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Cheshire Families

Chronological List of Cheshire Documents and Events

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1638 - Isaac Cheshire is living in Barbados and owns more than 10 acres of land.

1663 - May 6th - Charles County, MD Court Records, page 133 - Jacob Lumbroso; notice that I have accepted that debt of John Chesshiers as part of pay from James Viech and desire you to deliver up the bill and to him and this my note shall oblige me to discount it and remain your friend. /s/ Thomas Burdett. --- Thomas Burdit, age ca. 27 years, swore he was with Veich in February last who told him he would leave the bill in the Jew's hand and that I might have it; 24 Jul 1663; /s/ Joseph Harrison 1664 - William Cheshire and his wife immigrated into MD, ca.1663/1664 and lived in St. Mary's County. (Early Settlers, Liber No. 8, Folio, 131

Bef. 1682 - James Green married Elizabeth, widow of John Tennison

By 1682 - Wm. Cheshire II marries Mary Tennison.

About 1688 - Thomas Cheshire married Mehitable Dickinson ca 1688, dau of Capt John Dickerson and Elizabeth Howland, and granddaughter of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley of the Mayflower

1692 - (February 14th - Middletown, NJ) - John Cheshire marries Ann Sutton. His will is dated April 16, 1735 in Burlingon County, NJ.

1694 - Anna Arundel Co., MD - Will of Duvall, Mareen, A. A. Co.,2nd Aug., 1694; 13th Aug., 1694. To wife Mary, extx., part of 600 A., “Middle Plantation” during life, and she is not to be molested by any of testator's children. To son Lewis and hrs., 300 A., part of “Middle Plantation,” on which eld. son Mareen now lives; also to inherit wife Mary's portion at her decease.To dau. Eliza: and hrs., 375 A., “Bowdell's Choice” in Calvert Co. To son Benjamin and hrs., 200 A., part of 400 A., “Howerton's Range” in Calvert Co. To dau. Catherine and hrs., residue of “Hoertons' Range.” To son Mareen, the younger, son of late wife Susannah, and hrs., 300 A., “The Plains” in Calvort Co. To dau. Mary and hrs., 320 A., “Marley's Grove,” and 300 A., “Marley's Lot,” A. A. Co. To young. dau. Johanna, 311 A., “Larkin's Choice,” and 200 A., “Duvall's Range.” To son John, 5 shillings. To dau. Eliza:, wife of John Roberts, and to son Samuel, personalty. Sons John and Lewis and son-in-law Robert Tyler to assist wife in executorship. Sons to be of age at 18 yrs. and daus at 16 yrs. Test: Wm. Roper, Wm. Goodman, Rich'd CHESER, JERVIS Morgan, Clement Davis. 2. 327.

1700 - Wm. Cheshire, the immigrant dies.

1702 - 12 Feb 1703- 2 Aug 1703 - Anthony Holland, AA Co., MD Test: Richard Cheshire, Jno. Cheshire

1706 - MD Records, July 18, 1706, John Cheshire, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co Md marries Hannah Gott (b.1686)

bef. 1706 - William Cheshire married Ann Green, dau. of John and Eliza. Green.

bef. 1707 - Steven Cheshire married Elizabeth, St. Mary's Co., MD

1708/1709 - Presented that Elizabeth Cheshire of Worrell Hundred, spinster, on 4 June 1709 committed fornication and got with child. She states that James Flood is the begetter of her bastard child. Fined 30 shillings. 25 Arpril, 1710, Edward Tomlin, appointed cryer., Queen Anne's Judgment Records.

1710 - August 10 - Anne Arundle County, MD - John CHERSHIRE served as juror - case of Samuel Howard vs. Thomas Tolley. Other jurors are: Tho. Gassaway, Thomas Stockett, John Norris, Thomas Trott, Abell Hill, Phillip Dowell, John Davedge, John Lisby, Anthony Ruly, Lawrence Gary and Robert Lisby. John Greasham, Jr. was Sheriff of Anne Arundel County, MD

1713 - William Cheshire marries Anne DAVIS , April 12, 1713, Middlesex, VA 1715 - Richard Gott's will submitted for probation, April 1715 - "appoints his son in law John Cheshire, his while and sole executor. Richards Gott's wife was Elizabeth HOLLAND

1717 - John Cheshire in Chowan County, NC.

1718 - Joseph, son of Richrd. James and Mary Cheshire, bapt. 15 June 1718, All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co, MD

1719 - Matthew Markland subscribed 200 pounds of tobacco for a new Rock Creek Chapel. 1726 - Tenison Cheshire is born - see document dated January 1768

1727 - Cheshire, William Pheypos Fort 100 Rent Rolls St. Michaels, St. Marys Co., MD

1728 - Bryan Kelly subscriber for building the proposed chapel (Rock Creek) was to be the parish church.

1728 - Barbara (nee?) Cheshire is born - see document dated January 1768

1732 - Charles County MD deposition June 14, 1732, John Tennison, age 65 (b. 1667) accused Samuel Hanwell of robbing Tennison $1)

before 1733 - William Cheshire, husband of Mary Tennison dies

1733-1734 - Wm. Chesher is witness to the Will of Thomas Chambers of St. Mary's County, MD.

1737 - Elizabeth Cheshire marries John SHERELOCK Nov 30 1737, Baltimore County, MD

1739 - Will of David Berry, planter, Queen Anne County, St. Pauls Parish. 4th Jan, 1739. To Mary Cheshire, dau of John, personalty. To wife Mary and friend John Cheshire, exs. residue of estate. Test: Christopher Birch, James Everett, and Matthew Dockery. 22.135., Md Calendar of Wills, Volume VIII.

1740 - Will of Mathias Dochery, Queen Annes County, MD. Sons: Matthew, William and Thomas, lot in Ogle Town. To Son Wm., dwelling plantation and 50 acres of "Fishingham". To son Thomas 100 A. "Fishingham". To wife Mary, life interest in real estate and personal estate. Exs. Wife Mary and son Thomas. Test: Robert Norrist Wright, Tabitha Burch and Charles Burch. Widow makes her election and abides by above will. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol 8, 22.319. (See the will of John CHESHIRE, 1755, for possible family connection.)

