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Strub/Strupe Family

First Generations

Jacob Strub was christened February 28, 1597, in Laufelfingen, Basel, Switzerland, and married Elisabeth Buss there. Their son Hans Strub (1624-1682) married Anna Goettschi (christened 1636, Laufelfingen).

Second Generation

Children of Hans Strub and Anna Goettschi
Ursula Strub (c. 1652, Laufelfingen)
Appolonia Strub (c. 1655)
Anna Strub (c. 1659)
Hans Rudolf Strub (c. 1668) m. Cordula Buser
Adam Strub (christened 1669, Laufelfingen, Baselland, Switzerland) m. Elsbeth Schaffner (b. 1668, Wenslingen, Baselland, Switzerland) - d. 1747, Laufelfingen, Baselland, Switzerland)

Third Generation

Children of Adam Strub and Elsbeth Schaffner
(all children born in Laufelfingen, Baselland, Switzerland)
Hans Strub (b. 1687) m. Anna Iten (b. abt 1711)
Anna Strub (christened 1688)
Sebastian Strub (christened 1689 - d. 1764, Switzerland) m. Barbara Gerber
Samuel Strub (b. abt. 1691) m. Margaretha Bohenblust (b. abt 1693, Aarburg, Aargau, Switzerland)
Adam Strub (christened 1692)
Barbara Strub (christened 1694)
Hans Jacob Strub (b. 1696 - d. 1748, Switzerland) m. Sara m.n. unknown
Anna Strub (christened 1698) m. Mathias Kohler
Anna Catharina Strub (christened 1701)
Adam Strub (christened 1704 - d. 1704)
Adam Strub (christened 1705 - d. 1789, Switzerland) m. Maria Thommen
Hans Ulrich Strub (christened 1709)

Fourth Generation

Children of Samuel Strub and Margaretha Bohenblust
Adam Strub (1715, Switzerland)
Elsbeth Strub (christened 1715, Switzerland)) m. Mathis Nebiker
Johannes Strub (1719-1789, NC) m. 1) Elsbeth Tschudi (?-abt 1751); 2) Elisabeth Loeliger (1730-1811)
Margarethe Strub (c1721)
Anna Catharina Strub (c1723)
Anna Strub (c1727)
Maria Strub (c1730, Switzerland)

Fifth Generation

Johannes Strub moved with his parents and siblings to Augst, near Baselstadt after 1730. He became engaged to marry Elsbeth Tschudi and received a dowry of 116 Basel pounds from his prospective father-in-law. Then, Johannes and Elsbeth, still unmarried, left Switzerland without permission for America. They probably married either on the Rhine River or in Rotterdam where they awaited passage to Philadelphia. Elsbeth died shortly after arriving in Philadelphia.

In 1752 in Lancaster Co. PA,. Johannes Strub married his second wife, Elisabeth Loeliger, daughter of Hans Jacob Loeliger and Barbara Ruefli of Pratteln, Basel, Switzerland. Johannes and Elisabeth came with Heinrich and Elisabeth Spainhour and Heinrich and Barbara Schor to the New River area of Virginia about 1753, buying land near the present town of Newbern VA. All these families moved to Bethabara to escape Indian threats in 1759. Johannes Strub's will is listed in the Surry Co. NC will book (1789) as "John Street". (He died after falling out of a wagon.) The anglicization of Strub as Street does not seem to have persisted, however, and the family eventually becomes Strupe, occasionally Stroup or other variant spellings.

Children of Johannes Strub and Elisabeth Loeliger

Maria Margaretha Strub (1753-1783) m. John Holland (1745-1810). The Moravian diaries include a description of an episode on July 6, 1776, in which she was frightened by a large snake while coming out of the spring-house with two pails of water. A little dog that often accompanied the Single Sisters to the spring-house was bitten by the snake, and was treated by pouring warm milk, fresh from the cow, into the wound.

Johannes Strub (1755-1779). Johannes Strub was an apprentice carpenter in Salem, but left to join the Revolutionary forces, and was wounded while serving under General Ashe near Savannah GA. He died in hospital on February 11, 1779.

Johann Jacob Strub
One source gives his dates as 1763-1771, but we think this may actually be an older son of Johannes and Elisabeth. Moravian records refer to a Jacob Strub who was a Single Brother in 1775 and left the congregation in 1777.

Peter Strub (?-1777) also died while serving in the militia, in South Carolina.

Johann Samuel Strub (1757-1832) m. Susanna Elizabeth Stolz (1762-1842).
Samuel Strub's military career is also described in the Moravian diaries in some detail, where he is portrayed as something of a young hothead who was "entirely worldly minded", i.e. not adherent to the pacifist Moravian view. A letter from the minister Lorenz Bagge written August 14, 1776, refers to Samuel Strub and the cousins George (Jr.) and John Hauser" "Three of our young men from Bethania are in the Militia, but the people do not consider them Brethren...". Samuel eventually returned to the Moravian fold, however, married, and became a teamster, making numerous trips back and forth to Pennsylvania and to eastern NC with goods and passengers.

Elisabeth Strub (1760-1817) m. 1) Johannes Seiler (1751-1801), 2) Johannes Hancke

Maria Magdalena Strub (b. 1761) m. Abraham Hauser (1761-1819). She moved to Indiana after her husband's death, to join several of her children who had already moved there.

