Richard and Sarah Utley arrived in 1766 as escorts of the party of single women and girls who walked from Bethlehem. He was an English minister. Both died in Salem, in 1775 and 1791 respectively.

Jacobus van der Merk, born in 1728 in Sopus NY, arrived in NC in 1754 and died in Bethabara in 1773.

Johann Peter Volz (Voltz, Foltz) and his wife Eva Elisabeth Jacke, from Gundershofen, Alsace, came to America in 1750 with two children and settled at Heidelberg PA, joining the Moravian church there in 1752. They came to North Carolina in 1767 in company with the Greter family and settled in the South Fork area, where they were among the original members of the Friedberg Society.

Abraham von Gammern, born in Neusalz, Germany, and his wife Juliana (Mauersberg) came in 1762. He died in Bethabara in 1765.

Johann Heinrich Walther, born 1728, arrived in 1769, having come directly from Europe. In 1778 he had been in charge of the Single Brethren's garden, but took over at that time as assistant to Br. Meyer in the tavern. He moved back into the Single Brothers house in 1780 and was put in charge of maintenance of the local roads. He left for Pennsylvania in 1782.

Matthias Wesner (Weesner, Wiesner, various other spellings) and his wife Anna Barbara Giesy were among the 1771 members of the Friedberg Society.

Anna Elisabeth Werner arrived in 1766, age 15. She worked for the administrator of Wachovia, Frederick William Marshall, and his wife, and did not marry. She died in Salem in 1818.

George Wiliard was one of the signers of the Brotherly Agreement that formed the Friedland Society in 1771.

Johannes Würtele (1724-1772) came in 1758. There is very little mention of him in the translated church diaries until 1770, when it is noted that he was a single brother in charge of the Salem boys' school. He died in 1772, the third burial in the new Salem graveyard.

Samuel Wutke, who arrived in 1755, was another victim of the 1759 typhus epidemic.

Michael Zigler or Ziegler arrived in 1764, and was one of the men chosen to build the new town of Salem in 1766. He moved to South Carolina in 1768, leaving the Moravian church altogether.

Heinrich Zillmann arrived 1763, died in Salem, 1787.

Gerhard and Margaretha Zynn joined the Bethabara congregation in 1762. He died there in 1765, she in 1773.

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