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Reuz/Rights Family

First Generation

Johannes Reuz (1752-1810) came from Pennsylvania to Salem in 1780 to be the hat-maker, and married Magdalena Lick (1756-1835) in the same year. In addition to his hatmaking skills, he appears to have been a talented musician. A Moravian diary note on September 27, 1780, reads "when Br. Reutz has married he shall teach singing to the Sisters." The modern spelling of this name is Rights.

Second Generation

Children of Johannes Reuz and Magdalena Lick
John Reuz (ca. 1782-?) m. Lucy Wiles
Jacob Reuz (1784-1786)
Johanna Elisabeth Reuz (1787-1844) m. Johann Gottfried Oehmann (1781-1863)
Matthaeus Reuz (1789-1828) m. Elizabeth Hege (1794-1828)
Joshua Reuz (1793-1879) m. 1) Salome Phillips (1794-1822), daughter of Richard Phillips and Juliana Strub; 2) Anna Elisabeth Reich (1796-1842); 3) Margaret Waterson (1793-1863), born in Ireland, d/o George Waterson and Martha Hammond
Sulamith Reuz (1797-1835) m. Gottlieb Leinbach (1800-aft. 1870)

Third Generation

Children of John Rights and Lucy Wiles
Edwin A. Rights (ca. 1816-?) m. Nancy Snipes, d/o Nathaniel Snipes and Susannah Hendricks
William Henry Rights (ca. 1820-?) m. Leanna Snipes, Nancy's sister
Hannah Rights
Sarah Rights (ca. 1827-?)
John T. Rights (1827-1887) m. 1) Harriet R. Swaim (1837-1863), 2) Rebecca S., surname unknown (1843-1887)
Mary Caroline Rights (ca. 1834-?) m. David Henry Blum (1834-1896)


Children of Matthaeus Reuz and Elizabeth Hege
Susan Elizabeth Rights (1820-1910) m. Theodore Felix Keehln (1822-1877)
Samuel Zacharias Rights (1822-1867) did not marry
Constantine Lazarus Rights (1825-1890) m. Elizabeth Johnson Hanes (1829-1910)


Children of Joshua Reuz and Elisabeth Reich
Christian Lewis Rights (1820-1891) m. Elisabeth Balfour Hughes (1822-1894)
Malvina T. Rights (1825-1904) m. Tandy J. White (1825-1861)
William Laurence Rights, moved to Hope IN
Charlotte Eliza Rights (1831-1915) m. Joshua Simeon White (1830-1911)
Alexander J. Rights (1837-1913) m. Serena Josephine Crews (1838-1922)

Fourth Generation

Children of Constantine Lazarus Rights and Elizabeth Hanes
Mary Maude Rights (1856-1900)
George Hanes Rights (1858-1922) m. 1) Emma L. Jones (1859-1897), 2) Jessie Shore (1877-?), d/o John Henry Shore and Birthania Spach


Children of Alexander J. Rights and Serena Josephine Crews
Antoinette D. Rights (c1857)
Anne Elizabeth Rights (1860-1939) m. Robert C. Jenkins (1858-1926)
William Rights (c1865-?)


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