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Cleveland Family Page

John Cleveland was the son of Alexander Cleveland, Jr. who was born about 1659 either in England or Viriginia. Alexander Cleveland, Jr. died at the home of his son, John, on Blue Run in Orange County, Va at the age of 111. It is believed Alexander Jr.'s wife was Milly Presley who died in 1770 at the age of 103.

First Generation:

Children of Alexander Cleveland Jr. and his wife -- (Milly Presley?)
John Cleveland (1695-ca. 1775) and Elizabeth Coffey
Alexander Cleveland (1712-1779) m. Margaret Doolittle
Grace Cleveland m. Edward Joshua Coffey (abt.1700-?)

Second Generation:

Children of Alexander Cleveland and Margaret Doolittle
Eli Cleveland (1734-1829)
Mary Cleveland (1736-1839) m. Johnson
Anca Cleveland (1738) m. Wolf ? Wood?
Millie Cleveland (1740) m. Henry ?
Alexander Cleveland (1744-abt. 1825) m. Sarah Ann
John Cleveland (abt. 1746-bef. 1839) m. Martha Coffey ? (was at Yorktown)
Oliver Cleveland (abt. 1748-1844) m. 1) Elizabeth McWilliams (?-bef. 1792; 2) Jane Buckner (d. in Madison, KY)
Anna Cleveland (1751-1838) m. John Hazelrigg (died in Montgomery Co., KY)
James Cleveland (abt. 1753) m. Frances
*Elizabeth Cleveland (abt. 1755-1846) m. John McWilliams
William Cleveland (1757-1842) m. Margaret Wilson (1770-1845) (born in Culpepper Co., VA, died in Pendleton, KY)
Martha (Patsy) Cleveland (1764-1849) m. Bernard Franklin (m. 1793)

*On a previous verison of this page we showed Elizabeth Cleveland's first marriage to Bennett Gillum, when in fact the Elizabeth Cleveland that married Bennett Gillium was the daughter of Jeremiah Cleveland. This error corrected October 23, 2007. Information provided by Sharon Fowler helped to correct this information. Sharon's e-mail address is: owls_nest_too@yahoo.com


Children of John Cleveland and Elizabeth Coffey
Rev. John Cleveland (1730-1829) m. Mary McCann
(John was a Baptist minister and at one time paster of Brier Creek Church. He settled on Lewis Fork)
Mary Cleveland (1731-1828) m. Bernard Franklin
Elizabeth Cleveland m. David Gillespie
Colonel Benjamin Cleveland (1738-1806) m. Mary Graves, d/o of James Graves of Culpeper Va
Capt. Robert Cleveland (1744-1812) m. 1) Alice (Alley) Mathis; 2) Sarah Johnson (settled Lewis Fork)
Jeremiah Cleveland (1746-1806) m. Mary Gentry
Larkin Cleveland (1748-1814) m. Frances Wright (settled on Roaring River)
Martha Cleveland m. James Smith

Third Generation

Children of Mary Cleveland and Bernard Franklin
Jeremiah Franklin (1754)
Bernard Jesse Franklin (1760-1823) m. Meeky Perkins
Betty Franklin
Abner Franklin
Shadrack Franklin m. Judith Taleferro
Mary Franklin (1771) m. General Solomon Graves
Meshack Franklin (1773), m. Mildred Edwards, Councillor of State (1824-1835)
Abednego Franklin (1776)

(Bernard Jesse Franklin served under his uncle, Colonel Benjamin Cleveland and was elected to the House of Commons for Wilkes County in 1784, 1785, 1786, 1790, 1791 and 1792; elected to Congress in 1797 and the United States Senate in 1798. In 1820 he was elected Governor of North Carolina and declined a reelection in 1821, citing his health as the reason for declining. He died in 1823. His home was on the headwaters of Mitchell's River in Wilkes County.)


Children of Benjamin Cleveland and Mary Graves
Jemima Cleveland (1765-1810) m. James Wyley
Absalom Cleveland (1767-1838) m. Martha (Patty) Harrison
John H. Cleveland (1769-ca. 1810) m. Mrs. Catherine Slone


Children of Capt. Robert Cleveland and 1) Alice (Alley) Mathis
Mathis Cleveland (1770) (did not marry, died in South Carolina)
Larkin Cleveland (1772-1852) m. Sarah Buchanan
Jeremiah Cleveland (1774-1845) m. Sarah Vannoy
Nancy Cleveland (1777-1846) m. John Ashley Reynolds, Sr., (1774) (lived & died, Wilkes County, NC)
s/o John Francis Reynolds and Anna Blackburn; grandson of Ambrose Blackburn and Hannah Ashley
Presley Cleveland (1779-1861) m. Elizabeth Johnson
Eli Cleveland (1781-1859) m. Mary Regan
Elizabeth Cleveland (1783-1850) m. John Yates, Jr. (1780-1875) (lived & died, Wilkes County, NC)
s/o John Yates, Sr. (1754-1835 and Jemima Roper (1755-1853)
Jesse Cleveland (1785-1851) m. Mary Blossingame
Martin Cleveland (1787-1849) m. 1) Mary Gambill; 2) Mrs. Anna Peters
Sarah Cleveland (1789aft. 1855) m. Jesse Rector
Alice (Alley) Cleveland (1790) m. Morton Jones, Jr.
Mary Cleveland (1791-1850) m. Mr. Robbs

(John Yates, Sr. and Jemima Roper were also the parents of David Yates (1792-1851). David Yates and his wife, Nancy Hayes, were the parents of Sarah Ann and Adelaide Yates who married the Siamese twins, Eng and Chang.)


Children of Capt. Robert Cleveland and 2) Sarah Johnson
James Harvey Cleveland (1796-1842) m. Mrs. Sarah Waddy Thompson
Fanny Cleveland (1797-1884) m. 1) Edward B. Watkins; 2) Caleb Isaac Parker
Alfred Cleveland (1800-1837) (did not marry, died in Texas)
Benjamin Franklin Coffey (1804) m. Tabitha Saxon


Children of Jeremiah Cleveland and Mary Gentry
*Elizabeth Cleveland m. Bennett Gillum

*Elizabeth Cleveland was previously listed as the daughter of Alexander Cleveland and Margaret Doolittle. This error corrected October 23, 2007. Sharon Fowler help to correct this information. Sharon's e-mail address is: owls_nest_too@yahoo.com

Fourth Generation

Children of Absalom Cleveland and Martha Harrison
John Harrison Cleveland (?-1858) m. Amelia Eliza Martin, d/o Benjamin Martin and Dianah Harrison

Fifth Generation

Children of John Harrison Cleveland and Amelia Eliza Martin
Benjamin Martin Cleveland (1806) (died in Mississippi)
Milton Absalom Cleveland (1809) m. Sarah Evans (died in Indiana)
Robert Harrison Cleveland (1811) m. Harriet Cooper (died in Marietta, Georgia)
Mary Cleveland (1813) m. William W. Wheatly (1808-1862) (died in Missouri)
Sarah Carolina Cleveland (1815) m. Rev. Zachariah B. Adams, (died in Clay County, MO)
s/o Rev. Jesse Adams, pastor of Brier Creek Baptist Church in Wilkes County, NC)
Dianah Elmira Cleveland m. Alfred Staley
Martha Cleveland (1823-1884) m. Esley Staley
Paulina Elizabeth Cleveland (1825) m. Shadrack Calloway


A History of Watauga County, North Carolina, John Preston Arthur, published 1915
Watauga County Heritage - North Carolina Vol I
Wilkes County Heritage - North Carolina

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