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Dobb Parish Graveyard at Bethabara

September 2, 2014: We have learned that this page contains some significant errors because of mistakes in the original transcription. Some names were omitted, and the numbering is incorrect. A revised version will be posted soon.

The following is list of persons buried in the old graveyard at the "Dutch Fort", or what is now known as Bethabara in Winston-Salem, NC. During the Indian uprisings, these first settlers were protected by the Moravians within the fort walls of Bethabara. Should death occur during these times, these settlers were not buried in the Moravian Cemetery, but instead, at the "Stranger's graveyard" aka Dobb's Parish Graveyard, which was established Oct 5, 1759 and located south of the Bethabara Mill.

Its dimensions, including walkways, was 96 feet from east to west and 60 feet from north to south. It was divided into four squares: that to the southwest being for men; northwest for women; southeast for boys; and northeast for girls. The graves are generally numbered in order of the death.

(Editors Note: The following information was gleaned from parts of the Cranford Collection in the NC Room. The editor assumes no responsibility for errors, as this information is second hand)

No. 1 Michael Woorley, a child d. 1759 No. 2 George Leidig, a single man d. Oct. 29, 1759
No. 3 -- Rocher, a married man bur. Nov 5, 1759 No. 4 ---Priest, a little boy d 1760
No. 5 ---Pledger, a little boy 1760 No. 6 Gideon Wright, a child den 1761
No. 7. -- Pledger, a married woman died at Bethabara Mill March 22, 1761-- a refugee from the Indians No. 8 William Howarth, a child son of John Howard; died Nov 12 at Bra Mill
No. 9 Jonathan Hasford, a soldier unmarried b. in Virginia d Dec 22 at Bra Mill No. 10 William Stone, a man
No. 11 -- Evans, a soldier, unmarried No. 12 A.M. Bundrick, a married woman died in Bethania, NC 1763
No.13 John Hulston, a child died at Bethabara Mill No. 14- An unbaptised little daughter of Andreas Volk 1767
No. 15 Adam Schaus, a widower died at Bethanis, at home of his son No. 16 Catharine Kraus, a little daughter of Johann Kraus 1770
No. 17 Johanne Kraus, a child 1774 No. 18 James Bohannen, a widower, English hostler of Bethabara tavern buried Aug 6, 1774
No. 19 Rice Price, a soldier 1778 unmarried No. 20 David Brocton, a boy son of John Brocton, English died Aug 24 1779
No. 21 William Smith d. Nov. 10, 1780 a militiaman, shot in camp No. 22 Stillborn son of Henry Clemmons Buried March 2?, 1781
No. 23 Stillborn son of David Bark 1782 No. 24 Christ(ina) Elizabeth Kraus(in) nat 1781 den 1782 (a child daughter of John Kraus)
No. 25 Still born daughter of -- Brocton 1784 No. 26 Maria Elis. Schemel, a child 8 days old Dau. of Johannes Schemel Buried May 6 1784
No. 27 Marria Eliz. Binkel, a child 1785 No. 28 Anna Maria Volz a child 1785
No. 29 Georg Kaa, a married man Nat 1722 den 1784 step-father of Johann Kraus Bur Feb 20, 1784 No. 30 Adam Krause, a single man b 1779 d. Mar 7, 1786 16 year old son of Johnn Kraus
No. 31 Johan Folck (Volk) nat 1779 den 1782 buried Sept 1, 1782 No. 32 Georg Schwarz, a child son of Jacob & Barbara Schwarz d. Feb 25, 1783 buried Feb. 27, 1783
