Johannes Ranke was born in 1737 in Erlin Town PA, came to NC in 1754 and died near Bethabara in 1798.

Michael Ranke came in 1755 and died in Bethania in 1813. He would appear to be the Georg Michael Ranke who married Elisabeth Leinbach in 1758. Both are buried at Bethania.

Melchior Rasp was born in Salzburg in 1715, came to NC in 1755, and died in Salem in 1785. He was a master mason.

Matthaeus Reitz arrived in 1764, and left in 1771.

Johann Georg Renner was born in 1714, came to NC in 1755, and died in Bethabara in 1800.

Christian Gottlieb Reuter (1717-1777) was the second husband of Anna Catharina Antes, widow of Hans Martin Kalberlahn. He came to Wachovia in 1758, and married her in 1762.

Johann Richter was born in 1716, came to NC in 1755, and died in Bethabara in 1780.

Jacob Ried (Reed) (1735-1819) and his wife Elisabeth Barbara (1741-1829) arrived from Broad Bay Maine with their family on December 31, 1770. He was one of the signers of the Brotherly Agreement that formed the Friedland Society in 1771. Most of their children died young.

Jacob Rogers and his wife Mary Parson Rogers were an English couple who came in 1758. Mary was the first victim of the 1759 typhus epidemic in Bethabara. Jacob returned to England in 1762.

Johann Michael Sauter came to NC in 1755 and died in Bethabara in 1765.

Jeremiah Schaaf was born in 1719 and died in Salem in 1800. In 1786 he was listed as "room supervisor and washer" in the Single Brothers House.

Johann Friedrich Schaub, born 1717, came to NC in 1755 with his wife Maria Schumacher Schaub. He died in 1801.

Philip Nicholas and Catharina (Beck) Schauss joined the Bethania congregation in 1764, and are listed as "moved away, 1772." They appeared in fact to have stayed in the area, but terminated their church membership. Philip, who died in 1810, is buried at Dobbs Parish cemetery, adjacent to Bethabara. Philip was born in Albisheim, Pfalz, Germany, in 1728. They had eleven children and many descendants. The name becomes Shouse in later generations. Mary Kaye Shouse is working on this family.

Berhnard Christoph Schille arrived in 1766, died in Salem in 1781.

Christoph Schmid, born 1715, died in Bethabara 1799.

Anna Elisabeth Schmid Witke, the widow of Matthaeus Witke of Bethlehem, arrived in June, 1762. She married Matthaeus Kraus in July of that year.

George Schmid, born in 1719 in Kirchenberg, Wurttemberg, arrived in North Carolina in 1754. He returned to Pennsylvania to marry Magdalena Heckedorn, returning with her in September 1756. After her death he married Rosina Kaske, her third husband. He died in Salem in 1790.

Jens Schmid (1731-1799) a Dane from Seeland, had been trained as an anchor-smith. He arrived in 1766, one of the newcomers from Europe who were to build the new town of Salem.

Maria Schneider arrived in 1766, and in 1774 married Jacob Beroth, his second wife. They had nine children. She died in Salem in 1801.

Johann Martin Schneider (1756-1806) arrived in 1769. He was a Moravian minister, and served for many years as pastor of the Friedberg congregation. He married Elisabeth Dixon, who died in 1805. In September 1806 he married Anna Williard, but died only two months later himself.

Melchior Schneider was one of the signers of the Brotherly Agreement that formed the Friedland Society in 1771.

Daniel and Susanna Maria Schnepf arrived in 1766, died in Salem in 1795 and 1789 respectively.

Johann Gottlieb Schober (1756-1838) arrived in 1769. He married Maria Magadalena Transou (1758-1835).

Heinrich (1735-1819) and Barbara (1737-1810) Schor lived near Bethania, and joined the congregation there in 1760.

Margaretha Schor joined the Bethania congregation in 1762, and married Jacob Kapp. She died in Bethabara in 1777.

Matthaeus and Anna Maria Schropp arrived in 1766. He died in Bethabara in 1767, and she returned to Bethlehem the next year.

Maria Schumacher, wife of Johann Friedrich Schaub, died in Bethabara in 1783.

Anna Dorothea Schütz arrived in 1766, and married Johann Heinrich Stohr. She died in Bethabara in 1816.

Maria Catharina Sehnert, born 1758, arrived in 1771. She was head teacher for the Little Girls School for a number of years, but in 1791 married Abraham Steiner. She died in Salem in 1829.

Peter Sehnert Sr. and Jr. both arrived 1764, although in different traveling parties. Peter Sr. died in Bethania in 1782, Peter Jr. left in 1771. Were they father and son?

Christian Seidel was born in 1718. He was a minister, and was sent to NC in 1756 as the pastor to replace Christian Henrich, who had been called to the mission in Jamaica. In 1758 he and several other single men went to Pennsylvania to be married. He returned to NC with his bride, Catharina Binder, on May 30, 1759, but both died that same summer in the typhus epidemic that ravaged Bethabara.

Johann August Shubert came in 1760 and returned to Pennsylvania in 1765.

Adam Soelle (1700-1767) or Sell came from a Mennonite family who were early settlers in Germantown PA. By 1744 he was living with his wife Sarah at Conewago, York Co. PA. They are believed to be the parents of Aaltje Soelle who married Christopher Elrod. Adam joined the Moravian congregation at Bethania in 1764, but subsequently moved to Maryland, where he died in 1767. So far as we can determine this family was not related to that of George Soelle, the Moravian minister and missionary.

George Soelle was a Danish-born minister and missionary who spent much of the 1760s with the settlers of Broad Bay Maine, and encouraged them to move to NC. He came to Wachovia himself in 1770, and died in Salem in 1773.

Thomas Spisike arrived in 1771. In 1786 he was listed as a Single Brother, and master tailor. He died in Salem in 1787.

Barbara Steiner (1723-1765), came with her first husband, Martin Lick, in 1757; he died in 1760, and she married George Holder in 1762 as her second husband, but died herself only three years later, in 1765.

Jacob Steiner was a miller, born in Pennsylvania in 1734, who arrived in 1755, and died in Salem in 1801. His wife was Catharina Beroth, who came to Wachovia in 1766.

Johannes Steinmann arrived in 1769, and died in Bethabara in 1775.

Anna Johanna Steup arrived in 1771. She married Andreas Broesing. She died in Salem in 1834.

Franz Steup arrived 1766, and died in Bethabara in 1782.

Heinrich Stöhr arrived in 1771, and died in Bethabara in 1812. He is probably the father of Johanna Elisabeth Stöhr who married Thomas Butner.

Peter Stotz arrived November 1762, and moved to Lititz PA in 1771.

Samuel Stotz (1752-1820) arrived in 1769. In 1786 he was listed among the single brothers of Salem, as the business manager.

Abraham Strauss died in Bethabara in 1762.

Gottlieb Straehle (1756-1816) arrived in 1769 and married Maria Elisabeth Spach.

Rudolph Straehle arrived in 1764, eventually returned to Bethlehem and died there in 1785.

Paul Tiersch, a Moravian minister, and his wife Polly (born Maria Price) arrived in 1771, the leaders of a party of young women and girls. He died in Salem in 1774, and Polly returned to Bethlehem, where she married Immanuel Nitschmann, and died in 1783.

Christian Triebel was born in 1714, came to Wachovia in 1755, and died in Salem in 1798.

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