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Idol Family

First Generation

This North Carolina family traces its ancestry to John Bernhart Eitel, born 1735 in Germany, who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1752 and moved to NC about 1770. His wife was Elizabeth Meier. John died in 1786 and Elizabeth died 1789. Both are buried Bethany Church Cemetery in Davidson County, NC

Second Generation

Children of John Bernhart Eitel and Elizabeth Meier
Jacob Idol (1761-1851) m. Chloe Johnson (1763-1859)
Mary Idol (1764-1854) m. Archibald Johnson, moved to Indiana
George Idol (1766-1848) m. Grace Veal. Moved to Tennessee
Michael Idol (1767-1852) m. Charity Swaim (1770-1804)
Adam Idol (1768-1852) m. Nancy Ann Rice (abt. 1785-aft. 1852). Moved to Tennessee
Letitia Idol (b. & d. 1771)
Mathias Idol (1773-1854) m. Elizabeth Welch (abt. 1785-aft. 1850)
John Bernhart (Barnett) Idol (1777-1861) m. Jerusha/Jerusia Shields (abt. 1885-1862)
Elizabeth Jane Idol (1780-1849) m. 1) Elisha Hedgecock; 2) Martin Glasscock

Third Generation

Children of Jacob Idol and Chloe Johnson
Hannah Idol (1783-bef. 1850) m. Moses Smith (1782-1857)
Elizabeth Idol (1785-?) m. David Smith
Joseph Idol (1787-1873) m. Elizabeth (1789-1862)
Phoebe Idol (1789-1845) m. Risden Charles (1783-1863). Thirteen children.
Mary (Polly) Idol (1793-1873) m. Adam Motsinger
Martha (Patsy) Idol (1799-?) m. Jacob Motsinger
Jacob Idol (1801-1876) m. Martha (abt. 1811-aft. 1850)
David Idol (1806-1861) m. Sarah Hitchcock (1809-after 1870), d/o Asahel Hedgecock and Hannah Teague


Children of Michael Idol and Charity Swaim
David Idol
Nancy Idol
Jacob Idol
Mary Idol
Isabella Idol (1806-?)


Children of Matthias Idol and Elizabeth Welch
Esther Idol m. Jesse Alfred McKaughan (1815-1860) (m. 1834)
Baron Idol
David Idol
William Idol - did he marry Mary Robertson?
Jehu Idol
Mary Neoma Idol
Letitia Idol
Elizabeth Idol
Keziah Idol
Matthias Idol


Children of John Barnett Idol and Jerusha Shields
William Idol m. did he Elizabeth Hedgecock in 1830
Caleb Idol (1805-1890) m. Sallie Bodenhamer (1813-1890)
Elizabeth Idol (abt. 1818-aft. 1900) m. George Washington Bodenhamer (1812-1889)
Reuben Idol
Lydia Idol
Barnett M. Idol (abt. 1814-aft. 1850) m. Rebecca (abt. 1821-aft. 1850)
Mary Idol m. Alexander Martin
Matthias Idol
Joseph M. Idol (abt. 1833-aft. 1850)
Susan Idol m. Isaac Moore in 1846
Jerusha A. Idol (abt. 1830-aft. 1850)

Fourth Generation

Children of Joseph Idol and Elizabeth
Mary Idol (ca. 1823-aft. 1870)
Joseph Bonepart Idol (1826-1902) m. 1) Eliza J. Shields (1830-1870), 2) Charity Belinda Roberson (1837-1921), widow of Solomon Snider
Martha Idol (ca. 1831-aft. 1870)


Children of David Idol and Sarah Hitchcock
Hannah E. Idol (ca. 1831-?)
Mary J. Idol (ca. 1834-?)
Jacob H. Idol (1835-1865)
Nancy C. Idol (ca. 1837-?)
John P. Idol (ca. 1840-?)
Phebe E. Idol (1842-1919) m. Jesse Bynum Bodenhamer (1848-1926)
Frank Reuben Idol (1847-1916) m. Tempy Louise Bodenhamer (1845-?)
Isaac M. Idol (1850-?)
William Idol


Children of Caleb Idol and Sallie Bodenhamer
Caroline Malinda Idol (1834-1916) m. Joel W. Peebles/Peoples (ca. 1841-?)
Christina Elizabeth Idol (1836-1905) m. 1) Joseph Idol (ca. 1834-bef. 1865); 2) Jordan Huff (1830-1908), s/o John Huff and Martha Hicks
Lydia Idol (1839-1903) probably m. John D. Holder (1834-1887)
Tempa Elvira Idol (1842-1895) m. Levi P. Matthews (1832-1916), s/o David and Rebecca Matthews
Delphina J. Idol (1844-1890) m. Josiah C. Holder (1836-1902)
George Hickson Idol (1846-1918) m. 1) Lucy Peddicord; 2) Sarah C. Smith (1849-1924), d/o John F. Smith and Catherine Weavil
James Rufus Idol (1849-1916) m. Sallie Carter (ca. 1849-1934), d/o Tyre and Phebe Carter
Susan Idol (1851-?) m. James G. Jones, s/o Martin Jones and Elizabeth Mecum

John D. Holder and Josiah C. Holder were probably brothers, sons of Elizabeth Holder with whom they are living in 1850 in Guilford County along with several other apparent siblings. The birthplaces given in this census suggest the family moved to Guilford from Orange Co. around 1835.

Fifth Generation

Child of Joseph Bonaparte Idol and Eliza J. Shields
Leah Corina Idol (1849-1893) m. Marcus L. Stafford (1854-1932)
Jeffrey E. Idol (ca. 1851-1915)
John H. Idol (ca. 1854-1925) m. Allie V. Welch (?-1948), d/o Davis and Elizabeth Welch
Elisha Breckinridge Idol (1856-1928) m. Emily Melissa Payne (1855-1945)
Jenner Idol (ca. 1858-?)
Thomas Idol (ca. 1861-aft. 1870)
Joseph Idol (ca. 1863-aft. 1870)
Harper? Derring? Idol (ca. 1865-?) [Harper in 1870, Derring in 1880]
Martha Idol (ca. 1869-?)

Children of Joseph B. Idol and Charity Belinda Robertson
Charles Idol (ca. 1874-aft. 1900) m. Did he marry Levada Payne?
Eugene E. Idol (1876-1936) m. Flora A. Idol (1877-1958); who were her parents?)
Jacob Idol (ca. 1878-1956)

Who is Andrew Idol? He witnessed the marriage of George Washington Bodehamer and Elizabeth Idol in 1840.


Forsyth County cemetery, census and estate records

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