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Williard Family

First Generation

Nicholas Vieillar. Born, 1635, in Otterberg, Germany. In 1654 he moved on the Gersweiler Hof (road) near Erlenbach (between Bornberg and Morleutern). Around 1663 he married Katherine GrosJean, a native of Sedan, France and had seven known children. Nicholas and Katherine died in Germany.

Children of Nicholas Vieillar and Katherine GrosJean
Jean Vieillar (1664-?) (died in Germany)
Jakob Vieillar (1667-1717) m. Maria Elisabeth Cordier (1682-1770)
Anna Vieillar (1670-1670)
Anna Vieillar (b & d 1671/2)
Caspar Vieillar (1676-1728/9) m. Sabin Christine
Elizabeth Vieillar (1677-?)
Vincenz Vieillar (1783-1751) m. Marnon Utzig (this family lived and died in Germany)

Second Generation

Jakob Vieillar married Maria Elisabeth in Germany. They resided in Erlenbach where he was a surgeon and supposedly affiliated with the Kaiser while he resided at his nearby summer residence. After Jakob's death in 1717, Maria emigrated to American with her son, Johan Peter, in 1744, along with Johan Peter's wife, Magdalena Maria. They arrived in 1744 aboard the Friendship in Philadelphia and resided near Thurmont, Maryland near the Graceham Moravian Church.

Children of Jakob Wilgar Vieillar and Maria Elisabeth Cordier
Hans Casper Vieillar(1703-?) (immigrated in 1732 on the Pink John and William) m. Magdalena Fischer in Germany
Deward Theobold Vieillar (1711-?) (immigrated in 1750 to Philadelphia) m. Anna Katherine Kirch in Germany
Johan Peter Vieillar (1714/5-1794) m. Magdalena Elizabeth Schlim (c1717-1792) m. 2) Rebecca Protzman
Catherine Bender Vieillar (1721-1791) m. George Harbaugh in Germany

Third Generation

Magdalena was a Moravian from Winnwl in Alsenbruch. Upon their arrival in Pennsylvania, they settled in Hallen Township near Kreutz Creek in York County. In 1751 they moved to "Manokosy." During this interim period Johan Peter became a Moravian and founding members of the Graceham Moravian Congregation. Johan Peter died and is buried (grave site #77, 2nd row, third grave) at Graceham Moravian Church under the surname of "Williar."

Children of Johan Peter Vieillar and Magdalena Elizabeth Schlim
Johan George Williard (1742/6-1822) m. 1) Eva Lauer (1754-1783) (d/o Jacob Lauer) 2) Susanna Catherine Appel (d/o Johann Peter Appel)
Peter Williar (c1748-1775) (was a tanner)

Fourth Generation

In the autumn of 1770 Johann George and his brother, Peter, reportedly joined a wagon train, led by George Soelle, en route from Broadbay, Maine, to Wachovia in North Carolina. On 21 July 1771 Johann George signed the Friedland Society Brotherly Agreement forming the Friedland Moravian Church, in southern Forsyth County.

We've heard this story about the wagon train from several different people. However, the Moravian records seem to indicate that the Broad Bay settlers all arrived by sea, sailing from Maine to coastal North Carolina and then coming inland at Wilmington. Can anyone give us the source for this statement?

Children of Johan George Williard and Eva Lauer
Anna Catharine Williard (1772-?) m. John Dixon (1762-1832)
Anna Elizabeth Willard (1772-1806) m. John Martin Schneider (?-1806)
Anna Maria Williard (1774-?)
Johannes Williard m. Nancy Swaim
error corrected May 2012
Johann George Williard
Anna Williard (1780-?

There is some uncertainty as to which daughter married John Martin Schneider. The Moravian records refer to her only as "Anna". He died less than two months after their marriage, and she isn't mentioned again in the records.

One of the daughters married Adam Fansler.

Does anyone have additional information showing unequivocally which marriage is which?

Children of Johann George Williard and Susanna Catherine Appel
Margaretha Williard (1784-?)
Barbara Williard (1785-?)
Juliana Williard (1789-?) m. James Williams
Jacob Williard (1790-1872) m. Phoebe Smith (ca. 1802-1870)
Daniel Williard (1793-1864) m. Sally Ledford (moved to IN)
Johanna Williard (1795-?)
Solomon Williard (1796-1864) m. 1) Hannah Clampett (1800-1844); 2) Emaline Steward (1827- bef. 1870)
Joseph Williard (1800-1852) m. Mary (Polly) Apple
Susanna Christina Williard (1802-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of Jacob Williard and Phoebe Smith
Martha Elizabeth (Patty) Williard (1819-1880) m. William Gibbins (1819-1878)
*Sarah M. (Sally) Williard (1821-1911) m. Edmond Swaim
Pinkney Williard (1823-1881) m. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Peddycord (1837-1923)
David Williard (1828-1903) m. Leah Smith (1833-1890)
Bartlett Yancey Williard (1829-1911) m. Diana Harmon (1845-1895), d/o Daniel Harmon and Rebecca Murrell
Jacob Williard, Jr. (1830-1912) m. Martha Jane Hine, d/o James and Elizabeth (Long?) Hine
Alpheus Williard (1832-1922) m. Susan Poe (1837-1906).
Ruth Jane Williard (1834-1916) m. William Smith (1833-1910)
Joseph Williard (1836-1927) m. 1) Phoebe Jane Swaim, 2) Florina Smith
Phoebe Ann Williard (1839-1908) m. Barnett M. Martin (1842-1916), s/o Alexander Martin and Mary C. Idol
William Riley Williard (1842-1875) m. Emily Pedicord

