William Angel was English, born at Hanixerton, Wiltshire, in 1729. He came to America in 1754, and to Wachovia in 1755. He married Elizabeth Holder in July, 1762, in the first wedding in Wachovia, in which seven couples took vows. Her relation if any to the family of George, Charles and Joseph Holder, is unknown; born in 1738, she is too old to be the daughter of any of these, and she is not listed among their siblings in baptismal records. She died in Bethabara in 1764, and William returned to Bethlehem PA, where he died of smallpox in 1767.

Nicholas Anspach, recorded as "moved away", no further information

Anna Catharina Antes (1728-1816) was the daughter of Henry Antes, a prominent Pennsylvania farmer and member of the German Reformed Church who was a leader of the ecumenical church movement of the 1740s. Anna Catharina married the doctor Hans Martin Kalberlahn in Pennsylvania in 1758, and came to Salem in May, 1759. Kalberlahn died in the typhus epidemic later that summer. She married Christian Gottlieb Reuter (1717-1777) in 1762, then Johann Heintzmann (1723-1783), minister of the Friedland congregation, and finally Johann Jacob Ernst (1730-1802). She survived until 1816 herself. A diary that she kept over the years was preserved, and was expanded into a book, _The Road to Salem_, by Dr. Adelaide Fries, the Salem archivist.

Rosina Arndt came in 1755 with her husband Christian Künast.

Gottfried Aust (1722-1788) was the community potter, arriving in 1755 and living initially in Bethabara, later in Salem. He married three times, first to Felicitas Grosch (the widow Heckedorn) (1736-1777), mother of his son Johann Gottfried (1766-1787); second to Christiana Orchard, widow of William Dixon; and third to Maria, surname unknown, whom he went to Pennsylvania to marry in 1780. In May, 1788, he and Maria traveled to Philadelphia, to seek treatment for a cancerous sore on his face, and he died in Lititz PA in September of that year.

Ludwig Gottlieb Bachhof, born 1717, arrived in 1755. He was the second husband of Rosina Kaske. He died in Friedberg NC in 1776.

Lorenz Bagge arrived in 1764, and was recalled to Pennsylvania in 1784. He married the widow Maria Fockel in 1779.

Traugott Bagge arrived in 1768 with his wife Rahel. She died in Salem in 1799, he the next year.

Johann Georg Baumgarten, born 1722, arrived in 1755 and died in Salem in 1779.

Johann Friedrich Beck arrived in 1766, returned to PA and died in Bethlehem in 1788.

Johann Valentine Beck arrived in 1764. He married Anna Leinbach, and died in Bethania in 1791.

Andreas Betz was born in 1727 in the Palatinate. He arrived in October, 1754, part of the second party of permanent settlers. He was the gunsmith in Bethabara until 1767, when he married a woman named ?? Bunner near Salisbury NC, without permission of the Moravian leadership, and was dismissed from the membership. He is reported to have "made no trouble and made a full settlement."

Nathaniel Bibighaus arrived in 1764, and died in Bethabara in 1770.

Henrich Biefel, b. 1711, arrived with his wife Rosina Kaske Biefel in 1755. He died of typhus in 1759.

Elisabeth Biehler arrived in 1766, and became the second wife of George Holder. She died in Bethabara in 1815.

Catharina Binder, married Christian Seidel, but died in the 1759 typhus epidemic only a month after her arrival in NC.

John Birkhead, born 1739, was an Englishman from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, trained in a cloth factory, and was recruited in 1766 to be one of the first residents of the new town of Salem. He died in June, 1771, and was the first person to be buried in the Salem graveyard.

Johann David Bischoff, born in 1704, married Anna Maria Pech in Herrnhaag, Germany, in 1752, and came to NC in 1756. He died in Bethania in 1763.

Johann Georg Biwighaus arrived in 1766 as a 12 year old apprentice. He married Christina Dixon, and died in Salem in 1806. His name appears in some records as Bibighaus, Biewighaus(en) or other variants.

