Wall Family

List of Wall Families in Forsyth County North Carolina 1850 Census. All born in NC, unless noted otherwise.

Household #596/606
Berry Walls age 32
C. Charity age 22
Mary 10
William 9
Thomas 8
Alexander 4
Sarah E. 1
(living next door to Nancy Roberts and John Weisner)

Household # 1152/1166
Catherine Wall  age 73, 200 acres
Mahala age 43
Lucy 37
Addison I. 18
Catharine E. 15
(living next door to James H. Flynt and Nancy Teague)

Household # 1239/1254
Squire J. Walker, age 28 [census entry as WALKER, probably really WALLER]
Isabel  20
Henty T. 2
Nancy 57, born in VA
Jesse Wall age 22, farmer 50 acres, born in VA
Richard Ransom age 9 born in GA
(living next door to Joseph Vogler and Jacob Long)

Household # 1427/1442
Drury Wall age 63 born in VA
Tobitha age 50 b. in VA
John  age 17  b. in VA
Martha age 13 b. in Va
Malinda age 12 born in VA
James age 9 b. in VA
Mary age 6 born in NC
(living next door to Yorick Henderson (a black family) and James H. Wall

Household #1428/1443
James H. Wall age 36 born in VA
Felicia age 25
Permelia 7
Alson C. 4
Tire 5/12
(liviing next door to Drury Wall and Owen D. Tate)

Household 1432/1447
Richard Wall age 38 born in VA
Rebecca  25
Nancy J. 11
Martha E. 9
John H. 7
Mary K 5
Rebecca A. 3
James W. 1
Lucetta Henning 15
(living next door to Henry Kreeger and Jacob Mosher)

Household # 1446/1461
John Null age 50
Frances 44
Elmira L. 19
Julian 10
James L. Shouse 16 John W. WALL age 24
Judith Walker 65
Sarah Smith 45
Henry Owens 7
(living next door to William Kiger and Henry Kiger Senr.)

Household # 1483/1499 Boyd Wall age 65 born   300 acres, born in VA
Lucy   age 60
John age 19
Linna 13
(living next door to Anthony Banner and Taylor Westmoreland)

Household #1494/1510
Malodi Walls age 60, born in VA
Elizabeth age 28 b. in VA
Drusa age 20
(living next door to Frederick Beck and Barzilly Carmichael)

Household #1499/1515
Ledford Vaugham age 45 born in VA
Elizabeth age 39   VA
Alexander 18 VA
Beverly I age 11
William H. age 9
James A. 6
Mary A. M. G. 2
Polly Wall 24 born in VA
Druzilla Vaugham age 85  born in VA
(living next door to James Davis and John Davis)

Household #1507/1523
James Wall age 23 born in VA
Elizabeth 23
(living next door to William Suthern, Levi S. Kiger and John H. Moser)

Household # 1531/1547
Ivey Walls  age 42 born in VA
Lauley 37 born in VA
Lucy A. 15
Julia E. 13
William 13
Charles 10
Malissa 5
Rufus age 2
(living next door to William W. Terry and Elizabeth Thomason)

List of Wall Families in Forsyth County, North Carolina 1860 Census. All born in NC, unless noted otherwise.

Household #238/215
Catherine Wall, age 84, 200 acres
Lucy age 48
(living next door to Phillip Miller)

Household #239/216
Mahala Wall,, age 53
Addison, age 28, day laborer
Peggy 26
Edmond Teague, 21
Timothy Yates, 28, day laborer
(living next door to Catherine Yates)

Household # 877/828
James Wall, age 30, Day laborer, born in VA
Eliza age 32
Catherine 8
John 6
Phillip 4
(living next door to William Flynt (sheriff) and Willis Lawrence)

Household #1684/1598
Jesse Wall, age 32, born in VA, farmer, 200 acres
Sarah 24
Eliza 6
Caroline age 3
Lafayette 1/2
(living next door to Solomon Spease and John Wall)

Household #1685/1599
John Wall, age 25 farmer born in VA, farmer, 200 acres
Eliza 21
James W. age 4
Elmira J. 2
(living next door to Jesse Wall and Ferdinano R. Ohman)

Household# 1783/1688
Tibitha Wall, age 60
James Wall, age 19
Mary, age 15 born in VA
(living next door to Joshua Cox and Husley G. Anderson)

Household #1839/1742
Willam Lawson, age 38, farmer 300 acres
Catherine, age 35
Wiley, age 10
Robert age 8
Catherine WALLS, age 73
Jane Griffith, age 21
(living next door to James Sapp and Winston Hunter)

Household # 2069/1959
Lucy Wall, age 65, 200 acres
(living next door to Charles Morris and James R. Griffith)

Household #2071/1961
Tibitha Wall, age 40, 250 acres
James Wall, age 20
Mary Wall, age 15
(living next door to James R. Griffith and James R. Davis

Household #2212/2094
Ephram Wall, age 50, day laborer, born in VA
Delila, 48
Filistia E. 15
Rufus 8
Leander 6
(living next door to Joseph L. Crews and Thomas M. Marshall)

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