Frederic William Marshall and his wife Elisabeth arrived in February 1768. He was the business manager for the Wachovia settlement, and his name appears on many deeds and legal records.

Johann Samuel Mau arrived in 1766, and returned to PA in 1774.

Juliana Mauersberg (1717-1807) was born at Panten, Silesia, and married the Rev. Abraham von Gammern in Europe in 1751. They came to America in 1761, and moved shortly thereafter to NC, arriving in June, 1762. He died in 1765, and she returned to Bethlehem in 1768, where she became Deaconess of the Widows' Choir. She died in 1807, ninety years old.

Carl Ludwig Meinung (1743-1817) arrived in 1771 and married Maria Magdalena Höpfner.

Christopher Merkley, one of the first party of settlers in 1753, was 39, born in Nuremberg district, Wurttemburg, Germany, a baker and farmer. He died in Salem in 1798.

Salome Meurer arrived in 1766. She married first Toego (Tycho) Nissen, with whom she had four children. In 1796 she married Abraham Hessler, the minister at Bethabara. After Hessler died in 1800 she moved back to Salem and became a teacher in the Little Girls School and later a supervisor of the Widows House. She died in Salem in 1821.

Jacob and Catharina Meyer arrived in June 1767, the only new arrivals that year.

Stephan Meyer arrived in 1755 and died in Bethabara in 1762.

Johann Matthaeus (Matthew) Miksch and his wife Henrietta arrived in 1764. He died in Salem in 1810.

Johannes Miller arrived in 1764, returned to PA in 1775.

Joseph Miller came in 1755 and settled on a farm; the list of early settlers doesn't give his death date. Was he the Joseph Miller who married Sarah Hauser?

Ludwig Möller arrived in 1764, moved away about 1775.

Peter Mücke arrived in 1764, died in Bethabara in 1807.

John Mueller and wife Maria Magdalena Faber were among the 1771 members of the Friedberg Society.

Johann Ulrich Muschbach arrived in 1770 and returned to Pennsylvania in 1772.

Anna Münster came in 1768 and died in Salem in 1777.

Melchior Münster, who came in 1755, was born in 1729 and died in Bethabara in 1762.

Johannes Nagel was born in 1715 in Menchinin, Wurttemberg, came to NC in 1754 and died of typhus in Bethabara in 1759.

Maria Magdalena Natterman came in 1766, and married Johann Heinrich Herbst. She died in Salem in 1819.

Maria (Catherina?) Elisabeth Neumann married Johannes Beroth in Pennsylvania in 1758, and came with him to NC in May, 1759.

Johannes Nilson arrived in 1764.

Jonas Nilson (1712-1779) and his wife Rosina Gruner (1713-1775) arrived in 1758 and settled in Bethabara.

Tycho or Toego Nissen (1730-1789) arrived in 1770, and married Maria Salome Meurer.

Michael Odenwald came in 1759 and left before 1771.

Elisabeth Oesterlein arrived in 1766, at age 17. In 1772 she became the first teacher of the Little Girls' School in Salem. She married Rudolph Christ in 1780, and became the mother of six children, all of whom died in early childhood. She died herself in Salem in 1802.

Matthaeus Oesterlein arrived in 1766, died in Bethabara in 1798.

Carl Opitz (1719-1763) came with his wife Anna Maria (Hammer) in 1755.

Christiana Orchard (1733-1779) came with her husband William Dixon in 1760. She married the widower Gottfried Aust in March, 1779, but died of small-pox in August of the same year.

Elisabeth Palmer arrived in 1762, married Hans Petersen, but died in 1764.

Anna Maria Pech was born in 1720 at Mocker, Upper Silesia. In 1752 she married David Bischoff, and came to America the same year. After his death in 1763, she moved to Bethlehem PA, where she died in 1778.

Henrietta Petermann, wife of Johann Matthaeus Miksch, arrived with her husband in 1764, died in Salem in 1811.

Hans Petersen, born in Danish Holstein, was 28 when he came to Wachovia in 1753, a tailor and woodcutter. He married Elizabeth Palmer in 1762 shortly after her arrival from Pennsylvania, but died the next year.

Niels Petersen (1717-1804) of Danish Holstein, was a brewer who arrived in 1766 to be one of the first residents of Salem.

Christian Pfeiffer came in 1755 and died in Bethabara in 1772

Friedrich Jacob Pfeil, born in 1711 in Winnenden, Wurttemburg, and one of the first party of settlers in 1753, was a "shoe-maker, sick-nurse, and moreover willing and skillful in many things." He died in Salem in 1786.

Gottfried Praezel (1739-1788) of Ebersdorf, near Lobau, Germany, was a weaver who arrived in 1766. His first wife was Elisabeth Nilson, his second Maria Elisabeth Engel.

Johann Friedrich Priem arrived in 1766, and died in Salem in 1799.

Anna Maria Quest arrived in 1768 and died in Salem in 1798.

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