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Sheets Family

First Generation<

Children of Jacob Sheets (c1755-1818) and 1) Catherine Fouts (c1760-1806); 2) Mary Woods (?)
Andrew Sheets (c1786-1815) no issue
David Sheets (1788-1837) m. Nancy Orrell (1788-1840), d/o Daniel Orrell and Nancy Rumbley
Polly Sheets (c1790-1850) m. 1) Nathan Haneline (died 1813), s/o Jacob Haneline,
2) Aquilla Cheshire (ca. 1780 - ca. 1850)

Richard Pack's will, dated and probated in 1804 (Rowan County) mentions "100 acres adj. Martin Sheets and John Dowell" and "100 acres adj. Jacob Sheets and William Howard." Among the several daughters mentioned in the will, there is a Rebecca Pack. Is she the Rebecca Peck that married John Sheets in 1804?? And who is John Sheets?

Children of Jacob Sheets and 2) Mary Woods (c1780-by 1831) (m. 1807)
Margaret Elizabeth (Peggy) Sheets (1808-1880) m. John Call (1800-1873)
Jacob Sheets, Jr. (1811-1887) m. Elizabeth Walker (?-bef. 1838) (m. 1835); 2 ) Annie Hines (1820-1897)
Nancy Sheets (1814-1834) did not marry

Second Generation

Children of David Sheets and Nancy Orrell
Andrew Sheets (abt. 1810-1844) m. 1) Laverna O' Briant (1810-1842) 2) Eliza Ann (1820-?)
David J. Sheets (1814-1896) m. Manerva Howard (1819-1891)
William M. Sheets (1816-1886) m. Paulina Rominger (1819-1890), d/o David Rominger and Catherine Volck
Anderson Sheets (abt. 1824-1893) m. Nancy Ann Morris
Polly Mary Sheets (abt. 1826-aft. 1850) m. Henry Dillon Snider
Nancy Sheets (abt. 1828)
Wesley Marion Sheets (1832-1906) m. Mary Emeline Caton (1838-1911)


Children of Margaret Elizabeth Sheets and John Call
Minerva Call (1828-1895) m. Coleman Foster (1822-1903), s/o Benjamin Foster and Elizabeth Stinchcomb
Elizabeth Call (1835-1906) m. 1) David Call (ca. 1836-bef. 1866); 2) Milton Hobbs (1807-1887)
Nancy Call (1837-1877)
Henry G. Call (1839-?)
Nathan Call (1845-aft. 1870) m. Mary Call, d/o Mary Ann Call and Greenbury Drake (unmarried)


Children of Jacob Sheets, Jr. and and Annie Hines
Sarah J. Sheets (1840-1917) m. 1) T. Bray (?-bef. 1869); 2) Joseph Doyle
Wesley M. Sheets (abt. 1842-186?) died during Civil War
James A. Sheets (abt. 1847-aft. 1880) m. Mattie J. (1855-1876)
Thomas Sheets (1849-1916) (single in 1900)
Mary J. Sheets (abt. 1853)
Lucy Sheets (abt. 1857-aft. 1880) m. Thomas Jasper Jones
David Sheets (abt. 1858-aft. 1870)
This family lived in Hardeman County, TN. Family information added October 22, 2006.

Third Generation

Children of Andrew Sheets and 1) Laverna O'Briant
John Wesley Sheets (1836-1909) m. Charlotte Elizabeth Harper (1837-1910), (John bound to George Howard)
David A. Sheets (abt. 1839-aft. 1850) (bound to Allmond Taylor)
Mary Sheets (abt. 1840-aft. 1850)
William Sheets (1842-aft. 1850) (bound to Henry D. Snider)

Children of Andrew Sheets and 2) Lisa Ann/Eliza
Andrew J. Sheets (1844-1872) m. Mary Eliza Helton (1845-1907), d/o Lemuel Helton and first wife Pauline Tucker

After Andrew's death in 1844 his widow split the children of his first marriage between his relatives. John Wesley was living with George and Mary Howard; Mary was living with Enoch and Julia Clouse; and William was living with his aunt's family, Henry D. and Mary Snider, all in Davie County, NC., 1850. Lisa Ann/Eliza remarried John Adams by 1847 and had at least 2 children with him.

