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The Horton Family

Barnabas Horton was born about 1600 and was probably the son Joseph Horton and Mary Schuyler, of Leicestershire, England, and was born in the little hamlet of Mouseley. He came to the New World on the Swallow sometime between 1633 and 1638 and landed at Hampton, Massachusettes. Joseph Horton also came to the New World and died in Springfield, Massachusettes in 1640. By 1640 Barnabas and his wife and two children were in New Haven, Connecticut, along with the Rev. John Youngs, William Welles, Peter Hollock, John Tuthill, Richard Terry, Thomas Mapes, Mathias Corwin, Robert Ackerly, Jacob Corey, John Conklin, Isaac Arnold and John Budd. There, on the 21st day of October, 1640, they formed a Congregational Church and sailed for the east end of Long Island, now Shouthold. They had all been members of Purtian Churches in England. (Monograph of the Purtian Movement) These were the first to settle the east end of Long Island.

Barnabas Horton's first wife was Anne Smith of Stanton, New Hamptonshire, England. They married in 1622 and after her death, Barnabas then married Mary Langton in 1629 and they had eight children. Barnabas Horton died in 1680, Southold, New York.

First Generation

Children of Barnabus Horton and 1) Anne Smith
Benjamin Horton (1627-1690) m. 1) Mary Hampton; 2) Anna Budd

Children of Barnabas Horton and 2) Mary Langton (born 1602) (m. in England)
Mercy Horton m. Christopher Youngs
Joseph Horton (1635) m. Jane Budd
Caleb Horton (1640-1702) m. Abigaile Hallock
Joshua Horton (1643) m. Mary Tuthill
Jonathan Horton (c 1645) m. Bethia Wells (1655)

Second Generation

Children of Joseph Horton and Jane Budd
Joseph Horton
John Horton
Samuel Horton
Abigail Horton m. Roger Park
Jeremiah Horton
David Horton (1664) m. Ester King


Children of Caleb Horton and Abigaile Hallock
Rachel Horton
Barnabas Horton (1666) m. Sarah Hines
Mary Horton m. Nathaniel Terry (1655)
Jonathan Horton m. Bethia Conklin
Esther Horton (1676) m. Jonathan Mapes
David Horton (1672) m. Mary Horton
Abigail Horton m. Benjamin Moore
Nathan Horton (1670)
Hannah Horton
Ruth Horton

Third Generation

Children of Barnabas Horton and Sarah Hines
Caleb Horton (1687) m. Pheobe Terrye (1709) (eleven children)
Penelope Horton
Bethia Horton

Fourth Generation

Children of Caleb Horton and Pheobe Terrye
Capt. Nathan Horton (1720) m. Methetabel Case (moved to New Jersey) (served during Rev. War)

Fifth Generation

Children of Capt. Nathan Horton and Methetabel Case
Colonel Nathan Horton (1757-1824) m. Elizabeth Eagles (1766-1854),
d/o John and Hannah Eagles of New York City
(moved to Western NC) (served during Rev. War)
Zephainiah Horton (1760) m. Jane McCurry (moved from Wilkes County, after 1790)
six other children in this family

Sixth Generation

Children of Col. Nathan Horton and Elizabeth Eagles
Hannah Horton (1784) (died at eary age in Hagerstown, MD, along the way to North Carolina)
Gen. William Horton (1786-1845) m. Mildred Amelia "Millie" Dula, (settled at Elkville, Wilkes County)
d/o of William Dula of Ashe County
James Horton (1789) m. Sidena Webb, d/o of James Webb (settled near South Fork of New River)
Major David Eagles Horton (1792) m. Sarah (Sallie) Dula (settled near Elkville, Wilkes County)
Sarah Horton (1794) (died early)
Phineas Horton (1795) m. Rebecca Councill, d/o of Jordan Council
John Horton (1800) (died early)
Elizabeth Horton (1803) m. Zephaniah Horton (from Yancey County)
Colonel Jonathan Horton (1806-1895) m. Malinda Hartzog (1820-1911) (no children)

Nathan Horton settled in Rowan, near the Jersey Settlement, but afterwards moved to a farm near Holman's Ford in Wilkes County. Then he came to Cook's Gap in the Blue Ridge, the gap which Daniel Boone had passed through on his first trip to Kentucky in 1769. Accompanying Horton and his wife were William Miller and wife, Mary, and their son, David Miller, and Ebenezer Fairchild and family. Horton went into a hunter's camp at Cook's Gap, Miller into another hunter's camp at Buck's Gap, while Fairchild went on to what is now called Howard's Creek. All these became member of Three Forks Baptist Church, which had been organized in November, 1790.

There is a tradition in the Horton family to the effect that the camp into which Nathan went belonged to Richard Green, and that on one occasion, when the fire went out and Mrs. Horton went to a neighbor's several miles distant to get some live coals, she found this Green in possession of this camp, which was their first acquaintance with each other. But there are among the Fairchild receipts from Jonathan Tompkins, tax collector for 1780, showing that be collected taxes in this settlement at that early date. There is also a knob of the Blue Ridge, near Deep Gap, which bears his name.

There is also a tradition that the Greens were members of the Jesey Settlement, and that James Jackson, William Miller, the three Bucks, Tompkins and Horton himself were members of the Jersey Settlement. They were all members of the Three Forst Baptist Church between 1790 and 1800, and the probability seems that Richard Green told Horton where his camp was and invited him to take possession of it and that Buck extended the same invitation to Miller with regard to his own camp nearby.


