Frost And Snow, Sr. Family

Frost And Snow, Sr. was born about 1730 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died in Surry County, North Carolina in 1813. We was married to Elizabeth Johnson, a daughter of John Johnson and Elinor Davis in Albemarle County about 1755. Elizabeth also died in Surry County, NC, about 1820.

First Generation

Children of Frost And Snow and Elinor Davis
Frost And Snow, Jr. (abt. 1756-1852) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ballard (abt. 1761-bef. 1852),
d/o Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Ballard
Jane (Jennie) Snow (abt. 1760-abt. 1849) m. Bartlett Cave
Frances Snow (abt. 1763-abt. 1845) m. John Cave (1764-aft. 1850)
Richard Snow (1766) m. unknown Hale (died in Carroll Co., VA)
Thomas Snow (abt. 1770-1818) m. Elizabeth Hale Burris (died in Roane Co., TN)
Anne (Adrianna?) Snow (abt. 1772-abt. 1824) m. Benjamin Taliaferro
Johnson Snow (abt. 1772-abt. 1855) m. Elizabeth
Daughter Snow (abt. 1776)
Daughter Snow (abt. 1778)
Nancy Snow (abt. 1780-abt. 1855) m. Henry Beamer
Ice And Snow (1781-1860) m. Mary Haynes (1791-1864) (died in Clinton Co., OH)
Hail Snow (abt. 1782-1885) m. Susan Thompson (died in Carroll Co., VA)

Second Generation

Children of Frost And Snow, Jr. and Elizabeth (Betsy) Ballard
William Snow (abt. 1784-1861) m. Sarah (Sally) Tucker
Thomas (Tom) Snow (abt. 1787-1843) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Wilmoth (1789-abt. 1845)
John Snow (1790-1851) m. Frances Easley (died in Lone Jack, MO)
James Snow (abt. 1793-1872) m. Allie Elizabeth Cave (abt. 1805-aft. 1880), (died in Lone Jack, MO)
d/o Bartlett Cave and Jane (Jennie) Snow
Elizabeth Snow (bef. 1798-bef. 1856) m. Stephen Wilmoth (1793-1861)
Richard (Dick) Snow (1801-1871) m. Sarah (Sally) Tucker (1798)
Mary (Polly) Snow (abt. 1803) m. Joseph (or James?) Norman
Bird Snow (1809-1893) m. Eliza Jane Harris


Children of Jane (Jennie) Snow and Bartlett Cave
Lucy Cave (1797)
Galen Cave (twin) (1800-1851)
Algias Cave (twin) (1800-1842)
Allie Elizabeth Cave (abt. 1805-aft. 1880) m. James Snow (abt. 1793-1872),
s/o Frost And Snow and Elizabeth Ballard
John Snow Cave (1809-1863)
Mary (Polly) Cave (abt. 1815-abt. 1821)
Charlotte Cave (1818-1905)


Children of Frances Snow and John Cave
Anna Cave (1788-1843) m. James Tucker
Sarah Cave (abt. 1793) m. Obadiah Hudson
John Cave (1795-bef. 1870) m. Jane Tolbert (died in Greene Co., MO)
Elias Cave (abt. 1798)
Charlotte (Lottie) Cave (abt. 1798-abt. 1881) m. Richard Golding (abt. 1799-abt. 1835), Jr.,
s/o Richard Golding and Ann Walton
Thomas Cave (abt. 1805) m. Elizabeth Beamer, d/o Henry Beamer and Nancy Snow


Children of Nancy Snow and Henry Beamer
Elizabeth Beamer m. Thomas Cave (abt. 1850), d/o Frances Snow and John Cave


Children of Ice And Snow and Mary Haynes
Catherine Snow (abt. 1810) m. Alexander Haynes
Sarah Snow (abt. 1812-bef. 1883) m. Michael Ayers
Thomas Snow (abt. 1813) m. Mary Daniels
Robert Snow (1815-1892) m. Frances Ellen Doggett (died in Clinton, OH)
Frost And Snow (abt. 1817-1887) m. Easter Myers (died in Clinton, OH)
Fielding Snow (abt. 1819) m. Elizabeth
Granville Snow (abt. 1827) m. Rebecca Runnels
Maletha R. Snow (abt. 1828-1880) m. James McKee

