Jacob Stanley, Sr.

Wilkes County, North Carolina

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Land Plats for Stanleys in Wilkes Co., NC and the transfer of that land to others.

First Generation

Jacob Stanley, Sr. was born about 1701 in Virginia and died in Wilkes County, NC between 1778 and 1790.

Children of Jacob Stanley, Sr. and Elizabeth Page
John Stanley, Sr. (abt. 1737-bef. 1790) m. 1) Elizabeth Howard (abt. 1738-bef. 1810), d/o David Howard;
2) Lucy (abt. 1742)
Elizabeth Stanley (abt. 1744-bef. 1806) m. John Howard, Sr. (abt. 1742-bef. 1811), s/o David Howard
Reuben Stanley, Sr. (abt. 1747-1810) m. Sarah (Coffee ?) (died in Burke Co., NC)
Jacob Stanley, Jr. (abt. 1753) m. Unknown (abt. 1741)
Harris Stanley (abt. 1756-bef 1840 died in Mo.) m. Rachel Alderson

Oath of Allegiance

Documents for Jacob Stanley, Sr.

Documents for Jacob Stanley, Jr.

Second Generation

Chiildren of John Stanley, Sr. and 1) Elizabeth Howard
Harris Stanley, Sr. (abt.1760-bef.1799) m. Elizabeth (Roberts?) (abt. 1767-bef. 1828)


Children of John Stanley, Sr. and 2) Lucy
John Stanley, Jr. (abt. 1766-bef. 1852) m. Rebecca (*Shinn?) (abt. 1770-bef. 1851)
Male Stanley (bet. 1767/1787)
Male Stanley (bet. 1767/1787)
Ann Stanley (bet. 1765/1787-aft. 1815)
Female Stanley (bef. 1787)
Female Stanley (bef. 1787)
Female Stanley (bef. 1787)
Female Stanley (bef. 1787)

* Rebecca's surname is unknown. Some descendants believe her to be a Shinn and the daughter of Samuel Shinn. Evidence to support this theory has not been found.

Documents for John Stanley, Sr.


Children of Elizabeth Stanley and John Howard, Sr.
Sarah (Sally) Howard (abt. 1777) m. Mr. Witherspoon
Phillip Howard (abt. 1779) m. Frankey Sails
John Howard, Jr. (abt. 1781) (two bastard children with Cresy Baker)
Christopher Howard (abt. 1783) m. Hannah Johnson (abt. 1792),
d/o Charles and Hannah Johnson
Rachel Howard (abt. 1785) m. Joshua Horton
Barbara (Barbary) Howard (abt. 1787)
Mary (Polly) Howard (abt. 1789)

Documents for Elizabeth Stanley Howard


Children of Reuben Stanley, Sr. and Sarah (Coffee?)
Jacob Stanley (abt. 1760-abt. 1790) m. Elizabeth Hunt (abt. 1764)
Jonathan (John) Stanley (abt. 1762-bef. 1831) m. Margaret McCane (abt. 1755-abt. 1850)
Thomas Stanley, Sr. (abt. 1767-bef. 1860) m. 1) Sarah (Smithey?) (abt. 1767-bef. 1860); 2) Charlotte Johnson
Lucrecia (Crecia) Stanley (abt. 1774-bef 1850) m. Samuel Anderson, Sr.
Charles Stanley (abt. 1776) m. unknown


Children of Jacob Stanley Jr. and Unknown Wife
Reuben Stanley (abt. 1772-1849) m. Esther Patterson (abt. 1773-bef.1830)
Harris Stanley (abt. 1774-bef. 1850) m. Rachel Martin (abt. 1780 - aft.1860)
Rhodes Stanley (abt. 1776-bef. 1840) m. Ruth (abt. 1775 - ?)
Henrietta Stanley (abt. 1778 -?) m. David Sartain
Nathan Stanley (abt. 1780 -?) m. Unknown
Page Stanley (abt. 1781-1841) m. Winniford Basham
Joseph Stanley (abt. 1784-?) m. Betsy Douglas
Garland Stanley (abt. 1786-1812) m. Eleanor