No. 33 Maria Marh Brunnern nat 1781 den 1786 (Mar. Marg Brunner, a child) No. 34 Joh Georg Backenheimer, a man, a traveller who died in Bethania Buried Aug 1 , 1786 (Joh Jeorg Bocken Heimer b. 1758 d 1786)
No. 35 Anna Maria Binklin nat 1772 den 1790 (Anna Maria Binkely, unmarried woman nearly 26 yrs old d. 25 June 1790 Bur. 27 June 1790) No. 36 Anna Maria Chitty a married woman m.n. Kraus d. 7 Dec. 1792
No. 37 Joseph Holder nat 1767? den 1792 No. 38 stillborn daughter of John Chitty d.1793
No. 39 Anna Maria Burnner, a child 1793 No. 40 Jacob Brunner, a child of Daniel & Dorothea Brunner, buried Jan. 17, 1794
No. 41 Dorothea Bruner, a married woman bur May 1 1794 No. 42 Joseph Binkele born 1761 died 1794
No. 43 Johann Heinrick Brunner, a child 1795 No. 44 Samuel Gottlieb Micke, a child 1795
No. 45 Stillborn dau of Jas. Leinbach, Jr. 1796 No. 46 Johanna Kapp, a married woman mn Leinbach b Jun 16, 1771 died July 21 1797 dau. of Benj & Christine (Volk) Leinbach; wife of Heinrich Kapp
No. 47 Five day old son of Jacob Alterman & Rosina (mn Ferncler?) b Oct 26 d Oct 3 1797 No. 48 Elizabeth Shemel b. 24 Mar 1760 in PA d. 6 Nov 1797 age 37y 7m 2w (a mar. woman -m n Holder)
No. 49 Anna Catharine Volking b. 1788 d. July 10, 1798 No. 50 Anna Maria Holder, a widow d. Jan 11, 1799 aged 71 years 2 mos
No. 51 Christian Binkele b 18 Jan 1751 d. 29 Apr. 1799 (Christian Binkely, a single man "our neighbor" buried April 20, 1799) No. 52 Joh Phillip Schaub b 21 Jul 1798 d. 4 Aug 1799
No. 53 Rebecca Leinbach, a child buried Oct 21, 1799 15 days old No. 54 Johanna Volk, a child bur. May 12, 1800 5 years old
No. 55 Isaac Kraus b 1787 d. 25 Jul 1800 No. 56 Christine Leinback b. 1746 d 11 Sept 1800
No. 57 Anna Maria Kraus b 1745 d 23 May 1801 (mn Volk; wife of John Kraus) No. 58 Magdalena Micke, a married woman m n Hirtel, wife of John Micke b. 1750 Bethelehem, Pa. d Dec 9, 1801 near Bethabara
No. 59 Phil Jacob Meyer Bethabara b. Oct 27, 1771 d. Sept 22 1801 No. 60 Margaretha Binkele m n Geeger bur 11 Feb 1803
No. 61 A. Maria Noll born in year 1738 dep 17 May 1803 No. 62 Ana Maria Schause, a child 1803
No. 63 Heinrich Schauss d. Oct 7, 1806 No. 64 Louisa Hauser, a child 1809
No. 65 Johann Nielson b 17(51?) d 1810 No. 66 Phillip N. Schau Gebohrin den 27 Decem 1728 und gestorbe den 3, 1810
No. 67 unbaptised dau of Abraham Klein 1811 No. 68 Elizabeth Stoltz, wife of Adam Stoltz 1811
No. 69 Anna V. Hauser, a child 1813 No. 70- Week old dau of Jacob Lang 1813
No. 71 Peter Deeg, a child 1814 No 72 Tasey Hardgrove, mn Thomas 1815
No 73 Wilhelm Volk, a man b 27 Jun 1741 PA d 11 Aug 1815 No. 74 William Hardgrove, a child 1815
No. 75 Tempe? Parker, a single woman 1815 No. 76 unbaptised child of John & Mary Meyer 1816
No. 77 George Holder b May 28, 1773 d Apr. 25, 1816 age 43 y 23d No 78 William Jefferson Stoltz, a child 1818
No. 79 Johannes Lang a child, week old dau of Jacob Lang 1818 No. 80 Isaac Stoltz, a child 1821
No. 81 John Schauss, a man b 26 Sept 1788 d 11 Jun 1821 No 82 Martin Brunner, a child 1821
No 83 Barbara Muecke1821 a married woman No 84 Adam Stoltz, a man 1821
No 85 Rebecca Stoltz widow of Adam Stoltz 1825

The following names were also included in the list, but as they have no plot number associated with their name and since burials in the Stranger's graveyard supposedly ended after the mid 1800's, the notes were not clear as to where in Bethabara they were buried.

