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Weavil Family

Stephen Weavil was born in 1740 in Rotterdam, Holland, or perhaps in Germany, immigrated probably around 1752, and died in 1822 in Davidson County, NC. He married Catharine/Catharina Bennett in North Carolina.

First Generation

Children of Stephen Weavil and Catharina/Catherine Bennett
Catherine Weavil (probably 1771-1846) m. Barnabas / Barnett Kimel (ca. 1779-1837)
George Weavil (ca. 1772-1844/1845) m. 1) Barbara, surname unknown, 2) Molly (Margaret?) Leonard
Jacob Weavil (ca. 1774-1841) m. Mary (Polly) Hege [who were her parents?]
John Weavil (1780-1853) m. Anna Maria Younts (1779-ca. 1863), d/o Rudolph and Anna Catharina Younts
Barbara Weavil (1782-bef. 1844) m. John George Leonard (1781-1844), s/o Valentine Leonard and Anna Catharine Sowers
Elizabeth Weavil (ca. 1784-1850?) m. Peter Younts (1777), s/o Rudolph and Anna Catharina Younts
Magdalena Weavil (1790-1873) m. Joseph Rothrock (1782-1870)
Christina Weavil (1794-?) m. 1) William Teague, maybe 2) John Mason

Stephen's will names sons George, Jacob and John, daughters Catherine, Elizabeth, Barbara, Molly (Magdalena) and Christina.

Previously we listed Catherine with a birthdate of 1791, and asked if she could actually be the oldest child, and the wife of Barnabas Kimel. Thanks to Jim Peterson and Bernice Weavil, we now believe this is correct based on the estate settlement of Stephen Weavil's wife which names Catherine as the wife of Barnett Kimbel.

Previously we listed Barbara with a birthdate of 1792, which is inconsistent with the birthdates of her children.

Second Generation

Children of George Weavil and Barbara
Catherine (Caty) Weavil (1796) m. John Parks (m. in 1814), lived Grayson Co. VA
Jacob Weavil (ca. 1798-1835) m. Eve, surname unknown
Child of George Weavil and Molly Leonard
Susannah Weavil (1824-1909) m. Ransom Cornish, s/o William Cornish who was born in 1778, Virginia

George's will, written in March 1844 and probated February 1845, refers to son Jacob as deceased and states that his widow Eve is to retain her residence. Their four children shared a legacy of $200. George's daughter Catherine received a nominal cash payment. His property went to daughter Susannah. [Thanks to Jim Peterson for posting this summary].


Children of Jacob Weavil and Polly Hege
Amelia Weavil (ca. 1803-aft. 1870) m. Mathias Hege
Sarah Weavil (1805-1879) m. Moses Sells
*John Weavil (1806-1886) m. Catherine Bodenhamer
Susanna Weavil (ca. 1809-aft. 1880) m. John Walter Reece
Rosannah Weavil (1810-1872) m. William Sells (1809-1860)
Jacob Weavil (1812-1889) m. 1) Susannah Kennaman (1821-1839; died only 3 months after their marriage), 2) Catherine Regina Hein (1821-1896)
Catherine Weavil (1816-1896) m. John F Smith (1815-1894)
Daniel Weavil (1817-1890) m. Caroline E. Richards (1828-aft. 1880
David Weavil (under age in 1842, d. ca. 1845); we have conflicting information on his birth date
Mary M. (Polly) Weavil (1822-1899)
Nancy Weavil (1825-1854) m. Elijah Welch (1822-ca. 1865)

*Note: there are two men named John Weavil in Davidson Co. in 1850, similar in age and each with wife Catherine
We can distinguish which was Catherine Bodenhamer from a death record for one of the children, but there is some uncertainty as to which John is son of which couple, Jacob and Polly Hege Weavil vs. John and Anna Maria Younts Weavil (see next family).

For a good analysis of this problem, see Jim Peterson's WorldConnect page.