Children of Harris Stanley and Rachel Alderson
Page Stanley (abt. 1801-?) m. 1) Unknown; 2) Mary Castell; 3) Catherine Hinshaw Williams
Jeremiah Stanley (1806-?) m. Mary Wilson
Minyard Stanley (1808-?) m. Nancy Wilson
Ramey Stanley (1811-?) m. Lucy
Harrison Stanley (1814-?) m. Elizabeth

Third Generation

Children of Harris Stanley, Sr. and Elizabeth (Roberts?)
Male Stanley (abt.1786-?)
Nathan Stanley (abt. 1788) m. Hannah Levy
Harris Stanley, Jr. (1790-1858) m. Sally Brown (1791-1866) (moved to IN, died in IA)


Children of John Stanley, Jr. and Rebecca (Shinn?)
Dicy Ann Stanley (abt. 1790) m. 1) Joseph Johnson (abt. 1788-1832), s/o Charles and Hannah Johnson;
2) Patrick Dorsey (m. in Ray Co., MO)
James Stanley (1792-1874) m. 1) Jane (Jenny) Trotter (1800-1822); 2) Mary (Polly) Trotter (1803-1883)
Larkin Stanley (abt. 1794-1847) m. Elizabeth Goode (abt. 1809)
Joel Stanley (abt. 1796-aft. 1819)
William Stanley (abt. 1798-1824) (he did not marry Elizabeth Hayes) (see bastardy bond)
Hugh Stanley (abt. 1801-1841) m. Delilah Ashby (abt. 1807-1880)
Lucy Stanley (abt. 1803) m. John Stanley (abt. 1796), s/o Thomas Stanley, Sr. and Sarah (Smithey?)
Uriah Stanley (1804-1879) m. Harriet Lucas (1811-1897)
Elihu Stanley (1805-1879) m. 1) Minerva Ralph; 2) Martha Ann Vance (1827-1902)
Miriam Stanley (abt. 1806-1862) m. John Trotter (1795-1874)
(This branch of the Stanley family moved to Missouri

Documents for John Stanley

Documents for James Stanley


Children of Jacob Stanley and Elizabeth Hunt
Joseph (Joel) Stanley (abt. 1782) m. Susanna (Sucky) McKinney, d/o Samuel and Nellie McKinney
Jesse Stanley (abt. 1784)
Anna (Anny) Stanley (abt. 1786) m. 1) Richard Parker; 2) William Cox
Male Stanley (abt. 1788)
Female Stanley (abt. 1789)

Documents for Jacob Stanley


Jonathan (John) Stanley and Margaret McCane
Shadrack Stanley (abt. 1783-1857) m. Hannah Becknell (abt. 1784-bef. 1870),
d/o Samuel and Elizabeth Becknell
Meshack Stanley (abt. 1784-bef. 1830) m. Charlotte (abt. 1785)
Nancy Stanley (abt. 1788) m. 1) Enos Anderson; 2) William Cox
Joseph Stanley (abt. 1790-abt. 1840) m. Mary Johnson (abt. 1790), d/o Charles and Hannah Johnson

Jonathan (John) Stanley


Children of Thomas Stanley, Sr. and Sarah (Smithey?)
Darlett Stanley (abt. 1792) m. John Mullis (abt. 1790)
John Stanley (abt. 1796) m. Lucy Stanley (abt. 1803), d/o John Stanley, Jr. and Rebecca
Reuben Stanley (abt. 1798) m. Margaret Hendren (abt. 1800)
Ann Stanley (abt. 1800) m. Hiram Saintclair (abt. 1795)
Thomas Stanley, Jr. (1804-1875) m. Ellender (Ellen) Hooper (1807-1885)
(This branch of the Stanley family moved to Missouri

Documents for Thomas Stanley, Sr.