Lewis Mickey was born April 18, 1775 at Bethabara, departed Sept. 22, 1844 age 69 y 6m 1d
Anna Shouse b June 18, 1801 d. Feb. 7, 1845 Isaac Stolz born Aug. 27, 1820 dep June 2, 1821 age 9m 4d
Maria Catharina Nollen Gebornen den 8 Marz 1802 Gestorben den 1 July 1803 Magdalen Folk, late Schwartz, Pennsylvania born April 13, 1756
Beata Hauser b. Aug. 7, 1838 Susanna Magdalena Fiedler b. 31 May 1822 d. 27 Aug 1828
John Reich born Jan. 27, 1776 Orange Co., NC died June 27, 1845 Anna Hauser b. 9 Oct 1812 d. 14 Mar 1813
Henrich Scha b. 4 Apr 1767 d 7 Oct 1807 William Rich b. 16 May 1800 (1803?) d. 4 July 1803

Records of Moravians in NC
by Adelaide Fries

Vol 1 page 207: Memorabilia of Bethabara 1759: A God's Acre was laid out near the mill for use of the strangers gathered there, and three were buried therein, a boy, an unmarried man and a married man.

Vol 1 page 213: Bethabara Diary, Oct 5, 1759:Br. Rogers held the funeral of a little child, Michael Woorley, whose parents came to us as refugees and have been living at the mill. A God's Acre for strangers has been laid off on the little hill near the mill.

Vol 1 page 214: Bethabara Diary Nov 5, 1759: An elderly man named Rocher was buried in the graveyard near the mill on Nov 5.

Vol 1 page 268: Memorabilia Bethabara and Bethania 1764: In Bethania one woman died trusting in the merits of Jesus, and a little boy died at the mill, both being buried in the graveyard near the mill, as neither belonged to the Brethern.

Vol 1 page 395 : Helfer Conferenz Minutes Dec 4, 1769: The God's Acre near the Bethabara Mill is badly over-grown. It will be made the Dobbs Parish graveyard, and Br. Fockel will have charge of it for the vestry.

Vol 1 page 399: Wachovia Memorabilia 1770: A widower, Adam Schaus, who passed away at the home of his son in Bethania, was buried in the Parish graveyard near the Mill.

Vol II page 757: Salem Diary Apr. 12, 1773: All freeholders of Dobbs Parish met in Salem. Br. Bonn, Justice of the Peace, had been appointed Deputy Sheriff by Sheriff Armstrong, and conducted the meeting. Br. Meinung acted as clerk. It was considered good for the parish that a parish God's Acre should be laid out in Salem, and that the one near Bethabara should be put in good order.

Vol II page 835: Bethabara Diary Aug 6, 1774: At five o'clock the body of James Bohannen was buried in our Parish graveyard. Br. Fritz conducted the service in English.

Vol III page 1265: Salem Helf. Conference Nov 23, 1778: Br. Bonn reported that Johann Schaub, Jr. has put the Bethabara Parish God's Acre in order and has been paid out of the funds still on hand from the parish collection.

Vol III page 1335: Bethabara Diary Aug. 24, 1779: News came from the mill that David Brockton, thirteen year old son of John Brockton, had died and that the family requested burial for him in the Parish God's Acre. The Brockton's are an English family who are living in the house formally occupied by Kastner.

Vol IV page 1634: Bethabara Diary Nov 11, 1780: Everyone was busy clearing out and cleaning up inside and outside their houses. Toward evening the man who died yesterday (Wilhelm Schmidt) was buried on the Parrish graveyard. A near relative had said he would be glad to see the man receive a Christian burial, so Br. Lorenz and some of the Brethren went, several English hymns were sung, and the Lord's Prayer recited.

