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Harper Family

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Fourth Generation:

Children of Edgar Harper and Esther Baugh
Margaret (Polly) Harper (1805-?) m. Goslin (1806-1888)
Nancy Harper (1807-1884) m. John Blackburn Jr.(1804-1876)
James Alfred Harper (1809-1846) m. Aaltje Elrod (1811-aft.1850)
Zilphia Harper (1813-after 1879) m. Abraham Faw (1798-after 1876)
Elizabeth Harper (1815-?) m. unknown Harris
Ledosianner Harper (1817-1878) (did not marry)
William Asbury Harper (Capt) (1818-1894) m. Judy Binkley (1818-1891)
Josiah Burgess Harper (1820-1845)
Melinda Harper (1821-1877) (did not marry)
Milton Harper (1825-?)
Edgar A. Harper (1827-1871) m. 1) Mary A. E. Phillips (abt. 1829-bef. 1865), d/o Elias Phillips; 2) Zelpha L. Vogler (1836)
Gincy C. Harper (1830-1931) m. Richard L. Craft (1824-1893)

Fifth Generation

Children of James Alfred Harper and Aaltje Elrod
Mary Ann Harper (abt. 1831-aft. 1850) m. Josephus Boner
John W. Harper (abt. 1832-aft. 1850) m. Julia Martin
Athiel Forest Harper (abt. 1834-aft. 1850) m. Elizabeth Lawrence
James Christopher Harper (aft. 1838-aft. 1850)
Rachel L. Harper (abt. 1846-aft. 1850)
Eliza Evander Harper (1847-aft. 1905) m. Redding Lawrence (1843-1918), s/o unknown Lawrence and Cora Emeline Fowler

This family living in Northern Davidson Co., NC in 1850.


Children of William A. Harper and Judy Binkley
Jincy C. Harper (1843-1869) m. Martin Van Buren Warner
Lewis M. Harper (1849-1897) m. Leah E. Warner
Jacob Harper (1855-1930)
Sarah Harper (1857-1932) m. Benton Warner (1857-1898)


Children of Edgar A. Harper and Mary A. E. Phillips
Eugene A. Harper (1852-1926) m. 1) Amanda Binkley (?-1902); 2) Sarah Craft
Angeline Harper (1855-1874)
Andrew M. Harper (1858-aft. 1870)
Marion Fountain Harper (1861-aft. 1870)

Thanks to Ada McBride for helping us determine that Mary Phillips was the mother of these children.

Sixth Generation

Children of Lewis M. Harper and Leah E. Warner
Jennie Harper (1872-1948) m. Dr. W. A. Peak (1869-1935)
William L. Harper (1876-1936) m. Estelle Griffith (1879-1957), d/o James Griffith and Sarah Miller
Charley L. Harper (1878-1879)
Nancy A. C. Harper (1881-1883)
Andrew B. Harper (1885-1969) m. Mary Elizabeth Harper (1885-1932), d/o Lieutene Tennyson Harper and Virginia Lenora Harper


Children of Eugene A. Harper and Amanda Binkley
Sara Elizabeth Harper m. William James Brinkley

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