*Previously we said that Edmond Swaim was the son of William Swaim and Mary Lachenauer, but he was born in 1828 and they didn't marry until 1829. Was Mary really his mother?


Children of Solomon Williard and Hannah Clampitt [error corrected 5/28/05]
Roberson Williard (abt. 1827-?) m. 1) Louise Harmon, 2) Phebe Weavil
Hannah Williard (abt. 1830-?)
Solomon M. Williard (abt. 1832-?)
Elizabeth Jane Williard (abt. 1835-?) m. John Henry Masten
Mahala Williard (abt. 1840-?)
John S. Williard (abt. 1843-?)
Children of Solomon Williard and Emaline Steward
Rachel F. Williard (abt. 1851-?)
Constantine Williard (abt. 1853)
Henry M. Williard (abt. 1855)
Martha L. Williard (abt. 1855)
Calvin R. Williard (abt. 1859) m. Nancy Ebert (1856-1934)

Sixth Generation

Children of Pinkney Williard and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Peddycord
George H. Williard (1870-?) m. Flora I. Stewart (1867-1952), d/o John L. Stewart/Steward and Sarah Sapp
Carrie Williard (abt. 1873-?)
Gertrude Estelle Williard (1876-1974) m.Eugene Nathaniel Hine (1874-1957)
Phebe Williard (b. & d. 1880)


Children of David Williard and Leah Smith
Phebe Elizabeth Williard (1855-1874)
Jacob Thompson Williard (1857-1945) m. Margaret Jane Parnell (1875-1936)
John Clemmons Williard (1859-1924) m. 1) Mary C. Bodenhamer, 2) Eliza E. Teague
Fanny Louise Williard (1861-1921) (did not marry)
Crissy Cordelia Williard (1863-1955) m. Lewis Jasper Weavil (1858-1933)
Maggie Jane Williard (1866-1943) m. Alvin Irvin Weavil (1866-1903), s/o Eli Weavil and Catherine Smith
Martha A. Williard (1869-1955) m. Christian Emanuel Reed (1867-1953)
Isaac Cornelius (1872-1947) m. Lonida Maybelle Weavil (1884-1979), d/o Clemmons Mortin Weavil and Sophronia A. Swaim


Children of Bartlett Yancey Williard and Diana Harmon
Daniel Lee Williard (1866-1903)
James Ernest Williard (1868-1892)
Lenora Jane Williard (1868-1950) m. Randall Alexander Bodenhamer, s/o Peter Randall Bodenhamer and Mary Meline Weavil
Susan Rebecca Williard (1772-1949) m. Thomas Shuman Beeson
Laura Elizabeth Williard (1874-1894)
George Harrison Williard (1876-1972) m. Flora Charles
Nettie Vane Williard (1879-1900) m. W. Oscar Charles
Phoebe Johanna (?) Williard (1881-1958) m. Eli Damascus Moore
Joseph Milton Williard (1885-1886)


Children of Alpheus (Alfred) Williard and Suzanne Poe
Laura Williard (1856-1864)
Charles H. Williard (1860-1945) m. 1) Nancy Catherine Smith, d/o Lewis Smith and Sarah Moore; 2) Victoria Huff, d/o Jordan Huff and Elizabeth Teague
Joseph Erastus Williard (1867-1955) m. Parthelia Smith, d/o Lewis Smith and Sarah Moore


Children of Joseph Williard and 1) Phoebe Jane Swaim
John Milton Williard (1863-1943) m. Catherine Clementine Smith (1860-1937)
Rachel Virginia Williard (1866-1894) m. Joseph Hilton Phillips (1866-1917)

Lewis O. Williard
Junius F. Williard (abt.1870-?) m. Sallie Matthews, d/o Levi P. Matthews and Tempa Elvira Idol
Mary J. Williard (1873-1931)

Children of Joseph Williard and 2) Florina Smith
Bettie Lee Williard (1877-1878)
Treva Lavada Williard (1891) m. Joseph Baxter (Bac) Hastings, s/o Francis C. Hastings and Cornelia A. Sapp

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