1740 - Nov. 5th. - Will of Thomas Nicholas, St. Mary's County. To wife Ann, extx. 50 acres, dwelling planation. To eld son, Thomas, residue of dwelling plantation and tobacco house built by William CHESHIRE. To son John, 39 acres "Nichols Adventure" at 19 years. To Daus Ann and Sarah at 16 years or day of marriage, personalty. To child. viz. Luke, Henry, James, Ann and Sarah, personalty at death or remarriage of their mother. Exs. Wife Ann and son Thomas. Test. John Mattonmly, Thomas Reaveas, Elizabeth Baly. Note: Widow claim legal third. Mary Calendar of Will, Vol 8, 22.278.

1740 - Fairfax County VA - An estate and inventory and settlement for a John Cheshire. Referred only to "widow Cheshire" in naming his family.

Between 1746-1750 - Tenison Cheshire married Barbara Buch.

1747 - John Cheshire's Will, AA Co., MD, 31 Dec 1747-11 Mar 1747) To wife: one half estate The other half to my two cousins in Great Britain: William Cheshire and Richard Pook (Pool?) to be sold here and the produce to be sent home and equally divided between them and my wife and friend Mr. Stephen West, Sr., Administrator of my Estate. John Cheshire

1748 - April 13th - Mary Cheshire and Stephen West, administrators of the estate of John Cheshire, lately dec'd regarding the estate sale at his Plantation in the Swamp. The Maryland Gazette

1749 - James Cheshire is born in Prince William County VA, moved to Fayette County IL, lived in VA when drafted.

1751 - Burch Cheshire is born. See document dated 1768

1754 - Catherine Cheshire marries John Kingstone April 29 1754, Baltimore County MD

1755 - Will of John Cheshire, Queen Annes County, MD

1758/59 - Montgomery County, Prince Geo. Parish, MD the following Cheshires and Cheshire "related" names sign Petition to Divide the parish. - Benajamin Kelly, Henry Clagett, Burch Cheshire, John Cheshire, Richard Allison, Thomas Allison, Jeremiah Riley, Eliphas Riley, Norman Riley, Benjamin Allison, John Kelly, John Swann, John Briscoe. (History of Western Maryland)

1759 - John Cheshire m. Mary Miller, 16 August 1759, Norfolk, VA

1759 - Richard Cheshire is born in Bladen, NC marries Providence, died January 26, 1857, NC

1760 - Frederick County, Prince Geo. Parish, MD - Burch Chehsire and John Cheshire donated for Boston Fire

1761 - December 3, Prince Geo. Parish, Prince George and Montgomery Counties, MD, Elizabeth Burch, dau. of Burch and Jane Cheshire is born.

1761 - Richard Cheshire m. Dinah Miller, Sept 10, 1761, Norfolk VA

1766 - April 25th, Prince Geo. Parish, Prince George and Montgomery Counties, MD, Salley Burch, dau. of Burch and Jane Cheshire is born.

1766 - JOHN CHESHER was born May 02, 1766 in Prince William County, Virginia, and died December 26, 1859 in West Middleburg, Logan County, Ohio1. He married JULIA. She was born Abt. 1777 in Virginia. His first-born son is named Tennison Chesher. To follow this line please visit:

1768 - A Census of "The state of his Lordship's Manor of Chaptico, St. Mary's County lists: "163 acres leased December 11, 1751 to Tenison Cheshire, tenant in possession. Tenison Cheshire, aged 41; Barbara , his wife, aged 40; Benjamin Burch Cheshire, aged 17.

1769 - Peggy Cheshire m. George Webb, Dec 7 1769, Norfolk, VA

1770 - St. Mary's County, MD - Tenison Cheshire marries Catherine Graves.

1771 - Jonathan Cheshire born ca. 1771, marries Lucy. Died ca. 1841 Hardeman County TN

1775 - The final account of Rich Collais (Callis?) late of St. Mary's County, deceased, by Benjamin Burch Cheshire and Elizabeth, his wife, Admin. (mentions: accounts pd to Basil Brook, Sarah Cole, Joseph Harding, Henry Irvingham, James Buchannan, ---- Sappford, Bate J. Medcalf, Alex. Cunningham, Thom. Gotosmith, Samuel Maddox, Joseph Turner, Moses Beall, Wm. Hamm, Esq., Walter Dulaney, John Allen Thomas.

1776- Frederick County, MD, Lower Potomack Hundred - John Cheshire, 23 years of age and Sarah Cheshire, 21 years of age.

1776 - Dorchester County, MD - Heads of famlies listed were a Mary Cheshire and a John Cheshire. (No ages given.)

1778 - March 19 - Archibald Mullican and Elizabeth Vincent married by Rev. J. Threlkeld

1778 - May 21 - Daniel Jarvis and Anne Welch married by Rev. J. Threlkeld.

1778 - Accomack County, VA, John Cheshire, appointed Lt. in Navy in VA, Sept 2, 1778, had one child, William M. Cheshire (see 1848 notes)

1778 - Burch Chehsire and John Cheshire, Montgomery Co., MD 1778 Taxables

1778 - Montgomery County, MD. - Burch Cheshire, Son of John Cheshire. Took the Oath of Allegiance before the Hon. Samuel W. Magruder in 1778. Berch Cheshire was a private, 5th Co., Lower Bn, Militia , Aug. 1777 and Fourth Sergeant, 2nd Co., Lower Bn, July 15, 1780. Also taking the Oath was John Cheshire and John Nichols.

1779 - Eliza Cheshire marries John STALLINGS , Sept 14, 1779, Montogmery County MD, by Rev. J. Threlkeld

1781- Rowan County, NC (Tax List) - Lenard Cheser $1,000 (pounds) poll tax, Capt. Crages Company

1784 - John Cheshire - certified by Col. E. Clarke, Nov. 16, 1784 that he was a minute man, though not an inhabitant of the state at the time of his enlistment.

1785 - Montgomery County, MD - Appraiser for will of W. Willett, buys slaves from Wm. Deakins

1785 - Burch Cheshire, 12 August, buys slaves from Wm. Deakins. Wit: Joseph Wilson and Edward Burgess.

