Mullican Family of South Carolina

The page contains the family of Benjamin Mullican and Margaret (Peggy) Jarvis which migrated from Maryland to North and South Carolina.

Harvey M. Mullikin of Anderson, South Carolina has a Mullikin/Mullican website with lots of documentation - relating to the Mullicans/Mullikins in colonial Maryland. Descendants of James Mullikin I. Harvey's new email address is: Well done, Harvey.

Fifth Generation - continued from Mullican Family Page

Children of Benjamin Mullican and Margaret (Peggy) Jarvis
James Mullican (abt. 1794-1888) m. Malinda Norton (abt. 1800-1888)
Benjamin Mullican, Jr. (abt. 1805-aft. 1840) m. Jane/Jennie Smith (abt. 1812-aft. 1860)
Samuel Mullican m. Martha G. Moyers
Nancy Mullican m. James Israel
William Mullican (abt. 1805-1862) m. Sarah Agnes Dickson (abt. 1813-bef. 1860)
Emily Mullican (1810-1901) m. Mason C. Laboon (1813-1887) (lived in Walton, GA)
Jane Mullican (abt. 1812-aft. 1860) m. Elijah Whitten (abt. 1802-aft. 1860) (lived in AL and then MS)
John F. Mullican
Lewis Mullican
Polly Mullican

Sixth Generation

Children of James Mullican and Malinda Norton
William Edwin Mullikin (1818-1865) m. Martha Ford (1820-1857) (moved to MS)
Amanda Malvina Mullikin (1820-1844) m. John Calvin Hall
James H. Mullican (abt. 1828-aft. 1880) m. Temperance Jones (abt. 1830-aft. 1880)
John Ferninand Mullikin (abt. 1822-aft. 1850) m. Louisa Watson (abt. 1819-aft. 1850)
Lucinda Bernice Mullikin (abt. 1824-1897) m. John Calvin Hall
Richard Jasper Mullican (abt. 1830-1862) m. Elizabeth Martin (1836-1909)
Benjamin Franklin Mulican (abt. 1833-1909) m. Emeline C. (Emily) Taylor (1838-1911)
Martha Margaret Mullican (abt. 1835-aft. 1880)
Marcus Lafayette Mullican (1837-aft. 1860) m. Lavinia Williams
Augustus Nelson Mullican (abt. 1839-aft. 1880) m. Martha Ann Ellison (abt. 1846-aft. 1880)


Children of Benjamin Mullican, Jr. and Jane/Jennie Smith
James Hamilton Mullikin (1833-1862) (killed during Civil War at Fraisers Farm, Virginia)
Samuel Warren Mullikin (1836-1864) m. Sarah (abt. 1830-aft. 1860) (killed in an explosion in Petersburg, VA)
John L. Mullikin (abt. 1839-aft. 1880) m Jane Mauldin (abt. 1842-aft. 1880)
William (Bill) Mullikin m. Mary Couch
Madison Mullikin (abt. 1840-aft. 1880) m. Mary Ann Owen (abt. 1837-aft. 1880)
Francis (Frank) Mullinkin (abt. 1841-aft. 1860) (did not marry)
Andrew D. (Dick) Mullikin (1845-1917) m. 1) Fannie Martin; 2) Hettie Dickson (1867-1940)
Monroe Mullikin (did not marry)
George Washington Mullikin (1850-1948) m. Julie Martin (1850-1898)
Sally Mullikin (abt. 1852-aft. 1870) m. Dave Owens
Van Mullikin (1855-aft. 1880) m. Lee Watkins
William F. Mullican (abt. 1861-aft. 1880)

Thanks to Pat Mulligan for sharing her information regarding James Hamilton and Samuel Warren Mullikin. Pat is a direct descendant of Samuel Warren Mullikin and her e-mail address is


Children of William Mullican and Sarah Agnes Dickson
William H. Mullikin (abt. 1833-aft. 1880) m. M. A. (Mary Ann?) (abt. 1837-aft. 1880)
Martha M. Mullikin (abt. 1835-aft. 1850)
Benjamin Washington Mullikin (abt. 1837-aft. 1850) m. Julia Elizabeth Dillard; 2 ) Elizabeth Earl Smith
Lawrence Mullikin (abt. 1844-aft. 1880) m. Mary F.King (abt 1847-aft. 1880)
Sarah Jane Mullikin (abt. 1845-aft. 1850)
Hugh D. (Dixon?) Mullikin (abt. abt 1847-aft. 1850)

Seventh Generation

James H. Mullikin and Temperance Jones
James Wilson Mullikin (abt. 1853-aft. 1880) m. Nancy Elizabeth Dobbins
Jasper Frank Mullikin (1855-1917) m. Maud Jones (1878-1959)
Florence Mullikin (abt. 1857-aft. 1860)
Martha Alice Mullikin (1860-1931)
Emily H. Mullikin (1863-1941) m. James Gillison Harris
Estelle Mullikin (abt. 1868-aft. 1880) m. Joe Watson


Children of Richard Jasper Mullican and Elizabeth Martin
Josephine Armathine Mullikin (1859-1938) m. Andrew Washington Pickens


Children of Lawrence Mullikin and Mary F.
Pauline Mullikin (abt. 1868-aft. 1880)
Monroe E. Mullikin (abt. 1870-aft. 1880)
Ross K. Mullikin (abt. 1872-aft. 1880)
Hattie J. Mullikin (abt. 1874-aft. 1880)
John T. Mullikin (abt. 1876-aft. 1880)
William A. Mullikin (abt. 1877-aft. 1880)
Weller B. Mullikin (abt. 1878-aft. 1880)
Thomas Russell Mullikin (abt. 1880)

Mullikins and Mullicans of North Carolina, by his Great-great-grandson N. Spencer Mullican
Personal communications with Harvey Mullikin. Harvey's email address is:
1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1920 US Federal Census Records, Anderson County, SC
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Records from St. Barnabus Church in Prince George County, MD
Quitt Claim Records -

Volume (Liber) 4, page (folio) 94 & 95.
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folio 223, Upper Marlboro)
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Copy of Lewis Mullican Sr.'s Will, 1797/1801
Copy of Lewis Mullican's Will, 1835
Abstracts of the Wills & Estates Records of Rowan County, North Carolina, 1753-1805 and Rowan County Tax Lists of 1759 and 1778, Mrs. Stahle Linn, Jr., P O Box 1948, Salisbury, NC 28145-1948

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