Children of Lucrecia (Crecia) Stanley and Samuel Anderson, Sr.
Samuel Anderson, Jr. (abt. 1797) m. Elizabeth Smithey
Jesse Anderson (abt. 1799) m. Sarah Combs
Nelson Anderson (abt. 1801) m. Amy Mathis
Evan Anderson (abt. 1803) m. Rebecca Smithey
Ellis Anderson (abt. 1805) m. Nancy Stanley
Sophia Anderson (abt. 1806-abt. 1880) m. Robert (Robin) Moore (1802-1870)
, s/o William Sterling Moore and Elizabeth Holland
Robinette Anderson (abt. 1809) m. Rebecca Curry
Mary Anderson (abt. 1811) m. William Smithey
Wesley Anderson (abt. 1813) m. Dicy Combs (abt.1815)

Documents for Samuel Anderson


Children of Charles Stanley and his wife
Male Stanley (bet. 1794-1804)
Male Stanley (bet. 1794-1804)
Axse Stanley (abt. 1798) m. Hawkins Kirby (abt. 1800),
s/o Joseph (Joel) Stanley and Charity Kerby
Male Stanley (bet. 1800-1810)
Jane Stanley (abt. 1813)

Documents for Charles Stanley


Children of Reuben Stanley and Esther Patterson
John Stanley (abt. 1792) m. Sabray Hatfield
AndrewStanley (abt. 1794-abt 1838) m. Sarah Cain
Sarah Stanley (abt. 1796) m. James Hatfield Jr.
Mary "Polly" Stanley (abt. 1798-abt 1866) -did not marry
Elizabeth Stanley (1800-1887) m. Daniel Moad
Jacob (1806-1879) m. Elizabeth Moad
(This branch of the Stanley family moved to Missouri)

Children of Harris Stanley and Rachel Martin
Reuben Stanley (abt. 1798-1870) m. Matilda Trigg
Page Stanley (abt. 1800) m. Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Stanley (abt. 1802) m. James Sims Jr.
JobStanley (abt. 1813) m. Joanna Proctor
Isaac Stanley (abt. 1814) m. Ann E.
Nathan Stanley (abt. 1815) m. Sarah Howe
Hulda Stanley (abt. 1816) m. Unknown
Richard Stanley (abt. 1818) m. Saphronia
(This branch of the Stanely family moved to Kanawha Co., W. Va.


Children of Rhodes Stanley and Ruth
Joseph Stanley (abt. 1790)
Female Stanley (abt. 1800)
John Stanley (abt. 1804)
Isaac Stanley (abt. 1806)
Female Stanley (abt. 1810)
Female Stanley (abt. 1815)
Female Stanley (abt. 1815)
Rhodes Stanley (abt. 1815) m. Elizabeth
Robert Stanley (abt. 1825) m. Hannah
William Sartain (abt. 1825) m. Rosey Hix


Children of Page Stanley and Winnifred Basham
William Stanley (abt. 1802-abt. 1881) m. Agnes Willoughby
Harris Stanley (1807-1866) m. Sarah Willoughby
Nathan Stanley (abt. 1809)
Mary "Polly" Stanley (abt. 1811) m. Thomas Doke
Nancy Stanley (abt. 1813) m. Unknown Sharp
John Stanley (abt. 1815)
Archibald "Archie" Stanley (abt. 1818) m. Sarah Frazier
Elizabeth Stanley (abt. 1820) m. Unknown Faris
Female Stanley (abt. 1825)
Henry B. Stanley (1826-1917) m. Sarah Ann "Sally" Campbell


Children of Garland Stanley and Eleanor
Preston Stanley (abt. 1809) m. Elizabeth Oldham Nathaniel "Nathan" Stanley (abt. 1810) m. 1) Mary Ann Golden; 2) Elizabeth
Sarah Stanley (abt. 1812) m. Samuel Brown