1787 Cheshire, Benjamin Burch Benjamins Lot (Chaptico Manor Lot # 2) 132 Patent Record IC C, p. 298 Chaptico St. Marys Co., MD

1789 Tennison, Matthew plantation Will, Tennison, Matthew, SMC; 1/26/1789; 7/11/1789

1789/1792 - Montgomery County, MD - John Cheshire died leaving will and naming his ONLY son, Burch. wife Jane, Dau. Sarah Allison and granddaughter, Jane Cheshire, dau. of Burch and Jane Cheshire.

1790 - MD Census.

In the 1790 Census of NC the following Cheshires are listed as Heads of Households:

1791 Cheshire, Tennison Tennisons Lot (Chaptico Manor Lot # 1) 168 Patent Records Chaptico St. Marys Co., MD

1791 Cheshire, Tennison Rogers Venture 50 Patent Records St. Marys Co., MD

1791 Cheshire, Benjamin and Stephen Cawood Benjamins Lot (Chaptico Manor Lot # 2) 132 Alienations and Transfers Chaptico St. Marys Co., MD

Nov., 1793 - (Montgomery Co, MD) Burch Cheshire and wife Jane sold 116 acres, Montgomery County "Token of Love" and "What's Left" originally in Frederick County bought by John Cheshire from A. Nelson

In a list of "old taxables" in Rowan County, Brown District, NC with no date are listed: John Chehsire Sr., John Cheshire Jr., Burch Cheshire, Jno. Cheshire, Mack (Matthew?) Cheshire and Tennison Cheshire. This is the same district with Jacob, George and John Booe.

1793, - Rowan County NC - Burch Cheshire and Benjamn Burch Walker appear on the Rowan County Tax List and Election Petition. (Jersey Area, Davidson County, NC)

Mar, 1794 - Joseph Bryan -- no wife signs-- lets Burch Cheser (both of Rowan County, NC) have 227 acres, beginning on the original line at a black oak saplin, going south 38 chains to stones in the original line, east 60 chains to a stone, north 38 chains to a white oak on the corner of Joseph Bryan, then west to the beginning, for 300 pounds NC money, witnessed by Thomas Prather and William Atcheson and proved by the latter in Feb court of 1795. (This is part of the 528 acre tract which Earl Granville let the said Joseph Bryan have Dec 30 1760.) (McCubbin Files)

Apr, 1794 -- Burch Cheshire buys from Jos. Bryan, Jr. 78 acres. on Ellsworth Creek

1794, October - James Jarvis buys 140 acres from Jerry (Jeremiah) Malone. The following map is East of the preceding map. Jeremiah Malone had at least two other tracts of land located in the upper most part of Old Rowan. The tract shown here, I believe, is the tract closest to Clemmons. More research is needed.

1794 - Tennyson Cheshire's will, Cumberland Co VA, mentions wife Barbary, daus: Elizabeth Tenison Cheshire and Priscilla Cheshire

1796 - Rowan County, NC - Burch Cheshire (+60 years), John Cheshire (-60 years) and Jonathan Cheshire (-60 years) appear in Capt. Benj. Hinkle's District, (Davie Area)

1797 - William Chisher married Leah Marshall, August 7, 1797, Accomack, VA

Rowan County, NC, 1800 Census
page 361, Henry Akles, Wilfey Ellis, Philip Hains, Martin Haines, Eph Hampton, John Hampton
page 360, (several) Bryants, Douthits and Elrods
page 362, Thomas Jarvis, James Johnston, Zadock Jarvis, Geo. McKnight, Roger Mcknight, Jonathan Markland, Lewis Mullican, John Marshall, (several) Nortons, Samuel Peake, Butler, Stonestreet, Casper Starr , Sr., John Starr
page 363 Casper Starr Jr.
page 364 Alexander Cook
page 385, Zachariah Cheshire, John Crook, James Coady, John Cheshire, Allin Crook, Nicholas Coyl
page 418 James Pelley
page 433 Basil Owens, Peter Potts, (several) Packs
page 435 Benjamin Berryman, John Armsworthy, Daniel Call
page 436, Burch Cheshire, Jonathan Cheshire, John Cheshire, Evan Ellis
page 437 Benjamin Hinkle
page 438 Hardy Jones

1800 Census of MD - there are NO Cheshires listed. However, in Rowan County, NC there are:

ca. 1800 - Virginia - Dennis Cheshier, b.. in VA ca. 1800 m. Betsy Ault 1822, Knox Co TN

1800 - James Chesher, Slave owner, in Ashe/Allegheny County??, my notes, illegible)

1800 - Tenneson Chesser married Mary Gray, (no mo. or day.) 1800, Wilkes County, North Carolina. Wit: Benjamin Johnson and Wm. B. Lenoir

1801 - Burch Cheshire sold land in Rowan County, NC to John Armsworthy.

1802 - Susannah Cheshire is born, her father listed as Jonathon Cheshier, Rowan County, NC. Susannah's mother is identified as Lucy Sain by other researchers while others believe she is a Tennyson. No documentation has been found to support either theory. I think her maiden name could be something other than the two mentioned. Reason: The Tennyson and Cheshire families were connected as early as the 1650s. And the name Tennison appearing in later generations is not uncommon.

1804 - Purnell Cheshire m. Lane TRADER Sept 21, 1804, Accomack, VA

1804 - Ruthy Stallings (granddaughter of Jinny Jane Cheshire) marries James Jarvis, Nov 12 1804.

1806 - Thomas Cheshire m. Susan MOORE, August 14, 1806, Accomack, VA

1807 - Salley Chasser marries Henry CALL, April 17, 1807, Rowan County NC. Jonathan Cheshire, bondsman.