Children of Zephainiah Horton and Jane McCurry
Joshua Horton m. a href="http://www.fmoran.com/stanley/stanley.html">Rachel Howard (m. 1805) (living in Wilkes County, 1790, 1808)
Jesse Horton m. Hannah Lewis (m. 1806)

Joshua Horton is listed among the purchasers at the estate sale of Jeremiah Stover, May Term 1808)

Seventh Generation

Children of Gen. William Horton and Mildred Amelia "Millie" Dula
Rebecca Horton (1814) m. David Bower
Col. James C. Horton (1817-1896) m. Sarah E. Dickson (?-1896), d/o Col. Dickson and Margaret McDowell
William Leander Horton (1818-1902) m. Frances Corpening
Eliza Horton (abt. 1820) m. Andrew Jackson Corpening
Nathan Horton (1823) m. Amanda Dula (1837-1932)
Theodocia Elvira Horton (1825) m. George Hege Hamilton
Phineas Hampton Horton (1826-1886)
Sarah (Sallie) Dula Horton (1827-1890)
Laura/Lemira Louise Horton (abt. 1830) m. Wiley Perkins Thomas
Capt. Alexander Hamilton Horton (1832-1889) m. Mary Jane Vogler (1838-1921)
Elvira Horton (?-1888) m. George Hege Hamilton
Rufus Dula Horton (1835-1915) m. 1) Martha (Mattie) L. Horton; 2) Ruth Lunsford


Children of James Horton and Sidnea Webb
Colonel John (Jack) Horton (1816) m. 1) Rebecca Mast; 2) Mary Swift
Nancy Lucinda Horton (1824) m. Henry R. Hardin
Elvira Horton m. Mathias Bledsoe
Eveline Horton m. Hamilton Ray (of Roan Mountain Station, TN)
William Horton m. Shull (lived in Cove Creek, then Roan Creek, TN)
Polly Horton m. Thomas Ray, (of Three Tops, Ashe County, NC)


Children of David Eagles Horton and Sallie Dula
Nathan Thomas Horton m. Clara Perkins (lived in Burke)
David Leander Horton m. Sarah Jane Young (lived near Elkville)
Mildred Adeline Horton m. Charles Pinckney Jones (lived near Elkville on the Yadkin River)
Captain Larkin L. Horton m. Martha Louisa Isbell, d/o Thomas Isbell and Lucinda Petty (lived on King's Creek)
Martha Caroline Horton m. William Pitt Waugh Finley (1815-1874)
John Horton (did not marry)
Jane Horton (did not marry)
James Horton m. Rosa Lynch
Sarah Louise Horton m. James Martin Isbell, s/o Thomas Isbell and Descretion Howard
William Phineas Horton (1819-1834)
James Theodore Horton (1828-1907) m. Sara Rosa Lynch


Children of Phineas Horton and Rebecca Councill
Colonel William Horton (1828) m. Nancy Rebecca Blair (served in the Militia)
Lt. Nathan Horton m. Juliette Gentry
Lt. Jonathan Philmore Horton (1836-1863) (died during Civil War)
James Horton (died during Civil War)


Children of Elizabeth Horton and Zephaniah Horton
Nathan Horton
James Horton
David Horton
(This family lived near Burnsville, Yancey County)

Eighth Generation

Children of Colonel Jack Horton and Rebecca Mast or Mary Swift
James W. Horton (1846) m. Mary S. (Polly) Councill (lived in Cove Creek)
David F. Horton (1856) m. Susan Mast (members of Cove Creek Baptist Church)
Mattie Horton m. Judge L. L. Greene


Children of William Horton and Rebecca Blair
James Crittenden Horton (1861) m. Mary Elrod
Jonathan Blair Horton m. Miss Smith
Julia Horton (did not marry)
Dr. William Phineas Horton (1867) m. Emma Wynne (moved to Wilkes County abt. 1890)
Emma Horton (1869) m. Lewis P. Moore
Addie Elizabeth Horton m. J. Winkler of Boone
Henry Walter Horton m. Susan Usher (lived in North Wilkesboro)
Sallie Hill Horton (died when 8 years old)

Ninth Generation:

Children of Dr. William Phineas Horton and Emma Wynne
Archie Wynne Horton m. Bernice Franklin
Mary Louise Horton m. Phillip Robbins
William Andrew Horton (died young)
Johnathan Palmer Horton m. Elizabeth Lumpkin
Annie Emma Horton (?-1951) m. Walter Newton (1902-1949)

Children of Mary Jane Vogler and Alexander Hamilton Horton
Dr. Hamilton Vogler Horton (1864-1929) m. Annie Cowles (1871-1912)
Dr. Phineas Edgar Horton, Sr. (1872-1940) m. Carrie Beard (1879-1960)

Children of Hamilton Vogler Horton and Annie Cowles
Annie Louise Horton
Mary Adele Horton
Hamilton Cowles Horton
Eleanor (Nell) Ruth Horton


Children of Dr. Phineas Edgar Horton, Sr. and Carrie Beard
Phineas Edgar Horton, Jr. (1900-1971) m. Laura Francis Medearis (1899-1984

Vogler Family

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