Erich Ingebretsen, 31, born near Röras, Norway, was mill-wright and carpenter with the first group of settlers in 1753. He died in the typhus epidemic of 1759 in Bethabara.

Elisabeth Jacke came in 1768, and married Johann Ranke. She died in Bethabara in 1782.

Gertraud Jacke, wife of Johann Michael Graff, came with her husband in 1762.

Abraham Jorde arrived in 1769, and died in Bethabara in 1770.

Maria Christina Jorde arrived in 1766, at 13 the youngest of the party of single women and girls who walked to NC from Pennsylvania. In 1781 she married Carl Gottlieb Opitz, son of Carl and Anna Maria Opitz. She died in Salem in 1838.

Hans Martin Kalberlahn, 31, born in Norway, was a surgeon who came with the first group of settlers in 1753. He returned to Pennsylvania in 1758, where he married Anna Catharina Antes, and brought her back to NC in 1759, but died of typhus himself soon after.

Jacob Kapp was born in Minckenstein, Switzerland, in 1729. He was one of the single men who arrived in 1754, and is listed as a turner and miller. His first wife was Margaretha Schor, who died in 1777. In 1779 he married Elisabeth Everitt, a single woman who had arrived in 1768. She died in 1782, and he married the single sister Louise Doll in 1783. He died in 1807 in Bethabara.

Nathaniel Kaske arrived in 1764, died in Bethabara in 1767.

Rosina Kaske came in 1755 with her first husband Henrich Biefel, who died in 1759. She then married Ludwig Gottlieb Bachhof, who died in 1776, and third, George Schmid. She died in Salem in 1781.

Johann Christoph Kirschner (1717-1787), who arrived in 1755, married Anna Maria Hammer Opitz as her second husband.

Johann Klein arrived on March 12, 1770. He drowned in August of the same year on a journey to Cross Creek (Fayetteville) NC, and his body was returned to Salem for burial in 1772.

Reinhard Peter Kockmann arrived in 1771, and returned to Pennsylvania in 1775.

Adam Koffler arrived November 1762.

Anna Maria Kraus arrived in 1766, at age 47 the leader of the party of Single Sisters and Older Girls who walked all the way from Bethlehem. She did not marry, but continued to serve as a leader of the Single Sisters until 1786, when she retired due to "age and weakness." She died in Salem in 1798.

Maria Elisabeth Kraus arrived in 1766, age 14, one of the party of girls who walked from Pennsylvania. She married Peter Goetje, a shoemaker and Moravian minister, in 1785. He became minister to the Friedland settlement, but died only a year later. Maria Elisabeth died young also, at age 35.

Matthaeus Krause was born in 1720 in Roscnitz, Liegnitz, Silesia, and married Barbara Böhner on May 24, 1743, in the Great Wedding at Herrnhaag. They immigrated as part of the "Second Sea Congregation" on the "Little Strength", arriving Philadelphia 26 Nov 1743. They settled initially in Nazareth PA, and moved to Wachovia in November 1755, leaving their three oldest children behind in the nursery at Nazareth. Their daughter Anna Johanna (born May 1756) was the first child born to the Wachovia settlers. Barbara died in September 1761, and, Matthaeus married Elisabeth Schmid, the widow of Matthaeus Witke of Bethlehem, in July 1762, but he died in October of the same year.

Adam Kremer or Cramer (1719-1789) came in 1755 and settled in Bethania. He married Barbara Eirich in Pennsylvania in 1759 and returned with her to NC. She died in Bethania in 1782.

Johann Peter Kröhn (1722-1798) and his wife Elisabeth Fischel (1724-1776) came from Broad Bay Maine in November 1769. After living temporarily in Salem, they moved to the new Friedland settlement in March, 1771. The surname is sometimes given as Grün, and later becomes Green.

Christoph Kühnast arrived in 1755 with his wife Rosina Arndt, and died in Bethabara 1799 at the age of 84.

Johann Friedrich Küntzel and his family came from Broad Bay Maine in 1770, and settled in the new Friedland community. Their daughter Anna Maria married Michael Vogler.

Johanna Maria Kymbel was the wife of Rev. Johannes Ettwein. He came in 1758, she joined him in 1759.

Jacob Lauer and Anders Lauer were among the signers of the Brotherly Agreement that formed the Friedland Society in 1771. They appear to have left the community within a few years.

Maria Leibert, who arrived in June, 1762, married Gottlieb Fockel on July 18th of that year.

Elisabeth Leinbach Ranke, who arrived in 1759, appears to have been the wife of (George) Michael Ranke, who had first come in 1755 and had returned to Pennsylvania to marry. She is incorrectly identified in the Moravian Records Volmune 1, page 487, as the wife of John Ranke, a different person.

Henrich Lentzner came to NC in 1758 and died the next year, in Bethabara.

Martin Lick (Lück) (1726-1760) came with his wife, Barbara Steiner, and their baby daughter Magdalena (1756-1835) in 1757. A second child, Martin, was born in 1759 in Bethabara. Magdalena Lick married Johannes Reuz; Martin Jr. married Christina Hauser

Johannes Lischer came with the first party of settlers in 1753 and was selected to be the future messenger between NC and PA, was to "study the road, the country, etc." He is last mentioned in the Records in 1758, and appears to have settled permanently in Pennsylvania thereafter. He is probably the John Lisher who married Maria Catharina Loesch, sister of Jacob and Hermannus.

Jacob Lung, born in Hedelfing, Wurttemburg, in 1713, came with the first group of settlers in 1753, and was described as "gardener, washer, and skillful in many things not mentioned. A man whom all animals love." He died in Bethabara in 1778.

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