Children of John Weavil and Anna Maria Younts
Susannah Weavil (1802-)
John C. Weavil (1804-about 1879) m. Catherine Reich (1813-1883), probably the daughter of Jacob Reich and Anna Maria Rothrock
Magdalena (Molly) Weavil (1812-1886) m. Alfred Swaim (1813-1895)
Elizabeth Weavil (ca. 1815-1907) m. James Payne (ca. 1815-bef. 1880)
Samuel Weavil (1818-1881) m. 1) Belinda Pettycord (1821-1843), d/o Keelhn Pettycord and Grizella Ledford; m. 2) Nancy Taylor (1816-1867), 3) Elizabeth Boyles Smith
Eli Weavil (1823-1901) m. 1) Falbe Lucretia Peddycord (1826-1847); 2) Catherine Smith (1833-1898)
Mary Weavil (1825-1865) did not marry
Walter Weavil (1827-1884) [maybe actually a grandson] m. Sarah Maria Phillips

Census records suggest another daughter born between 1805 and 1810.

Lavina, Eliza, and John Wesley, previously listed here as children of John and Anna, appear to be children of John C. and Catherine.

Susan Weavil age 30 is living with John and Mary Weavil in the 1850 census. We believe that this is Susanna, but that her age should be about 47, not 30.


Children of Barbara Weavil and John George Leonard
Mary Leonard (1804-?) m. Solomon Leonard
Susannah (Susey) Leonard (1806-?) m. Alfred Clodfelter
Margaret Leonard (ca. 1808-?)
Katherine Leonard (1808-1881) m. William Thomas
Daniel Leonard (1810-1866) m. Phebe Brinkley
Mary Leonard (Ca. 1813-?) m. John Brinkley
Caroline Leonard (1814-?)
Elizabeth (Betsey) Leonard (1816-?) m. Daniel Johnson
George W. Leonard (1820-1864) m. 1) Sarah Waggoner (ca. 1826-1844), 2) Susan Waggoner (ca. 1820-?)


Children of Elizabeth Weavil and Peter Younts
Catherine Younts (ca. 1800-?) m. William Jesse Owens
Elizabeth Younts (1803-1886) m. Matthias Kepley (ca. 1803-1888)
Magdalene Younts (1805-1855) m. John Jacob Lopp (1790-1866), s/o John Peter Lopp and Mary Frank
Margaret Younts (ca. 1810-bef. 1880) m. Mathias Stockinger or Stockmyer
Rachael Younts (ca. 1815-?) m. Jacob Lookabill
Samuel Younts (ca. 1816-1873) m. Anna Margaretha Grimes (ca. 1819-ca. 1885)
Emily Younts (ca. 1821-ca. 1905) m. Robert I. Adams
Susannah Younts (ca. 1823-aft. 1880) m. 1) Philip S. Hoffman, 2) Peter Grimes
John Peter Younts (1827-1905) m. Elizabeth Bowers (1826-1909)

Third Generation

Children of Jacob Weavil and Eve
David Weavil (1820)
Phillip Weavil (1822)
Henry Weavil (1824)
Catherine Weavil (ca. 1827 - date corrected 11/35/05) m. Jacob Bates


Children of Susannah Weavil and Ransom Cornish
Jessie H. Cornish (1843)
Addison Cornish (1845)
Henry Cornish (1847)
Elizabeth Cornish (1849)


Children of John Weavil and his first wife
Nancy Weavil (ca. 1827-before 1883?)
Sarah Louise Weavil (1834-1897) m. Henry C. Clinard (ca. 1835-1864)
Phebe Weavil (ca. 1838-1901) m. 1) James Madison Harmon (d. 1863, Civil War), 2) Robert Lee Williard (ca. 1826-1900)

Probable child of Catherine Bodenhamer prior to her marriage to John Weavil
Catherine R. (ca. 1836-?)

Children of John Weavil and Catherine Bodenhamer
Margaret Melissa Weavil (1840-1922) m. Amos Rominger
Rachel Weavil (ca. 1843-?)
Susan E. Weavil (ca. 1845-?)
David N. Weavil (ca. 1848-before 1883)
Elijah Alpheus Weavil (ca. 1849-before 1883)
Gasper or Jasper Weavil (ca. 1854-before 1883)
Clemmons Mortin Weavil (1858-1934) m. Sophronia A. Swaim
Mary Ann (Polly) Weavil (1860-?)