Third Generation

Children of Thomas (Tom) Snow and Elizabeth (Betsy) Wilmoth
Calvin Snow (abt. 1813-1863) m. Elizabeth Cockerham
Ruel Snow (abt. 1814) m. Frances Golding
James C. Snow (abt. 1816-bef. 1880) m. Mary Ann Walker (abt. 1816-aft. 1880) (died in Pulaski Co., AR)
Jane (Jennie) Snow (1818-bef. 1900) m. James Golding (abt. 1814-1876),
s/o Thomas Golding and Elizabeth Cook
Frost Snow (abt. 1820-abt. 1848) m. Sarah (Sally) Harris (abt. 1823)
Henry Beamer Snow (1821-1907) m. 1) Mary Murilla McAnally (1830-1865);
2) Elizabeth Myra (Lizzie) Axsom (1840-1922)
Eliza Snow (abt. 1823)
Mary Ann Snow (1827-1897) m. John Videl Franklin
Malinda (Linda) Snow (abt. 1827-abt. 1851) m. James (Lacy) W. Snow (1821-1908),
s/o Ruel and Chloe Wilmoth


Children of Richard (Dick) Snow and Sarah (Sally) Tucker
Thomas Tucker Snow (1826-1904) m. Elizabeth Gates (1825-1908),
d/o Rev. William Gates and Etha Malinda White
Mary Elizabeth Snow (1829-1857) m. Tyson Snow Wilmoth (1821-1889),
s/o Lott A. Wilmoth and Lucinda Snow
Nancy Frances Snow (1834-1910) m. James Abner Calloway (1828-1901),
s/o James Calloway and Susanna Cockerham


Children of Charlotte (Lottie) Cave and Richard Golding
Elizabeth (Besty) Golding (abt. 1816-1893) m. John B. Snow (who are his parents?)
Female (abt. 1819-bef. 1830)
Reuben Golding (abt. 1822-1889) m. Nancy Butcher (1832-aft. 1900)
Sarah (Sally) Golding (abt. 1824-bef. 1900) m. Henry J. Wood (abt. 1820-1883)
Male (abt. 1825)
Nancy Golding (abt. 1826-abt. 1898) m. Nicholas Freeman Butcher (abt. 1828-1861)
Lucy Ann Golding (abt. 1826) m. Robert (Robin) Wood (abt. 1827-1870)
Thomas Golding (abt. 1828-1862) m. James Butcher (1832-1908)
Simeon Golding (abt. 1832) m. Martha (Ellen) Bray

Fourth Generation

Children of James C. Snow and Mary Ann Walker
Huldah Snow (abt. 1835-bef. 1870)


Children of Frost Snow and Sarah Sally Harris
J. Reece Snow (abt. 1841)
Thomas D. Snow (abt. 1842-1863)
Elizabeth Caroline Snow (abt. 1845)
Charity Snow (abt. 1847)


Children of Henry Beamer Snow and 1) Mary Murilla McAnally
Rev. Charles P. Snow (abt. 1856)
Margaret (Eliza) Snow (abt. 1858)
Sarah Q. (Sally) Snow (abt. 1860)
Nancy Virginia (Ginny) Snow (1862-1845)
Henry Clay Snow (abt. 1864-1913)


Children of Henry Beamer Snow and 2) Elizabeth Myra (Lizzie) Axsom
Robert Lee Snow (1870-1955)
Joseph Axsom (Joe) Snow (1872-1956)
Mary Lula Snow (1873-1873)
Male Snow (1875-1875)
Ada Beatrice Snow (1876-1971)


Children of Thomas Tucker Snow and Elizabeth Gates
John W. Snow
Frost Thomas Snow m. Mary Ann Wilmoth (1857-1917)


Children of Elizabeth (Besty) Golding and John B. Snow
Sarah Snow (1836-bef. 1900) m. Tyson Snow Wilmoth (1821-1889)
Martha M. Snow (1839-1919)
Matilda Snow (1843-1874) m.Richard Wilmoth (1846-1880)


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