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Vannoy Family

First Generation:

Children of John Vannoy (1644-abt.1699) and Rachel Cornwall (m. about 1685, NY)
John Vannoy (1686) (b. Richmond Co., Staten Island, NY)
Francis Vannoy (1688-1774) m. Rebecca Anderson (1699-1774, Hopewell, Hunterton, NJ),
d/o Cornelius Anderson and Annetje Catherine Opdyke/Updyke
Abraham Vannoy (1690-1774) m. Susanna Clayton (died Little Creek Hundred, Kent Co., DE)
Rachel Vannoy (1692)
Sarah Vannoy (1694)
Catherine Vannoy (1696)

Second Generation

Children of Francis Vannoy and Rebecca Anna Anderson (born abt. 1700)
John Van Vannoy (1716, NJ-1778) m. Susanna Anderson (1720-?),
d/o Cornelius Anderson and Anneteje Catherine Opdyke (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Andrew Vannoy (1718) (b. Hunterdon, Hopewell, NJ)
Hannah Vannoy (1720) m. Peter Willson (born in NJ)
Cornelius Vannoy (1720)

Third Generation:

Children of John Vannoy and Susannah Anderson
Rachel Vannoy (1741) m. Neil Patton
Andrew Vannoy (1742-1797) and Susannah Shepherd (1762-1816)
Abraham Vannoy (1745)
Francis Vannoy (1746-1833) (died in KY)
Nathaniel Van Vannoy (1748-1835) m. Elizabeth Ray (abt. 1750-?)
Hannah Vannoy (1751)
Daniel Vannoy (1752)
Susannah Vannoy (1754)
Catherine Vannoy (1755)

Who is Francis Vannoy that signed the marriage bond for Milly Vannoy and Edward Dancy, July, 1802, Wilkes County NC? Witness: William B. Lenoir.

Fourth Generation:

Children of Andrew Vannoy and Susannah Shepherd
Rebecca Vannoy (1780)
Abner Vannoy (1782-1857)
Andrew Vannoy (1784-1860) m. 1) ?; 2) Nancy Powell, d/o William Powell (m. 1815)
Sarah Vannoy (1788-1868) m. Isiah McGrady (1784-1872), s/o Jacob McGrady
Enoch Vannoy (1790-1873) m. Letithia/Lydia McGrady (m. 1828)
Rev. James Vannoy (1792-1857) m. Sarah Shepherd (1795)
Nathaniel Vannoy (1794-1852) m. 1) Fanny Owens (?-bef.1820); 2) Mary (Polly) Halsay/Halstead (m. 1819)
Mary (Polly) Vannoy (1796-1874) m. Rev. John Owens (1794-1859), s/o George and Lucy Owens
Susanna Vannoy (1799-1871) m. Rev./Elder Tobias Long, s/o John Long, Jr.
Elizabeth Vannoy (1804-1837) m. Presley Brown (m. 1823)


Children of Nathaniel Vannoy and Elizabeth Ray
John Vannoy (1775-1797) m. Elizabeth Kilby (1777-?)
Joel Vannoy (1777) (Sheriff of Wilkes Co., 1824-1830)
Sarah Vannoy (1779-1856) m. Jeremiah Cleveland (1774-1845)
Jesse Vannoy (1781) m. Mary (Polly) Kilby (abt. 1785)
Andrew Vannoy (1783)
Elizabeth Vannoy (1786) m. Neil Patton/Payton (m. 1806, Wilkes Co., NC)
Jane Vannoy (1788) m. Mr. Thurston
Ann Vannoy (twin) (1790-1873) m. John William Foster (1782-1860) (fifteen children)
Susannah Vannoy (twin) (1790) m. Mr. Parks

Nathaniel Vannoy was Sheriff of Wilkes Co., NC, 1814-1815

Who is Barnard Yates, born 1810, Wilkes, s/o John Yates and Elizabeth Cleveland. Married Mary Vannoy.
Who is Frances Elizabeth Vannoy that married James Linville Kilby?
Who is Mary Vannoy (1815-after 1860) that married Wesley R. Fletcher (1814-after 1860)
S. Vannoy married Martin Baker, (date torn) in Wilkes Co., NC. Signed by Nathaniel Vannoy.
Who is Elizabeth Vannoy that married John Eller in April, 1820, Wilkes Co., NC? Witness: Peter Eller.
Ginny Vannoy married David Laws, Wilkes Co., NC, June 3, 1811. Witness: John Laws, Jno. McCord, D.C.
Mary Vannoy married Jinkin Reynolds, Wilkes Co., NC, May 22, 1802. Witness: William Elliott and William B. Lenoir

Fifth Generation:

Children of Abner Vannoy and his wife
William Vannoy (1820) m. unknown


Children of Andrew Vannoy and his first wife
James Vannoy (1812-1857) m. Sarah (Sallie) Shepherd
Mary Vannoy (1814-1903) m. John A. Absher (1817-1906)


Children of Sarah Vannoy and Isiah McGrady
Nancy McGrady (1816-1903)
Aaron McGrady (1818-1891) m. Polly Duncan
Frances M. McGrady (1821-1911)


Who is Columbus F. Vannoy (1844-1926) that married Mary V. (Molly) Hall (1847-1927)

Children of Mary Vannoy and John Owens
Susanna G. Owens (1825-1852) m. Patrick McGrady
Jesse Franklin Owens (1835-1864)
James S. Owens (1840-1911) m. Leaner Absher (1846-1927),
d/o John A. Absher and Mary Vannoy
Daniel L. Owens (1842-1862) (died in Hanover, VA)


Children of John Vannoy and Elizabeth Kilby
Nathaniel Vannoy (1799-1819) m. Margaret Tinsley (1801-1844), d/o Thomas Tinsley and Susan Brown

Sixth Generation

Children of William Vannoy and his wife
Daniel Vannoy (abt. 1842-1923) m. Sarah Elizabeth Edwards
Sarah Vannoy (abt. 1845) m. Thomas Royall
Martha Vannoy (1853)
William R. Vannoy (1862) m. Sarah J. Sparks (1866-1911), d/o Reuben and Martha Sparks

Seventh Generation

Children of Daniel Vannoy and Sarah Elizabeth Edwards
Eula Alice Vannoy (abt. 1868)
Sarah Jane Vannoy (abt. 1870)
Edie Frances Vannoy (abt. 1872)
Carrie J. Vannoy (1874-1954) m. John E. Hutchinson (abt. 1872)
Nancy Theodosia Vannoy (abt. 1876) m. Julius Sylvester (Vessie) Myers (abt. 1870)
William R. Vannoy (abt. 1877)
Susan Elizabeth Vannoy (abt. 1877) m. John Henry Galyean
Margaret Olevia Vannoy (abt. 1879) (did not marry)
Mary N. Vannoy (abt. 1880)
William R. Vannoy (abt. 1877)


Children of William R. Vannoy and Sarah J. Sparks
George W. Vannoy
Maudie Vannoy
Daniel Vannoy
Sarah Vannoy
Pearl Vannoy
Will Vannoy
Tishy Vannoy
John Vannoy
Robert Vannoy

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