If Catherine was really born about 1816, as indicated by her age in the 1850 census, then she was probably not the mother of the oldest children. John's will (written 1883, probated 1886) names Sarah and Phebe as his two oldest daughters, and refers to Catherine R. (who was 16 in 1850) as his wife's daughter. He names Clemmons M. as his only son.

Margaret's death record (1922) gives her parents as John Weavil and Katie Bodenhamer, confirming the identity of this Catherine. However, a writ of dower for John's mother in 1842 suggests that John Weavil had not yet married Catherine, which would mean one of them was probably not actually Margaret's biological parent.

Previously we listed John C. Weavil and Catherine Bodenhamer as parents of the following:
Sarah Weavil
Phoebe (Jane?) Weavil b. ca. 1847
Clemmons Mortin Weavil m. Sophronia A. Swaim

We asked if Phoebe is the one who married Isaac Bodenhamer.
The 1880 census shows Isaac's wife to be born about 1846, whereas John and Catherine's Phebe was born about 1838. We now believe, based on census and Forsyth Co. death records, that Isaac Bodenhamer's wife was the daughter of d/o Samuel Weavil and Nancy Taylor.

Clemmons Mortin Weavil is presumably the child Martin age 2 in 1860.


Children of Jacob Weavil and Catherine Regina Hein
Lorenzo F. Weavil (ca. 1847-?) m. Eliza Jane Smith in 1876
John M. Weavil (ca. 1849-1865)
probably Phebe Weavil (1850-1857)
Lewis Jefferson Weavil (1854-1935) m. Laura Elizabeth Smith (1858-1930)

The 1860 census shows a child James age 3, but not Lewis.
In 1870, Lewis is listed as age 16. Death records confirm his identity.


Children of Daniel Weavil and Caroline E. Richards
Zachariah L. Weavil (1847-1921) m. Abigail White
Yancy Cicero Weavil (1850-1937) m. 1) Laura Jane Motsinger (1856-?); 2) Florena Guyer (1846),
d/o Joseph and Mary Guyer
Florence or Florina Weavil (1854-?)
Rowan Foster Weavil (1856-1915) m. Crissie L. Tesh (b. abt. 1863),
d/o Levi Tesh and Mary Teague
Phebe Lovenia Weavil (1858-1910) m. Joseph Matason Smith (1856-1934)
Maggielene Weavil (1860-1938) m. Rufus Lee Phillips. Is this Louisa age 9 in 1870?
Thomas V. Weavil (1864-1946)
Daniel Webster Weavil (1866-1963)
Emelia Crissie Jane Weavil (1868-1938) m. Joseph Henry Smith


Possible child of Susanna Weavil
Andrew [Payne] Weavil (1835-1909) m. Sarah Smith

Andrew is listed in the 1850 census as Payne, but later took the name Weavil


Children of John C. Weavil and Catherine Reich
Mary Meline (Emaline?) Weavil (1832-1866) m. Peter Randall Bodenhamer (ca. 1827-?)
Lavina Elizabeth Weavil (ca. 1836-?) m. Daniel Sells in 1857
Eliza Weavil (ca. 1841-bef. 1870?) m. John Reece
Louisa? Weavil (ca. 1843-?)
John Wesley Weavil (ca. 1856-aft. 1879) m. Matilda Catherine Motsinger in 1875.

John Wesley is named as Catherine's youngest son in the will of her sister Mary Ann Reich.

Some Weavil researchers identify Eliza as the wife of Valentine Motsinger. However, Valentine's wife is listed in an 1847 marriage bond as Eliza MARTIN, not Weavil, and this identification is supported by the will of James Martin, which names daughter Eliza Motsinger and her children. This issue was discussed on the Davidson Co. NC Rootsweb message board in 2003. See post by Jack Martin and other messages in this thread for the alternative views.

