Robert Wood Family

Robert Wood was born about 1775 in Stokes County NC and died in Surry County, NC before 1850. Robert married Sabra (Saby) Butcher in about 1804. Sabra died in the Rockford Township of Surry Co, NC in 1867.

First Generation

Children of Robert Wood and Sabra (Saby) Butcher
Burgess Wood (abt. 1805) m. Cary Holyfield (abt. 1811), d/o Valentine Holyfield and Sarah Wooten
Rebecca C. Wood (1807-1884) m. Jonathan Childers/Childress (abt. 1813-aft. 1880),
s/o Benjamin Childress and Lucy Walker
James Wood (abt. 1810-bef. 1900) m. Nancy Stanley (abt. 1808-1894)
Mary (Polly) Wood (abt. 1818) m. William Key
Henry J. Wood (abt. 1820-1883) m. Sarah (Sally) Golding (abt. 1824-bef. 1900),
d/o Richard Golding and Charlotte (Lottie) Cave
Sarah (Sallie) Wood (abt. 1822) m. Jesse Coe (abt. 1816-1857)
John Wood (abt. 1824) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Wilmoth (1825)
Robert (Robin) Wood (abt. 1827-bef. 1870) m. Lucy Ann Golding (abt. 1826),
d/o Richard Golding and Charlotte (Lottie) Cave
Calvin Wood (abt. 1829)
Peter Wood (1831) m. Pantha Merritt Coe (1833)
Martha Wood (abt. 1832)
Elizabeth Wood (abt. 1833)
Susan Wood (1834)
Female Wood (abt. 1835)
Female Wood (abt. 1836)
Thomas Clinton Wood (abt. 1837-1862) m. Luretta Mills

Second Generation

Rebecca C. Wood and Jonathan Childress
Louisa Childress (abt. 1835) m. William V. Southerland
Letitia (abt. 1837) m. 1) Jefferson Marion (abt. 1836-1862), s/o Isaac Marion and Amy Whitaker; 2) Able Surratt
James F. Childress (abt 1839-1838) m. Elizabeth Ann (Betsy) Martin
Nancy Childress (abt. 1840-abt. 1862) m. Arnold Coe (1836-1915)
William Henry Childress (abt. 1843) m. Melissa C. Reece
Martin W. Childress (abt. 1844-1868) m. Nancy Jane Taylor
Charity Childress (abt. 1849) m. 1) Alex H. Whitlock; 2) Jonathan Taylor
Richard E. Childress (abt. 1852)


Children of James Wood and Nancy Stanley
Thurza Evaline Wood (abt. 1838-bef. 1870)
Silas W. Wood (1839-1917) m. Mary Ann (Annie) Strange (1846-bef, 1905),
d/o John R. Strange and Mary Bledsoe
Samuel (Sam) R. Wood (1841-1912) m. Rebecca J. Sprinkle (1844-1937)
Lavina (Vina) Wood (1843-1920) m. John Henry Jenkins (1854-1929),
s/o Minor Jenkins and Nancy Ann Stanley
Zachariah (Zach) Wood (1847-1921) m. Clarice Jane Bledsoe (1850-1945),
d/o John R. Strange and Mary Bledsoe


Children of Henry J. Wood and Sarah Golding
Richard U. (Dick) Wood (1849-abt. 1928) m. Sarah White (abt. 1850-abt. 1875)
Martha Ann Wood (1852-1915)
Simeon (Sim) Wood (1853-1936) m. Jane Pence (abt. 1856), d/o James Pence and Priscilla
McDaniel Wood (1855-1939)
Thomas Marion Wood (1856-1937)
Charlotte Ellen Wood (1859-1940)
Mary Virginia (1862-1930)


Children of Robert (Robin) Wood and Lucy Ann Golding
Nicholas G. (Nick) Wood (1856-1920)
Sally J. Wood (1860)


Children of Peter Wood and Pantha Merritt Coe
Ellen Wood (1852)
Letty Wood (1856)
James R. Wood (1860)


Children of Thomas Clinton Wood and Luretta Mills
J. G. Wood

Third Generation

Children of Silas W. Wood and Mary Ann (Annie) Strange
Ida Joanner Wood (abt. 1867-abt. 1899)
James Roscoe Wood (1870-1939) m. 1) Nora L. Jenkins (1883-?); 2) Fay Neysa Florence Coe, d/o Julius Frankling Coe and Susan Stanley
John Panco Wood (1872-1949) m. Virginia America Hudson (1874-1963),
d/o Drury Jackson Hudson and Mary Ellen McGee
Landus Covaners (Vannie) Wood (1879-1931) m. Martha Emmaline (Monk) Stanley (1883-1935)
Julius (Hillery) Wood (1884-1955)
Mallory B. Wood (1886-1955)


Children of Samuel (Sam) R. Wood and Rebecca J. Sprinkle
Eloise J. Wood (abt. 1868-abt. 1898) m. William Williamson (1842-1926)
James M. (Jim) Wood (1872-1927) m. Sarah France (Fannie) Poindexter (1870),
d/o Letitia Stanley
Nancy Rosanah (Rose) Wood (1873-1959) m. John Samuel Atkins
John W. Wood (1875-1899) m. Laura Ann Coe (abt. 1867-abt. 1885)
Samuel Hasten (Hastie) Wood (1881-1929) m. Dora Idela Axsom (1882,
d/o Samuel Cornelius Axsom and Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Stanley
William Joseph (Joe) Wood (1885-1949) m. Betty Reece


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