1807 - July 22, - Burch Cheshire gives grandson Aquilla Cheshire 180 acres, Rowan County, NC

1807 - Tennessee Genealogical Records - Revolutionary Warrants - "No. 153 - Heirs of Henry CHESHIRE, non-commissioned officer in the NC Line, 428 acres of land within the limits of that reserved for officers and soldiers of the NC Cont. Line. Issued Dec. 1807

1808 - John Cheshire sold land. (NC)

1808 - Estate of Nathley Maddox - John and Jonathan Cheshire were security for Mary Ann Maddox who gave bond of 2500 pounds. (Rowan, NC)

1809 - Elethia Chesher marries Jacob CALL, Oct 27 1809, Rowan County, NC. George Sheak, bondsman

Abstracts of 1810 Rowan County Census

1810 - Rowan County, NC - Bastardy Fine $50 - State vs. Aquilla Cheshire - Friday, Feb. 10, 1810 - Ordered that Aquilla Chesher pay the fine for Fornication $50 unto the Office, that he give Security to Support the child and to indemify the County and that he also pay forthwith to the said Barbara Hinkle the sum of five pounds for her expenses in support of the child for the first year, and additional sum of Four pounds at or Immediately after this next August Court, & if the payments be not made in due time Execution to I give in her favour if applied for by herself in person on or by Order Duly attested.

1812 - The following children were baptized the 4th Sunday in June, 1812 by G. Shober, Minister of the Gospel: Leiseilla (Preiscilla?), Susanna, Lucy, Jonathan, Richard. Their parents, John and Lucy Cheshire, stood for them. Heidelburg Lutheran Church or Dutch Meeting House.

1811-1814 - John Cheshire sold land in Rowan

1814 - Elizabeth Chesher married John Booe, Jan. 15, 1814

1813 - September 25th, Rowan County, NC - Polly (Mary) Chesheir marries Jacob Mills

1813 - Bullitt County, KY - Priscey Cheser married George Acres.

1814 - Nancey Cheshier marries John Orrell June 23, 1814, Rowan County NC

1814 - George Chesler marries Christeana Ellor, Oct 10, 1814, Rowan County NC

1814 - Elizabeth Chesher marries John Booe.

1815 - Aquillar Cheshier marries Polley Henline, Rowan County NC (June 26 1815)

1815 - Aquilla Cheshire married Polly Sheets Haneline (c1790-1850) June 26, 1815. Polly was the daughter of Jacob Sheets (c1755-1818) and his first wife Catherine Fouts. Polly Sheets Haneline was the widow of Nathan Haneline who died in 1813 when Aquilla married her in 1815. Aquilla is the GRANDFATHER of Burch Cheshire (born 1799?). It has been proven through other records that Burch is the son of the John Cheshire presented here. (There are two Burch Cheshires - one born before 1736 and one born 1799 - who is Aquilla?

1815 - John Cheshier Senior marries Susannah CALE/COLE 28 November 1815, Rowan Co NC

1816-1817 - Rowan County, NC Will of Jinney (Jane) Cheshire names 1) her great granddaughter, Polly Jarvis, dau. of James and Ruthy Jarvis; 2) her great granddaughter Sally Call, dau. of Leathy Call. 3) her granddaughter Ruthy Jarvis; 4) her granddaughter Leathy Call; 5) Her grandson, Aquilla Cheshire, is executor. (This Jinney Cheshire is the wife of Burch Cheshire).

1817 - Aquilla Cheshire sold land in Rowan County, NC

1817 - Margaret (Peggy) Cheshire marries George Walker, Oct 9 1817, Rowan County NC. Tennison Cheshire, bondsman.

1818 - Tennison Cheshire marries Barbara Mock June 11 1818, Rowan County NC

Apr, 1819 - Moses A. Locke -- no wife signs-- lets Tenneson Cheshire (both of Rowan Co., NC) have 208 acres on Bear Creek next Isaac Linster and Samuel Frost, for $110.00, acknowledged in May, 1819. (This is part of a State Grant to Joseph Hughes, which after his death, was allotted to his son, Epps Hughes, then was sold by the Sheriff to the said Moses A. Locke. The original tract was for 402 acres, granted in Oct, 1786, next to Huff, Frost and Gaither.

1820 - Rowan County, NC - Head of Houshold: Aquilla Cheshire, John Cheshire, Tennesson Cheshire and Zachariah Cheshire.

1820 - John Cheshire marries Rebecca Click, March 13, 1820, Rowan County NC. Burch Cheshire bondsman.

1820 - Sarah Chesher marries Zachariah ROGERS, August 15, 1820, Rowan County NC

1820 - Zachariah marries Susannah Flemons Sept 16, 1820, Rowan County NC

1821 - Susanna Chesher marries Jonathan Jarvis, Rowan County NC January 2, 1821. Charles Green bondsman.

1821 - Tennison Cheshire marries Evy Sain, August 21, 1821, Rowan County NC

1821 - George Cheshire marries Christina Bruner Dec 27 1821, Rowan County NC. Zachariah Chessur, bondsman.

1822 - Delphy Chisher marries James Jarvis Jr, Rowan Co NC, (August 5, 1822), Matthew Markland bondsman.

1823 - Bullitt County, KY. A marriage record for Ginny (Jane) Cheshire, dau. of Sally Cheser to Thomas Wilmouth.

1824 - Jonathan Chesher marries Elizabeth Sain 13 Jan 1824, Rowan County NC

1824 - Jonathan Cheshire Jr. marries Nancy Sainer Sept 25 1824, Rowan County NC

1825 - Samuel Cheshire is born. Samuel mustered into "I" Company, NC 33rd Infantry on August 31, 1861, 36 years of age. His residence is listed as Forsyth County, NC. He was wounded August 27, 1862 in Manassas, Va. He died of his wounds. (date not stated)

1826 - Jonathan Cheshire Jr marries Nancy Sainer, Sept 25, 1826, Rowan County NC.Record # 01 063. Bondsman: Tenneson Chesier. Witness: C. Harbin, Justice of the Peace. Bond # 000123593 and 92.

Sept. 27, 1826, Davidson County, Thomas Cheshire buys land from Alexander Rea, next to Jacob Saner's.

Feb, 1826 - Administration on the estate of Deceased John Booe is granted to Tenneson Chesher who gave bond of $300.00 with John Seine and Tenneson Chesher Sr. The year's provision for the widow is to be laid off by Esq. Littleberry Rose, Richard Going, George Sainer and Walter Etchison.

1827 - State of North Carolina, Rowan County - Know All Men by these presents, That we Aquilla Chesher, Daniel Orrell, John O Brian are held and firmly bound unto Hutchens G. Barton Esquire, Governor of the State of North Carolina, for the time being, and his successors in office, in the just and full sum of one hundred dollars, current money of said state, to be paid to the said Hutchens G. Barton, Esquire, Goernonr as aforesaid, and successors in office, in trust for the benefit of Levi & Brian Hinkle. To the which payment well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 24th day of November, Anno Domini, 1827.