An Eliza Weavil married John "Reas" in December 1857, Davidson Co. NC. John Andrew Reece age 8 is living with John and Catherine Weavil in 1870. In 1880 J.A. Reece age 18 is living with Mary Ann Reich (listed as Rike) age 74, and Catherine Weavil age 64, her sister. He is listed as grandson (presumably meaning of Catherine, not Mary Ann). Catherine Reich Weavil's will leaves all her personal property to Andrew Reece. Mary Ann Reich's will names John Andrew Reece but does not mention a relationship. Taken together, these data support the notion that Eliza Weavil married John Reece and was probably deceased by 1870, leaving a surviving son John Andrew.


Children of Samuel Weavil and 1) Belinda Pettycord
Phalba (or Falba) Elizabeth Weavil (1841-1861). Not with Samuel in 1850 census
William Albert Weavil (1843-?) m. Sarah Burk (ca. 1847-?), moved to Hendricks Co. IN

Phalba Elizabeth was living with her grandmother Grisella Ledford Petticord in 1850.

Children of Samuel Weavil and Nancy Taylor
Phebe Jane Weavil (1847-1915) m. Isaac Pitts Bodenhamer (1853-1915)
Henry Harrison Weavil (1848-1923) m. Dora E. Smith (1865-1900)
Sarah Weavil (1849-1882) m. Spencer Julius Glascoe (1848-1917)
Mary Ann Weavil (ca. 1852-1931) m. John C. Smith (1850-1911)
Susan Weavil (ca. 1854-?) m. Mahlon Cosner
"Emma Weavil" age 13 and "Milton Weavil" age 9 as listed with Samuel and Nancy in 1870, age 13. They were the children of Samuel Weavil's third wife Elizabeth Boyles, from her previous marriage to David Smith [thanks to Jim Peterson for this information]

Children of Eli Weavil and Falbe Lucretia Peddycord
Melinda Weavil (ca. 1843-1869) [listed as Belinda in 1850 and 1860 census)
Emily A. Weavil (1845-1904) m. Daniel Elwood Robbins (1840-1896)

Children of Eli Weavil and Catherine Smith
Eli Madison Weavil (1853-1860)
William Arthur Weavil (1851-1895) m. 1) Catherine A. Harrold; 2) Rebecca Victoria Berry
Lewis Jasper Weavil (abt. 1859-1933) m. Crissy Cordelia Williard (1863-1955)
Alvin Irvin Weavil (abt. 1867) m. Maggie Jane Williard (1866-1943)

There is also an infant daughter buried at Friedland Moravian, no dates.


Children of Walter Weavil and Sarah Maria Phillips
Lewis J. Weavil (1852-1878)
Madora Paulina Weavil (1859-1933) m. John A. Reed (1854-1928)
Florina A. Weavil (1866-1923) m. Thomas Fuller
David Emery Weavil (1868-1904) m. Minnie Arabell Teague (d. 1960)

Fourth Generation

Children of Clemmons M. Weavil and Sophronia A. Swaim
Lonida Maybelle Weavil (1884-1979) m. Isaac Cornelius Williard (1872-1947)
Maggie Jane Weavil (d. 1965, did not marry)


Children of Zachariah L. Weavil and Abigail White
Elmer Weavil (1868)
Avery Weavil (1869)
Junia Weavil (1871)


Children of Yancy Cicero Weavil and 1) Laura Jane Motsinger
Harrison Orlando Weavil (1876-1959) m. Smithi Brown Anderson (1880-1962)

Children of Yancy Cicero Weavil and 2) Florena Guyer
Charles Andrew Weavil (1881-1950) m. Ora Eva Garrison (1884-1962)
Ernest Edgar Weavil (1886-1974) m. Vada Belle Hastings (1889-1971)
Wynona Augusta Weavil (1885-1951) m. David Eugene Clodfelter (1883-1958)
Bert E. Weavil (1886-1959) m. Winnie May Berrier (1895-1952)
Martha (Mattie) Caroline Weavil (1888-1976) m. Harvey C. Smith (1887-1949)
Myrtle Leota Weavil (1890-1053) m. Henry Mock Clodfelter (1894-1955)


Children of Rowan Foster Weavil and Crissie L. Tesh
Fred Weavil (1877)
Daniel Weavil (1879)
Maud Weavil (1885)
Mary Alice Weavil (1885-1962) m. Lewis Addison Motsinger (1888-1962)

Previously we listed Carrie Weavil b. 1883 with this family, wife of Eli Rudolph Hine. She was the daughter of William A. Weavil. See below.


