Kilby Family of Wilkes County, North Carolina

William Kilby was probably the son of William Kilby of Culpepper VA who died in about 1772. It is not clear when William Kilby (Jr.) moved to Wilkes County, NC but was likely in Wilkes before 1778 when he entered his land which included "improvements." At the time of William Kilby's (Jr.) death in 1815 William had acquired over 1100 acres of land and the inventory of his estate was valued $827.70. The Kilbys were among the few people in the Reddies River area that owned slaves. The 1790 Federal Census for Wilkes County included Adam, Michael, William and William Kilby.

First Generation

Children of John Kilby (?-abt. 1772) and Elizabeth (of Culpepper, VA)
Henry Kilby
Michael Kilby (?-1798) m. Susannah Brown, d/o Walter Brown (living in Wilkes Co., NC 1787)
John Kilby
William Kilby (1750-1815) m. 1) Mary Ann Towles; 2) Frances Eddins
Adam Kilby (living in Wilkes Co., NC, 1787)
James Kilby
Ann Kilby
Kathrine Kilby
Elizabeth Kilby
Savannah Kilby
Nancy Kilby

Michael's widow, Susannah Brown Kilby married Thomas Tinsley in 1800. Thomas Tinsley was much younger than his wife but took on the responsibility of raising her 8 children. Susannah bore Thomas Tinsley two daughters before her death: Margaret Tinsley born in 1801 who married Nathaniel Vannoy, son of John Vannoy and Elizabeth Kilby. The younger daughter was Rachel Tinsley who was born about 1804 and married Lovel Dogan Kilby.

Second Generation

Children of Michael Kilby and Susannah Brown
Henry Kilby (1782) m. Mary Harmon (m. 1807)
7 other children


Children of William Kilby and his wives
James Kilby (bef. 1767-1817) m. Margaret Robbins, d/o Maj. John Robins and Elizabeth Dogan (m. 1792)
Humphrey Kilby (abt. 1769-1849) m. Nancy Haynes
Reuben Kilby (abt. 1770) m. Elizabeth James (moved to MO, abt. 1818)
Elizabeth Kilby (1777) m. John Vannoy (moved to MO)
Abraham Kilby (abt. 1778-abt. 1815) m. Elizabeth Rash, d/o Joseph and Milly Rash
Sarah Kilby (1780-aft. 1850) Leonard Whittington (had at least 11 children)
William Kilby, Jr. (abt. 1782-abt. 1820) m. Elizabeth Hubbard (m. 1805),
d/o Benjamin Hubbard and Rosanne Dyer
Mary Kilby (1785-1864) m. 1) John Shepherd s/o Robert Shepherd and Sarah Rash; 2) Jesse Vannoy
Francis Kilby (1787-abt. 1865) m. Thomas Rash, s/o Joseph and Milly Rash
John Kilby (abt. 1790-1850) m. Annia (one son, several daughters)

Third Generation

Children of James Kilby and Margaret Robbins
Lovel Dogan Kilby m. Rachel Tinsley (m. 1819), d/o Thomas Tinsley and Susannah Brown Kilby
Samuel W. Kilby (did not marry)
John B. Kilby
Reuben W. Kilby m. Elizabeth Barlow, granddaughter of Abraham Kilby, Esquire
Joseph Eddins Kilby (died early, leaving 5 children) m. Elizabeth Cooper; (Eliz. married 2nd Laban Hartzog)
James Kilby, Jr. (1816) m. Jane Jennings


Children of Humphry Kilby and Nancy Haynes
Thorton Kilby m. Lucy Shepherd (1798-bef. 1829)
Reuben Kilby
James Kilby
2 daughters


May 1821 - Account of Sale of Estate of Abraham Kilby. August 1823 - Account of Estate of Abrham Kilby. Humphrey Kilby guardians. August 1825 - Guardian return by Humphrey Kilby. July 1826 - Settlements of accounts - Humphrey Kilby. April 1827 - Guardian Return by Humphrey Kilby. May 1829 - Guardian report by Humphrey for heirs of Abraham Kilby. February 1835 - Guardian Return by Humphrey Kilby for Sally and Nancy Kilby.


Children of William Kilby and Elizabeth Hubbard
Benjamin H. Kilby (1806-1880) m. Emeline Earp
Rosanna Kilby m. James W. Price
William Stokley Kilby (1809-1876) m. Caroline Earp
Elizabeth Kilby m. Jason R. Laws
Frances Kilby m. John B. Greer (moved to Caldwell Co., NC after Civil War)

Fourth Generation

Children of Lovel Dogan Kilby and Rachel Tinsley
Thomas l. Kilby
Lovel Dogan Kilby, Jr. m. Nancy Harrold
Nancy N. Kilby m. John Barlow (abt. 1824-?)
Margaret M. Kilby m. William Kilby Rash


Children of Thorton Kilby and Lucy Shepherd
Nancy Kilby (1825) m. Adam Staley/Stanley
Sarah (Sallie) Kilby m. William H. McNeil


Children of Benjamin H. Kilby and Emeline Earp
William H. Kilby (1828-1880) m. Sarah
Amanda Kilby (1829-1910) m. Alexander Pearson
Elizabeth Kilby (1832-1921) m. Isaac Davis
Romalina Kilby (1834-1883)
Matilda Kilby (1836-1928) m. James Martin Lowe
Martha Lina Kilby (1838-1921) m. James Davis
Benjamin H. Kilby (1841-1864) (died during Civil War)
John H. Kilby (1847-1883) m. Verderine Robinette
Nancy J. Kilby (1849-1918)
Frances Kilby (1852-1911) m. John Alexander Smith


Children of William Stokley Kilby and Caroline Earp
Mary Jane Kilby (1839-1908) m. John Davidson
John W. Kilby (1843-1886) m. Mary Jane Robertson

Fifth Generation

Children of John W. Kilby and Mary Jane Robertson
William S. Kilby (1876-1876)

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