After the death of Pauline Tucker Helton, Lemuel Helton married Elizabeth Haworth in 1845, and then Elizabeth C. Orrell (1825-1904) about 1849. If you have information about who Elizabeth Orrell's parents might be, pls. contact B. Zimmerman:


Children of David J. Sheets and Manerva Howard
George Washington Sheets (1839-1915) m. Susan M. Wyatt (m. in Davie Co., NC)
Nancy Jane Sheets (1841-1892) m. Hugh Elwood Robertson (m. in Davie Co., NC)
Mary Elizabeth Sheets (1843-1844)
Thomas Camuel Sheets (1845-1930) m. Sarah Irene Haneline Van Eaton, widow of Charles Van Eaton
Milton Clegg Sheets (1847-1866)
Junius Bates Sheets (1849-1893)
Martha Ann Sheets (1854-1894) m. Andrew Kincaid (named Mary B. Sheets in 1860 Census - or is Mary B. a different child?)
Laura M. Sheets (1857-1890) m. John Henry Green (named Sarah M. Sheets in 1860 Census)

Both George W. Sheets and Thomas C. Sheets served with the Carolina Rangers during the Civil War. They are listed as living in Smith Grove, Davie County, NC


Children of William M. Sheets and Paulina Rominger
Martha Ann Sheets (1840-1868) m. Coston Emmanuel Harper (1836-1910)
Nancy C. Sheets (1841-1892) m. 1) William Brinkley (1836-1864),
2) Newton Blackburn (1841-1901) (no issue)
Mary Elizabeth Sheets (1844-1879) m. William Franklin Brandon
David Uriah Sheets (1846-1929) m. Lucy Ann McGarter
Emily C. Sheets (1848-1932) m. Alexander Tennyson "Sandy" Jarvis
Lewis Wesley Sheets (1852-1930) m. Augusta Lisanda Holder
William Harrison Sheets (1854-1916) m. Ellen Victoria Ketner (1863-1925)
Louisa Miriah Sheets (1856-1888) m. William G. Ketner
Laura Josephine Sheets (1859-1879)


Children of Minerva Call and Coleman Foster
George Foster (1854-?)
Mary Jane Foster (1856-1905) m. Franklin P. Ratts (1853-1908)
Nancy Minerva Foster (1861-1934) m. Leo Washington Stafford (1860-1941)
Martha M. Foster (1864-1933) m. Charles F. Anderson
Emma Foster (1866-1928) did not marry
Eliza (Lisa) Margaret Foster (1868-1939) m. Thomas Monroe Sheets (1866-1913),
(one son, Robert Branson Sheets, Sr.)
Lewis Foster (ca. 1871-?)

Fourth Generation

Children of Nancy Sheets and 1) William Brinkley
Charles Watson Brinkley (1861-1938) m. Emma Rena Ketner (1861-1886),
d/o Thomas Ketner and Paulina Brandon


Children of John Wesley Sheets and Charlotte Elizabeth Harper
John Andrew Sheets (ca. 1868-?)
Charlotte (Maggie) Sheets (1868-1938) m. Virgil L. Blackburn (1869-1933)
Mary Sheets (1869-1880)
George Sheets (1872-?)
William Sheets (1873-?)
Martha or Mattie A. Sheets (1874-1928) m. Thomas G. Holt
Charles Erastus Sheets (1875-1943) m. Alma Hattie McKaughan
Raymond Sheets (1879-?)
Thomas Sheets (1881-?)


Children of Andrew J. Sheets and Mary Eliza Helton
Paulina E. Sheets (1866-1869)
Eliza Ann Sheets (1866-1930) m. Pleasant Jackson Potts (1867-1932) (9 children)
Charles Sheets (1870-1956) m. Nora Byerly