The condition of the above obiligation is such, That whereas the above bounden Aquilla Chesher hath been, this day, by the worshipful court of said county, appointed Guardian of Levi and Brian Hinkle. Orphans of Barbara Hinkle deceased; Now if the said Aquilla Chesher Guardian as aforesaid, shall well and truly discharge his said Guardianship by taking care of and improving all the estate belonging to the said Orphans and shall also settle his guardianship accounts with the Court of said County, as is required by Law, and that he will deliver up to the said Levi and Brian Hinkle

Orphans as aforesaid when they shall attain a lawful age, all such estate as they ought of right to be possessed of, or sooner if required, agreeably to the true intent and meaning of the act of the General Assembly in such case made and provided; and shall in all things appertaining to his Guardianship, well and truly discharge the duties by law required - then this obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of : A. Chesher (Seal) D. Orrell (Seal) John O Bryan (seal)

April 17, 1827 - Register of Land Lottery of Georgia, 36th Day's Drawing - John Chesser, Conners District, Number 71, District 15, Carroll County.

1827 - (e-mail dated June 18th, 1998)
My gr gr grandmother was Elizabeth J. CHESSER b. 1827 AL. m. William CHURCHWELL. I am looking into Tennison CHESSER being my Elizabeth's father, although I have not done a lot of research on this.....only a hunch, because Elizabeth's dau, Mollie, who was my gr grandmother, named one of her son's Tennison RICH. Would like to hear from u. Pat in Alabama. email address:

1827-1828 - Jonathan and his wife, Nancy Saner Cheshier, moved to Hardeman Co TN between 1827 and 1828. In the early 1850s, Jonathan Cheshier, along with his family, and his wife's parents moved to Jackson Co., Ark., settling in Bird Township, near Elgin. Jonathan Cheshire and Nancy Saner were married 1826, Rowan County, NC. Nancy was the daughter of John and Mary Sainer

1828 - Jonathan Cheshire marries Elizabeth Wellman January 3, 1828 , Rowan County, NC

1829 - John Chesser marries Temperance Beaman Dec 8 1829, Rowan County NC

May, 1829 - Burch Chesher, Esq, from the Forks of the Yadkin, Rowan Co and Miss Jane Henderson, dau. of Andrew Henderson, Esq. of Mecklenburg Co., on May 19, 1829 in Mecklenberg Co by Rev Robert H. Morrison, Jen 2, 1829. (newspaper account)

Sept, 1829 - John Davis and wife Jean let Burch Chesheir - all of Rowan County, NC- have 353 1/4 acres beginning on the east side of Hunting Creek and going west, crossing the said creek 18 chains to a black oak on the corner of ----Haddox, south 28 chains and 210 links to a black oak on the corner of ----Haddox, west 42 chains and 50 links to a hickory on one of the original corners, north 698 chains and 65 links to a pine on one of the original corners, east 58 chains to an ironwood on the east side of Hunting Creek, then down its meanders to the beginning for $500.00. Witness: John Cheshire and Thomas Ratledge and proved by the latter in Nov. 1830.

1830 - Solomon Cheshein/Chesher of Davidson County,, married Nancy Toe/Toe/Todd/ Davidson County, Aug 21, 1830 by H. Eakels, JP, Bondsman David (x) Todd.

1830 - David Chesher of Davidson County, NC m. Jinney Todd, Davidson Co., NC, Dec. 15, 1830. Bondsman: David Todd

Feb, 1831 - Esq. Samuel Silliman (on a decree of the April term of Court 1830 for the clerk to sell the lands of the late deceased John Booe for the benefit of his heirs which was done on May 31 1830, but reserving a dower in it for the widow) delivers to William Dooling as the highest bidder at $300.00, 154 1/4 acres on Buffalo Creek (a Branch of Dutchman's Creek) next to Jonathan Chesher, Henry Cawl (Call?) David Sparks, Peter Sainer, ---- Howard, and between Wm. Dooling and the heirs of Benjamin Doolin, acknowledged in Feb., 1831.

Feb, 1833 - Andrew Baggerly --no wife signs-- lets Thomas Cheshire, (both of Rowan Co., NC) have 300 acres on the waters of Bear Creek, beginning on the line of Al--- Hadgaan at a chestnut and going east 47 chains to an alder in the line of Hablin Hays, north 20 chains to a black oak, east 1 chain and 50 links to a black oak, north 5 chains to a black oak, east 21 chains and 50 links to a post oak, north 50 chains to a chestnut, west 15 chains and 37 links to a black oak on the corner of William Stephens, south 24 chains and 40 links to a stone on the corner of said Stephens, west 35 chains and 58 links to a stone on the line of Joseph Jones, south 28 chains and 30 links to a white oak on the corner of said Jones, west 20 chains to a hickory on the corner of said Jones, then south to the beginning, for $262.00. Witness: S L. Howell and Will F. Kelly and proved by the latter in Feb court of 1833.

Oct, 1830 - Jonathan Cheshier of Rowan County, NC, out of love for his children and grandchildren, gives them the proceeds from 449 acres next William Dooling, Benjamin Howard and William Howard, and appoints James Jarvis, Sr. and John Orrell to sell and divide proceeds, witnesssed by John Rupard and J. Berryman and proved by the latter in Feb. 1831. They are: Sally Jarvis, Nancy Orrell, the four children of daughter Elizabeth Booe (Philip, Mary, Isaac and John Booe.), Tineson Cheshier, the three children of daughter Ciller Sain (Delpha, Angenetta and Mary Sain), Susanna Jarvis (but $100.00 is to be deducted from her portion) Jonathan Cheshier and Lucy Sain.)

1832 - Will of Nicholas Click, (NC) names his deceased dau., Rebecca Cheshire, and her three daughters: Sally, Margaret and Elizabeth

Mar, 1833 - William Hawkins to Tennesson Cheshire for $10, 1 acre adj. Joseph Allen's old tract. Witness: N. C. Cheshire (Nancy Cook?) and Ballance.