Vol IV page 1748: Bethabara Diary March 24, 1781: A man by the name of Heinrich Clemens, who lives on the farm of the elder Schaub asked that his still-born child might be buried on the Parish Graveyard. Br. Schaub, Jr. dug the grave, and they buried it this afternoon.

Vol IV page 1814: Bethabara Diary July 23, 1782:Johann Kraus was here and asked for the burial of his youngest child on the graveyard by the mill. The funeral took place this afternoon, an address being made at the place of burial.

Vol IV page 1815: Bethabara Diary Sept 1, 1782: Sunday--Wilhelm Volck came on Friday and asked for the burial of his child on the Graveyard near the mill. The service was held this afternoon at two o'clock, a rather large crowd being present.

Vol IV page 1860: Bethabara Diary Feb. 27, 1783: The boy, George Schwarz, died on the 25th and Wilhelm Folk asked that he be buried on the God's Acre near the mill. The boy was the son of Jacob and Barbara Schwarz, both deceased.

Vol V page 2052: Bethabara Diary Mar. 15, 1784: The committee met. Several Brethern from here shall go with Bro. Kapp to inspect the graveyard by the mill, and correct the map. Our neighbors have desired that a petition be circulated among the friends and neighbors who have been using the burial ground by the mill, which needs a new fence. A draft was read and will be given to them asking that they try to build one this spring.

Vol V page 2050: Bethabara Diary Feb 20, 1784: George Kaa buried in graveyard by the mill.

Vol V page 2104: Bethabara Diary March 13, 1785: Wilhelm Volk and Schemel were here today. They intend to build a good clapboard fence around God's Acre for strangers and asked Br. Kuhnast for permission to take up a collection in the Village.

Vol V page 2150: Bethabara Diary Mar. 9, 1786: Adam Krause buried in God's Acre near the mill.

Vol. V page 2122: Salem Diary Mar. 9, 1786: In the graveyard for strangers near the Bethabara Mill there was the funeral of Adam, son of John Krause. He was born in Lebanon, Pa. in 1767, and was baptised there by Brethern; and some years later came with his parent into this neighborhood. He had recently seemed to recover from an illness, but on the 5th became sick again, and passed away on the 7th.

Vol V page 2158: Bethania Diary Aug 1, 1786: On the God's Acre by the Bethabara Mill funeral of Joh George Bockenheimer

Vol V page 2312: Bethania Diary June 27, 1790: In the Parish God's Acre, near the mill, the funeral of Anna Maria Binkele.

Vol VI page 2488: Bethabara Diary Oct 20, 1793: Dr. Benzien held the funeral of a child of our neighbor, Daniel Brunner, the burial taking place in the parish God's Acre near our mill.

Vol VI page 2516: Bethabara Diary Jan. 17, 1794: Br. Hessler conducted the funeral on the parish God's Acre of Jacob Brunner, little son of Daniel and Dorothea Brunner. It rained and the roads were very bad, so few persons attended and no sermon was preached.

Vol VI page 2518 : Bethabara Diary May 1, 1794: Br. Hessler was asked to keep the funeral on the parish God's Acre of Dorothea Brunner, who passed into eternity yesterday. In her marriage she had nine children of whom three preceded her into eternity. Her age was forty years and two months. This gave opportunity to speak to the large gathering on the Wards of Paul, II Chapter Car. V. 19,20.

Vol VI page 2751 : Bethabara Diary Feb 11, 1803: At one o'clock there was the funeral of the widow Margaretha Binkele, maiden Geiger, in the graveyard near the mill.

Vol VI page 2791: Bethania Diary Jan. 16, 1804:In the morning at eleven o'clock Br. Pfohl* held at the Bethabara mill the funeral of Johannes Ehler, whose remains were interred in the Parish God's Acre. Mr. Ehler was a widower and was killed yesterday when his horses ran away with his wagon. (*Christian Pfohl)

Vol VII page 3109: Salem Diary Mar. 29, 1810: A single man, Johann Nielson, who formerly belonged to the Unity of Brethern, but was dismissed because of his misuse of strong drink, was found dead today in a shed on a plantation near Bethabara. On the 31st Br. Kluge held his funeral in the parish graveyard near Bethabara.