Children of Phebe Lovenia Weavil and Joseph Matson Smith
Agnes Ava Lee Smith (1878)
Newlin Milton Smith (1880)
Foster Silvester Smith (1881)
Harvey William Smith (1883)
Elisha Franklin Smith (1886)
Benjamin Harrison Smith (1888)
Clara Lovena Smith (1893)
Maskey Martin Smith (1894)


Children of Emelia Crissie Jane Weavil and Joseph Henry Smith
Carvey Smith (1888)
Montie (or Monnie) Smith (1890)
M. Naoma C. Smith (1909-1912)


Children of Andrew Weavil and Sarah Smith
Susanna Weavil (1858-1925) m. Joseph Charlie Sells (1866-1930)
Phebe Jane Weavil (1860-1920)
Willis Franklin Weavil (1861-1919) m. Irena Mae Smith (1870-1944)
John Andrew Weavil (1863-1934) m. Lucinda Ann Reid (1858-1936)
Ellen Amanda Weavil (1866-1924) m. John Madison Grant Reece (1865-1951)
Louisa (Lula) Weavil (1868-1934)
Louis S. or F. (Luke) Weavil (1871-1938) m. Flora E. Greene (1871-1952)


Children of Mary Meline Weavil and Peter Randall Bodenhamer
Rowan H. Bodenhamer (1854-1926) m. Mary E. Perryman (1858-1914)
Francis M. Bodenhamer (1856-1857)
Sarah C. Bodenhamer (1858-?)
infant daughter (b. & d. 1859)
Tempe E. Bodenhamer (1861-1862)
Randall Alexander Bodenhamer m. 1) Monissa Delphine Hayworth (1862-1932), 2) Mrs. Sally Head corrected 11/25/05>

Previously we stated that Randall Alexander Bodenhamer's wife was Lenora Jane Williard (1868-1950). Her husband was Alexander Baxson Bodenhamer, married in 1892.


Children of David Emery Weavil and Minnie Arabell Teague
Eva Bell Weavil (1891)
Delbert Elijah Weavil (1894-1917)
Della Eliza Weavil (1894)
Claudia Marie Weavil (1897)
Ethel May Weavil (1902)


Children of Catherine Weavil and Jacob Bates
George W. Bates (ca. 1855-?) m. Cornelia Picket
Jacob Bates (ca. 1857-?) m. Sarah E. Weaver
John J. Bates (ca. 1858-?) m. Eliza Weaver
William F. (Frank) Bates (1859-1915) m. Eliza J. Miller
Mary E. Bates (ca. 1864-?) m. Clement James
Druzilla Bates (ca. 1866-?)
Thomas A. Bates (ca. 1868-?)


Children of John Wesley Weavil and Matilda Catherine Motsinger
E. T. Taxanna Weavil?
Noah Columbus Weavil (1880-1958) m. Mattie Esther Hedrick (1882-1976)
E. B. (Eriah) Weavil


Children of William Arthur Weavil
Carrie Catherine Weavil (1884-1974) m. Eli Rudolph Hine (1878-1960)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran


Early Pilgrim German Records (Leonard's Church), Transcribed by David Reynolds Koontz
North Carolina Marriage Records

Thanks to Carol Neal ( for information on this family.

This page was extensively revised on May 29, 2005, incorporating material from Jim Peterson's WorldConnect page. Thanks, Jim, for the excellent critical analysis.

Jim Peterson provided an additional update on November 25, 2005, with information from Bernice Weavil.

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