1837, Spring Term, Superior Court, Haneline Accounts

Mar, 1837 - William Hawkins and Tennesson Cheshire to Wm. Hawkins for $180 21 acres in Forks of the Yadkin on Dutchmans Creek, part of the Ballance tract. Wit: Henry R. Call, Francis Hawkins

May, 1837 - Marten May to Joseph Jones, Thomas Cheshire, Thomas Parker (and others) trustees, for $20 10 112/160 acreas on Bear Creek for use of Methodist Episcopal congregation.

1837 - Jonathan Cheshire is born. Jonathan Cheshire mustered into "H" Company, NC 4th Infantry on March 1, 1862, 25 year old farmer. His residence listed as Iredell County, NC. He was wounded June 27, 1862, Gaine's Mill VA. (No further record)

1837 - John C. Cheshire is born. Mustered into "G" Co., NC 5th Infantry, as 25 year old farmer. His place of residence was Davie County, NC. Listed as wonded 5/3/63, Chancellorsville VA. Returned February 15, 1864. Paroled on April 30, 1865, Salisbury, NC)

Aug, 1837 - Sale of land of decd John Ballance for benefit of heirs, died 1828. Tract of 337 acres adj. John McMahan, Tennison Cheshire, Wm. Macay, Walter Etchison, Wm. Sheek, Thos. Smoot to William Hawkins for $782.50. Some of the children are still minors. 2 June 1835.

1837 - May, Land Records, Davie County, Marten May to....Thomas Cheshire, trustees for $20, 10 112/160 acres on Bear Crk for use of Methodis Episcopal congregation.

1837 - Land Records, Davie County, Tennesson Cheshire to William Hawkins, ....Dutchmans Crk, part of the Ballance Tract Wit Henry R. CALL, Frances Hawkins

1837 - August, Land Records, Davie County, Sale of land of decd John Ballance for benefit of heirs, died 1828. Tract of 337 A adj John McMahan, Tennison Cheshire Wm. MCCay, Etchison, Sheek, Smoot. Somje of the children are still minor. 2 June 1835.

Apr, 1838 - Aquilla Cheshire and Burch Cheshire to Wm. Sheek a tract where Henry Sleighter (Slater) lived and their claim to the estates of Jacob and Hos. Hainline to pay $1, 085 bond they owe. Witness: George Foster.

1838 - Davie County, Land Records, Aquillar Cheshire and Wife Polly of DAVIDSON Co to John Hage for $45, 308 acres formerly Jacob Sheek's Jr on Peebles Mill Crk adj sa Hage and Jesse Caton, an undivided 1/4 in the undivided 1/3 devised by sd Sheeks to his three children: Nancy Sheeks, Jacob Sheeks and Robert Sheeks. Nancy Sheeks is dead leaving 3 heirs one of whom is Polly, (Haneline?) wife of Aquilla Cheshire. Wit Wm. March Sr., Alexander Wyatt

1838 - Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery No. 304 - Thomas Chesser, Ninth District, Second Section, Cherokee. Resides in Smiths, Liberty County. Granted previous to the first day of January, 1838.

1838 - Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery No. 274 - Easter Chesser, Eighth District, Third Section, Cherokee. Resides in Jennings, Clarke County. Widow of Revolutionary soldier.

1839 - Wilkes County, NC - Jonathan Chesher baptized in the Reedies River Church. 1839 - David County, January 9, John Jones and Noah Roberts of Rowan to Aquilla Cheshire for $50 105 Acres adj Wm. Marlin, St. Leger Beck, Solomon Blackman. Junius L. Clements.

Apr, 1839 - Sale of land of Samuel Nichols decd for benefit of heirs. He died intestate many yrs. ago, land sold 26 Feb 1838 to Isaac Holeman for $921.48, 280 acres adj. David Caisey, Gaither, John Cheshire, Tenneson Cheshire, Benj. Stonestreet. Witness: Lemuel Bingham

May 1839 - Issac Holeman to John Cheshire for $165.28, 50 Acres formerly owned by heirs of Samuel Nichols decd. Adj Tenneson and John Cheshire. J. McCroie, John Lockse. I.201

Nov, 1839 - Rebecca Hayes sold to Thomas Cheshire for $100, 137 acres on Dutchmans Crk adj. John Harris on Iredell Co Line. Witness: P. H. (Patrick?) Cain and Wm. P. Cook

1840 - January 15, Davie County, William Sheek to Burch Cheshire for $58, the undivided 1/6 interest in land of Thomas Hanline decd cont., 390 acres adj Richard Vaneton and Anderson Hendrix. Jacob Sheek. 1840 - Davie April 1840, Burch Cheshire and wife Edy and Uriah Keller and Wife Polly (Edy and Polly being two of children of Thomas Hanline decd) to Lemuel Bingham for 1 sh all interest in sale of land of Thomas Cheshire, with Bengham paying to sd Cheshire and Keller whatever their wives may be entitlted to. Thomas Settle. 1840 - Jonathan Cheshier (b. July 1840), son of Tennison Cheshier and Eva Sain, Hardeman County TN

Jan, 1840 - William Sheek to Burch Cheshire for $58, the undivided 1/6 interest in land of Thomas Hanline decd. cont. 390 acres adj. Richard Vaneton and Anderson Hendrix. Witness: Jacob Sheek.

Apr, 1840 - Burch Cheshire and wf Edy and wife Uriah Keller (Kelley?) (Koeller?) and wife Polly (Edy and Polly being two of children of Thomas Haneline, deceased) to Lemuel Bingham for a sh all interest in sale of lands of Thomas Cheshire, with Bingham paying to said Cheshire and Keller whatever their wives may be entitled to. Witness: Thomas Settle.

Jun, 1840 - Aquilla Cheshire to William Marlow for $61, 100 1/2 acres adj. Joseph Jones, James Beck and Jacob Holman. No Witness.

