) Smith (abt. 1819), d/o Henry and Sally Smith
Cynthia Wood (abt. 1822)
Sabra (Sabey) Wood (1826-1912) m. William R. Doss, Jr.
William Riley (Lee) Wood (abt. 1830-1860) m. Margaret (Peggy) Stanley (abt. 1824-bef. 1894)

Second Generation

Children of John Wood and Martha (Mattie) Bray
Nathan Wood (abt. 1837)
Hardin T. Wood (abt. 1838)
Hiram Wood (1848)


Children of Thomas Wood, Jr. and Mary (Polly) Bullin
Leander (Lee) Wood (1841-1924)
Ginsey (abt. 1845)
Harden Wood (abt. 1846)
Huldah Wood (1848)
Mary Wood (abt. 1850-abt. 1884)
Riley Wood (abt. 1851)
Washington Wood (abt. 1857)
William L. Wood (1859-1936)


Children of Andrew Jackson (Andy) Wood and Lucinda Holyfield
Dempson (Dempsie) Wood (1842-1908) m. Emmaline (Emmy) Bowles (1842-1922)
Martha Wood (1844-1908)
John R. Wood (1846-1928)
Mahala E. Wood (1849-1942)
Mary Wood (1850-1873)
William Jefferson (Bill) Wood (1855-1914)
Sabra Wood (1854-1918) m. William R. Doss (1849-1921),
s/o Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) Doss and Elizabeth Holyfield
Rosey Wood (abt. 1856-abt. 1895)
Sarah Ellen (Susan) Wood (1860-1944)
Ann Regina (1861-1892)
Lydia Wood (1865-1936) m. Rufus Madison (Matt) Hardy (1870-1942)
Louisa V. Wood (1867)

23 Nov 1876 - Surry Co., NC: From People's Press Newspaper: "On night of election Mrs. Wood, widow of Andrew Wood, who has been complaining, rose from her bed and started to the fire when she fell dead across the hearth."


Children of Sabra (Sabey) Wood and William Doss, Jr.
Andrew Jackson Doss (1848-1933) m. Lucretia Brown (1848-1939)
Emmaline Doss (1849)
Lucinda Doss (1850-1938) m. John William Butcher (1852-1922)
Burl J. Doss (1853-1894)
Martha M. Doss (1854)
Adaline Doss (1856-1931)
Virgil (Rush) Doss (1859-1934)
Jefferson Davis Doss (1861-1934)
Columbus (Houston) Doss (1863-1948)
Nancy Emline Doss (1866-1933)
Henry Franklin Doss (1870-1947)


Children of Henry Butcher Wood and Mary (Polly) Smith
Benjamin Franklin Wood (1840-1908)
William Henry (Will) Wood (1845)
Elizabeth Jane Wood (abt. 1848)
Cornelius or Cornelia Wood (1850-aft. 1860)
John Wesley (Coon) Wood (1853-1915)
Mary Ann Wood (1854-aft. 1925)
Jesse Masten Wood (1860-1920)


Children of William Riley Wood Sr. and Margaret (Peggy) Stanley
Sion (Si) Wood (1854-1923)
Emma Amelia (Amy) Wood (1855-1938) m. Thomas Edward Snow (1850-1926)
Ira Wood (1857-1942)
William Riley Wood, Jr. (1860-1930)

Third Generation

Children of Sabra Wood and William R. Doss
William Matthew (Matt) Wood (1874-1932) m. 1) Sarah E. Snow,
d/o James (Lacy) W. Snow and Nancy L. Copeland; 2) Lettie V. Williams
Male Wood (abt. 1876-bef. 1880)
James Luther Wood (1881-1970) m. Lethia Briggs
Ada Elizabeth Wood (1882-1967) m. Dr. John Franklin Williams
Sabra (Ola) Wood m. Joseph (Joe) Dobson
Grover Wood (1891-1974) m. Clarice N.
Flora Wood (1895-1982) m. Robert Israel Briggs
Female Doss (1898-1898)

All of the above children were born prior to the marriage of Sabra Wood and Wm. R. Doss, and all went by the surname of Wood except for the last child who is buried as a Doss.


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