Magdalena Blar came in 1768 and died in Salem in 1814.

Abraham Bloese arrived in 1764, died the same year in Bethabara.

Anna Blum (1732-1817) married settlers of 1753, and came to NC on his return in 1757. They eventually returned to Bethlehem PA, but several of their children remained in NC.

Jacob Blum (1739-1802) is mentioned frequently in the early Moravian records in NC. He arrived in 1758, but appears to have traveled a great deal on behalf of the settlement. He married Anna Maria Born, who came in 1764. They had at least one son, Ludwig, who became a hatmaker in Salem.

Johann Heinrich Blum arrived in 1766, and returned to Bethlehem in 1775.

Christina Barbara Böhner was born in Heilbronn, Wurttemburg, in 1722, and married Matthaeus Krause in the "Great Wedding" of 1743. She died in Bethabara in 1761.

Jacob Bonn (1733-1781) was a physician who arrived in 1758, and initially served to substitute when the first doctor, Hans Martin Kalberlahn, was absent. When Kalberlahn died in 1759, Bonn took over as doctor in Bethabara, and later in Salem. He married Anna Maria Brendel, one of a party of single women who arrived in 1766.

Anna Maria Born, arrived in 1764 and married Jacob Blum, She died in Bethabara in 1778.

Magdalena Born, wife of Peter Sehnert, arrived in 1764.

Anna Maria Brendel arrived in 1766, coming specifically to marry the doctor Jacob Bonn. She died in Salem in 1815.

Andreas Broesing (1742-1827) arrived in 1770 and lived in Salem. He married Anna Johanna Steup.

Johannes Bürstler (1732-1790) came in 1759 but later returned to Bethlehem. He married first Eva Roth, and second Anna Maria Plattenberger. Neither wife seems to have had an association with the NC settlement.

Juliana Carmel arrived in 1768 and married Jacob Ernst. She died in 1785 in Bethabara.

Rudolph Christ arrived in 1764. He was a master potter in Salem. He married Elisabeth Oesterlein in 1780. He died in Salem in 1833.

Hans Christian Christensen was born in 1716 in Mamleo, near Hadersleben, Schleswig-Holstein. He came in 1754 and returned to Bethlehem in 1756.

Johann Elisabeth Colver arrived in 1766, and died in Salem in 1797. She did not marry, and was a leader of the Single Sisters.

Johann Andreas Cremser arrived in 1766, died in Salem in 1786.

Johann Deling arrived 1766, but went back to PA in 1768.

The sisters Christina and Elisabeth Dixon arrived from Pennsylvania in 1771. Christina (1756-1835) married George Biwighaus, and Elisabeth (1759-1805) married Martin Schneider, who was minister of the Friedberg congregation for many years. After her mother's death in 1805, Martin and Elisabeth's daughter Caritas Schneider was given into the care of Christina and George Biwighaus.

William Dixon (1716-1764) and his wife Christiana Orchard Dixon arrived in 1760 from Bethlehem, to be the store keepers.

William Edwards came in 1760 and left before 1771.

Barbara Eirich, wife of Adam Kremer, came in May, 1759, and died in Bethania in 1782.

Enert Enerson arrived in 1764, and died in Bethabara in 1777.

Marie Enerson arrived in 1771 and married Johann Peter Yarrell. She died in 1804.

Maria Elisabeth Engel arrived in 1766, and married Gottfried Praezel, his second wife. She died in Salem in 1821.

Jacob Ernst arrived in 1765, and died in Salem in 1802. He was the fourth husband of Anna Catharina Antes.

Johannes Ettwein (1721-1802) was a church deacon and later bishop who came to Wachovia in 1758. He married Johanna Maria Kymbel in 1746, but she did not come to North Carolina until October, 1759. They eventually returned to Bethlehem PA. A street in Bethlehem is named for him.

Elisabeth Everitt came to NC in 1768 and married Johann Jacob Kapp. She died in Bethabara in 1782.

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