Children of Page Stanley and Unknown Wife
Female Stanley (1820)
Harris Stanley (abt. 1820) m. L.
Male Stanley (abt. 1825)
Minyard G. Stanley (abt. 1827) m. Sarah E.
Jerry Stanley (abt. 1829)
Male Stanley (abt. 1830)
Male Stanley (abt. 1830)
Female Stanley (abt. 1830)
Sarah G. Stanley (abt. 1831)
William J. Stanley (abt. 1835)


Children of Ramey Stanley and Lucy
David Stanley (abt. 1832)
William Stanley (abt. 1840)
Albert Stanley (abt. 1841)
Richard E. Stanley (abt. 1842)
Elvira Stanley (abt. 1843)
E. W. Stanley (abt. 1845)


Children of Harrison Stanley and Elizabeth
Cyrus R. Stanley (abt. 1836)
Eliza J. Stanley (abt. 1842)
Nancy E. Stanley (abt. 1844)
Jeremiah Stanley (abt. 1845)
Rana (sic) Stanley (abt. 1849)

Fourth Generation

Children of Shadrack Stanley and Hannah Becknell
Mary Stanley (1802-1873) m. James Moore (1797-abt.1906),
s/o Sterling Moore and Elizabeth Holland
Rebecca Stanley (abt. 1803) m. Meriday Becknell (abt. 1802)
Azwell Stanley (abt. 1805) m. Elizabeth Hooper (abt. 1807)
Noel Stanley (abt. 1807) m. Martha Love (abt.1809-bef. 1839); 2) Ann Barnet
Louvina (Viney) Stanley (1809-1887) m. Miles Alonza Nance (1804-1883), s/o William Nance
John Avery Stanley (abt. 1812) m. Dorothy Hooper (abt. 1810)
Thomas Stanley (abt. 1814)
Joseph Young Stanley (abt. 1816)
Sarah Stanley (abt. 1818) m. Frederick Semore Lansdown (1813),
s/o Millen (Milly) Lansdown before her marriage to Jesse Smithey

Documents for Shadrack Stanley

Documents for Azwell Stanley


Children of Meshack Stanley and Charlotte
Female Stanley (abt. 1808)
Female Stanley (abt. 1810)
Ary Melvina Stanley (1812-1902) m. John Wesley Ball (1817-1899),
s/o Javan Ball and Elizabeth Vickers

Meshack Stanley


Children of Nancy Stanley and 1) Enos Anderson
Male Anderson (abt. 1813)
Elizabeth Anderson (1815-1847) m. Joseph Davis (1817-1864)
Male Anderson (abt. 1817)
Male Anderson (abt. 1819)
Enos Anderson (abt.1825) m. Sarah Moore (abt. 1827)


Children of Joseph Stanley and Mary Johnson
Sarah Stanley (abt. 1812) m. Moses Laws (abt. 1808)
Nathan Stanley (abt. 1814) m. Elizabeth Kemp
Alsey Stanley (abt. 1816) m. Riley Laws (abt. 1813)
Larkin Stanley (abt. 1818) m. Oma Laws (abt. 1820)

October 30, 1827, Joseph was charged with a bastard child named John Matthews.

Documents for Joseph Stanley


Children of Joseph (Joel) Stanley and Susanna (Sucky) McKinney
Willis Stanley (1807) m. unknown (had one son, born abt. 1837 in Burke Co., NC)
Jesse Stanley (1810) m. unknown (had two children, born in Burke Co., NC)
Harris Stanley (abt. 1815) m. unknown (abt. 1815)
6 other sons born in Burke Co., NC between 1810 and 1830)

February 4, 1806, Joel was charged with a bastard child by Charity Kerby. Hawkins Kerby, born about 1805.