Catherine Strub (1766-1787) m. Joseph Hauser (1763-1841)

Adam Strub (1767-1815) m. Maria Catherine Alberty

Juliana Strub (1771-1844) m. 1) Richard Phillips, 2) Johannes Muecke/Mickey (1749-1807); 3) Gottlieb Spach

Sixth Generation

Children of Johann Samuel Strub and Susanna Elizabeth Stolz
Peter Strub (1781-?) m. Anna Elisabeth Bonn (1793-?), moved west,1820
Maria Catharina (Kate) Strub (1783-1879)
John Strub (1785-?) m. Margaret (Peggy) Geiger
Maria Strub (1787-1853) m. John Frederick Belo (1780-1827)
Maria Susanna Strub (1789-1871)
Elisabeth Strub (1792-1794)
Johanna Salome Strub (1794-1851) m. Heinrich Herman Butner (1792-1879)
Samuel Strub (1797-1884) m.1) Elisabeth Stoltz (1799-1827), 2) Catharina Transou (1795-1880)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1802)
Ephraim Strupe (1805-1845) m. Johanna Salome Transou (1803-1881 or 1884?)


Children of Adam Strub and Maria Catherine Alberty
Elizabeth Strupe (ca. 1792) m. Samuel Aldridge (ca. 1785/1804-?)
John Strub (1792-1842?)
Catherine Strupe (1794-1883) m. William George (1791-1848)
Mary Strupe (ca. 1796-aft. 1828) m. John Billetter
Leah Strupe (1799-1880) m. James George

Seventh Generation

Children of John Strub and Margaret Geiger
William Carlos Strupe (1823-1907) m. 1) Anna Lucinda Spach (1824-1877), 2) Mary Elizabeth Cook (1843-1907)
Samuel J. Strupe (ca. 1832-?)
Susan Jane Strupe (1837-1920) m. William Henry Miller (1830-1911)
Francis Eugene Strupe (1840-1916) m. Jennie L. Boner (1869-1945)
Mary A.K. Strupe (ca. 1843-?)
Ephraim A. Strupe (ca.1846-1906) m. Ellen Rebecca Chitty

Our first version of this family was based on the children still at home in the 1850 census. We added William Carlos to this page on 6/7/05. He is identified in the license for his marriage to Mary Elizabeth Cook in 1880, as son of John and Margaret. This suggests that there may be more children yet, born between William Carlos and Samuel, who had already left home by 1850. Can anyone help us identify them?

Note that Francis Eugene Strupe was much older than his wife. Did he have a previous marriage?


Children of Samuel Strub and Catharina Transou
James Irvin Strupe (1829-1865) m. Mary Ann E. Anderson (1832-?)
Edwin Strupe (1831-1864); died near Atlanta GA of typhoid fever
William Augustus Strupe (1834-1915) m. Mary Elizabeth Long (1840-1901)
Eugene Levin Strupe (1839-1898) m. Sarah Elizabeth Reich (1847-1899)

Error corrected 6/7/05: Mary Ann Elizabeth Anderson was the wife of James, not Edwin. See Records of the Moravians in NC 12: 6703. James died of typhoid fever in Bethania in July 1865, soon after returning home from "the west".


Children of Ephraim Strupe and Johanna Salome Transou
Florina Rebecca Strupe (1833-1892) m. 1) Israel Alexander Shore (1831-1864);
2) George W. Porter (1843-1922)
Eugene Samuel Strupe (1834-1862) m.. Mary M. Holder (1838-1914)
Lavinia Rosina Strupe (1837-1919)

Eighth Generation

Children of William Carlos Strupe and Anna Lucinda Spach
Charles Edward Strupe (1849-1920) m. Sarah Elizabeth Cooper (1857-1929)
John Joseph Strupe (1857-1860)
Ellen Sophia Strupe (1861-1921) m. Thomas Cooper


Child of Francis Eugene Strupe and Jennie Boner
Grace C. Strupe [(1898-1961) m. W.C. Hunter


Children of James Irvin Strupe and Mary Elizabeth Anderson
Samuel William Strupe (1857-?)
Charles Henry Strupe (1862-1891)


Children of William Strupe and Mary Elizabeth Long
Edwin Thomas Strupe (1862-1954) m. Minnie Olive Grabs (1864-1946)
Elizabeth Floy Strupe (1864-1935) m. John Solomon Shore (1861-1942)
Sarah T. (Sallie) Strupe (1866-1945) m. John Henry Pfaff (1858-1949)
Anna May Strupe (1869-1893)


Children of Eugene Levin Strupe and Sarah Elizabeth Reich
Oren Francis Strupe (1868-1936)
Charles B. Strupe (1871-1886)
William Percy Strupe (1873-1923) m. Martha Snow (1870-1955)
Paul A. Strupe (1877-1949) m. Minnie Hege (1882-1949), d/o Alexander Hege and Elizabeth Wood
Ellis O. Strupe (1882-1936)
Bessie V. Strupe (1887-1977) m. Arthur Franklin Hauser 1875-1948)
Mattie Strupe (1887-?)


Children of Eugene Samuel Strupe and Mary Holder
Ida Strupe (1869-1938) m. William W. Doub (1850-1935)
Luther Armenius Strupe (1862-1955) m. Myrtilla Ada Vest (1868-1953)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran and Elizabeth H. Harris,


Thanks to Chet Rose for information on this family.

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 Volumes

Forsyth Co. NC cemetery, marriage and census records

Surry County NC will abstracts, compiled by Jo White Linn

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