Sarah Faber is listed on page 494 of the Moravian records as a member of the Friedberg Society in 1771. We have no other information on her as yet.

Henrich Feldhausen, born in German Holstein and age 38 when he came as one of the first settlers in 1753, appears to have been a jack of all trades, as the Moravian Records describe him as "shoe-maker, carpenter, mill-wright, cooper, sieve-maker, turner, and also Pennsylvania farmer." By 1763 he had returned to Pennsylvania.

Peter Fiedler (1749-1829) was one of the signers of the Brotherly Agreement that formed the Friedland Society in 1771. He married Elizabeth Kröhn, daughter of Johann Peter Kröhn.

Maria Fiscus joined the Bethania congregation in 1762. She married 1) George Baumgarten, and 2) Johann Peter Schryer or Schreier. She died in Salem in 1786.

Johannes Flex arrived in 1766. He came as apprentice weaver, and eventually took over as master weaver in 1781 when Gottfried Praezel moved to other duties, but he was dismissed from the congregation in 1783 because he refused to follow an "orderly way of life".

Gottlieb Fockel, born 1724, arrived in 1755, and died in Bethabara in 1778. His widow Maria married the widower Lorenz Bagge in 1779. Gottlieb and Maria were the parents of Samuel Fockel who married Elisabeth Beroth. The modern spelling of this surname is Fogle.

Jacob Friis (1708-1793), of Odense, Denmark, came in 1754. He eventually returned to Pennsylvania, where he served in the military hospital at Bethlehem during the Revolution. He died in Bethlehem in 1793. He did not marry.

Petrus Glotz arrived in 1769 and died in Salem in 1771.

George Göpfert, a 1755 arrival, was born in 1729 and died in Salem in 1798.

Anna Johanna Graff (1753-1827) arrived in 1771. She married Johann Friedrich Kuschke.

Johann Michael Graff and his wife Gertraud Jacke were among a large group who arrived in June, 1762. They were to be the leaders of the married couples. He was a Moravian minister, consecrated as a bishop of the church in 1773.

Andreas Gros was born in 1713, came to NC in 1755, and died in Bethabara in 1768.

Felicitas Grosch (1736-1777) came in June 1762, and in July of that year married Erhard Heckedorn, who died in 1763. Her second husband was Gottfried Aust.

Bernard Adam Grube, born 1715 in Walschleben, near Erfurt, Germany, and educated at the University of Jena, came with the first party of settlers in 1753. He was the pastor, leader of the group, and "upon occasion cook and gardener." He was later recalled to Bethlehem, where he became a missionary to the Delaware Indians. He died there in 1808.

Anna Helena Gründling was the wife of Christoph Schmid, and came with him to NC in 1758, one of the first party of married couples to arrive. She died in Bethabara in 1790.

George Hahns and his wife Margaretha Barbara (Betz) were among the settlers who came from Broad Bay, Maine, in November 1769. He initially settled on the South Fork, and was listed as a member of the Friedberg Society in 1771, but later moved to the Friedland community, home of the other Broad Bay families, and died there in 1788. Margaretha died the next year, 1789.

Anna Maria Hammer arrived with her husband Carl Opitz on November 4, 1755. After his death she married Johann Christoph Kirschner. She died in Bethania in 1804.

George Hartman settled on Eberts Creek about nine miles south of Winston-Salem near the Davidson County line. He and his wife Maria Hoefly Hartman were among the original members of the South Fork or Friedberg Society in 1771.

Erhard Heckedorn, born 1726, married Felicitas Grosch in 1762. He died in Bethabara in 1763.

Johanna Magdalena Heckedorn married George Schmid, who had originally come in 1754. He appears to have returned to Pennsylvania for the marriage, and then some back to NC with his bride in 1756. Magdalena died in Salem 1778.

Christian Renatus Heckewalder arrived in 1766. He was a storekeeper, and made frequent trips to Cross Creek NC (now Fayetteville) and to Charleston SC to buy goods and supplies for the community. In 1780 he became the teacher of the older boys. He seems to have left the community sometime in the 1780s.

Christian Henrich was a minister and became pastor of the new settlement in 1755. He and his wife Anna Roberts Henrich moved to Jamaica as missionaries in 1756.

Johann Heinrich Herbst (1727-1821) came to Wachovia in 1762 to be the master of the tannery. He married Maria Magdalena Natterman, probably late in 1771.

Magdalena Hirt arrived in 1766, and married Johannes Mücke in 1774. She died in Bethabara in 1801.

Gottlob Hoffman, who came in 1755, moved to Lititz PA in 1764.

Thomas Hofmann was born in 1719 and came to Bethlehem from Marienborn in 1750. He lived in NC from 1756 until 1764, then returned to Pennsylvania and died in Bethlehem in 1770. He did not marry.

Elisabeth Holder married William Angel in July, 1762, in the first wedding in Wachovia, in which seven couples took vows. Her relation if any to the family of George, Charles and Joseph Holder, is unknown; born in 1738, she is too old to be the daughter of any of these, and she is not listed among their siblings in baptismal records. She died in Bethabara in 1764, and William returned to Bethlehem PA, where he died of smallpox in 1767.

Maria Magdalena Höpfner arrived in 1766, age 15, and became the wife of Ludwig Meinung in 1772. She died in Salem in 1803.

James Hurst arrived 1766, and died in Salem in 1794.

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