Vol VII page 3157 : Bethania Diary Mar. 9, 1811: This afternoon at the mill Br. Pfohl held the funeral of the stillborn son of our neighbors Jesse and Maria Catharina Styers (mn Pfaff). The infant was one of twin children.

Vol VII page 3277: Bethabara Diary June 20,1815: By request, Br. Strohle held the funeral of the woman Tasey Hardgrove, mn Thomas, who died yesterday morning in our neighborhood. The funeral was preached in our mill, and interment was in the Parish graveyard.

Vol VII page 3279: Bethabara Diary Dec 16, 1815: A girl Tempe Parker, who lived twenty seven miles from here fell asleep day before yesterday in the house of Br. and Sr. Hermann Buttner. She was in her seventeenth year and last Sunday was brought here very ill with consumption, her father hoping to get medical aid for her. Br. Strohle held her funeral this afternoon in the graveyard near the mill.

Vol VII page 3310: Bethabara Diary Feb. 22, 1816: At the request of the parents Br. Strohle held in the graveyard by the mill the funeral of a child of John and Mary Meyer, who died yesterday from influenza.

Vol VII page 3311: Bethabara Diary Apr. 27, 1816: The widower George Holder was buried in the graveyard by the mill. He died of lung trouble day before yesterday at the home of Br. Heinrich Holder. About 1803 he married Elizabeth Morris and they had three sons and two daughters, all still living. In 1805 the family moved from this neighborhood to Ohio, and from there to Georgia. In the fall of 1814 his wife passed into eternity; and toward the end of 1815 he returned here with his children; all of whom he placed in families that were satsifactory to him.

Vol VII page 3312: Bethabara Diary Jun 16, 1816: The afternoon services were omitted as an English preacher named Briton apparently belonging to the Baptist, preached a funeral sermon under the shade of trees near the mill. This was at the request of relatives of the single woman, Tempe Parker, who died in December of last year, and was interred in the graveyard near the mill, Br. Strohle holding the burial service. Most of the members from here and many from Bethania attended the preaching along with many outsiders.

Vol VIII page 3382: Bethabara Diary June 28, 1818: In the graveyard at the mill Br. Strohle, by request, held the funeral of a little son of our neighbors John and Temperance Stolz.

Vol VIII page 3383: Bethabara Diary Aug. 26, 1818:By request Br. Strohle held the funeral at the mill of the child of neighbors. The sermon was preached under the shade of the trees.

Vol VIII page 3485: Bethabara Diary June 6, 1821: In the morning, at the graveyard near the mill, there was the funeral of a child of our neighbors Johannes and Tempe Stolz. The sermon was preached in English under the shade of the trees.

Vol VIII page 3486 : Bethabara Diary Oct. 16, 1821: In the afternnon, by request, Br. Strohle held a funeral at the graveyard near the mill. The boy, Martin Brunner, in the twelfth year of his age, died from fever. The sermon was preached in German, under the shade of the trees.

Vol VIII page 3714: Bethabara Diary July 24, 1824: In the absence of Br. Strohle, at the request of the relatives, and with the consent of the committee, Pastor Schober held the funeral of the child Henry Edwin Reich, son of Thomas and Mary Reich, who do not belong to us. The child was buried in our God's Acre, and pastor Schober preached the funeral sermon in our church.

Vol VIII page 3860 : Bethabara Diary Aug. 29, 1828: Went to the home of a certain George Fiedler, a mile south of Casper Stolz. The funeral sermon for his little daughter was preached out doors at the Bethabara Mill and the body interred in the nearby strangers graveyard.

Vol VIII page 4096: Bethabara Diary May 4, 1833: At 1:00 o'clock was the burial in the graveyard near the mill of the single Saml. Hieke, which Br. Byham held by request.

Vol VIII page 4234: Bethabara Diary Aug 24, 1836: There was the burial of the widow Magdalena Folk in God's Acre near the mill.

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