Aug, 1840 - Edward Stewart to Burch Cheshire for $244, my share (1/5 part and 1/9 of 1/5 part) in sale of tract of Jacob Hanline decd. Witness: John Clement. Aug, 1841 - William Hawkins sold to Tennison Cheshire for $300, 400 3/4 acres adj. Isaac Holman on South side of Statesville Rd. Witness: Thos. Ratledge

Will of Jonathon Cheshire dated 1841, Tennessee

Aug, 1841 - Andrew Beck and Wife Julia J. to Thomas Cheshire for $50, our interest in estate of John Thomas, deceased. Witness: Chas. May and Wm. Marlowe

Nov, 1841 - Thomas Cheshire sold to Alexander McConnell for $300, 157 acres on Bear Creek bought from Wesley Clark sale. Witnesses: Charles May and Enoch Beck

May, 1842 - Samuel Beamon to Wm. P. Cook for 50 cents to pay note to Harrison Cook for $18.46 and to James Frost for $4.13 1/2 to John Cheshire for $3105, crops and livestock. Witness: James Frost

Jan, 1842 - Enoch Beck sold to Thomas Cheshire for $1.00, 77 acres adj Wm. Marlowe, Levi Stephens et al. in mortgage Deed of Trust to pay debt to said Marlowe of $25.81. Witness M. G. Richards

Nov., 1842 - State Grant #10 for $10 the 100 acres to David Tuterow, 137 acres on both sides of Bear Creek adj. William Whitecar and Thomas Cheshire, entered 12 June 1841.

Feb, 1842 - Samuel Black to Tennison Cheshier for $1, personalty to pay debts. Witness: John Clement.

Mar, 1842 - Burch Cheshire to Braxton Baily for $1.00, 310 Acres known as Jacob Hanline tract and personalty to pay debts. Witness: John Clement

May, 1842 - Samuel Beeman to Wm. P. Cook for 50 cents to pay note to Harrison Cook for $18.46 and to James Frost for $4.13 1/2. To John Cheshire for $3105, crops and livestock. James Frost. 2:39.

May, 1842 - Wm. B. March, sheriff, to Nathan Hanline as highest bidder at $5 in execution of mortgage for $140 recovered by Jacob Reich of Salem from Aquilla Cheshire for 113 1/2 acres on No. Creek adj. Thomas Hanline. Witness: L. R. Rose

November Term 1842 - May Term 1844
Acquiller Cheshire vs. Jacob Call, James Cavender and Joseph Hanes. new

Apr, 1844 - Rachel May to Thomas Cheshire for $100, 233 Acres on Bear Creek adj. Lawrence Owens and said Cheshier. Witness: D. S. May, and A. M. Richardson

1844 - John Cheshire and wife Temperance, child of Wm. Beeman, decd., to Lemuel Bingham for $1, all interest in sale of lands of William Beeman, decd. R. M. Pearson. 2.331

July, 1843 - Tennison Chehire m. Mary (Polly) Shaw.

Apr, 1844 - Rachel May to Thomas Cheshire for $100, 233 Acres on Bear Creek adj. Lawrence Owens and said Cheshier. Witness: D. S. May, and A. M. Richardson

Dec - 1844 - John Cheshire and wife Temperance, child of Wm Beemon, deceased, to Lemuel Bingham for $1, all interest in sale of lands of William Beeman deceased. Witness: R. M. Pearson

Sep., 1845 - G. H. Johnson to M. G. Richards for $1 in mortgage deed of trust, personalty to pay debt to Tenison Cheshier and Philip Seaford. Witness: E. M. Chehier (Emily Melissa?)

Mar, 1846 - Willie B. Nash to L. Bingham for $1, plantation on which I live, to pay debts. Land bought from John Cheshire.

Mar, 1846 - Division of property of Jacob A. Coon and for the widow, Sarah P. Coon for her dower, 153 Acres and 2 acres bought from John Cheshire.

May, 1846 - Thomas Cheshier to James P. Godby of Iredell County, NC for $25, one undivided 1/7 part of a 219 acre tract adj. Jacob Homan's heirs, St. Leger Beck's heirs and James Glassock, being the tract upon which Elizabeth Godby (widow of George Godby decd) now lives. George B. Godby, John C. Booe.

1846 - Division of property of Jacob A. Coon and for the widow, Sarah P. Coon for her dower, 153 A and 2 acres bought from John Cheshier. 2:498

Jan, 1847 - State Grant #14 at $ the 100 acres, to Hiram Tutterow, 66 acres on Bear Creek adj. his land, Jacob Holman, Thomas Cheshire and William Penegar, Entered 10 Apr, 1846. Witness: Will A. Graham

Sep, 1847 - A. G. Carter to Tennison Cheshier for $396, 400 acres adj William Humphreys, John Hendricks and Nathan Stanley. Witness: G. A. Bingham

Feb 1848 - Isaac Holman to Tennison Cheshier for $8, 3 3/4 acres on Dutchman's Creek. Witness J. Inglis

Feb, 1848 - Tennison Cheshier to Isaac Holman for $2, 3/4 acres on Dutchman's Creek.

Feb, 1848 - Isaac Holman to Tennison Cheshire for $10, 4 3/4 acres adj. Cheshire.

1848 - Virginia Records - Children of William M. Cheshire and Sarah (both deceased by 1848): Wm. A. G. Cheshire, Sarah T. B. Oliver, Margaret R. Cheshire, Thomas I. Cheshire, George W. Cheshire

1848 - July 19, 1848, Illinois Public Land Purchase Records. Thomas Chesser. 16,000 acres

Jan, 1849 - State of NC # 18, Charles Manly, Gov. to Enoch Beck for $5 the 100 acres, 28 3/4 acres on Bear Creek adj. Thomas Cheshier, Milton Gaither, enterd 1 January, 1849. Wm. A. Blaylock, J. M. N. Beck.

1849 - Illinois Public Land Purchase Records. Zachariah Chesser. February 23, 1849. 4,000 acres.

Oct, 1849 - A. G. Carter to Tennison Cheshire for $800, 1 acre in Mocksville where John A. Lillington lately resided adj. John McRorie's Corner on Huntsville Rd (Statesville Rd. ?). Witness: C. Harbin

Nov, 1849 - John McRorie to John Cheshire for $200, 145 acres near Wilkesboro Road on Bear Creek adj. Thomas Glassock, George Coon, Robert Rose, sold 29 May, 1849 as property of John Booe. G. A. Binham, Wm. W. Wilson

Nov, 1849 - John Cheshire to P H Cain for $500, 133 acres on Dutchman Creek adj. James Holman and Wm. Cain and 92 acres on Dutchmans Creek adj. James Frost and Jesse Brown. 3:143

Nov, 1849 - John Cheshire to P. H. Cain for $500, 133 acres on Dutchman's Creek adj James Frost (previously John Beeman's land) and 148 acres on Dutchman's Creek adj. James Holman and William Cain and 92 acres on Dutchmans Creek adj. James Frost and Jesse Brown.