Children of William Harrison Sheets and Ellen Victoria Ketner
William Thomas Sheets (1886-1944)
Charlie Lee Sheets (1887-1961) m. Luna Elizabeth Craft (1903-1979),
d/o Wm. A. Craft and Daisy V. Stimpson
Stella Mae Sheets (1889-1889)
Minnie Dora Sheets (1890-1973) m. Calvin Howard Turner
Walter Monroe Sheets (1891-1971) m. Stella Deliah Slater (1902-1960)
(d/o E. E. Slater and Nelia Mulligan)
Mary Victoria Sheets (1894-1973) m. John Alvin Wooten
Annie Belle Sheets (1895-1971)
Beulah Elizabeth Sheets (1896-1964) m. William Pearson Vogler (1895-1988)
(s/o Albert Vogler and Mary E. Nifong)
David Rufus Sheets (1898-1957) m. 1) Lillian Katherine Boyer and 2) Lacie Wallace Caudle
Paul Franklin Sheets (1899-1900)
George Harrison Sheets (1901-?)
Claude Evan Sheets (1903-1971) m. Lelia Mae Smith
Hershel Alley Sheets (1906-1965)

Fifth Generation

Children of Charles Watson Brinkley and 1) Emma Rena Ketner
John William Brinkley (1895-1919) m. Martha Ellen West

Children of Charles Watson Brinkley and 2) Lydia Jane Boyer (1858-1946)
Robert Lee Brinkley (1888-1918) m. Sallie Kate Barber
Henry Franklin Brinkley (1890-1970) m. Lethie Collins
Samuel Ernest Brinkley (1890-1967) m. Virtoria Elizabeth Disher
Charles Watson Brinkley Jr. (1892-?) m. June unknown
Martin Van Buren Brinkley (1895-?) m. Mabel Harris
Raymond Clinton Brinkley (1897-1962) m. Gertrude Moir Kapp


Children of Charles Erastus Sheets and Alma Hattie McKaughan
Martha Charlotte Sheets (1909-1998) m. Buford Hamilton Hine, Sr (?-1984)
Josephine S. Sheets m. Davidson
Mildred Sheets
Charles E. Sheets, Jr.
John M. Sheets
James Gray Sheets

Another Sheets line out of Wilkes County, North Carolina. Are they related to the above family?

Martin Sheets was living in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1790 (entry 405). Listed in the household are 2 while males 16 and +; 1 white male under 16; and 7 white females. The Heritage of Ashe County Vol II (1994), page 268: Martin Sheets (1735-1810) came from the Bayern District in Germany. He arrived with 4 boys and 6 girls. The names of his wife and daughters have not been found. Martin died in Rowan County, but his sons spread to neighboring counties in North Carolina. It has not been proven that this Martin Sheets is related to John Sheet. Jr.

Henry Sheets - was living in Wilkes County, NC, 1790 - free white males 16 and upwards, including heads of families - one; free white males under 16 years - 0; free white females, including heads of families, 3.

John Sheets was also living in Wilkes County, 1790 - Owned land on Dog Creek NC. 1790 Head of Household: John Sheets. Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families - 1; Free white males under 16 years - 1; free white females, including heads of families - 1. 1810 Census, Ashe County, NC - Head of Household - John Sheets. Males age 0-10: 2; Males age 10-16: 1; Males 45+: 1; Females age 0-10: 3; Females age 10-16: 1; Females age 16-26: 1; Females age 45+: 1

John Sheets, Sr. (bef. 1765-1810) m. Rebecca Peck (m. 1804, Rowan County)
Jacob Sheets (1765-1810) m. Catherine Fouts (m. in 1786)
Henry Sheets
Andrew Sheets (1774-abt. 1855) m. Mary (Mollie) Sherrier (m. 1794 in West Jefferson, Ashe Co., NC)

Children of John Sheets and Rebecca Peck
William Sheets
John Sheets Jr.
Andrew Sheets (1786) m. Mary Young (m. 1812, Randolph County, NC)
George Sheets (1792) m. Rachel Young (m. 1814)

Ann Burton Sheets Bernard is a Sheets Family researcher. She is more than happy to share what information she has. Ann's e-mail address is:

Who is John Sheets, married to Rebecca Peck in 1804? John Sheets died in Rowan County in 1810 naming his wife, Rebecca, and two children, William and George. Jacob Sheets (first generation) witnessed his will.

Who is Mary Ann Sheets married to James Phillips, Davidson County, NC, 1851?

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1850 Davie County Census Records

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