1755, Single Men and Married Couples

The year 1755 saw substantial growth in the little Bethabara community, with several parties of new settlers reaching Wachovia, including the first women, who arrived with their husbands on November 4th of that year.

William Angel

Gottfried Aust

Ludwig Gottlieb Bachhof

Johann Georg Baumgarten

Henrich and Rosina (Kaske) Biefel

Gottlieb Fockel

George Göpfert

Andreas Gros

Christian and Anna Roberts Henrich

Gottlob Hoffman

Johann Christoph Kirschner

Matthaeus and Christina Barbara (Böhner) Krause

Adam Kremer

Christoph and Rosina (Arndt) Kühnast

Stephan Meyer

Joseph Miller

Melchior Münster

Carl and Anna Maria (Hammer) Opitz

Christian Pfeiffer

George Michael Ranke

Melchior Rasp

Johann Georg Renner

Johann Richter

Johann Michael Sauter

Johann Friedrich and Maria (Schumacher) Schaub

Christoph Schmid

Jacob Steiner

Christian Triebel

Samuel Wutke

Settlers of 1756-1758

Single persons and married couples continued to arrive from 1756-1758:

Nicholas Anspach

Anna Blum

Jacob Blum

Johann David and Anna Maria (Pech) Bischoff

Jacob Bonn

Johannes Ettwein

Gottfried and Anna Maria Grabs, with their infant son Wilhelm

Erhard Heckedorn

Magdalena Heckedorn

Balthasar Hege and his wife Juliana Frey

Thomas Hofmann

Henrich Lentzner

Martin Lick and Barbara (Steiner) Lick, and daughter Magdalena

George Loesch

Jonas and Rosina (Gruner) Nilson

Christian Gottlieb Reuter

Jacob and Mary (Parson) Rogers

Jeremiah Schaaf

Christian Seidel

Abraham Strauss

Johannes Würtele

Arrivals in 1759

Several of the single brethren made a trip back to Pennsylvania in 1758 to marry, and returned with their brides in May, 1759. Tragedy struck several of these couples, however, with a typhus epidemic that began in July of that year and killed 10 persons. Most of the other settlers also contracted the disease, but survived.

The new women settlers included:

Anna Catharina Antes, wife of Hans Martin Kalberlahn

Barbara Beroth, wife of Hermannus Loesch

Catharina Binder, wife of Christian Seidel

Barbara Eirich, wife of Adam Kremer

Elisabeth Leinbach, wife of Michael Ranke

Maria Elisabeth Neumann, wife of Johannes Beroth

Also arriving in 1759 were the following:

Johannes Bürstler

Johanna Maria Kymbel, wife of Rev. Johannes Ettwein

Michael Odenwald

Arrivals in 1760-1765

Groups of settlers continued to arrive in the early 1760s. A large party, including the Transou family, came in June, 1762. On July 18 of that year the first wedding was held in Wachovia. Seven couples were married: the newly arrived Elisabeth Holder married William Angel, Maria Leibert married Gottlieb Fockel, Felicitas Grosch married Erhard Heckedorn, and Anna Elisabeth Witke married Matthaeus Krause; three widows of the community married again, Anna Catharina Antes Kalberlahn to Christian Gottlieb Reuter; Barbara Steiner Lick to George Holder, and Rosina Kaske Biefel to Gottlieb Ludolph Bachhof.

The 1760-1765 settlers:

Lorenz Bagge

Valentine Beck

Nathaniel Bibighaus

Abraham Bloese

Rudolph Christ

William and Christiana (Orchard) Dixon

William Edwards

Enert Enerson

Jacob Ernst

Johann Michael Graff

Felicitas Grosch

Johann Heinrich Herbst

Elisabeth Holder

Gertraud Jacke, wife of Johann Michael Graff

Nathaniel Kaske

Adam Koffler

John Lanius

Maria Leibert

Christina Loesch, wife of Jacob van der Merk

Juliana Mauersberg, wife of Abraham von Gammern

Peter Mücke

Johann Matthaeus (Matthew) Miksch and wife Henrietta (Petermann)

Johannes Miller

Ludwig Möller

Johannes Nilson

Elisabeth Palmer

Matthaeus Reitz

Peter and Magdalena (Born) Sehnert

Johann August Shubert

Peter Stotz

Rudolph Straehle

Philip Transou, with his wife Magdalena (Ganter) and three children, Abraham, Philip and Maria

Abraham von Gammern

Elisabeth Schmid, widow Witke

Michael Zigler

Heinrich Zillmann

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