Apr., 1850 - Jeremiah Wellman to Tenison Cheshire for $525 lot #2 cont. 180 a/4 acres. Witness C. Harbin

Oct, 1850 - George Coon to Jacob F. Coon for $1, 94 3/4 acres adj. John Chesher. C. Harbin. 3.445

Nov., 1850 - Lemeul Bingham, Clerk, to John Cheshire for $300 as highest bidder, 71 Acres on Elisha's Crk formerly owned by heirs of Samuel Nichols, in public slae of lands of John Hunter decd. 28 Oct, 1848. R. M. Pearson. 3:460

1851 - Illinois Public Land Purchase Records. Zachariah Chessor. August 20, 1851. 4,000 acres

1851 - Samuel Chesher marries Nancy Badget Dec 24, 1851, Stokes County NC

1854 - Will of Tennison Cheshire probated, Davie County, land adj. Isaac Holman, William F. McMahan, daus: Nancy Gowans (wife of Major W. Gowan) and her 7 children, Emily M. Blackwell, Mary M. Wilson, Samantha C. Wilson, Margaret A. Cheshire, Susanna W. Cain sons: Jonathon W. Cheshire - land adj. Robert Blackwell. Exr: son Jonathan W., William W. Wilson, Robert Blackwell. Wit: C. Harbin and Wm. F. McMahan

Will of Jonathon Cheshire, 1858, Arkansas

1854 - After Tennison's death in 1854, Mary Shaw Cheshire married Charles Griffith. (Mocksville court house), Griffith Family Records.

1859 - Arkansas Land Records - Batesville Land Office, Doc. No. 9984, 80 Acres, Issued July 1, 1859. 1860 - F. A. Cheshire to Miss Cintha Marlow, Nov. 13, 1860. (Source: Iredell Express (Statesville) 1858-1865

Soaking the Yule Log written by Katie Brown Bennett, a Cheshire/Sain slave descendant.

December 18, 1865. Richard Cheshier, colored orphan, age 11, bound to W. D. Cheshier until the age of 21

December 18, 1865. Layton Cheshier, colored orphan, age 11, bound to W. D. Cheshier until the age of 21

December 22, 1865. Amelia Crisp, colored orphan, age 14, bound to E. L. Crisp until the age of 18

December 22, 1865. Edmond Crisp, colored orphan, age 11, bound to E. L. Crisp until the age of 21

January 1, 1866. Henry Sain, colored orphan, age 4, bound to Enoch Sain until the age of 21

January 6, 1866. Louis Crisp, colored orphan, age 10 on the 5th of last March, bound to E. G. Coleman until the age of 21

January 6, 1866. Fillis Crisp, colored orphan, age 8 on the 26th of last April, bound to E. G. Coleman until the age of 18

January 6, 1866. Aaron Crisp, colored orphan, age six on the 20th of last August, bound to E. G. Coleman until the age of 21

January 6, 1866. Isham Crisp, colored orphan, age 4 on the 24th of September last, bound to E. G. Coleman until the age of 21

January 6, 1866. Margaret Crisp, abandoned by mother in 1862, age 5 on the 28th of last October, bound to E. G. Coleman until the age of 18

January 6, 1866. Jane Crisp, abandoned by mother in 1862, age 8 on the 6th of last April, bound to E. G. Coleman until the age of 18

January 6, 1866. Alice Crop, abandoned by mother in 1862, age 10 on the 15th of next February, bound to E. G. Coleman until the age of 18

1866 - Lewis Cheshier m. Margaret Hawkins, June 3, 1866, Rowan County NC

Feb, 1868 - Arthur Neely of David County, NC --no wife signs-- lets Paulina Cheshire of Rowan Co NC have 588 1/2 acres on the north bank of Beaver Dam, on the River, next to the heirs of deceased Thomas M. Gillespie, G. A. Locke, A. A. Hart, J. D.Johnson, Salisbury and Wilkesboro Road, in the bend of the lane, next T. E. Neely (her) line, R. F. Johnston and the Concord Road (but excepts 50 acres of the upper corner which Willie Dickey Johnston willed, after the death of Sarah L., widow of Rufus D. Johnston, including building, while she lived), for $3125.00, witnessed and proved by George T. Campbell on Dec. 1 1868.

January, 1881 - After the death of Jonathan Wesley Cheshire in 1863, his widow Paulina E. Neeley Cheshire married Louis Stevenson of Loray.

Jan, 1881 - Lewis P. Stevenson and wife Paulina E. lets Baxter C. Cheshier (all of Iredell County, NC) have 141 acres on the east side of the road to Salisbury, at the top of the hill on west bank of the River for $1,000, acknowledged in Iredell County on the next day. (Is this Baxter Cheshier the son of Jonathan and Paulina Neely Cheshier??)

1891-1893 - Will of Barbara A. Austin. June 3, 1891, probated 15 Dec. 1897. Husband. J. C. Austin, Nieces Julia Gowan and Mamie Curtis, daus. of Richard Gowan. Also mentions land willed by Tennison Cheshire "to my mother Mrs. Gowan, now Mrs. Shoemaker.

Other Sources:

Patricia O'Connor, researching Thomas Cheshire of Oyster Bay, NY. Email address:

James Jarvis, a cousin from Chicago, IL

Personal communications with Sharon Sigletary. Sharon's email address is:

Charlie Cheshire, - Charlie, I've misplaced your email address!

Abba Bliss Cheshire, Jonesboro, ARK

Personal communications with Mrs. Jennie W. Fleck. Jennie is researching the Cheshire family also. Her email address is:

Personal communications with Tony Walker. Tony provided the information on the Margaret Cheshire and George Walker line. He is interested in corresponding with anyone researching this family, especially the Walker line. His email

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