Documents for Joseph (Joel) Stanley


Children of John Stanley and Lucy Stanley
Ingram Stanley (abt. 1820)

Documents John Stanley


Children of Reuben Stanley and Margaret Hendren
Female Stanley (bet. 1817-1820)
Male Stanley (bet. 1817-1820)
Female Stanley (bet. 1817-1820)
Female Stanley (bet. 1817-1820)
Female Stanley (bet. 1817-1820)
Female Stanley (bet. 1817-1820)

February 4, 1820 Feb 4 - Wilkes Co.,NC - Reuben was charged with a bastard child by Sally Hendren. He did not marry Sally Hendren. Male child born before 1819.

Documents Reuben Stanley


Children of Thomas Stanley and Ellender (Ellen) Hooper
Sarah Stanley (1824-1868) m. Joseph Davis, Sr. (1816-1864) (m. in Rush Co., IN)
John Stanley (1826-1845)
Martha Stanley (1828-1835)
James Stanley (1834-1836)
Susan Stanley (1839-1851)

Documents for Thomas Stanley

Fifth Generation

Children of Robinette Anderson and Rebecca Curry
William Anderson (1825) m. Evaline Nance (1829),
d/o Miles Alonza Nance and Louvina Stanley

Children of Noel Stanley and Martha Love
Louvina (Luvicy) Stanley (abt. 1831)
Mary Stanley (abt. 1833)
Robert Adley Stanley (abt. 1835) m. Evaline Williams (abt. 1835)
Amanda Stanley (abt. 1837)

Children of Noel Stanley and Ann Barnet
Dinah Stanley (abt. 1840)
Sarah Stanley (abt. 1843)

Documents for Noel Stanley


Children of Louvina (Viney) Stanley and Miles Alonza Nance
Alfred Nance (abt. 1825-abt. 1827)
Shadrick Nance (abt. 1827-1863) m. Polly Dillingham
Evaline Nance (abt. 1829-1908) m. William (Billy) R. Moore (abt. 1825-aft. 1880), s/o Robert Moore and Sophia Anderson
William Nance (abt. 1831-1864)
Noah Nance (1833-1833)
Vincent Nance (abt. 1835-1902) m. Roxanna Dillingham
Delilah Nance (abt. 1837-1879) m. Martlin L. Anderson
Benjamin Alonzo Nance (abt. 1839-1917) m. Dicey Anderson (1848-1900)
James Young (Bud) Nance (1841-1906) m. Mary Clementine Ball, d/o John Wesley Ball and Ary Melvina Stanley
Clara Nance (1844-1881)
Adaline Nance (abt. 1846-1906) m. William R. Queen
Gen. Francis Marion Nance (abt. 1848-1932) m. Ary Melvina Ball (1851-1903), d/o John Wesley Ball and Ary Melvina Stanley
Adolphus Nance (abt. 1850-1904)


Children of Sarah Stanley and Frederick Semore Lansdown
Milly Lansdown (abt. 1840)
Mary Lansdown (abt. 1842)
Sarah F. Lansdown (abt. 1845)
Azwill Harvey Lansdown (1846-1919)
Anderson Lansdown (abt. 1847)
Matilda Lansdown (abt. 1849)
James C. Lansdown (abt. 1851)

Sixth Generation

Children of Robert Adley Stanley and Evaline Williams
Joseph Stanley (abt. 1858)
James Stanley (abt. 1861)
Dicy Stanley (abt. 1863)
Jones Stanley (abt. 1867)

Documents for Robert Stanley


Transcribed Documents (Part1) Transcribed Documents (Part2) that pertain to and support the facts presented on this page.

In 1735 Amelia County, VA was formed from Brunswick and Prince George's Counties. In 1744 Albemarle County, VA was formed from the Western portion of Goochland Co., Va.

In 1753 Jacob Stanley is on the tax list in John Nash's District, Nottaway Parish paying one poll. Reuben Stanley is also on this tax list. The taxable age in Virginia is age 16, placing his birth at 1737 or before. This area is in Nottoway Parish below the Cellar Creek.

May 10 1754 - Bedford Co.Va was formed from the northwestern part of Lunnenburg Co.,Va. In 1755 parts of Albemarle and Lunnenburg Counties were added to Bedford Co.,VA

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