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Moses Smith Family

First Generation

Moses Smith (ca. 1782-1857) married Hannah Idol (1783-bef. 1850), daughter of Jacob Idol and Chloe Johnson.

Second Generation

Children of Moses Smith and Hannah Idol
Phebe Smith (ca. 1802-1870) m. Jacob Williard (1790-1872)
Moses Smith (ca. 1804-1846) m. Mary Hayworth (1804-1879)
Jacob Smith (1806-1882) m. 1) Anna Phillips (1811-1875), 2) Mary Smith (1815-1883), widow of Jesse Swaim
David Smith (ca. 1808-?) m. Martha Ledford (ca. 1807-?)
Mary (Polly) Smith (1812-1889) m. John Shields (1808-1884)
John F. Smith (1815-1894) m. Catherine Weavil (1815-1896)
Lodimma Smith (ca. 1818-?) m. Eli T. Hayworth
Sarah Smith (1825-1891) m. John Wesley Atkins (1820-1890)
Elizabeth Smith (ca. 1830?) m. William L. Atkins
Samuel Smith (1833-1876) m. 1) Frances Sarah Ann Robbins (1837-1868), d/o Daniel Robbins and Phebe Teague; 2) 2) Samantha Ogburn, widow of Elijah Linville

Third Generation

Children of Moses Smith and Mary Hayworth
Eri Smith (1829-1899) m. Martha Jane Crews (1835-1925), moved to Missouri
Sarah SMith (1831-1867) m. Isaac Paul Robbins (1830-1899), s/o Daniel Robbins and Phebe Teague
Zimri Francis Smith (1834-1863) m. Charity Johnson (1837-1901), d/o Caleb Johnson and Nancy Shields
Iverson Smith (1836-1912) m. Mary Victoria Beeson (1846-1919), d/o Absalom Beeson and Elizabeth Howlet
James H. Smith (1839-1917) m. Martha Jane Johnson (1840-1925), d/o Caleb Johnson and Nancy Shields
William Hickson Smith (1841-?) m. 1) Paulina Bowles, 2) Emily E. Hines
Mary Elizabeth Smith (ca. 1846-1917) m. Benjamin Franklin Hester (1852-1932), s/o Robert Hester and Roxanna Ayres


Children of Jacob Smith and Anna Phillips
Catherine Smith (1833-1898) m. Eli Weavil (1821-1901)
Lydia Smith (1834-1900) m. Henry Johnson (1834-1901), s/o Caleb Johnson and Nancy Shields
Sarah Smith (1836-1901) m. Andrew Weavil (1835-1909)
Matilda Smith (ca. 1838-1915) m. David Huff (1833-1865), s/o John Huff and Martha Hicks
Julius Herman Smith (ca. 1840-?) m. Lucinda Elizabeth Whicker (ca. 1840-?), d/o Littleberry Whicker and Mary Phillips
Alvis Smith (ca. 1843-?) m. m. Sarah Rebecca Whicker (ca. 1845-ca. 1875), d/o Littleberry Whicker and Mary Phillips
Phebe Smith (ca. 1845-?).
Anna Lodimma Smith (1848-1911) m. Joseph A.L. Reed (1845-1920)
Eli Smith (ca. 1851-?) m. Laura Rothrock (1852-?)
Maria Lucretia Smith (1853-1918) m. Albert L. Motsinger (1853-1938)


Children of David Smith and Martha Ledford
Rebecca A. Smith (ca. 1835-?)
Hannah E. Smith (ca. 1840-?)
David Smith (ca. 1842-?)
Albert C. Smith (ca. 1846-?)

These children from the 1850 census. Were there others?


Children of John F. Smith and Catherine Weavil
L. Andrew Smith (1836-1839)
Lewis Lindsay Smith (1838-1924) m. 1) Sarah Moore, d/o Gabriel Moore and Mary Clayton,
2) Temperance Moore (1840-1928), Sarah's sister
Mary Amanda (Polly) Smith (1840-?) m. Alson or Arrington Dillon
Nancy Berline Smith (1842-1921) m. Henry Clay Hedgecock (1844-1922), s/o John Hedgecock and Phebe Jenkins
Jacob Elwood Smith (1844-1868)
Ascenthe Delfina? Smith (1845-1910) m. John W. Yokely, moved to Missouri after 1880
Sarah C. Smith (1849-1924) m. George Hickson Idol (1846-1918)
Susan Dulcena Smith (1851-1928) m. Frank Henry Motsinger (1850-1924)
Hannah Loretta Smith (1853-1860)
John J. Smith (b. & d. 1855)
Jeremiah Hudson Smith (1857-1940) m. 1) Martha Bodenhamer, 2) Mary J. Shields (1866-1934)
Martha Elizabeth Smith (1858-1860)
Catherine Clementine Smith (1860-1937) m. John Milton Williard (1863-1943)

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Jack Flower is researching the Meredith Smith line in Stokes Co., NC. and would like to correspond with other Smith researchers. His e-mail address is:

Many of the names on this page came from a gedcom (Bennett.ged) whose author is unknown, posted on the now-defunct Sharing database in 1995. If anyone can identify this file, please let us know! Update - thanks to Jack Fowler we now know who the gedcom belonged to. The site and material belonged to James Waco Knott who passed away in 1999. He decended from Rome O. Bennet who was related to this Smith family.

The names and dates in this gedcom are largely consistent with Forsyth County cemetery, census and estate records, and with notes in the Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, which were used as supplementary sources.

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